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Arcane Reel Chaos Slot

Arcane Reel Chaos

Arcane Reel Chaos Slot Review

If you had the privilege of playing the South Park Reel Chaos slot from NetEnt, you might remember that these games are simply incredible when it comes to bonus features. The Arcane Reel Chaos Slot comes from the same developer and once again delivers an incredibly rewarding selection of special features to boost your winnings.

This time, we have Don Parker returns into an evil villain called Deep Pockets. There are also four other characters with special abilities, out to stop him from committing even more evil in this world. The tale plays out on 20 paylines and five reels with a broken church in the background. The bonus features might start with the basics of a wild, but once you get to the free spins and random features, there is simply nothing that relates to any other game.

Even with their unique designs in the Arcane Reel Chaos slot, NetEnt simply as the right recipe to deliver unique games and fairness at the same time. Not only will you score excellent rewards, but the bonus features also deliver a higher level of quality and fairness with an RTP of 96.81%.

Arcane Reel Chaos – Super Features

There’s just something about superhero themed online slots that make us instant to believe that bonuses will be the most powerful. Well, in the Arcane Reel Chaos slot, you are sure to be impressed by the variety of big reward opportunities. The highest payout of 1,000 coins might not seem all that impressive, but when you add the random features and special free spins, the game’s benefit is sure to deliver what you desire!

Wilds and Random Features

For once, while symbols of the least impressive or rewarding future in the game. However, there is no denying the benefit these have to offer as they can represent anything else, except for the scatters of course. These are easily seen as a bright golden W and can show up on any reels.

One of the most impressive additions for the Arcane Reel Chaos slot is the large variety of random bonus features that activate during the main game. There is no telling when these will form part of your experience or which of the following will activate. However, they all add an amazing reward opportunity, especially when combinations activate at the same time.

Stacked while symbols can randomly show up on up to 3 reels at a time when the Psyop feature triggers. You can also receive a random multiplier of up to 5x when the Flare feature triggers. Chrono can increase the multiplier with every re-spin until a winning combination triggers, which has a high limit of 10x! Finally, you can see up to 5 additional wild symbols form part of the next spin as Zero.x activates her feature.

Free Spin Feature

The Arcane Reel Chaos slot free spins bonus triggers when scatter symbols make an appearance on the first, third and fifth reel. The game doesn’t have any limit to free spins, but rather as an entertaining battle between the four heroes and Deep Pockets. It was the special features activate with each of the heroes as they tried to defeat the villain. You need to make it through four stages and enjoy higher multipliers up to 4x. If you make it to the end, the game also gives you 10 times your betting value for the remaining lives you have. If Deep Pockets kills your team, the feature ends.

Betting in the Arcane Reel Chaos Slot

Even though the Arcane Reel Chaos slot is somewhat different and has loads of bonuses, you can expect the same day betting options with NetEnt. They feature a different betting interface, which simply requires you to adjust the coin value in the bottom left-hand corner. This alone gives you the opportunity to select total bets ranging from 0.20 and as high as 200.00.

Play the Arcane Reel Chaos Free Slot

The Arcane Reel Chaos free slot gives you the advantage of having a practice round before playing the game for real money. There is no commitment when you choose to play the game for free, giving you the freedom to take advantage of everything it has to offer.

NetEnt does feature a range of interesting games that don’t present the same old bonuses over and over. In fact, this applies to just about every single release, including popular slots such as the Planet of the Apes free slot, the Dead or Alive free slot and many more.



Narcos Slot Review

By now, just about everyone knows what the popular Netflix series Narcos is all about. You would also know who Pablo Escobar is and have a much better understanding of the drug cartel in Colombia. While the series came to an end, it does not mean the action has to stop with it, especially not when NetEnt gets involved!

The new Narcos Slot delivers an amazing experience that is sure to bring back some of the key details of the series. It features a cartoon style characters from the series that appear on five reels in front of a view from a hill in Colombia. Accommodating all your winning desires, they include 243 ways to win and stacks of bonus features, starting with a walking wild during the main game. There is also a brand new locked up feature, free spins and a drive-by bonus you’d want to be involved with.

