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BettingGods is a sports tips provider some of which are sent to members free of charge and others which are based on subscriptions. The site has gained a reputation for delivering winning tips across a number of the most popular betting sports. This tipping service employs proven tipsters who have shown a record of profitable tips over a sustained period of time. Users can try the free tips before registering with a paid service. The free tips act as a taster for the subscription-based services. The site also features a comprehensive blog which gives users free tips, previews, bookmaker and tipping services reviews and guidelines for profitable sports betting.

How To Become A Member

BettingGods aims to build up a list of sports betting enthusiasts by offering free tips for horse racing and football. The site claims to have over 100,000 members who have registered by entering an email address. Providing free tips is a loss leader because the email address is valuable in converting members into paying subscribers. The free tips for horse racing and football are genuine but the objective is to sell tips for a subscription charge. Customers can sign up for a service for different periods of time which could be one month, three months, six months or a full calendar year. Some fees are recurring while others are one-off payments and the customer must opt-in to extend the subscription period.

Potential new members follow a simple process to register for free horse racing and free football tips. The first part of the registration process is entering an email address to which the tips can be sent. After registration, a new member will receive a confirmation email with a link. Clicking the email link gives BettingGods permission to contact new customers through that email. Members are sent at least one free tip each day while they subscribe to the service. There is no minimum membership period and users can Unsubscribe at any time. When members end the subscription, the free tips will stop, but the thinking is that the customer has looked at the site and may be interested in paying for tips.

How Does BettingGods Operate?

BettingGods is a provider of free and subscription-based tips. The tips cover the most popular betting sports and most of the paid services are for horse racing and football. The model is not unique and is based on giving customers free tips with the objective of selling paid services. The site employs about 20 professional tipsters at any time and publishes a record of their performance over a decent period of time. The proofed record for each tipster can be viewed by the lifetime of the service or for the current month. The best services are displayed prominently on the site.

Paid Services

Despite sending members free tips ultimately BettingGods makes money by selling tips. The paid services are displayed by sport with the following information for each tips service:

  • Name of service.
  • Date launched.
  • Average profit per month.
  • Return on investment.

There is then a button which takes users to more details about the service including a headline which highlights the ongoing profit from a specific date. Customers then follow a link to getting started. The payment options are displayed, and there are buttons to register and enter payment details. The other best performing services for each sport are displayed on the registration page. The best performing services are shown more prominently than those that are not doing well. The cost of any service for the first 7 days is just £1 and users can cancel their subscription at any time.

Once the membership has been confirmed subscribers get an email and start receiving tips. The longer the subscription period, the lower the monthly fee. Some subscriptions are renewed automatically while others require customers to opt-in to continue with the tips. Credit card statements will show a charge to Clickbank and not the name of the tipping service. A FAQ section details the number of selections sent each day and provides advice about a betting bank. Each tipster is an individual who can be experienced or relatively new to selling tips.

Money Back Guarantee

Some tipping service operators have a poor reputation due to misrepresenting results to generate sales. Individuals who pay for tips can be impatient and fickle. Tips have to be judged over a decent period of time, but if the tips are initially unprofitable some customers will complain. BettingGods handles dissatisfied customers with a money back guarantee. The refund applies for 30 days which gives the tipster plenty of time to prove that the tips can be profitable. Other similar outfits don’t offer a money back guarantee so this is a benefit of paying BettingGods for tips.


Potential paid tipsters must proof their tips to BettingGods for at least four months. During the proofing period, the tipster must publish the tips without receiving a fee. Four months is a reasonable period of time to proof tips. There could be short term losing runs, but BettingGods can see a pattern and decide if the tipster has the potential to become one of their tipsters who can charge for the tips. When the tips have been vetted to the satisfaction of BettingGods, they become a paid service and the tipster receives a commission based on the number of sales and the subscription charge. Vetting is based on a level stake of £10, and the bank growth is based on the starting bank that was recommended when the service began.


The value of a good review is difficult to assess and possibly readers have lost faith in review sites. Independent tipping service review sites should be honest and transparent about the quality of a service. Some review sites are affiliated with the tipster or tipping site, so the reviews are more likely to be positive. However, BettingGods have decent ratings on Trust Pilot and review their tips on so many sites that potential customers can get an impression of the quality of the tips. Proofing is accurate and there is transparency which in the long run is better for a business based on trust. BettingGods does well in convincing a sceptical public that some of their services are worth paying for and following.


