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Druidess Gold Slot

Druidess Gold

Druidess Gold Slot Review

The Druidess Gold Slot introduces a fairytale theme that mostly revolves around the power of wizards and spells. This theme has been covered by many different developers. But few of them deliver the same gaming features and rewards as you would find in this variation. From the very beginning, you’ll find that things are completely different. Because this five reels slot features the third reel with 16 symbols. This makes combinations much easier to activate and the game offers as much as 1296 ways to win. Furthermore, bonus features deliver incredibly great reward opportunities. Including free spins and a special mega spin feature. There are also wild symbols and the winnings range as high as 250 coins per combination.

Finding a whole new gaming experience as you would see in the Druidess Gold slot always makes you wonder whether the game is fair. Well, with NYX you can always count on reliable gaming as they strive to deliver an experience with returning to. This particular slot provides an RTP of 95.3%, setting it right in line with the most rewarding and fair slots.

Druidess Gold – Magical Bonus Features

Right from the beginning, you are sure to see the advantages of this game design. It is completely different from any other slot of their as the third reel can create combinations in a much easier way. You still need to line up combinations from left to right. But since the third can use one of 16 symbols to match up, combinations activate much easier. It also includes some great reward opportunities of its own. Making it a whole new way to win big with online slots.

Wilds and Reelfecta

To give you a better idea of how the third reel works, it is best to think of it as a standard reel that automatically selects the best of 16 symbols to complete a combination. For example, if you get two of the same symbols on reels one and two, you just need one of them to show up on the third reel in one of the 16 positions to complete a combination. Of course, they would need to appear across one of the ways to win. But ultimately it means you can activate more combinations across the reels.

The lady appears as the wild symbol we can show up on the third reel and the fourth reel. She has the advantage of representing anything, which means combinations become even easier to activate. Now, if you only have two matching symbols on the first and second reels, the wild symbol can appear on the third and complete the combination. If you get multiple wilds, it means the combination could activate more than once.

Free Spins

The free spin bonus might take some getting used to as even this activates in a completely unique manner. The scatter symbols appear in green, but only on the third reel with 16 symbols can show up. Luckily, they can appear in stacks and activate the feature when at least five appear. During the bonus, you get unlimited free spins and could even activate a mega spin at the end. With each spin, either the golden lady can appear or a bottle of poison. The bottle cannot show up within the first three reels, but should it show up just once, the feature will end. If you are lucky enough, you might only see the golden lady appear around the outer frame of the third reel, which would add an additional spin each time.

If you make it to the mega spin, every single position of the third reel will become wild and you will receive a single re-spin for massive wins.

Betting in the Druidess Gold Slot

Even if you are an experienced online slot player, we recommend trying the Druidess Gold free slot. It gives you the opportunity to see how the third reel feature works and what betting options are available. To cover all the 1296 ways to win, you need to bet 50 coins per spin. These coins have value options starting from 0.01 up to 10.00 each. Therefore, you can choose a bet for each spin ranging from 0.50 through to a maximum of 500.00.

Play the Druidess Gold Free Slot

As mentioned, even if you are experienced it will only be a benefit to play the Druidess Gold free slot right here. It is the exact same game and includes all the same features as the real money variation. You can even try out the bonuses and the accurate RTP percentage.

There are loads of other exciting NYX online slots, all of which are available as free games. To get started, we recommend trying out popular slots such as the Valkyrie Queen free slot, the Huolong Valley free slot, and the Dolphin Gold free slot.

Olympus Thunder Slot

Olympus Thunder

Olympus Thunder Slot Review

Greek mythology remains a top choice for game developers from around the world. These are so much history and different aspects, all of which create excellent online slots themes. The Olympus Thunder Slot from NYX doesn’t focus on any of the gods, but rather Olympus. Which is the highest mountain in Greece. The game is relatively standard, offering 20 pay lines over five reels. However, the bonus features certainly add to the opportunities since Zeus makes an appearance as the wild symbol. Furthermore, there are also sticky wild re-spins and an Olympus bonus. Where you can score as much as 20 free spins with a multiplier ready to triple all your payouts. Even during the standard slot, winning up to 10,000 coins seems to be relatively easy. Because you simply need five Zeus symbols on a single pay line.

The NYX development team always manages to impress with gaming opportunities that of both Faye and entertaining. The Olympus Thunder slot brings together the best of both worlds by adding great bonus features and an RTP of 97.01%. This allows you to enable bonus features and combinations more than you would expect from any other slot.

