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Ivanhoe Slot Review

Of all the possible online slot themes, you’ll find the development team at Elk Studios always comes up with the most unique game experiences. The Ivanhoe slot is about as unique as they come as it introduces a classic theme revolving around the 1820 novel by Sir Walter Scott. Dating back so for into history, it is completely understandable why the development team chooses a classic layout for this game. It features only three reels with three symbols each but delivers an impressive 17 paylines from left to right. As some of you would know, classic games don’t usually include bonus features. But yet again the development team impresses with free spins that add loads of special bonuses and multipliers. Even standard game winnings offer incredible opportunities with up to 3000 coins in combination payouts.

If you have played other Elk Studios online slots, you might be familiar with their impressive level of fairness. Well, they even managed to deliver an incredibly attractive return to play a percentage with their classic slots. In fact, the Ivanhoe slot has an RTP of 96.30%, making it one of the fairest classics available.

Ivanhoe – Classic Bonus Big Wins

There are a few other classic slots that include bonus features, which also impress with lucrative and entertaining gameplay. This is exactly what you would find in the Ivanhoe slot as the development team boost your winnings with a brilliant free spin bonus feature. There are no wilds or standard game features. But the free spins certainly make up for it. The rest of the slot relies on the typical classic benefits, offering massive payouts while also keeping the betting values as low as possible.

Free Spins Bonus

You would need at least three of the Ivanhoe slot bonus symbols to activate the free spin feature. The game only has three reels, winning you need a bonus symbol on every reel to enable the feature.

The feature begins by giving you five free spins, which you can top up by getting even more of the bonus symbols. Each time a bonus symbol lands, you will receive an additional free spin. However, your main objective during the feature is to create combinations as this would enable even more benefits as you make it to new levels.

It begins with a multiplier doubling all your wins, but from there on, you need to reach enough winnings to take full advantage. Score rewards of at least 2500 coins and receive three more free spins and a multiplier of 3x. If you make it to a total of 8000 coins in winnings, the multiplier increases to 4x. And yet another three spins form part of your remaining balance. This carries on all the way through to a total one of 81,000 coins. This is followed by a multiplier of 6x and yet another three free spins.

Betting in the Ivanhoe Slot

It is just as easy to place a bet in this classic style slot as it is with any other Elk Studios games. In the bottom left-hand corner, a betting logo appears. It will introduce a window where you can choose the ideal wager. The game requires 25 coins per spin, starting with values from as low as 0.01. Increasing the bet up to 5.00 would simply take the same winnings and multiply them by as much as 500. With these options, you can choose a total bet from 0.25 or reach a maximum wager of up to 100.00.

Play the Ivanhoe Free Slot

This is sure to be one of the most unique classic online slot you’ve ever played. The development team at Elk Studios has done a great job with the introduction of this unique theme and gaming experience. We recommend trying the Ivanhoe free slot. See what the game is all about and just how incredible the free spins can become.

Joining one of our top Elk Studios online casinos would introduce a massive variety of slots. We have all of these games available as free slots on this page, including DJ Wild, Bloopers and The Lab. This makes it easy to find your favourites long before creating an account and claiming a welcome bonus.

Wild Toro

Wild Toro

Wild Toro Slot Review

Once you begin to play Elk Studio online slots, you will find that their most popular characters appear in multiple games and you will get to meet relatives as well. The Wild Toro slot is a great example as it has a bullfighting theme that features Diaz Jr, who is related to Capt Diaz from the popular Taco Brothers slot. As expected, you’ll find an interesting Spanish theme that has five reels with four symbols each. To create winning combinations, you have an amazing 178 ways to win. Thus, making it easier to create multiple combinations, especially with stacked symbols. The features don’t end there as you would also see walking wilds and a special re-spin feature where the challenge begins. Even with so many ways to win, you can still activate combinations that pay as much as 1,000 coins.

As with many other slots from Elk Studios, the level of fairness is simply amazing. The Wild Toro slot has an RTP of 96.40%, setting it in direct competition with the biggest developers in the world. In fact, it outperforms many of the slots you’ll find with other top-rated game providers.

