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Carnival Queen

Carnival Queen

Carnival Queen Slot Review

Few themes are quite as exciting as games featuring a festival or party. Well, Thunderkick makes it even more exciting with their Carnival Queen slot that presents bright colours and excellent animations along with the opportunity to win as much as 22,700 coins. The game is certainly the main attraction with six reels offering four symbols each and a massive 4,096 ways to win. Since it is a Thunderkick slot, you can expect to see massive bonuses as well. This includes an avalanche feature, scatter symbols, wild symbols and huge multipliers.

Thunderkick never lets us down when it comes to gaming fairness or entertainment. They offer an incredible RTP percentage with all of their online slots. The Carnival Queen slot is no exception as it features an RTP of 96.1%.

Carnival Queen Slot – Bonuses

The Carnival Queen free slot is a great place to get started and discover a world of new colourful bonuses. The game has a stack of exciting features that keeps it simple and enjoyable. Everything from the base game through to the free spin feature comes with additional reward opportunities. Therefore, the Carnival Queen slot is simply a must as it’s sure to become an instant favourite!

Avalanche and Multipliers

The Carnival Queen slot comes with one of the most impressive bonus features for online slots. It is called an avalanche feature and activates with every winning combination you trigger. Once the winning combination pays out, the paying symbols disappear, and new ones top down from above. At the same time, you will see the multiplier value increases below the reels. Therefore, the next combination pays out much higher, especially off to a few constitute wins.

Wilds and Free Spins

The Carnival Queen slot aims to activate as many winning combinations as possible. Therefore, wild symbols make a regular appearance on any reels with a bright W. They represent any others and create more combinations for any that has to appear on a payline. Of course, this excludes the scatters.

The Carnival Queen makes an appearance in the bonus symbol that can also show up on any reels. When three show up, the game activates 12 free spins. While playing the feature, you could activate more spins by getting at least two more of the Carnival Queen slot symbols. The great thing about the free spin bonus is that the avalanche feature remains active and the multiplier values Wilmot resets. What even better is that a wild symbol can remove symbols both horizontally and vertically when it appears in a non-winning spin.

Betting in the Carnival Queen Slot

Betting options are easy to choose in the Carnival Queen slot. There is a small casino chip in the bottom right hand corner that will present the full betting menu. Even though the game has 4,096 ways to win, you could wager as little as 0.10 and still cover all the winning opportunities. You can also increase the bet up to 100.00, offering the same reward opportunities, but with much higher payouts.

Play the Carnival Queen Free Slot

The Carnival Queen free slot is simply the best way to get familiar with the game. It is well worth your time as it gives you the advantage of seeing how the bonus features work and how often they trigger. You can also use the free game to test different betting values and see what the bonus game has to offer.

We present a large variety of free online slots, which is not limited just to Thunderkick. However, there is no doubt that this developer has some of the best online slots. Therefore, they remain one of the most recommended developers. Be sure to try top-rated games such as Jaguar Temple and Fruit Warp to experience their games.

Jaguar Temple

Jaguar Temple

Jaguar Temple Slot Review

There might be many different online slots that revolve around a jungle theme, but few have the incredible graphics and bonus features that we see with Thunderkick. Their Jaguar Temple slot reveals some of the most interesting winning opportunities from the developer. On the surface, the game might seem standard with just five reels and 20 paylines, but it comes to life when bonus features activate. Even during the standard slots, you’ll meet the golden jaguar as a mega symbol, which also has the ability to reward when three appear adjacent on a line. Furthermore, there are also free spins to enjoy and wilds that reveal even more big winning chances.

The Jaguar Temple free slot has to be one of the most impressive online slots as the developer finds the perfect balance between great features and uncomplicated gaming. Even with all this, you still get the incredible fairness level that Thunderkick is known for. In fact, the Jaguar Temple slot offers an RTP of 96.1%.

Jaguar Temple Slot – Bonuses

The Jaguar Temple slot doesn’t provide a huge stack of bonus features as we have seen in many other games from Thunderkick. Instead, it presents a fair number of bonuses, but without making things complicated. The features available are highly rewarding and focus on keeping things entertaining at the same time.

Jaguar Symbols

The Jaguar Temple free slot includes all the same bonuses as the real money game. Therefore, you will also see the golden jaguar symbols that can appear as a single or mega symbol. These mega symbols can reach up to 3×3, which covers nine standard symbol positions. The great part about this symbol is that it has the ability to reward when three appear anywhere on the same payline. Therefore, one of the symbols can show up on the second reel, another on the third and one more on the four. As long as they are adjacent to each other on the same line, a combination will activate.

