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RebelBetting is a Swedish company that specialises in providing betting services to individuals and other companies. The site was first launched in 2008 with the objective to guarantee a profit regardless of the outcome of sporting events. The founders were professional poker players, and the company has expanded into a team of software developers and sports betting specialists. The processes are based on bookmaker free bets and odds variances. The team advise customers on how to make money betting on sport with no risk or very little risk. RebelBetting was at the forefront of matched betting and is now one of the leading operators in this sector.

Sure Betting

RebelBetting presents the concept of sure betting whereby bettors can cover all the potential outcomes in a sporting fixture and make a profit regardless of the result. Other terms for this activity are sports arbitrage, surebets, arbitrage betting or arbitrage trading. Gambling is presented as an investment with a profit guarantee each month. Visitors to the RebelBetting site can gain free access to a guide in the form of an e-book by entering a valid email address. The guide provides an introductory course and some of the features of the software. The more advanced features are subject to a subscription charge available under Pricing.

RebelBetting claims to be the world’s most popular sports arbitrage service, but this claim is based on one review and is not substantiated. However, over 110,000 customers is a testimony to the quality of the information. In a competitive environment with little product differentiation that is a good number of customers over more than 10 years. RebelBetting has an association with an online bookmaker that promises not to close or restrict accounts of customers who take advantage of surebets. Bookmakers have advanced security departments that monitor sure betting and most will discourage customers by allowing them small stakes.

One of the strengths of the RebelBetting Service is the number of bookmakers that are scanned to identify sure betting opportunities. Customers have remarked about the quantity and quality of the surebets. Testimonials have commented that RebelBetting provides the best arbitrage software. The site projects that there is a potential total profit of €1500 per month depending on the number of arbs placed. The RebelBetting software is fast and easy to use. The site uses AutoSurf technology which looks at bookmakers’ odds and highlights the sure things. The process is completed in very little time which is important in such an ever-changing betting market.

Value Betting

Sure betting operators discovered another way of making a profit from betting on sports with a minimum of risk. RebelBetting was one of the pioneers in value betting which is another way of winning the battle to beat the bookies. The company offers a 100% guarantee and claims that it is possible to double a betting bank in three months on the basis of 30 value bets each day. The claims go further and suggest that customers can triple their money with 600 bets. A graph even shows a Return On Investment of 212% and a yield of 3.7%. There is a free Newsletter which covers the main topics.

RebelBetting explains the thinking behind value betting. The concept involves taking advantage of odds that are greater than the perceived probability. In effect, this means that the bets have a better chance of winning than the bookmaker odds suggest. The RebelBetting software scans the betting markets to find the value bets. The software looks at over 90 bookmakers and highlights odds that offer some value. Professional gamblers look to do something similar, but RebelBetting provides recreational gamblers with the tools to make money from this activity.

The RebelBetting software provides the tools to complete the following steps in the value betting process:

1. Open up the bookmaker site and logs customers into an account where the correct fixture and market are located and added to the betting slip.
2. Prompts a verification of the accuracy of the information and places the bet.
3. Logs the value bets for the purposes of recording profitability.

Punters can place their bets in a few seconds while only a handful of bookmaker accounts are initially required but others can be added. RebelBetting claims that customers will be able to place value bets for a decent amount of time before being restricted.
Matched Betting

The third element of the RebelBetting service is matched betting which is used to profit from bookmaker bonuses and free bets. The software is designed for ease of use which is a minimum requirement in what can be a complex process. Users enter the bonus details and the software lists the best odds and calculates the appropriate stake on both sides of the market to guarantee a profit. The list of matched betting windows is clear but detailed, and the information is displayed well. RebelBetting highlights the fact that a small betting bank can be a good starting point for matched betting.

The operator also highlights the factors that make matched betting a good way of making money from sports bets with no risk. The benefits of using RebelBetting for matched betting are as follows:

• Easy way to make money.
• Excellent AutoSurf scanning software.
• Automated bet placement process.
• Currency converter.
• Little time and money investment.
• Low or no risk.
• High bonus returns.
• Low pricing.
• Alerts and filters set by the customer.

RebelBetting also provides a beginner’s guide to matched betting but more advanced tools are based on a subscription. Matched betting can be operated with sure betting and value betting to complete a group of no risk or little risk betting products. Profits can be accumulated each month with RebelBetting.