Fairness has become a major thing for online players as it determines your chances of winning. NetEnt makes this information easily accessible as they strive to deliver only the highest level in gaming. This includes an incredibly high RTP of 96.23%, ensuring you get to take part in the biggest bonuses and combinations!

Narcos – Big Bonus Wins

We all love online slots with loads of bonus features, especially when they incorporate the theme. The Narcos slot is an excellent example as it delivers brilliant rewards where you need to catch Pablo. Even the drive-by feature seems as if it comes straight from the series, adding a touch of excitement. The fact is, all the features in the game work together to present an online slot that’s sure to keep you entertained.

Walking Wilds and Drive-By

The walking wilds feature, the police badge, constantly walks around looking for Pablo Escobar. They can appear anywhere and have the feature to shift one reel at a time to the left with each spin. You can line up loads of these wild symbols and create massive combinations for multiple spins at a time. The benefit of the badge is that it is the joker of the reels, meaning it can substitute for any others when it appears.

At complete random, you might get involved in a drive-by shooting where bullets fly and hit the reels. Every high paying symbol it hits will turn into a wild and create massive combinations.

Free Spins and Locked Up

The locked up feature will activate when you get three of the Pablo Escobar symbols in the same column. It is a rather unique feature as the reels change to feature only these symbols and a golden one that also features Pablo. The all-regional sets of symbols will remain in place while three free spins activate. During these, you need to hope that symbols add to the cluster or create a new one, which will reset the number of spins. The more you get, the bigger your winnings will become as each of them represent a multiplier for your total bet.

The free spin bonus triggers with the car logo on the first, third and fourth reel. It activates 10 free spins and includes a special random feature that turns high paying symbols into walking wilds. If you manage to have walking wild symbols remain on the reels off to the initial 10 free spins, more spins will be yours.

Betting in the Narcos Slot

The Narcos slot is one of the newer additions to the NetEnt collection, but you’ll find they still feature the same easy to use betting options. A 20 by lines of text in the Narcos slot, meaning it requires at least 20 coins per spin to cover all the ways to win. It’s possible to bet up to 10 coins per line, making the highest bet 200 coins per spin. Finally, you need to choose a denomination ranging from 0.01 up to 2.00, which multiplies by the total coin bet for a wager in your currency.

Play the Narcos Free Slot

Whether you were a fan of the series or it is the first time you hear about it, the Narcos free slot is sure to have you coming back for more. The game features an incredible variety of bonuses that accurately represents the series. Not only is it entertaining, but more rewarding than you’d expect, even with the highest payout being only 300 coins.

NetEnt prides themselves for having a great selection of branded online slots. Each of these games delivers the highest quality in gaming features and fairness. We strongly recommend trying the most popular branded slots such as the Guns n Roses free slot, the Planet of the Apes free slot and the Jumanji free slot.

Wild Words Slot

Wild Worlds

Wild Worlds Slot Review

The Wild Worlds Slot from the NetEnt team introduces a gaming experience that you won’t find just anywhere. It features three rather strange characters working in an office. However, they can jump into action and become heroes who fight monsters from other worlds. It is quite entertaining to watch the team gets excited about winning combinations. This is a cluster pays online slot, meaning there are no paylines. Instead, symbols need to appear next to each other or above each other in groups of three or more to activate winnings. Since this is a NetEnt slot, you can always count on excellent bonus features, including free spins, a destroyer feature and hero wilds. These and much more help you activate winnings of up to 2,000 coins.

Whenever you open a NetEnt slot, a certain level of trust automatically forms with their games. This is because the development team strives to introduce the best in gaming fairness, including the Wild Worlds slot that has an RSVP of 96.47%.