Wild Toro – Bonuses Worth Fighting For

From the very first spin, you will notice special features give you the advantage of activating great ones. Even if you don’t create a winning combination in the first round, you’ll see stacked symbols that make it much easier to line up multiple wins. Of course, you would aim for the special features such as the walking wilds and re-spins to activate the biggest wins. However, even the standard game can deliver some remarkable rewards.

Walking Wilds

One of the biggest advantages the standard game has to offer is the wild symbols. It has two different wilds, starting with the Wild Toro slot logo that shows up on any reels. These can represent others and activate combinations more often.

The most impressive wild feature activates when you get the Toro symbol on the first reel. This instantly activates five re-spins as the wild begins to walk from right to left. They shift with each re-spin, meaning you can expect five re-spins each time these symbols make an appearance. As with the standard wilds, they also can represent anything and activate more wins. It is even possible to get more than one of these at a time, allowing more massive combinations, especially when the other wilds also show up.


The evil Diaz Jr appears in the bonus symbol that can be found on the second, third and fourth reel. These activate the re-spin feature with even more great winnings follow. It rewards three free spins with the matador symbols stuck in place. Getting more of these spins is easy as each matador symbol will reward one more spin. During the feature, wilds make a regular appearance, and the frozen symbols can also represent others.

Betting in the Wild Toro Slot

During the main game, you’ll find a betting button in the bottom left-hand corner. When you press it, a menu opens where you can see all the betting totals per spin. This makes it much easier for players to choose an ideal betting value as you don’t need to adjust bet levels and other options. These are also available in the Wild Toro free slot. This allows you to choose a total wager from as little as 0.20. To increase the bet, use the same options and select a wager of up to 100.00.

Play the Wild Toro Free Slot

We aim to make it easy and simple for all our members to play the latest games and find new favourites. All of the Elk Studio online slots are available as free games, including the popular Wild Toro free slot. The game loads automatically and you’ll find it is exactly the same as the real money game. But you can play it without wagering real money.

There are loads of other excellent online slots from the Elk Studios team. We have them all as free slots, making it easier for you to choose the ideal games before joining one of our top Elk Studios online casinos. We recommend trying the DJ Wild free slot, the Electric Sam free slot and the Ivanhoe free slot.

DJ Wild

DJ Wild

DJ Wild Slot Review

While there are many slots covering the biggest bands and musicians in the world, there aren’t a whole lot that revolve around the odds of being a DJ. Well, the team at Elk Studios takes it upon themselves to provide an innovative game experience with loads of great winnings based on five reels and 10 paylines. The DJ Wild slot doesn’t include any free spins or bonus features. However, the wild symbols of the ones that boost the biggest wins. These can expand in all types of ways and even activate as much as 50,000 coins in cash rewards. The standard slot also doesn’t disappoint with winnings of up to 1000 coins per combination.

When it comes to your rewarding opportunities, the development team ensures you have the best opportunities, which makes the game even more attractive. If you are an experienced player, you might know that an RTP of 96.30% is of the highest you would find anywhere. Well, that is exactly what you would get in the DJ Wild slot.

DJ Wild – Mixing Big Wins

So, the DJ Wild slot doesn’t include any additional bonus features. This isn’t necessarily a disadvantage as those who play classic slots would know that this usually leads to higher payout for standard combinations. However, in this particular game, the wild symbols take over and deliver winning opportunities, unlike anything you have seen before. There are also re-spins, which works with the wilds to ensure a lucrative experience.

Wilds and Re-spins

The wild symbols don’t provide any winnings of their own since there are only appearing on reels two, three, four and five. They show up as the DJ Wild slot logo in orange and can activate more winnings by representing the value of others in their position. The game doesn’t have any scatter symbols, allowing these wilds full control to represent anything.

The main feature activates every single time you land a wild symbol. There are two different types, including horizontal and vertical wild symbols. The horizontal feature will allow the wild to expand by one reel, meaning to wilds will now appear next to each other. The vertical Wilds also impress since they will cover the entire reel.