Members have access to the full results of any paid service. Each tipster’s results are available and there is no hiding place. The bottom line is everything and the tipsters with the best-proofed record will attract the most subscribers and earn the most commission. However, tipsters have good and bad runs which means the results are fluid and the ongoing profit situation is always changing.

Tipping Services

BettingGods provides members and subscribers with tips for sporting events. Customers receive a daily email notification of the tips which are usually sent by 10 am each day. The events take place in the afternoon and evening which means members have plenty of time to place the bets and get the get odds. The email notification includes the event, starting time, tip, recommended stake, best odds and the best odds bookmaker. The template is the same across all the tipping sports and the free tips. Some services provide a reasoning and others merely list the tips. BettingGods send members and subscribers the following types of tip:

Free Tips

Members register with BettingGods and receive free tips each day. The free tips are for horse racing and football. The racing tips are generally for meetings in the UK and Ireland and the football tips are mainly for matches in the main leagues in England and the other Top European leagues.

Horse Racing Tips

Horse racing accounts for the biggest number of paid services. At the time of writing, there were right racing services on offer each with a catchy name. Some tipsters specialise in niche areas such as each way tips and Flat racing. The oldest current service was launched in April 2014 which suggests a solid and consistent record. The tips are win or each way bets for meetings in the UK and Ireland and major international races around the world.

Football Tips

The second highest number of tipping services are related to football, but the oldest only dates back to September 2018. The tips cover the most popular betting leagues such as the English Premier League the main leagues in Europe, the Champions League and Europa League and international matches. The tips cover a range of markets such as the match results, totals and both teams to score.

Tips For Other Sports

BettingGods also offers subscription tipping services for golf, greyhound racing, US sports, boxing and cricket. Tips are generally for individual events and races and not in outright betting markets. Tips for other sports are sent out in a timely manner, so the customer has plenty of time to identify the best odds and bookmaker.


The BettingGods blog provides free tips for horse racing in the UK, Ireland and the United States. The free tips on the blog are for events in tennis, football, US sports and horse racing. There is also additional free content including reviews of bookmaker sites and general sports-related content. Members can leave comments which are moderated so that offensive content will not appear. Bettors who pay for tips can be impatient, but they are not allowed to be abusive or use the blog to make complaints which they can to the BettingGods customer support department.

Customer Support

Members and subscribers can contact BettingGods by email, email form and postal address which is in Malta. The site features an extensive FAQ section covering the main functions for members and tipsters.

Potential tipsters must contact BettingGods with details of tipping history and the nature of the tips. There are no promises about the number of subscribers and potential earnings. The process for becoming a tipster is transparent and the vetting procedure is explained. The FAQ section also covers membership procedures, subscriptions and cancellations.

BettingGods is committed to responsible gambling. The site features guidelines for keeping gambling under control and there are links to bodies that offer support for problem gamblers. The purpose of BettingGods is to encourage customers to pay for tips and place bets. Customers are advised to bet within budget limits and look at the tips as a long-term investment and not to provide short term income.


BettingGods has an affiliate programme which pays partners commission based on sending converted traffic to the site. Affiliates earn commission by promoting the free tips newsletter or the subscription services. Commission fees are paid for life so there could be a regular income from a referral who pays for tips. Review sites have recommended the BettingGods affiliate programme which helps partners monetise the traffic sent to the site. Affiliates report a good working relationship with the staff at BettingGods. Commissions are generous and the arrangement is mutually beneficial. The affiliate programme features competitions and incentives and offers partners cash bonuses for sending traffic that spends money on the site.

To conclude, several operators offer free tips and paid tipping services for the most popular betting sports. Subscribers can be fickle and quick to criticise if the tips have a bad run. The ethos behind BettingGods is a long-term view. Potential tipsters are vetted for at least four months before selling a service to subscribers. BettingGods has a good reputation established through transparency and detailed past results. Any tipster will go through a bad run, but the tipsters with BettingGods are proven over a sustained period of time.

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