Olympus Thunder – Highest Level of Bonus Winnings

The great part about the Olympus Thunder slot is that bonus features form part of the standard slot and can also trigger brilliant rewards. Of course, the bonus feature is always an attractive benefit. It activates quite easily to reward even more excellent winnings. Overall, the slot is well with trying, especially since we offer the Olympus Thunder free slot.

Wilds and Zeus Re-spins

Zeus makes a regular appearance on all the reels as he represents the highest paying symbol that rewards up to an incredible 10,000 coins when two or more symbols appear on a pay line. He is also the wild symbol that can substitute for anything and create combinations so you activate more wins. As per usual, it doesn’t assist the bonus symbol to enable the free spins.

The Zeus symbol on the third reel activates an additional re-spin feature. Firstly, you’ll see the symbol expand and cover all positions on the third reel. Then, the game activates three re-spins with the wild symbol locked in place on the third reel. The other reels can still introduce more wild, but these won’t expand or stick in place.

Free Spins

The thunder bonus symbol appears in gold on the second, third and fourth reel. You need one on each of these reels to activate the bonus feature. It all begins with a pick’em bonus feature where you need to find three of the same free spin combinations. It ranges from five free spins with double the standard winnings through to 20 free spins with triple the standard rewards.

If you managed to get the scatter symbol to show up three times during the feature, the same or original reward will activate. For example, if you activate 20 free spins with triple the standard payout, the same will activate when you get another three bonus symbols during the feature.

Betting in the Olympus Thunder Slot

Even if you use our Olympus Thunder free slot, you will find betting is really easy. Press the setting gear in the top right-hand corner and navigate to the betting page. You won’t be able to adjust the number of pay lines, but you can choose a coin value from as low as 0.01. This means a total bet of 0.20, which can increase up to 100.00 by selecting a coin value of up to 5.00.

Play the Olympus Thunder Free Slot

The game is simplistic and really easy to play, but for those who would like to test some of the features or checkout betting, use our Olympus Thunder free slot. It loads automatically on this page and gives you the ability to use everything from the betting options through to activating features.

The NYX gaming team offers a great variety of online slots, each delivering a gaming experience unique to the theme. There are many different slots to choose from, including the ever-popular Valkyrie Queen free slot, the Golden Knight free slot, and the Dolphin Gold free slot.

Aladdin's Legacy Slot

Aladdin’s Legacy

Aladdin’s Legacy Slot Review

The Aladdin’s Legacy Slot revolves around a theme that most would be familiar with. Not only does Aladdin appear in many different cartoons, but there are also many movies revolving around his legacy. NYX uses the theme to provide an impressive Arabian game experience. It’s filled with bonus features and big winnings. A total of 20 pay lines appear from left to right over five reels that have the ability to reward up to 2500 coins. In terms of bonuses, it all begins with a free spin feature. Which can then lead into a cave bonus, followed by a treasure room bonus game.

The NYX development team provides a great variety of gaming themes and features. They always strive to compete with the best when it comes to rewarding opportunities and fairness. In the Aladdin’s Legacy slot you can expect great rewards with an RTP of 94.99%.

Aladdin’s Legacy Slot – Adventurous Bonuses

The standard slot has the ability to deliver some impressive combinations since there are wild symbols. However, it doesn’t quite compare with the reward opportunities available in the bonus features. Luckily, there is only one bonus symbol you need to appear three times. As mentioned, this will activate the free spin bonus feature. Which could possibly lead to additional features for even more great winnings.

Wilds and Free Spins

The wild symbols make an appearance as Aladdin on his magical purple carpet. You’ll find these can show up anywhere on the reels and even reward as much as 2500 coins when you get them on a pay line. Even if these don’t create a combination of their own, you will still see a great benefit from the symbols since they can represent anything other than the scatters.

The scatter symbols represent none other than their golden lamp that also shows on every single reel. You need just three of these to activate the free spin bonus, which begins with 10 free spins. If you are lucky enough to get four or even five scatter symbols the game will increase your free spins to 15 or 20.

Cave and Treasure Room Features

During the free spin bonus, a new symbol makes an appearance on the last reel. This bonus symbol has to appear only ones to activate the cave feature. Here, you need to select the right gems to unlock the door and make your way to the treasure bonus room. In the bonus room, you need to choose the right points and map your way to the end for great additional rewards. During the cave bonus, it is possible to win as much as 14 times your wager amount while the treasure room can add as much as 150 times your wager.

Betting in the Aladdin’s Legacy Slot

Placing a bet on the Aladdin’s Legacy slot couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is choose a bet per line that is multiplied by the total number of pay lines active. The game doesn’t allow you to adjust the pay lines, meaning your bet per line is always multiplied by 20. The values begin from as low as 0.01 and can range up to 5.00 for players who would like to activate much higher payouts. In total, the pets range from 0.20 to a maximum of 100.00.