It does not matter what wild symbols you get; the game will activate an additional re-spin after the wild feature has taken place. This could line up even more winning combinations or even additional wild symbols, which locks both wilds in place while also rewarding another re-spin.

Stacked Symbols

Even though this isn’t mentioned as a feature, having stacked symbols certainly increases your opportunities to win big. This allows any symbol to appear up to 3 times on a single reel, and you also have the opportunity to completely fill the screen with one symbol. This will activate each and every pay line to reward the same amount, which would be a great win, even if you line up the lowest paying symbols.

Betting in the DJ Wild Slot

We have made it possible for players to test out the betting options and features for free. Use our DJ Wild free slot and see how the game works and what betting options are available. Simply press the betting menu and find all the options you need. These range from 0.01 per line and increase to a maximum of 10.00. Therefore, new players can choose bets as low as 0.10 per spin, and highrollers can take advantage of massive payouts with bets of up to 100.00.

Play the DJ Wild Free Slot

We make it possible to enjoy the real money game for free before you join one of our top-rated Elk Studios online casinos. Even the DJ Wild free slot will give you the exact gaming experience that you would find with the real money variation. This includes bonus features and even the incredibly high RTP percentage mentioned above.

The DJ Wild free slot is just one of many excellence games from the Elk Studios development team. In fact, they have loads of games to choose from, covering various themes, special features and reward opportunities. We recommend trying Wild Toro , Taco Brothers and Hong Kong Tower.

Taco Brothers

Taco Brothers

Taco Brothers Slot Review

Mexican-themed online slots remain a popular choice as developers can get creative and even add some humour to the experience. Well, the Taco Brothers slot from Elk Studios has certainly become one of the favourites. It features three brothers named Paso, Pepe and Pico who are all out to come up with the next best way to score the biggest loot. The entertaining gameplay takes part on five reels and 243 ways to win. The bonus features are exciting, especially since it involves Captain Diaz as well. Players can score more winnings during free spins and with the re-spin feature. However, there are also lucrative opportunities during the standard slot, which includes wild symbols and winnings of up to 400 coins.

It is quite interesting to see the incredibly high RTP percentage is from the Elk Studios team. However, they do this by combining low betting options with great rewards and features. For example, you can cover all the ways to win with a wager of just 10 coins in this slot. This is just one of the ways they use to ensure you get the best in gaming fairness with an RTP of 96.30%.

Taco Brothers – Great Mexican Features

There are certainly loads of special features to look forward to with the Taco Brothers slot. It is not just about wild symbols during the main game. But also the special re-spin feature that can further enhance your winnings. However, none of it compares to the escape free spin feature that includes two more unique symbols to further boost your winnings.

Wilds and Special Re-spins

The game includes two different wild symbols, starting with the standard wild that appears with a golden bell. These make an appearance anywhere and have the usual feature of a wild symbol. For those of you who don’t know what wilds do, they are very much the same as a Joker in a deck of cards. This means they can represent anything and help create combinations. However, in this game, the wilds cannot assist the bonus symbols.

The second wild symbol features the Taco Brothers slot logo. These also appear on any reels and will activate a special re-spin feature when two of them show up at the same time. This will reward a single re-spin on a reel of your choice. However, you cannot re-spin a reel that has a Taco Brother slot symbol or a bonus symbol.

Free Spins

The free spin feature is where the biggest benefits come to life. You need three of the golden safe symbols on the first, third and last reel. With each spin, you’ll see the brothers try to escape by appearing on reels five and making a run for it by shifting towards the left with each spin. This feature is also commonly known as walking wilds, which will complete combinations as they try to get to the other side.

The free spin feature is unlimited, but you need to keep an eye out for Capt Diaz as he will lock up the brothers when he makes an appearance. Once all three brothers are locked up, the feature comes to an end. However, Señorita is the captain’s daughter, who can assist the brothers by releasing them from her father’s capture.