Wilds and Free Spins

The wild symbols appear with a blue glow and have the ability to represent others and trigger more winning combinations. During the standard game, there are relatively standard and don’t provide any additional features. They are also unable to represent the bonus game scatter symbols to activate the free spin feature. However, during the free spin bonus, they can expand. This means I can take over a complete reel and use all the positions to represent other values.

The scatter symbols appear as the golden bonus game symbols. They have to show up in at least three positions during the base game to activate 10 free spins. If more appear, up to 20 free spins can activate. During the feature, at least two scatters need to show up to activate another three free spins, but it is possible to receive another 20.

Betting in the Jaguar Temple Slot

Thunderkick makes it really easy to choose betting values while playing the Jaguar Temple slot. Click on the casino chip at the bottom and choose total betting amounts from 0.10 up to 100.00. This will cover all the bonus features and possible combinations. Choose a higher bet to receive even bigger winnings on the same reward opportunities.

Play the Jaguar Temple Free Slot

The Jaguar Temple free slot is the real money game played for fun. We offer the game with everything the real slot has, including the high RTP and bonuses. The Jaguar Temple free slot is a great choice to test out the special free spins and mega symbols.

We don’t only provide Thunderkick, but rather a massive range of online games. In fact, we include the biggest names in gaming, such as NetEnt, Playtech, Microgaming and many more. We even cover jackpot slots, making it easy to see what your next favourite will be. Be sure to try the Mega Fortune free slot and the Mega Moolah free slot.

Tiger Rush

Tiger Rush

Tiger Rush Slot Review

Thunderkick always manages to present games and themes unlike anything we’ve seen before. The Tiger Rush slot is one of many such games, offering a jungle theme where the tiger aims to capture the next big win on five reels. It presents 10 paylines that pay both ways during the standard game and as much as 25 paylines during the bonus. Players can trigger free spins, enjoy big wins with expanding wilds and take advantage of stacked symbols. The highest win is 150 coins per line.

This slot from Thunderkick provides excellent fairness as we’ve seen with their other slots. It offers a medium volatility experience with a high RTP of 96.30%. Therefore, you can expect to see the bonus regularly while great wins come your way as well!

Tiger Rush Slot – Jungle Bonuses

There’s certainly a lot to look forward to with the game, which is available with our Tiger Rush free slot as well. As mentioned, the developer strives to be unique, which is why all the features are unique. In fact, even the way you activate the bonus is completely different, and there are two ways to get your hands on free spins!

Stacked Symbols and Expanding Wilds

While playing the Tiger Rush free slot or real money game, you’ll discover some interesting rewards. Firstly, all the game symbols appear in stacks, which doesn’t include the wilds or scatters. However, everything else has the ability to fill the reels completely and trigger massive wins. The tiger represents the wilds on the centre reels where they expand and cover all positions. They represent any others and also include a re-spin with the wild in place.

Free Spins

The Tiger Rush slot presents two ways to activate the free spin bonus feature, and the wilds are able to assist. The scatters feature the Tiger Rush slot logo on the first and last reel. It rewards five free spins when they appear in the same spin. However, it can also trigger when you get a scatter and a wild next to each other. For example, if a scatter appears on the first reel and a wild on the second reel, the bonus activates. It’s also possible to trigger the feature in more than one way at the same time, triggering more free spins!

The game expands to include five symbols on the second, third and fourth reel, which increases the paylines from 10 to 25. Therefore, more combinations and possible and the wilds can expand to become even bigger!

Betting in the Tiger Rush Slot

The Tiger Rush free slot is great for all your gaming needs as it also includes the betting options. Thunderkick makes it really easy to place bets and change them. Just press the casino clip logo and see a menu of total bets appear. It starts from just 0.10 per spin and goes up to 100.00.

Play the Tiger Rush Free Slot

The Tiger Rush free slot comes with everything the real money game has. In fact, this is the real money game, but it uses fun money to give you the full experience. You can activate all the bonuses and combinations as you would while playing Tiger Rush slot for real, making it a great choice for all your gaming checks.

Thunderkick comes with a massive selection of online slots and we have them all in free play. Just visit our slot page and discover a world of excellent online slots. We recommend playing the Pink Elephant free slot, the Flame Buster free slot and the Fruit Warp free slot.