Play the Aladdin’s Legacy Free Slot

The best way to try out a new game without any risk is to use our free slots. The Aladdin’s Legacy free slot is available on this page and automatically loads the real money game. However, you don’t have to wager real cash as we have already added free money so you can test out all the bonuses and rewards. This variation also includes the exact same betting options, giving you accurate gaming experience.

The development team at NYX delivers an impressive variety of online slots. Even when you play the Aladdin’s Legacy free slot, you are sure to find yourself wanting to try out more from this game provider. We recommend getting started with popular releases such as the Dolphin Gold free slot, the Olympus Thunder free slot, and Golden Knight free slot.

Huolong Valley Slot

Huolong Valley

Huolong Valley Slot Review

Oriental-themed online slots are popular for many reasons and just about every development team has at least one such game. The NYX library has more than one of these games, of which the Huolong Valley Slot is one of the most popular. It is a relatively standard slot with 20 pay lines and five reels. But it is the special bonus features that allow the slot to reach high above the rest. The standard game has wild symbols that can work together to activate multipliers. But the free spins or where the biggest winnings activate as you can is all up to 6 times the standard payout. The standard game winnings also don’t disappoint as up to 5000 coins activate per line.

The Huolong Valley free slot is a great place to start as it offers all the same features and fairness levels. In fact, you can see just how impressive this release is and what an RTP of 96.98 means in terms of the ultimate rewarding opportunity.

Huolong Valley – Bonus Features

For the most part, the Huolong Valley slot comes with relatively standard features, which makes the game uncomplicated. However, you are sure to be surprised when the right combination activates all when you manage to trigger the free spin bonus feature. Luckily, there is no interaction with the features. Except for when you choose the right items to reveal the number of free spins and your multiplier.

Wilds and Multipliers

The wild symbols feature the mask that appears in multiple colours anywhere. They have the ability to substitute for anything. Activate more winnings by standing in for other symbols. If just one of these appears in a combination, they will provide the standard win as if a normal symbol took its place. However, if you are lucky enough to get at least two wild symbols in the same combination, you will instantly receive double the payout.

For example, the blue dragon normally rewards 300 coins. Which remains the same if just one wild symbol takes part. However, you will receive 600 coins if two dragons form part of the combination. These wild symbols cannot assist in scatter combinations or to help activate the bonus feature.

Free Spins

To make your way into the free spin bonus, you would need a minimum of three lantern bonus symbols to make an appearance at the same time. Instead of just starting the feature, you will get to play to multichoice bonus features that would reveal the multiplier and number of spins. First, choose a lantern to receive up to 7 free spins. Then select a coin that can add a multiplier of up to 6x.

During these free spins, the wild symbols for either the same benefits as seen during the main game. This means if more than one wild appears in a single combination, you will receive double the payout before it is multiplied by the free spin multiplier.

Betting in the Huolong Valley Slot

Even the bonus settings are available during the Huolong Valley free slot in the exact same way as the real money game. These options are all available in the menu option. Which activates when you pressed the settings gear in the top right-hand corner. The pay lines are not adjustable, meaning a bet of 20 coins is required per spin. You do however have the option to choose different coin value is for these lines that will act as the multiplier. Betting totals range from 0.20 per spin and can increase up to 100.004 higher payouts.

Play the Huolong Valley Free Slot

To play the Huolong Valley free slot, all you need to do is wait for the game to load at the top of this page. As mentioned above, it is identical to the real money variation you would find at any of our NYX online casinos. The free game displays all, so you can see how everything works. Whether the game has the right winnings for your needs.

To make the most of your NYX online slots experience, we recommend trying out some of their other popular games for free. We offer the entire NYX slot collection, which includes top-rated slots such as the Aladdin’s Legacy free slot, the Olympus Thunder free slot, and Dolphin Gold free slot.

Golden Knight Slot

Golden Knight

Golden Knight Slot Review

Many online game developers tend to choose fairy-tale stories as themes. It makes good sense since these stories tend to provide loads of excellent opportunities to provide new bonus features and entertaining gameplay. The Golden Knight Slot from NYX revolves around the popular story of knight willing to fight dragons and make his way to the tallest tower and save the Princess. The slot features 40 pay lines from the left, which can create combinations over five reels. You can expect winnings as high as 1000 coins during the standard slot. But if you activate the bonus bet, winnings can range up to 10,000 coins with the special scatter bucks feature.