Betting in the Taco Brothers Slot

As mentioned above, one of the greatest benefits of Elk Studios online slots is the low betting options. You can cover all of the 243 ways to win with a wager of just 10 coins per spin. You can adjust this by pressing the menu button and choose coin values from 0.01 up to 5.00. With these options, total betting amounts range from 0.10 and can reach a maximum of up to 50.00 per spin.

Play the Taco Brothers Free Slot

Even when you play the Taco Brothers free slot, you’ll see all the reasons why this game remains a top choice in the Elk Studios library. The developer managed to find the perfect balance between entertainment and reward, especially by combining an interesting story with the game.

There is no doubt that the Taco Brothers free slot will get you excited about this developer. They offer such an impressive range of online slots, which includes loads of different themes and features. In fact, they even include Taco Brothers Saving Christmas, Electric Sam and Poltava.



Bloopers Slot Review

There is nothing quite like watching your favourite actors make silly mistakes or even try to keep a straight face during a funny scene. That is exactly what this Elk Studios slot is all about, which all fits into five reels and 243 ways to win. The Bloopers slot features a cartoon style set up, featuring different actors and a range of special features. It incorporates bonuses that fit the theme well while also delivering winnings well worth waiting for. In addition to 5 randomly activated features, you can also enjoy free spins and big combinations with wild bloopers. Even combinations during the standard slot reward up to 600 coins, offering a well-balanced experience.

The Bloopers slot is a great example of what Elk Studios is all about. It delivers the highest level of gaming fairness, which is something you will find in just about all of their games. Here youthful experience an RTP of 96.10%, which is also available in the Bloopers free slot available on this page.

Bloopers – Excellent Features

At first, it might seem as if the Bloopers slot is just another standard game. However, with the randomly activated bonus during the standard game and the four additional random features for free spins, winnings are bound to impress. With that, you also score wild symbols and scatters with the ability to reward free spins, unlike anything you have seen before.

Wilds and Standard Game Blooper

On any reel, you will be able to find the golden Bloopers slot wild symbol. They make an appearance on every reel and can represent any symbols, other than the famous star that appears as the scatter. These wilds can make big winnings easier to activate, especially when more than one of them appear at the same time.

The blooper feature is the main attraction for this slot as it introduces random winnings when you needed most. During the standard game, the sound tech feature can activate and place sticky wilds in random positions. This is accommodated by a re-spin, making it possible to enable even more great combinations.

Free Spins and more Bloopers

To activate the free spin bonus feature, you need the star symbol to appear at least three times. These are bonus symbols that have to appear from left to right to enable the feature. Even just the standard free spin bonus is already impressive since both the male and female actors become sticky wilds.

What is even better is the additional blooper features that can further enhance your winnings during free spins. The stuntman can take standard wilds and turn them into expanding wilds. The cutter activates a falling symbol special bonus that can create multiple combinations in every spin. The make-up artist will add even more free spins to your remaining balance. And finally, fix it can shift the symbols around and create the best possible combinations.

Betting in the Bloopers Slot

Once again, you are playing with a professional game provider who strives to make things easier and a symbol as possible. Therefore, even betting options of straightforward and easy to use. Simply use the menu option on the left and navigate to the betting window. Here you will find multiple choices, including total wager per spin values ranging from 0.25 and reaching a maximum of 100.00 for each spin. These betting options are also available during the Bloopers free slot that loads automatically on this page.

Play the Bloopers Free Slot

It is only a matter of time before you activate the first bonus feature in the slot. If you are unsure about just how valuable these bonuses are, be sure to try our Bloopers free slot. This will load at the top of this page automatically. Thus, giving you all the bonus features, betting options and reward opportunities that you will find during the main game as well.

Elk Studios is the type of developer that everyone can enjoy since they feature gaming themes of all types. Not only can you enjoy the bright and colourful games such as the DJ Wild free slot. But they also focus on interesting themes and features as you would see in the Electric Sam free slot. If you want even more entertaining gameplay, be sure to try the Taco Brothers Saving Christmas free slot.