Wild Heist At Peacock Manor

Wild Heist At Peacock Manor

Wild Heist at Peacock Manor Slot Review

We’ve seen some interesting games from Thunderkick over the years. They always have something different on offer, and this time it’s called the Wild Heist at Peacock Manor slot. From the very beginning, the game is different with a locked sixth reel on the right. The standard game has five reels and a rather unique 17 paylines from the left. It features wilds and scatters along with a free spin bonus that’s sure to amaze everyone who triggers it!

Thunderkick doesn’t only find the most unique reward opportunities with their slots, but also aims for the best in fairness. This free slot and real money game offer the highest standard with an RTP of 96.1%.

Wild Heist at Peacock Manor Slot – Bonuses

The Wild Heist at Peacock Manor slot features Thunderkick at their best, thanks to bonuses no one else can compete with. The standard slot is rather plain, but when you manage to activate the bonuses, things become wild, and the game reaches a whole new level of excitement!

Wilds and Stacked Peacock

The Wild Heist at Peacock Manor slot offers wilds that represent standard symbols. They cannot assist with the golden key scatters to activate the feature, but they are highly valuable as they offer more combinations.

While playing this free slot or real money, a golden peacock can appear stacked on any reels. It doesn’t do anything special but does provide huge rewards when seen from left to right.

Free Spins

The Wild Heist at Peacock Manor slot free spins bonus is where things become incredible. It activates when at least three key symbols appear anywhere on the reels to unlock the sixth reel position. It reveals the bonuses during the free spins feature, which you get to choose before the bonus start.

Once the feature activates, the game lets you choose three to five cards (depending on how many scatters trigger the bonus). These cards make it possible to win even more free spins, increase the number and more. You can even turn standard symbols into wilds for the duration of the features. If another two keys appear, you get to add even more cards to the free spin feature. It’s also possible to reveal even more free spins, making the bonus winnings even bigger and last much longer.

During the standard game, you can trigger a random card as well. The game selects one of the bonuses at random and adds it to the spin. This could include the walking wilds bonus, wild reels, expanding wild and much more.

Betting in the Wild Heist at Peacock Manor Slot

This free slot comes with the same settings and features and the standard game. Therefore, it is the ideal option to test out the different betting values and game features. Luckily, Thunderkick makes betting easy by offering total bets when you click on the casino chip option next to the alter play button. It presents a menu with a value starting as low as 0.10 and ranging up to 100.00 per spin.

Play the Wild Heist at Peacock Manor Free Slot

The Wild Heist at Peacock Manor free slot is a great choice for all your gaming needs. It offers the exact same experience as you would get from the real money game, including betting options, tennis and even the bonus features. We provide the free game without any limits or the need to download software.

While this free slot is one of the most impressive, it is certainly not the only free slot we provide. We include the entire Thunderkick selection, giving you a range of excellent games with unique bonus features you try. We recommend the Pink Elephant free slot, the Yeti Battle of the Greenhat Peak free slot and many more.

Yeti Battle Of Greenhat Peak

Yeti Battle Of Greenhat Peak

Yeti Battle of the Greenhat Peak Slot Review

Thunderkick is an instant favourite for everyone who tries some of their games. The Yeti Battle of the Greenhat Peak slot is a great choice for both experienced and new players as the game entertains with innovative bonus features that cannot be found anywhere else. As with other games from this developer, the regular game seems rather standard with five reels and 11 paylines. The animations are excellence, and the layout always includes something special. However, this slot reveals its true colours when the bonus features activate. Not only are the wild symbols, bonus symbols, and a bonus game, you can also enjoy a wild attack feature and sticky wild symbols to further enhance your winnings.

Thunderkick might not be one of the oldest developers, but they are certainly one competing with the very best in the world. Even when it comes to fairness, they offer percentage is higher than most. This free slot and real money version provides an amazing RTP of 96.1%.

Yeti Battle of the Greenhat Peak Slot – Bonuses

The Yeti Battle of the Greenhat Peak slot comes with bonus features during the standard game and free spins. Even during the standard game, huge winnings can trigger as special features and symbols work together. It is not just about the wild symbols or the way the bonus feature activates, but rather how it all works together for an unforgettable experience.


The Yeti Battle of the Greenhat Peak slot has three different wild symbols that can make an appearance anywhere to activate more combinations. They feature the men in green hats who can even appear in stacks to represent other symbols and create as many combinations as possible. The only symbol they cannot assist with is the scatter carrots that activates the bonus feature.