You simply cannot go wrong by choosing NYX online slots. The developer has been around for many years. So, it manages to keep up with the biggest game providers in the world in terms of fairness and game reliability. In the Golden Knight slot, winnings occur regularly, thanks to an RTP of 95%.

Golden Knight Slot – Brave Bonus Features

Keep in mind that you get an additional scatter bucks feature when you simply enable all of the pay lines. This gives you the advantage of activating instant cash rewards when the wild symbols appear with a special value that instantly rewards you. This is a great addition to the free spins and standard wild symbols, making your gaming experience well with keeping an eye on those special wild symbols.

Wilds and Scatter Bucks

During the standard slot, you will find wild symbols appear as blue and red shields. These are available on all of the reels and can appear in stacks that could take up every position of a reel. Apart from being the highest paying, they also have the ability to represent the value of others and create more winning combinations. As per usual, these wild shield symbols are unable to assist the free spin scatter symbols.

If you have all the pay lines active, the bonus bet automatically forms part of your wager. This means the wild symbols now include a special scatter bucks feature. Meaning they can appear with an instant coin reward. Each of the reels payout a minimum of 25 coins when these special symbols make an appearance. The first reel can reach a maximum of 100 coins while the second reel can pay up to 500 coins. The third reel and fourth reel can each reward a maximum of 2000 coins while the last real pays as much as 10,000 coins in instant scatter bucks.

Free Spins

The free spin feature is yet another addition of the Golden Knight slot that’s sure to grab your attention. You need at least three of the free spin symbols to appear anywhere on the second, third and fourth reel. It gives you seven free spins to start with, but you have the opportunity to reactivate the bonus multiple times. In fact, you can reach as high as 98 free spins in a single activation.

During the feature, it is still possible to capture the scatter bucks instant rewards as the game uses the same set of reels. Therefore, wilds appear in stacks and the scatter bucks can also stack up and reward multiple times per reel.

Betting in the Golden Knight Slot

The fact that you can activate an additional feature by just wagering on all lines should be more than enough reason to keep your bet to a minimum of 40 coins. This covers all the pay lines in the Golden Knight slot, meaning you score as many wins as possible and include the ability to win the instant scatter bucks. Betting total ranges from 0.01 per line and can increase to 2.00. Therefore, a total wager begins as low as 0.40 while high rollers can select bits of up to 80.00.

Play the Golden Knight Free Slot

Most of the NYX online slots are straightforward and easy to play. The same goes for this particular slot, but if you would like to test out the features, be sure to use our Golden Knight free slot. It is identical to the real game and offers accurate rewards and payout percentages.

Once you have enjoyed the Golden Knight free slot, check out some of the other popular NYX free games. We recommend the Aladdin’s Legacy free slot, the Dolphin Gold free slot, and the Valkyrie Queen free slot.

Valkyrie Queen Slot

Valkyrie Queen

Valkyrie Queen Slot Review

Those of you who are familiar with Norse mythology will know that the Valkyrie Queen Slot revolves around the female figure. Who would decide which of the warriors would live and die during the battle. This creates an interesting theme for an online slot. Because the NYX gaming team clearly displays in their Valkyrie Queen online slot with five reels. It features the popular 243 ways to win set up. Which creates more combinations while also keeping the betting value lower. When it comes to bonuses, you can expect to see impressive wild symbol combinations as well as free spins played on a unique set of reels. Finally, the highest win provides as much as 500 coins, making this a slot well with a bit of your time.

As we have seen with many NYX online slots, they managed to impress with fairness. Most of their games aim higher than other developers while the rest usually provide a fair rate of around 95%. The Valkyrie Queen slot, in particular, has an RTP percentage of 94.9%.

Valkyrie Queen Slot – Godly Reward Opportunities

The slot has a range of excellent bonus features that help you achieve the winnings we all want. Firstly, the standard slot has wild symbols that are always a great benefit to create more combinations. There are also scatters and a special free spin feature where you can activate as much as 60 free spins at a time. All of these work together and deliver a great rewarding experience. But the biggest advantage is tumbling reels.

Tumbling Reels and Wilds

Tumbling reels has become a popular feature for many online game providers. It adds the possibility of creating multiple wins in just a single spin. When a combination activates, the symbols provide a payout as per usual. But before you spin the reels again, a special feature triggers. The symbols involved in the win will disappear and the ones from above take their place and possibly line up with others to create even more winnings. This will continue until no further combinations line up, which could lead to some impressive winnings.

To further enhance winnings and the tumbling reels feature, the Valkyrie Queen slot provides wild symbols. Which makes an appearance on reels two, three and four. They appear as the game logo in gold and represent anything other than the special bonus symbol.