Wild Worlds – Speical Features

In the Wild Worlds slot, paging through the paytable might seem somewhat intimidating as one bonus follows on the next. However, it is quite straightforward and easy to understand, especially when you wait for the features to load and reveal what they are capable of. Even with no experience, you’ll find a slot is easy to play and provides guidance throughout the features to make the best of both rewards and entertainments.

Hero Wilds and Destroy Feature

If you have played NetEnt slots, you will know that they are introduced something unique with each of their games. The slot features standard wild symbols that appear as a golden W in any positions. These can represent anything, other than the golden scatters. Of course, this means you can create many more combinations and even enjoy the hero wilds feature Wendy symbols all part of a combination. If this happens, you’ll see another symbol turn wild in a random position.

The destroy feature activates, a complete random on any non-winnings. It takes the value of a single symbol along with scatters and keeps it on the reels while destroying everything else. This could lead to some incredible combinations, especially when it keeps the symbols appearing in most positions.

Free Spin Feature

The free spin bonus feature activates when the golden scatter symbols appear in at least three positions. The game rewards eight free spins, during which it is not all just about finding the biggest combinations. Instead, you need to follow up the hero meter by getting any combinations. This will help you defeat monsters and unlock special features. This includes the ice world that introduces wild symbols that remain in place for the next spin as well. Fire lands or provide at least two and up to four wild symbols in random positions. The dark forest places a wild in a random position with the ability to explode and reveal more wilds when it appears in a combination.

Betting in the Wild Worlds Slot

Betting options might seem quite weird as there are no paylines. The game uses 20 points per spin that cover all the bonus features and winning opportunities. You still have the option to multiply the wager up to 10 times and choose values ranging from 0.01 up to 2.00. Even when you use the Wild Worlds free slot, you will find total betting values range from 0.20 and can reach a maximum bit of 400.00 per spin.

Play the Wild Worlds Free Slot

The Wild Worlds slot is certainly one that is different to just about any other game NetEnt has to offer. Sure, they do provide either cluster pays slots, but few provide the same range of exciting bonus features and rewards. To get the best experience before you join an online casino, use the Wild Worlds free slot. It is the exact same game but uses fun money to give you an accurate experience.

If you are a fan of the cluster pays features, be sure to take a scroll through the rest of the NetEnt slots. They offer a great selection of these games, including the ever-popular Aloha: Cluster Pays free slot and Berryburst Max free slot.

Dead Or Alive 2

Dead or Alive 2

Dead or Alive 2 Slot Review

The Dead or Alive 2 Slot is the sequel to a highly popular Western themed online slot, Dead or Alive. Even though the first game has great graphics and loads of special features, it simply doesn’t keep up with the new release. NetEnt presents a similar gaming experience but introduces a range of new features. Thus, further enhancing your opportunities, especially during bonus features. Surprisingly, the new game also has nine paylines and five reels, already making it similar to the first release. However, the similarities end there as the game introduces unique bonus features during free spins. Even the wilds are different to what you saw in the first variation of the Dead or Alive slot.

The great thing is, the Dead or Alive 2 slot keeps to the high standards that we see with all NetEnt slots. Not only is the game updated with new and exciting features, but the developer also adds a higher level of fairness with an RTP of 96.80%.

Dead or Alive 2 – Wild Western Bonuses

From the very second you open the Dead or Alive 2 online slot, you’ll instantly see that many things have changed compared to the first release. However, for those who have played the first game, you are sure to see loads of upgrades without going overboard or changing the game completely. Instead, the development team focuses on better graphics, bigger winnings and telling you more about this Western tale.

Five Different Wilds!

Unlike the first game, you’ll find five different wild symbols bringing “joker card” benefits to the reels. The symbols appear as the bandits holding different weapons. They are exactly like joker cards in a deck, meaning they can represent any others and help you get the combinations you want. The only symbol they cannot assist with is the one with the two guns that represents the scatters.

Free Spin Feature

The free spins of the Dead or Alive 2 slot are certainly the highlight of the game. It activates when at least three of the revolver scatter symbols make an appearance anywhere at the same time. The game rewards 12 free spins and includes the option of three additional bonus features. This is where NetEnt includes the biggest benefit while also introducing the unique aspects that all their other games have.