Poltava Slot Review

Elk Studios has some of the most unique slot themes around as they commonly choose historical events to base the next game is on. Some might recognise the Poltava slot theme that represents the battle between Sweden and Russia back in the 1700s. The developer takes this theme and creates a modern gaming experience with lucrative winnings and excellent graphics. You’ll find special features such as war free spins and matching reels in addition to wild symbols. As for standard winnings, the game includes 40 paylines from left to right across five reels that could reward as much as 200 coins per combination.

One of the biggest advantages with Elk Studios online slots is the lower betting options, which increases the RTP percentage. For example, to cover all 40 paylines, you only need to wager 20 coins per spin. This combined with the payouts and special features gets you to a theoretical RTP of 96.40%.

Poltava – Battle Action Features

As we have seen with many other slots from Elk Studios, the Poltava slot delivers an impressive variety of great winnings. Not only of the features unique, but they also deliver excellent winnings, usually leading to the biggest payout the game has to offer. As mentioned above, the highest payout during the standard game is just 200 coins, which automatically tells us that the biggest rewards occur during features.

Wilds and Matching Reels

With standard game spins, you’ll commonly find the Poltava slot logo appear in gold. These are the wilds that make an appearance on any reels with the ability to create more wins. They do so by representing any other symbols, excluding the lions. These become especially helpful when they appear multiple times in a single spin.

The most unique feature of the slot is the matching reels. This activates when you get a stack of infantry, cavalry or artillery anywhere. You will receive a single re-spin, and any symbols matching the stack will automatically shift to the right of the stack. This will force the stack to move to the left, which could eventually lead to a screen filled with these symbols. The feature only comes to an end when the re-spins don’t produce a matching symbol.

War Free Spins

Even the free spin bonus feature is one that can deliver incredible rewards. It activates with the lion’s head appearing on reels two, three and four. Before three free spins activate, you’ll see the scatter symbols freeze in place and become wilds. Of course, this could lead to incredible combinations with each free spin, especially when more wild symbols show up in other positions. Reactivating the feature is not possible since the scatter symbols are held in place for the feature.

Betting in the Poltava Slot

For some, it might be quite strange to wager only 20 coins and still cover all of the paylines. Well, this is one of the ways you get a higher return to player percentage with games from Elk Studios. To test this, be sure to try the Poltava free slot that loads at the top of this page. This includes the betting options that activate when you press on the menu button. Here, you can choose a coin value from 0.01 up to 5.00, which multiplies your winnings and includes a total bet from 0.20 through to 100.00.

Play the Poltava Free Slot

Apart from betting options and settings, the Poltava free slot allows you to see how everything works, from matching reels to the war free spins. It is simply the best way to see what the slot has to offer and the winning opportunities you will be able to activate with real money. We also include the very best Elk Studios online casinos, making it easy to claim a great bonus and take advantage of their games.

Joining in Elk Studios online casino will impress with loads of other games to choose from. You even have the opportunity to try them for free, allowing you to pick out your favourites before joining. We recommend the Ivanhoe free slot, the Hong Kong Tower free slot and the DJ Wild free slot.

Hong Kong Tower

Hong Kong Tower

Hong Kong Tower Slot Review

The development team at Elk Studios proves themselves as a worthy developer by introducing a range of unique and exciting online slots. The Hong Kong Tower slot is one of their most unique games. It features the side of a tower with five reels appear over three floors. Combinations activate with 99 paylines and include special features such as mystery symbols. There might not be any wild symbols, but you will have the opportunity to take part in the bonus feature. This presents a similar reward platform to a wheel of fortune bonus. This oriental-themed slot combines some elements you would expect with a classic slot, including the popular sevens, diamonds and more.

There is a lot that sets Elk Studios apart from the rest, which does not only revolve around their unique gaming themes. Instead, most find them attractive since they provide some of the highest fairness levels in the industry. Even during the Hong Kong Tower free slot, you can experience the benefits of an RTP as high as 96.30%.

