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This is fast becoming a regular routine spreading fast all over the world, that scene where a high roller is treated to a first class flight to Las Vegas, sometimes even a private jet, greeted at the airport with a limo waiting to transfer him or her to a five star hotel suite, of course, the best table in the house is reserved for the high roller.

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These are people who have been picked out by the casino for betting a sizable amount of money, much more than the average individual at their establishment. However, several people make one common mistake in calculating the total amount which a player bet per session, this has led them to believe that they can only become high rollers if they bet hundreds of dollars per hand.

Unfortunately, this applies to offline casinos (land-based) but it does not affect online casinos. For instance, a four-handed game of live blackjack is dealt approximately with 1/4 the number of people playing on a table. Now, if one of the players likes to multi-play at twenty-five dollars per hand, then the total handle for each hour will equal that of another player who wagered higher on just one hand.

Every casino – online and land-based – determine high rollers through game selection, length each session and average bet size. In online casinos, determining the VIP or elite group is automatically gathered from the computer. This provision allows opens wider doors to wide range games for players to engage in. It is much more difficult to compile data into a computer for a land-based casino.


There are remarkable differences between online and offline casino high rollers with equally different perks attached.

For online gamers, they can play from the comfort of their homes or any place of their choice even on phones, on the other hand without a specific casino, there is hardly a way to find out is a player is concentrating on one website or betting on various other sites. This is why they hardly receive physical perks like land-based players.


Obviously, the casino owners have physical establishments where all players can go to. If the casino is owned by a hotel then it is much easier for them to offer high rollers big perks such as private plane rides, limos, accommodation on the property in order for high rollers to come back repeatedly. They accompany these tasty perks with free shows, dinners, and all other things land-based casinos can offer because they want high rollers to keep going.


One major thing that scares players away from the idea of climbing to high roller stage is the money involved. They immediately think about the sheer amount of money they have to invest repeatedly to get there. The importance of being a high roller is never really fully emphasised or explained particularly to online gamers.

Online players will earn more if they stuck to just one casino website; this way, players will climb to higher levels faster and earn points more efficiently. It all sums up to the lesser websites players are registered to, the more they increase the chances of being high rollers.

VIP programs offered by online casinos are always open about the perks they offer, good news for online players. Now, these are various steps players go through as they climb up the ladder on to high roller stage and everything they should expect as they move up.

ASSIGNED VIP SUPPORT AND HOSTcustomer support and fairness

A crucial aspect of the seller-buyer relationship is communication. Every customer treated right will definitely keep coming back. This is a principle taken seriously by most casino we have reviewed, as a player climbs, he/she gets the privilege to a trained VIP customer care agents who especially take care of them. This team has access to better perks and bonuses which they consistently give out to customers who have earned it all without seeking higher approval.

Those who are already high rollers will have access to the individual account and phone numbers that allows only them to get this service. This is not to say that low-level players get treated poorly, no. But seeing that this special team attends to a few clients, the VIP players get more attention.


This is an expected perk, in fact, it is the very first thing most people consider before becoming high rollers. The elite player wagers huge amounts of money and as such, they get paid according to the amounts they deposited. This perk equals free steaks offered to land-based casino gamers and though it is considered important, it is just not high on the list because a player knows that like those free dinners, it will always be there and will increase with status.


Special games for elite players, sounds good right? That’s exactly what this is. High rollers are often invited to participate in privately organised tournaments with massive cash backs and cash prizes attached. Hosting private tournaments is a way that casino’s use to give their dedicated players cash back, needing just minimal effort from them. The games may include poker, slots or blackjack. Since only a few players get invitations, the odds of winning big is higher. The online casinos also benefit more when players log in to play the special game and play other great games they love on the site too.


A casino is not about bet all, lose all as most would think. Sometimes when high rollers seem to be on a losing streak, the casino owners do not ignore them, rather they are given some percentage of their cash back. In our review, we have observed some casinos give out as much as three times the high rollers wager money. We’re not wishing a losing streak on anyone because honestly, no casino wants to lose all of its money losers.


Casino owners make provisions for high rollers to withdraw and deposit beyond the set limit for the average player. This is more beneficial to online casino players, especially in deposits. However, as your status increases whether, in land-based or online casinos, you should have an increased limit.

Also, high rollers do not have to wait for as long as an average player to withdraw because at that stage; the casino owners have come to trust them. If perchance, you notice that your limit is still the same as an average gamer, then ensure that you notify the support team via email to rectify the issue.

BONUS FOR SPECIAL OCCASIONSOnline casino promotions and bonuses

Casino owners tend to put a personal touch in their relationship with high roller customers who have something to celebrate such birthdays, marriages or marriage proposals. With an online account, all you have to do in order to access this bonus is hit a button. They go as far as offering players wedding gifts, physical gifts for birthdays. Anything that strips sterile business feeling away, they will do.


High limit rooms are carved out in land-based and online casinos. These rooms are basically designed so high rollers who love the privacy, and exclusive rooms can get what they want. Other players at these tables will get lower stakes unlike high rollers, particularly in offline casinos.


Casinos tend to host exclusive events and give out invitations only to high rollers. In these occasions, high rollers get to meet celebrities, go to movie premieres, vacations and sports events. This is a great development, and we hope that many casino websites get around to flying their exclusive players to wonderful events at least once a year, if not for any other reason, they get to meet their star players one on one.


So, you have the basic knowledge about high rollers and the perks attached to the title. Next step is to find out where exactly you can play to attain the status and how. You can note the details such places are supposed to come with. We can also show you how to make the most of your wager on any game of your choice. As a team that writes lots of reviews in these sites, we can comfortably point out factors that every high roller should consider before making a huge bet.

Below are some of the best attributes an online casino has over land based in value to a high roller.


The first thing a site that needs a good high roller membership should have is a working VIP program. Without this, it could lead one to think they are not serious about their top players or paying them any recognition in any way. There should be detailed information on how the VIP Casinos system works for all gamers to read and know exactly what they are in for.


One of the characteristics of an excellent VIP Casinos programme is an easily understood qualification process. It may be easy to understand, but it may not be easy for players to qualify. Honestly, we recommend that attaining the top player status should require serious effort from players and as a reward, the site should try to pay their star players according to those efforts they’ve put in. No one wants to waste money climbing to an elite level only to gain next to nothing in the end.


If you are going to give out a lot of money, you need some kind of assurance that you will get some part of it back. We know gambling is froth with risks, yet what makes a site more attractive is the amount of bonus they are willing to give out.

GAME SELECTIONCasino Online Games Mobile

Lastly, choose a casino that has games you actually like to play, you can have fun while you play and earn at the same time. It is a win-win situation except you start losing. The casino of your choice has to make provision for you to earn points as you take part in each game. Now, if you are a high roller with high limits, you will earn more points than an average player. Ensure that you read and understand the terms and conditions stated in the websites especially if we do not mention it in our review; this is in order for you to know the exact weighting system of that VIP casino as everyone is different.

CONCLUSIONOnline casino check

You see that there are a lot of things you have to do in order to attain a high roller status. We hope that everything you have read will make a choice easier or more evident to you about how to look for the best VIP program, how to qualify as a good VIP player and what it takes to be a high roller. It is always best to bet only that money you can bear to part with, not your entire financial life worth. But, if you are one of those players who can actually afford to fund their games to high roller status with little or no financial risk involved, then you should absolutely keep shooting for the spot.

Keep in mind that, it is crucial for you to remain consistent in one website, this way, your points accumulate, and the site recognises your efforts as a loyal customer.

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