Free Spins

Getting your way into the free spin bonus feature is a lot easier than themes. The eagle symbol is the scatter that makes an appearance on the three centre reels. You need three of them to enable the feature, which rewards a total of 10 free spins. It is possible to reactivate the feature a total of six times. Meaning you can win up to 60 free spins in every activation.

This feature uses a unique set of reels that still provides the popular tumbling reels feature. You will also be able to activate winnings with wild symbols. However, other than those benefits, you won’t find anything different about the free spin feature.

Betting in the Valkyrie Queen Slot

To get used to the betting options, we recommend you play the Valkyrie Queen free slot that is available on this page. It also offers the same game options and features. Including the betting values based on 40 coins per spin. This includes a bonus bet as well as covering all the possible ways to win. The denominations range from 0.01 up to a maximum of 5.00. This means total betting values start from as little as 0.40 while high roller players can choose a maximum bet of up to 200.00.

Playthe Valkyrie Queen Free Slot

The Valkyrie Queen free slot is certainly the easiest way to check out the game and see if it is well with your time. You’ll find everything is identical to the real money slot. Meaning you’ll activate the same winnings and features if you are playing for real cash.

To make the most of joining one of our top NYX online casinos, be sure to try more of their games for free. We offer their entire collection, including popular Aladdin’s Legacy free slot, the Golden Knight free slot, and the Druidess Gold free slot.

Dolphin Gold Slot

Dolphin Gold

Dolphin Gold Slot Review

The developers at NYX major fans of ocean-themed online slots since they can get creative with the special features involved. The Dolphin Gold Slot presents yet another entertaining game experience with five reels and 40 pay lines from left to right. There are loads of special bonus features, including to unique wild, of which one has a multiplier.

There are also scatter symbols that have the ability to activate up to 21 free spins. During which stacked wild symbols make an appearance on four of the reels. The game also doesn’t disappoint when it comes to standard payouts. Offering as much as 1000 coins when you get the stingray four times on a pay line along with a wild multiplier symbol.

The Dolphin Gold slot forms part of a highly respected game library. The team at NYX always strives to find the perfect balance between gaming entertainment and fairness. The slot is a great example as it offers excellent features and rewards along with an RTP of 95.30%.

Dolphin Gold Slot – Big Splash Features

It is only a matter of time before you see the advantage of having a single symbol act as the wild and scatter. It is quite impressive just how big the base game winnings can become before you activate a feature. Especially since they can appear stacked on the centre reels. As per usual, it is not just about the big winnings, but also the way the bonus features react. With even just the minimum of three free spins, you are sure to see just how rewarding the Dolphin Gold slot can become.


The wild symbols in the Dolphin Gold slot or certainly the most valuable symbols during the main game. These are not just responsible for creating more combinations, they also activate the free spin bonus feature. However, starting with the main game features, you’ll find these can appear in stacks on the second, third and fourth reel. When they appear as part of a combination, winnings become much bigger as they automatically multiply every payout by two.

Since they also represent the scatters, you’ll find there is no symbol that they cannot assist in creating wins and paying double the standard reward.

Free Spins

The free spins activate much easier than you would expect. Which has a lot to do with the fact that these symbols can appear in stacks. You need at least six of these symbols to appear anywhere on the reels at the same time. Which starts off by rewarding you for any combinations. It then adds three free spins, during which additional stacked wild symbols make an appearance on reels two to five. If you managed to activate the feature with more than just six of these symbols, you can activate as much as 21 free spins. Which are sure to deliver highly impressive combinations before you get to the feature.

Betting in the Dolphin Gold Slot

Since the Dolphin Gold slot has 40 pay lines, the game makes it possible to adjust the number of lines active in each spin. This makes a considerable difference to the total betting value. However, when you decrease lines, it also means that winning combinations can appear in fewer ways. Instead, use the coin value is that ranges from 0.01 up to 10.00 and choose total bets from just 0.40 up to 400.00 per spin.

Play the Dolphin Gold Free Slot

Even when you try out the Dolphin Gold free slot right here, you are sure to see the benefits of these incredible wild symbols that also acts as the scatters. They make a regular appearance, not only to activate the feature, but also to form part of combinations and multiply your winnings. Simply wait for the slot to load, choose your betting value and get spinning to see these wild symbols in action.

If you are looking for even more excellent big reward opportunities, sticking with NYX is a great choice. They have loads of brilliant slots to choose from, each presenting unique bonus features and winning opportunities. Simply visit our free slot page and choose the NYX option under providers. Here you will find great games such as the Aladdin’s Legacy free slot, the Golden Knight free slot, and the Valkyrie Queen free slot.


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