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Matched betting involves taking advantage of bookmakers welcome offers and other promotions to make money with no or negligible risk. The concept is about placing bets and counter bets to make a no-risk profit. This activity had been taking place for about 10 years, since the start of bookmakers offering free bets and bonuses to new customers. Acquiring new customers is vital for online operators, so they provide incentives to register which come in the form of free bets. These are matched on betting exchanges or with other bookmakers, and the result is no risk matched betting.

The process is legal and tolerated by bookmakers because it encourages registrations. The potential for no risk betting in any country is based on regulations and the legality of gambling on sport. This article will examine the opportunities in various jurisdictions but will focus on UK, USA and  Italy. The objective is to explain to bettors the mechanics of how to make money online by matching bets and deposits. It is a badly kept secret that bookmakers are creating the potential for no-risk matched betting.

Matched Betting

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Just about every online bookmaker has a welcome offer for new customers. This mainly comes in the form of free bets and bonuses, which creates the conditions to make money online. The effect of new account free bets is no risk matched betting. A typical bookmaker welcome offer is subject to the following Terms & Conditions:

  • New customers only.
  • Minimum initial deposit.
  • Qualifying bet required.
  • Minimum odds for the qualifying bet.
  • Free bet for a proportion of the qualifying bet.
  • Maximum free bet.
  • Qualifying bet within specific days of registration.
  • The free bets expire after a certain number of days.
  • Winnings do not include the free bet stake.
  • General operator Terms & Conditions apply.

If the value of the free bet is the same as the value of the qualifying bet, the welcome offer is known as a 100% matched bet bonus. When the value of the free bet is half the value of the qualifying bet, the welcome offer is known as a 50% matched bet bonus. Finally, if the value of the free bet is twice the value of the qualifying bet, the welcome offer is known as a 200% matched bet bonus. So, the free bet amount determines the potential profit from no risk matched betting. Bettors must use free bets wisely and follow a procedure that examines how to make money online. The legality of offering free bets will determine if it UK, USA and Italy are options in those and some other countries.


This is the process by which bookmaker free bets can be converted into betting funds and money. The objective is to win whatever the outcome of a sporting bet and profit from no risk this betting. However, new and existing customers with online bookmakers must follow a procedure which is the equivalent of a guide covering how to make money online. So, here are some of the principles.

The Mechanics

The mathematics of bookmaker free bets means bettors win whatever the outcome of a sporting event. Bookmakers offer odds and bet against something taking place. The book is made with balanced odds to there is a theoretical profit whatever the final result. In no risk matched betting the customer acts as the bettor and bookmaker ensuring a win however, the event pans out. This possible because no risk thisbetting involves placing two types of bet:

  • BACK BET: Backing an outcome or something to happen with a traditional fixed odds bookmaker.
  • LAY BET: Backing against an outcome or something not to happen with a betting exchange.

The principle behind no risk matched betting is matching the back bet with a lay bet. Bettors place the back bet using the bookmaker free bets, and this process is at the heart of how to make money online. Here are examples of both types of bet:

  • €/$/£10 back bet at 4/1 (5.0).
  • Selection wins: profit of €/$/£40.
  • Selection loses: loss of €/$/£10.
  • €/$/£10 lay bet at 4/1 (5.0).
  • Selection wins: loss of €/$/£40.
  • Selection loses: profit of €/$/£10.

This simple example illustrates the difference between both types of bet and how one of the outcomes counters the other. This relationship between the back bet and lay bet is at the heart of no risk matched betting.

Potential Risk-Free Profit

No-risk matched betting is an investment, and the returns depend on the amount of time a bettor spends applying the principle. The greatest opportunities come for new customers because most free bets are part of signup offers. Initially, there is the potential to make at least €/$/£1,000 from matched betting UK. The process is sustainable, and there is the potential for at least €/$/£500 each month in profits from no risk matched betting. The potential profit from USA and Italy depends on the legality and value of the free bets and the scope to lay bets.

The Costs of Matched Betting

It is safe and legal, but 100% no risk matched betting is not guaranteed. Human error can disrupt the process and lead to customers losing money. The odds can change during the small window between placing the back bet and placing the lay bet. The bettor may not be able to match the bet fully, which negates the benefits of no risk betting.

No risk betting could potentially affect the credit rating and mortgage application of a user. Profits from no risk betting are tax-free and not genuine income that is declarable for financial and legal reasons. It is best to set up a separate account for no risk betting. Nobody is required to declare earnings from this method of how to make money online.