Terms & Conditions

RebelBetting documents the terms of service provided by the company Clarobet AB. The main proviso is that the company is not responsible for an individual’s losses. The potential risks are highlighted and there are no guarantees that the bets will be successful. Information could be subject to some error and the activity may at some stage be limited by bookmakers responding to bets placed. Clarobet AB can advise on the qualifying bets but is not involved in any relationships between a customer and bookmakers. Subscriptions will not be returned under any circumstances. RebelBetting provides the tools but the customer is responsible for the bets.


There are four levels of subscription:

• €39 per week.
• €129 per month.
• €64 per month for an annual package.
• RebelBetting Lite for €59 per month.

Subscriptions must be paid in advance and they recur unless cancelled. Users can stop their subscription at any time, but there are no part payments and the minimum term is one week or the initial period. RebelBetting design its products for Windows and versions 7, 8 and 10 and Vista are supported and the software can be used on Mac computers.

Free Tools

RebelBetting offers free tools associated with sure betting, value betting and matched betting. The free tools cover the basic operations and anything advanced is subject to the weekly, monthly or annual subscription. For the surebets product there is an e-book, presented as a Boot Camp. The training courses for each element of the service include videos and questions which can confirm if the viewer has understood the concepts and has the skills to apply them to live situations.

The value betting free tools include a guide that explains the concept, a Quick Start manual and some tips for beginners. The software requires Microsoft Framework. NET version 4.5 or higher but this is part of Windows 8. Customers can read some content about matched betting, but most of the material and tools are subject to a subscription charge. Overall RebelBetting gives new and experience customers plenty of information that is useful when placing bets.

The matched betting beginner’s guide has the following sections:

• Select a number of bonuses.
• Register with some bookmakers.
• Turn around a bonus.
• Configure the selected bookmakers.
• Place the first matched bet.

The process is repetitive, and after placing a few bets, a beginner should be familiar with the elements of matched betting. Experience is important but if bettors start with low stakes, mistakes will not be expensive and form part of the learning process. Practice and repetition bring better results.


The bookmakers’ odds and free bets are the building blocks for these types of bets. The online betting industry is highly competitive, and one of the main marketing initiatives is free bets and bonuses. In the UK the Gambling Commission are monitoring free bets to ensure fairness and clarity. However, there are still many free bet and bonus promotions for new and existing customers. RebelBetting supports over 90 bookmakers in many betting jurisdictions throughout the world. The site gives a rating for the best bookmakers for the qualifying bets.

In selection a bookmaker customers are given the following advice:

• Examine the current bonuses before registering with a bookmaker.
• One bookmaker is recommended, but there is a partnership with RebelBetting so the advice may not be independent.
• Use a private network for privacy and to stay under the radar longer.
• Refer to the recommended bookmakers for sure betting and value betting.

RebelBetting also reviews their bookmaking partners and gives them a rating from A to D with A+ being the best rating. Some bookmakers have been removed from the list due to mergers or closures. The active list provides many daily opportunities for sure betting and value betting and one-off new account welcome offers.

Affiliate Programme

RebelBetting rewards affiliate partners with decent rates of commission. The basic commission for a purchase is 35% and this is not a one-off. So if an introduced customer pays a subscription the following week, month or year the affiliate partner is paid the same rate. RebelBetting is looking for more affiliates so any site with content in this area of betting would be a good partner. The concept of free bets sells itself so the affiliate must provide engaging content which generates traffic.

RebelBetting provides marketing material which makes the journey from the affiliate site to the target easy. Affiliates can earn a passive income from a small investment. RebelBetting claims the conversion rate is 5.2% of visitors. The site also documents methods to promote RebelBetting for marketers or website and communities. New affiliates receive a modest bonus on registering.

Blog And Customer Support

The blog section is not comprehensive and at the time of writing, there were only four current articles for the year. There is an interview with a value betting customer, the basics of a betting broker, an affiliate broker promotion and a look back to the previous year of betting. Blog posts from previous years are archived going back for a full year. The posts are interesting and informative.

Customers can contact RebelBetting via email form or Live Chat. The site features a comprehensive FAQ section and there are many free resources for new and existing customers. The guides are designed for inexperienced users but can be used for revision for the advanced customers. Overall, RebelBetting is an excellent source of information about this type of betting.

In conclusion, RebelBetting was founded by poker players who appreciate odds and probabilities. Technically the company is well staffed in the fields of technology and sports betting. The three types of betting are explained well, and there are many tools and resources which help in the processes. The list of bookmakers is good and all the existing free bets and bonuses with the leading bookmakers are covered. RebelBetting provides excellent products and services in the areas of sure, value and matched betting.

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