Before the feature begins, you can choose the old saloon where wilds become sticky and give you the chance to receive five more free spins by getting a wild on every reel. The high noon saloon is the second option where wilds also become sticky and allow you to win five additional free spins as the first feature. However, when you get two or three wild symbols on a single reel, the game increases the multiplier to 2x and even 3x. Finally, the train heist presents an increasing multiplier that depends on the number of worlds appearing on the screen. These are not sticky wilds, but you can reach multipliers of up to 16x, which then also adds five more free spins to your remaining balance.

Betting in the Dead or Alive 2 Slot

The Dead or Alive 2 slot is exactly the same as other NetEnt slots when it comes to betting. You will have the option to wager up to 10 points on each of the nine paylines while also being able to choose denominations starting as low as 0.01 up to 1.00. With these options, minimum bet totals begin from just 0.09 and range up to 90.00 with all the options at their highest.

Play the Dead or Alive II Free Slot

Whether you have played the first Dead or Alive free slot or you are new to NetEnt, the new version is simply a must! The new Dead or Alive 2 free slot is just as simplistic and enjoyable as the first but introduces much better graphics and features.

Once you get through the Dead or Alive 2 free slot, you are sure to see the magic of NetEnt, which might spike some interest to play their other slots. We recommend taking on some of their most popular games, including the Reel Rush free slot, Piggy Riches free slot and Wild Worlds free slot.

Double Stacks

Double Stacks Slot Review

NetEnt adds a brilliant range of fun classic-style online slots with a range of special features. Not only are these slots entertaining but deliver incredible winnings as well. The Double Stacks slot is yet another popular choice for incredibly attractive game features and animated symbols. Offering five reels and 10 paylines, the Double Stacks online slot adds the opportunity to bet low and still claim jackpot wins of up to 1,000 coins!

The Double Stacks slot doesn’t only offer great rewards with bonus features and double symbols but impresses with fairness as well. In fact, it’s sitting right up there with the most recommended slots, offering an RTP of 96.10%.

Double Stacks Slot – Double Up on Symbols and Features!

As with many other NetEnt slots, the name says it all when it comes to special features and rewards. In the Double Stacks, it is no different as double symbols, wilds and free spins make their way to the reels for regular wins and big payouts.

Double Stacks for Symbols

During the standard game, you’re sure to come across stacked symbols covering the entire reel. When this happens, you’ll hear a special sound and see as the symbols split into two. This is the Double Stacks feature that makes them count as a double. Thus, it’s possible to get four of a kind within the first two reels, activating more combinations! Stack up the diamonds on every reel and trigger payouts of 1,000 coins per line!

Scatters Invite the Double Stacks Free Spins

The scatter symbols represent a silver ring and bright colours as they show on any reels. These are the only bonus symbols in the Double Stacks online slot and appear regularly to activate 5, 15 or 30 free spins when 3, 4 or 5 scatters show up. During the feature, winnings become even more impressive as the four highest paying symbols stack up higher. It also includes stacks of wilds, making massive combinations easy to trigger!

During the free spins bonus feature, reactivations are possible. At least two scatters need to show up, adding two free spins to the remaining balance. Three to five scatters once again add 5 to 30 free games.

Choosing a Double Stacks Bet Value

The Double Stacks slot is available in real money and we have the Double Stack free slot as well. In both variations, the same betting values are available. Just use the bet level from 1 to 10 to determine the multiplier and the coin value to select the amount per coin, starting from 0.01 to 2.00.

The options make it possible to spin the reels with a minimum bet of 0.10. You’ll also find the Double Stacks free slot and real money options make maximum bets of up to 200.00 possible. This includes a maximum coin value of 2.00 and a total of 10 coins per 10 lines.