Hong Kong Towers – Oriental Bonuses

Slots that don’t offer wild symbols usually take some getting used to as standard combinations don’t seem to activate as often. However, the Hong Kong Tower slot does add the advantage of stacked symbols, allowing multiple combinations to trigger at the same time. The fact that there are 99 paylines also introduces a major advantage. Especially since you would only wager as little as 20 coins per spin.

Mystery Symbols

One of the most attractive features of the Hong Kong Towers slot is the mystery symbols. These make an appearance on any reels and appear as the game logo in gold. They transform into any others, which could lead to some impressive combinations you might not spot at first. In many ways, you can see these as wild symbols. But unlike wilds, they can transform into bonus symbols as well.

Bonus Feature

The wheel of fortune styled bonus feature activates when you get a minimum of three bonus symbols. These appear as the red and gold Ying Yang symbols. And they have the features of a scatter, meaning they don’t need to appear in a payline. It is possible to get more than three of these, which leads to additional reward opportunities during the feature.

In the bonus, you need to spin the wheel that can either land on instant cash prizes, take you to the next more rewarding level or a blank segment that will usually end the feature. However, if you activated the bonus with more than three scatter symbols, you will have additional lives. This allows you to land on blank segments without ending the feature.

Betting in the Hong Kong Tower Slot

It is always straightforward and easy to select the ideal betting value with Elk Studios. All of their games use the same innovative betting page that you can reach by pressing the menu bar. Here, you can choose values from as low as 0.01 per coin or increase it up to 5.00. Since the game only requires 20 coins per spin, it means you can wager 0.20 up to the highest of 100.00 per spin. These betting options are also available in the Hong Kong Tower free slot available on this page.

Play the Hong Kong Tower Free Slot

It is possible to play the popular Hong Kong Tower free slot right here on this page. This is the real money game that we have enabled with play cash. Thus ensuring you get an accurate gaming experience. You can activate the bonus features, use accurate betting options and even see how rewarding the high RTP percentage is.

Elk Studios remains one of our most popular game providers when it comes to free slots. The development team presents a broad selection of different themes and special features, making each game completely unique. We offer them all as free slots, which includes the popular Champion’s Goal free slot, the Electric Sam free slot and the Sam on the Beach free slot.

Sam On The Beach

Sam On The Beach

Sam on the Beach Slot Review

Those of you who have enjoyed games in the Elk Studios library might be familiar with the Electric Sam slot. Well, now the adventure continues as we once again meet up with the trolls in the Sam on the Beach slot. Things have certainly been updated as graphics of much better quality. However, when it comes to winnings, you can still expect the same excellent fairness levels and huge payouts. In fact, this time you’ll get five reels and 243 ways to win, which could lead to winnings of up to 500 coins. Furthermore, there are also wild symbols, re-spins and free spins with loads of additional rewards with each of the main characters.

There are loads of great advantages with each and every online slot from Elk Studios. However, most instantly become fans of the developer when they see just how fair their online slots are. The Sam on the Beach slot has an impressive RTP of 96.30%, which is also available in the free slot on this page.

Sam on the Beach – Oriental Bonuses

As some of you might remember from the first Electric Sam slot, the bonus features were one of the biggest advantages. The same goes with this updated gaming experience, but you will get to activate even more special features during free spins. The standard slot is similar in many ways as there are also Wilds and even the scatter. This appears as the golden bell as we’ve seen in the first game.

Wilds and Stacks

The Sam on the Beach slot logo appears as the wild symbol and can show up anywhere. These can assist any other symbols to create more combinations. Where ever the wild appears, it will change its position into any normal symbol and complete the win. The wilds won’t be able to assist the golden bell. But they can provide more wins for everything else.

During the standard slot, you’ll find the characters and low-paying symbols can all appear in stacks. This means you can get more than one symbol on the same reel and line up multiple combinations for huge winnings in a single spin. Since the game has 243 ways to win, you’ll find it is really easy to stack up huge payouts, especially when the wild symbols get involved.

