The bestsports betting sites in South Africa

You want to bet online but you don't know where to start to choose your sports betting site? You have come to the right place. We have analyzed for you all the bookmakers in South Africa that deserve your attention to help you make the best choice.

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The comparator of sports betting sites in South Africa

4 / 5
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The most complete
  • Extensive compilation of sporting choices coupled with highly favorable odds
  • Numerous top-notch incentives and offers
  • Virtually limitless scope for betting opportunities
  • Optimal live betting experience
  • Inclusion of Fantasy Sports functionalities
  • English version not provided
  • Limited applicability beyond Johannesburg
  • Absence of phone-based customer support
Welcome bonus
First deposit doubled
up to $200
See the offer See website
Website: Founded:2000
Owner:10Bet Group Ltd Headquarters:England
Page d'accueil de 10Bet
Page des directs sur 10Bet
Page d'un match NBA sur 10Bet
General note
Author: Nicholas Nicolas

Our opinion in 30 seconds

Ÿ† How 10Bet stands out:
- A plenitude of bonuses and promotions, showcasing both quantity and quality
- Betting possibilities that seem virtually limitless
- Pinnacle of live experiences
- A top-tier user journey
- Infusion of Fantasy Sports allure 

⚠️ Possible areas for improvement for 10Bet:
- Deliver an application accessible throughout the entirety of South Africa
- Incorporate a design with a hint of modernity
- Extend the offer of telephone-based support

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4 / 5
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The best in English
  • Acing the game with eSport prowess, but there's more to explore
  • Streamlined interface focusing on essentials
  • Seamless mobile engagement
  • Embracing a comprehensive suite of features
  • Entirely presented in English
  • Welcome bonus that sets a demanding tone
  • Applicability confined within Johannesburg
  • Support accessibility poses occasional challenges
Welcome bonus
First deposit doubled
up to $300
See the offer See website
Website: Founded:2006
Owner:Super Group Headquarters:Malta
Page des promotions du site Betway
Page d'accueil du site Betway
Page de blog du site Betway
General note
Author: Laura Laure

Might Betway emerge as the unrivaled sports betting hub within South Africa? It's a question that beckons scrutiny, given the site's inundation of promotions, attributes, alongside an extensively assorted repertoire.

The expedition, spanning navigation and the English variant of the site, unfurls flawlessly.

Our sole point of contention circles around customer service, not always a seamless pursuit, and the welcome bonus, perhaps demanding a tad too much.

All considered, Betway materializes as an exceedingly intriguing terrain, characterized by a multitude of robust attributes and scant weak junctures, all meticulously dissected in our comprehensive evaluation below.

★†’ Bet on Betway
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Last Update - January 2023
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4 / 5
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The best bonus
  • Navigational ease as the cornerstone
  • A welcome bonus that truly impresses
  • Comprehensive array of sports and bets on offer
  • Bet cash-out feature to keep in mind
  • Customer service ready and available
  • Scarcity of supplementary promotions
  • Relevance deemed inapplicable
  • Live video component remains absent
  • Missing translations catch attention
Welcome bonus
First deposit doubled
up to $1000
See the offer See website
Website: Founded:2011
Owner:GBI Racing Pty Ltd Headquarters:Bloemfontei, South Africa
Page d'accueil du site TopBet
Page d'un match du site TopBet
Page des directs du site TopBet
General note
Author: Thomas Thomas

Our opinion in 30 seconds

★œ… Interface designed for simplicity, ensuring ease of use

★œ… The welcome bonus emerges as an unequivocal highlight

★œ… A fully inclusive catalog is undeniably impressive

★œ… Customer service attains a level of excellence

❌ Bonus and promotional aspects showcase varying degrees of quality

★Œ Quotations, while unpretentious, get the job done

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4 / 5
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The best odds
  • Tailored exclusively for South Africans, boasting simplicity in usage
  • Welcome bonus adds an element of intrigue
  • Catalog and Competitive Ratings make their mark
  • The ultimate choice for avid NFL followers
  • Cryptocurrency acceptance brings a contemporary touch
  • Customer service that's consistently prompt and attentive
  • Limited range of sports promotions
  • Absence of live video (exceptions: NFL & eSports)
  • Application's discovery proves elusive
  • Absence of phone-based support
Welcome bonus
First deposit doubled
up to $500
See the offer See website
Website: Founded:2019
Owner:BQC Consulting GmbH Headquarters: United Kingdom
Page d'accueil du site Supabets
Page des paris en direct du site Supabets
Page du Marché Joueur du site Supabets
General note
Author: Thomas Thomas