Free Spins and Wild Attack

The Yeti Battle of the Greenhat Peak free slot has exactly the same bonus features as the real money game. Thus, making it ideal to test out all the bonuses, including the wild attack feature. When at least two of the carrot symbols appear, the wild attack activates. The game rewards a re-spin with up to three sticky wilds in random positions. If no winnings activate, the game adds even more wild symbols and even locks the standard wilds in place. It is also possible to activate the free spin bonus with just two scatters. However, the game automatically chooses between the wild attack bonus feature and free spins.

When you activate the free spin bonus, the game will reward as much as 20 free spins, depending on how many scatters show up. The more scatters appear, the quicker the bonus action takes place as the meter at the bottom falls up. Wilds become sticky during free spins, and the higher you get on the meter, the more wild symbols appear. The game even makes it possible to win more free spins as you make your way through the levels.

Betting in the Yeti Battle of the Greenhat Peak Slot

The Yeti Battle of the Greenhat Peak free slot is a great choice to check out betting values based on 11 paylines. Luckily, the developer keeps things simple by making the minimum bets just 0.10 per spin. It can increase the total to 100.00, which simply means your winnings become much bigger. Click on the casino chip at the bottom to see the betting menu and simply select a total wager for each round.

Play the Yeti Battle of the Greenhat Peak Free Slot

The Yeti Battle of the Greenhat Peak free slot is simply a must for anyone who feels intimidated by the amount of bonus features mentioned above. The game is action-packed and has a lot to look forward to, making the free version well worth the consideration.

We don’t just offer this free slot, but rather include the entire Thunderkick collection. There are so many different slots to choose from, and players get to enjoy the real money game for free. We recommend playing the Flame Busters free slot, Esqueleto Explosivo free slot and the Carnival Queen free slot.

Pink Elephants

Pink Elephants

Pink Elephant Slot Review

The Pink Elephant slot from Thunderkick once again shows that they are one of the most unique game providers out there. Their themes are so different, and their games always have something we haven’t seen. This slot is no exception as six reels and 4,096 ways to win appear on your screen. The slot presents excellent rewards with wilds, scatters and free spins where more special features form part of your winnings. The game offers as much as 100 coins per combination, which can appear in so many different ways!

Thunderkick isn’t just a brilliant game developer; they also strive to present the highest level of fairness. Even during the Pink Elephant free slot, you’ll experience what an RTP of 96.1% has to offer. Not only do combinations activate regularly, but bonuses also trigger more than expected!

Pink Elephant Slot – Bonuses Arrive in Herds

The Pink Elephant slot offers an experience you won’t easily forget to beat. One of the most entertaining aspects of the game is the bonuses and how unique there are. On the surface, things might seem quite standard, but when you manage to trigger one of the special bonuses, it quickly changes to amaze!

Wilds and Stacks

During the standard Pink Elephant slot, you’ll find some great rewards activate with the appearance of the pink W. These are the wilds that show up anywhere and trigger wins by substituting for others. They can only change to standard symbols, which means they cannot provide assistance for scatters.

The game also has stacked symbols, but they don’t always appear in stacks. Instead, you’ll find any symbol can appear more than once on the same reel or cover a reel completely. It makes multiple combinations possible with the same symbol, which is great even for the lowest paying symbols.

Free Spins

The Pink Elephant slot free spins bonus is where things become really amazing. Firstly, the game can present random scatters during any spin to help you trigger the bonus. At least three of the peanut scatters must show to rewards seven spins. The more scatters you get, the higher the free spin bonus goes. In fact, you can score as much 19 spins from every activation! During the feature, at least two peanuts add three more spins, which can go up to 11 spins, depending on how many scatters show.

During free spins, the game collects elephant orbs, which fill up a symbol meter. Once full, the selected symbol turns into the Pink Elephant, which is the highest paying. This symbol remains the highest value for the rest of the feature. It’s also possible to convert others into the elephant for bigger payouts.

Betting in the Pink Elephant Slot

The Pink Elephant free slot comes with more than just a great chance to find out more about the game. It also reveals the betting options that’s the same in real money play. As with other Thunderkick slots, press the casino clip button and choose total bets from 0.10 to 100.00 per spin in the menu that appears.

Play the Pink Elephant Free Slot

The Pink Elephant free slot is a great start to discover the amazing rewards available. Thunderkick is certainly one of the best, and they manage to entertain with every slot they produce. The Pink Elephant free slot is sure to have everything you need and reveal slot features you’ve never seen.

We provide the entire Thunderkick free slots selection along with other major game providers. Therefore, you can play all the best slots right here before joining a real money online casino. Of all the Thunderkick free slots, we recommend trying the Jaguar Temple free slot, Carnival Queen free slot and of course, the Tiger Rush free slot.


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