Re-spins and Free Spins

The game will activate a special re-spin when you managed to get the four characters to appear in the same column. This will keep wild symbols in view locked in place as the rest of the reels spin again.

The free spin feature activates when at least three golden bell symbols appear anywhere. It rewards 5 to 15 spins at a time and includes for additional features. The four characters represent a feature, starting with Sam turning standard symbols into sticky wilds. Sandra can apply multipliers of up to 8. Ted changes standard symbols into sticky wild multipliers. And Maggie can transform lower-paying symbols into a different value.

Betting in the Sam on the Beach Slot

Considering the Sam on the Beach slot has 243 ways to win and loads of excellent bonuses, it is quite surprising that the bet revolves around 20 coins per spin. With this, you can choose betting value suitable for your specific needs, starting with a minimum bet from just 0.20 per spin. Of course, for those of you who would like to reach higher winnings, the maximum bet ranges up to 100.00, meaning a total bet of 5.00 per line.

Play the Sam on the Beach Free Slot

If you have not played any Elk Studios online slots, starting with our free games would be the best way to see what they are capable of. We offer the Sam on the Beach free slot without the need for any downloads or commitments. Instead, access the real game for fun and see what it is all about before you join one of our top Elk Studios online casinos.

The development team at Elk Studios also has a great variety of other online slots. They introduce some of the most unique themes and special features. Their most recommended slot includes the Bloopers free slot, the DJ Wild free slot and the Hong Kong Tower free slot.

Taco Brothers Saving Christmas

Taco Brothers Saving Christmas

Taco Brothers Saving Christmas Slot Review

If you are familiar with the impressive game variety from Elk Studios, you might know about their ever-popular Taco Brothers slot. Well, now the fun continues as the same developer releases the Taco Brothers Saving Christmas slot. It features a very similar gaming experience to the original slot. But the theme is completely unique, offering a festive touch with all the same reward opportunities. In fact, it even has the impressive 243 ways to win and five reels as the standard game. You will also see the walking wilds feature during free spins and enjoy big wins with two unique wild symbols. Of course, the wild re-spins also appear, making it easier to activate the highest payout of 400 coins per combination.

The fairness level that Elk Studios has to offer remains one of its most attractive benefits. The same goes with the Taco Brothers Saving Christmas slot. In fact, this is sure to become one of your most valuable festive online slots with an RTP of 96.40%.

Taco Brothers Saving Christmas – Festive Mexican Features

Apart from a few touchups on the animations and graphics, you’ll get just about the same excellent reward opportunities as the first variation. This means wild symbols make a regular appearance while the bonus feature is easier to activate than you’d think. The impressive re-spin bonus is still one of our favourites. But it’s only until the free spins activate and take over with the special capture feature.

Wilds and Special Re-spins

As mentioned, there are two different wild symbols. The first is the Christmas bell that appears in gold and can reflect the value of other symbols. It can assist any combinations, but won’t be able to activate any features. Therefore, this symbol is purely there to help you activate more winning combinations.

The other wild symbol represents the Taco Brothers Saving Christmas game logo that can appear on any reels. These do exactly the same as the golden bell, but when two of them appear, the re-spins activate. All the reels that have these wild symbols or a safe symbol will freeze in place, and the remaining reels will spin again. This could lead to great combinations or even the activation of the free spin feature.

Free Spins

To enable the free spins, you need three of the wrapped up safe symbols. They can appear on the first, third and fifth reel to give you unlimited free spins. During the feature, the brothers become additional wild symbols that only show up on the first reel. These will appear in every single spin. And the brothers will make a run for it to save Christmas by shifting towards the left with each spin. However, the evil Capt Diaz will try to stop them when he appears by locking up one of the brothers. If all the brothers are captured, the feature will come to an end. Luckily, the captain’s daughter is out to help the brothers by releasing them when she makes an appearance.