The principle of no risk betting is using a bookmaker’s fee bet to make money regardless of the outcome of the event. The steps are followed based on the understanding of how to make money online from no-risk betting. The free bets are related to the initial deposit or bet or combination of the first deposit and bet. Please find the mechanics behind the three types of matched below:

First Deposit

The first deposit activates some free bets. When a new customer opens an online betting account and transfers betting funds, the free bet process begins. The value of the deposit and free bets determines the type of matched deposit bonus. When the deposit and free bet are for the same amount, it is a genuine 100% matched deposit bonus. The free bet offer is subject to specific Terms & Conditions.

In some cases, the free bet is twice the qualifying deposit, and this is an example of a 200% matched deposit bonus. If the free bet is half the qualifying deposit, it is a 50% matched deposit bonus. In all three cases, the free bets are used as part of no risk matched betting, which is one example of how to make money online with free bets. The best examples can be found with matched betting UK.

First Bet

There are usually staking and odds requirements with free bet welcome offers before the customers can take from an account. The value of the bonus is related to the first bet stake and not the deposit. However, just as with matched deposit bonuses, the relationship between the first bet and free bet determines the type of bonus. When the free bet and bonus are for the same amount, it is a 100% matched bet bonus.

Most free bets offer to require the free bet to be staked a certain number of times. For example, the free bet must be staked 10 times before the customer can withdraw any free bet funds. That means if the value of the free bet is €/$/£50, a new customer must turnover €/$/£500 usually in 30 days to withdraw any funds that are won using the free bets. The staking requirements are an important element of no-risk betting.

First Deposit Or First Bet And Bonus

In the context of how to make money online, it is debatable which type of bonus is the most effective. The first deposit and first bet bonuses carry specific Terms & Conditions which vary by a bookmaker. However, it is fair to say the first deposit and bonus matched betting bonuses carry more restrictive conditions. These negate some of the financial benefits of the welcome offer free bets.

The total of the first deposit or first bet and the bonus must be staked before a new customer has access to the funds. There are also odds restrictions which mean short-priced selections cannot contribute to the turnover requirements. If the first deposit or bet is €/$/£50 and the bonus is €/$/£50, staking requirements of 10 times the total mean new customers must bet €/$/£1000 in 30 days.


The UK betting industry is the most regulated in the world, and free bets have been a significant element of attracting new customers. The UK Gambling Commission has become more active in monitoring free bets. Hence the regulatory body has issued standards of compliance, and it can levy fines or withdraw the license from an operator. The established betting brands have adapted, and there are still welcome offer free bets. Matched betting UK is not as lucrative in the past, but there are still opportunities for no risk matched betting, which is a method of how to make money online.


Free bets are an element of online bookmaking with operators in some countries. The scope for no risk matched betting depends on the legality of sports betting in each country. So, as of August 2019 here is a summary of sports betting legislation in some of the main gambling nations around the world:

Matched Betting USA

Sports betting is now legal in the United States. Legislation is changing state by state. When online bookmakers begin to offer free bets, matched betting USA could develop, and this is a massive market. At the time of writing, 10 states have legalised and launched sports betting. In seven states, the legal framework is in place, but no operator has launched a sports betting service. Legalisation is pending in some states, but others are unlikely to pursue legalisation. The scope for matched betting USA depends on the status of sports betting in each individual state. It will be interesting to see how the activity develops in each state.

Matched Betting Italy

Sports betting is legal and fully regulated, so if a bookmaker offers a free bet, there are opportunities for matched betting Italy. There is an Italian betting exchange, so there is a method for placing lay bets. The Italian government issues licenses, but there are strict rules about advertising and promotion. There are application windows for remote licenses that are issued to operators who can display compliance. Some of the compliance standards are related to free bets, which impact the opportunities of how to make money online using matched betting Italy.

There are variations in sports betting regulations in Australia, India, New Zealand, Canada, and South Africa. Therefore, the licensing laws in each country determine the feasibility of no risk matched betting. The UK is probably still the best place to use no risk matched betting as a method of how to make money online. However, the growth of sports betting could make matched betting USA viable and profitable. Despite stricter regulations in some countries, gambling laws are relaxing in others. If bookmakers are allowed to offer free bets and exchange betting is legal, there are opportunities for no risk matched betting.

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