Double Stacks Online Slot and Related Games

The Double Stacks online slot comes with great features and huge wins you wouldn’t expect from a classic that offers bonus features. However, NetEnt manages to do it again and deliver the best rewards and the highest levels of fairness. At DatabaseBasketball, you can play Double Stacks free and find the best NetEnt casinos that offer the game.

If fun-themed slots are what you desire, stick to NetEnt and play their most popular games. We recommend Gonzo’s Quest, Dazzle Me, Reel Rush and the ever-popular Starburst.

Halloween Jack

Halloween Jack

Halloween Jack Slot Review

With the release of the new Halloween movie, we saw many developers jump to develop a new thrilling slot. NetEnt is just one of many, introducing their Halloween Jack Slot. It doesn’t particularly follow the film, but it certainly adds a whole new experience to the range of NetEnt slots.

With 20 paylines, five reels and stacks of bonuses, this is one of their most exciting slots for feature fans! The game offers everything from walking wilds to free spins with stacked lanterns showing up to offer more wins. NetEnt always makes their bonuses the most rewarding, but the Halloween Jack slot even impresses with wins of up to 1,000 coins during the main game.

Whether you’re playing slots such as Halloween Jack or taking advantage of their exciting candy slots, NetEnt always amazes with fairness. The Halloween Jack slot delivers the best in online gaming opportunities with a theoretical RTP of 96.28%. This doesn’t just deliver impressive wins for the main game, but ensures features come your way regularly as well!

Halloween Jack – Haunting Bonuses

The NetEnt development team gives itself a major advantage in terms of bonus features. The creative team always comes up with new innovative ways to introduce winnings you haven’t seen in any other games. The walking wilds feature appears in other popular slots such as Jack and the Beanstalk. But here it’s all about the free spin bonus where the most amazing benefits take place.

Walking Wilds

Even if you have seen the walking wilds feature in action, the Halloween Jack slot makes it even more impressive with it’s high paying combinations. For those who have not experienced the feature, walking wilds have the same abilities as standard wilds, meaning they substitute for others. However, while doing this, they also shift from one reel to the next as the reels spin. This makes multiple combinations possible. The more wild pumpkins you get, the more winning combinations will activate as combinations can line up. This would also mean all of the wild symbols would shift to the left and form part of winning combinations until they no longer appear on the reels.

With these special re-spins, you’ll find payouts are much higher than usual as the wilds multiply wins by 3x. You also wouldn’t need to pay for the re-spins, meaning you score free spins for as long as these remain part of the reels!

Free Spins

If you think the standard walking wilds feature is impressive, you are in for a treat when the free spins activate. It requires at least three of the golden chest symbols where you will receive 10 free spins. A reactivation is possible or another five free spins by getting three more chest symbols during the feature.

The major advantage of the feature is your ability to collect lantern symbols. To get started, the game will feature standard wild symbols with the ability to walk. Once you collect at least three lanterns, the Halloween Jack slot adds the hound, which is a wild that takes up two standard positions. If you manage to get six or more, the first three symbol tall wild forms part of the game. Finally, letting nine or more of these land brings the grim reaper, who can expand on any reel.

Betting in the Halloween Jack Slot

The Halloween Jack free slot is the best way to get to know the game before playing for real money. It is not a complicated slot, and the bonuses are straightforward. But you can never go wrong with a quick test to see what it is like. The Halloween Jack free slot includes the betting options that are identical to the main game. This includes stacking 1 to 10 coins per line and selecting a coin value from 0.01 up to 0.50.

Play the Halloween Jack Slot

The Halloween Jack free slot is a great choice for everyone who enjoys bonus features, big wins and excellent graphics. Of course, the game is available at all of the best NetEnt casinos as well. However, use our Halloween Jack free slot and see just how brilliant the game is. It even reveals how impressive the RTP percentage is with regular wins and features.

Once you get through the Halloween Jack free slot, use the rest of our free slots casino. It makes it easy to discover many other brilliant game developments by the NetEnt team. You’ll find the Relic Raiders free slot, the Narcos free slot and even the Guns N Roses free slot. These are some of the best, but only the beginning!


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