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Betburger Arbitrage Betting

BetBurger is a service focusing on arbitrage bets, also known as sure bets. As stated by themselves, it turns sports betting into an investment, allowing you to gain profits on a broad variety of betting options. In fact, the service doesn’t just cover pre-match wagers, but live as well, offering advanced features that are suitable for both professionals and beginners.
The idea behind surebets is that you cover all possible outcomes. For example, to place a surebet on football, you need to cover both teams and the draw. Thus, no matter what the result is, you’ll have a winning wager. However, these can be tricky, to say the least as bookies set very specific odds. Therefore, the calculations to make a profit (no matter the result) can be quite extensive, which is where BetBurger comes in.

How it works

BetBurger scans through hundreds of markets and unique betting opportunities from around the world. It uses well over 100 bookies, giving you the best odds and outcomes. They even do the math involved and guide you with the right betting values to gain a profit. At the same time, it uses a feature called “unique surebet solutions”, which ensures you aren’t viable, eliminating the possibility of many others placing the same wager as you.

BetBurger entered the market in 2014 and has since made it much easier to use the service. You can use it on mobile and PC without the need to download any software. It is easy to use and comes with pricing options suitable for all users. Not only can you use it on a daily basis for €6.49 (pre-match betting) or 10.99 (live betting). The service also includes discounted options when you pay for a week (€34.99 / €55.99), month (€99.99 / 189.99) six months (479.99 / 914.99) or annually (€839.99 / 1,599.99).

Finding Surebets with BetBurger

The service certainly makes it easy to find the most ideal betting options. It automatically scans through the bookies as mentioned, but when a bet opportunity becomes available, it notifies you. It covers a broad variety of wager options, depending on the sports and type of bet. It even includes details about what you should consider wagering on each event and the possible result thereof.

As mentioned, BetBurger provides two options, including the pre-match betting features. This is a great place to get started with the service as the odds tend to remain the same for the most part. You’ll also find the betting options aren’t quite as extensive, making it easier to find the ideal features. This is also a great place to get to know the interface for both PC and mobile, allowing you to get familiar with the features and enjoy the lower subscription fee.

The live in-play surebets option is great fun for those seeking non-stop action. Since the odds change a lot faster, you’ll need to have some experience with sports betting to really benefit from the features. The BetBurger in-play service includes many more wager options, making additional arbitrage opportunities available with each and every event. It’s also possible on both PC and mobile, and the in-play service scans through all the betting sites to give you the very best prices as well. Thus, it’s well worth taking the time to create accounts with the bookies in advanced.

Finding value bets is a massive advantage as a bettor. These occur for various reasons, but bookies do their best to avoid making these “mistakes” possible. However, BetBurger constantly scans through the sites and picks up these betting options. If you’re quick enough, you might just get even better rewards.

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Surebet by BetBurger

Surebet by BetBurger

BetBurger is a service focusing on arbitrage bets, also known as sure bets. It turns sports betting into an investment.

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