Betting in the Taco Brothers Saving Christmas Slot

Even when you play our Taco Brothers Saving Christmas free slot, you’ll find the betting option in the bottom left-hand corner. This opens a menu where you can choose total betting values from just 0.10 per spin. This might be surprising for veteran players as this low bet covers all the possible ways to win and features. You can increase the bet up to 50.00, which increases the wager per coin to 5.00, meaning every payout will now reward 500 times more.

Play the Taco Brothers Saving Christmas Free Slot

With our great selection of free slots, it simply cannot be easier to find your favourites and check out what bonus features are available. This is no different with the Taco Brothers Saving Christmas free slot. It gives you the advantage of activating everything the game has to offer with accurate RTP percentages.

The Elk Studios development team is sure to grab your attention with the slot as it features high-quality gaming features. Therefore, we highly recommend trying out some of their other popular slots. These include the Champions Goal free slot, the Wild Toro free slot and even the Winners Scratch free slot.

The Lab

The Lab

The Lab Slot Review

Since Elk Studios as such a unique and diverse variety of online slots, a scientific themed game is somewhat expected. However, The Lab slot is sure to be a gaming experience that will stick with you for a very long time. Even if you are not into science! The development team has created a bright and colourful theme with fun graphics. It also offers excellent reward opportunities across 15 paylines that stretch from left to right over five reels. Reward opportunities don’t just include payouts of up to 1000 coins for combinations, but also feature free spins and wild multipliers. The development team keeps it to a simple and straightforward gaming style. Thus, focusing on great rewards and features that activate regularly.

Elk Studios is one of the few developers who strive to deliver a much higher level of fairness with all their online slots. The Lab slot is yet another game that has an RTP of above 96%, making it more rewarding than most. We even feature The Lab free slot, which uses the exact same RTP percentage for an accurate demo experience.

The Lab – Best of Scientific Bonuses

At first, you might expect a range of complicated bonus features since this is, after all, a scientific theme. However, the development team keeps it simple and straightforward while also aiming to deliver great rewards with combinations and features. The fact that the bonus symbol and wild are the same already tells us that big wins and easy feature activation form part of this experience. Then, you also have the advantage of a unique free spin feature, all helping you clear the best wins.

Wild Multipliers

Among all the scientific symbols, including Au for gold, H2O for water and even Pt for platinum, you’ll find an X symbol that represents both the wild bonus symbols and multipliers. They make an appearance on every reel with the ability to represent others. As a wild symbol, you have the advantage of bigger winnings as these double the payout for any combination they appear in.

It is also a great advantage that the game doesn’t have scatter symbols as wilds can represent anything without limits. You also find the slot has stacked symbols, making the wild win even more, especially with the multipliers.

Free Spins

Even to activate the free spin bonus, all you need to do is land just one symbol in the right place. The Lab slot logo is the key to activating the feature by getting it in the vortex that is shown on the second reel. The game instantly frames the first three reels and shifts them to the right and makes space for two new reels to show up to the left. With this, you will receive 10 free spins, and The Lab slot logo will remain frozen on the third reel and act as an additional wild symbol.

The two new reels on the left introduce new symbols. This includes the opportunity to get more free spins and additional wild symbols.

Betting in The Lab Slot

There is no easier way to get used to a game than to play it for free. We offer The Lab free slot for exactly those reasons. So you can see how it all works and what bonuses can activate. The game is quite straightforward as the of 15 paylines that require a bet on each. Therefore, 15 coins with values ranging from 0.01 up to 4.00 multiply your winnings. This also means total bets range from 0.15 to a maximum of 60.00 per spin.

Play The Lab Free Slot

You can really make the most of your gaming experience by taking advantage of The Lab free slot. It gives you the advantage of testing out the game and getting to know the features. It is also a great way to work out the perfect betting strategy. Especially since Elk Studios includes strategy shortcuts.

With these advanced gaming opportunities and excellent features, it is only natural to start wondering about other games from the developer. Well, it is really easy to test out all of their games as we offer them as free slots. We recommend giving the Bloopers free slot a go, while also checking out what the DJ Wild free slot has to offer.


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