Our review of Supabets in 30 seconds

❄️ Completely South African and available in English
★œ… Fascinating welcome bonus that catches the eye
★œ… A catalog and prices that stand their ground in the competition
★œ… Leading choice for NFL enthusiasts
★œ… Embrace of cryptocurrency transactions
★œ… User-friendly interface equipped with advanced functionalities
★œ… Customer service that responds promptly

❌ Limited array of sports promotions
★Œ Absence of live video streaming
★Œ Challenging quest to locate the application
★Œ Inconsistent English translation
★Œ Lack of telephonic assistance

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4 / 5
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  • Opportunities for substantial bonuses and promotions
  • Inclusion of cryptocurrencies within the realm
  • Catalog and ratings hold their own in terms of satisfaction
  • Incorporating live, cashed, and combined bets into the mix
  • Site and customer service fluent in English
  • Mobile application remains non-existent
  • Absence of live video stands out
  • No provision for bet building
  • Lacking a search mechanism raises attention
  • Translations are nowhere to be found
Welcome bonus
First deposit doubled
up to $500
See the offer See website
Website: Founded:1998
Owner:Dymanex (pty) ltd Headquarters:South Africa
Page d'accueil du site Gbets
Page des matchs de NBA sur Gbets
Page des promotions sur Gbets
General note
Author: Thomas Thomas

Our review of Gbets in 30 seconds

★œ… High potential for enticing bonuses and promotions
★œ… Incorporation of cryptocurrencies adds a contemporary touch
★œ… Catalog and codes garner satisfaction
✅ User experience is notably of good quality
★œ… Cashed bets, accumulators, and live bets at one's disposal
★œ… English-language platform and customer service in full swing 

★Œ A mobile application's absence is conspicuous
★Œ Direct video streaming remains unavailable
The absence of a betting constructor is worth noting
★Œ The lack of a search tool is evident
❌ The absence of translations stands out

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3 / 5
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Best free bets
  • Impressive array of sports offerings
  • Abundance of promotions and favorable odds
  • User-friendly design with instinctive usability
  • Betting builder feature integrated
  • Superior mobile version boasting excellence
  • Challenge in fully capitalizing on the welcome bonus
  • Absence of live video streaming
  • Exclusive availability of the app in Johannesburg
  • Intermittent challenges in accessing customer service
Welcome bonus
First deposit doubled
up to $250
See the offer See website
Website: Founded:1998
Owner:Entain Headquarters:London, United Kingdom
Page d'accueil du site Sportingbet
Page d'un match de hockey sur Sportingbet
Page des promotions sur Sportingbet
General note
Author: Thomas Thomas

In a competitive bookmaker landscape, understanding the distinctive features of each player is vital.

After conducting an assessment, we affirm that Sportingbet serves as a dependable platform for online betting, albeit with certain flaws worth noting before you begin. Deciding whether Sportingbet aligns with your preferences hinges on several crucial factors, thoughtfully outlined in this review.

It's essential to consider these aspects to determine if Sportingbet suits your betting needs effectively.

★†’ Bet on Sportingbet
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Last Update - January 2023
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3 / 5
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  • A brand that's established its credibility
  • Extensive selection of sports and betting opportunities
  • Innovative attributes that set it apart
  • Customer service that operates with efficiency
  • Exclusive availability in the English language
  • Navigating the interface might be overwhelming for beginners
  • Promotions and bonuses fall short of expectations
  • Tracing help resources and contacts can be a daunting task
  • Not applicable outside of Johannesburg
Welcome bonus
First deposit doubled
up to $200
See the offer See website
Website: Founded:2000
Owner:Hollywoodbets South Africa Headquarters:South Africa
Page d'accueil du site de Hollywoodbets sur ordinateur
Page d'un match de LNH sur le site de Hollywoodbets
Page des paris en direct sur le site de Hollywoodbets
General note
Author: Laura Laure

Seizing upon its well-established renown, Hollywoodbets presents itself as an enticing choice for fervent sports betting devotees, replete with a cascade of captivating propositions and impressive attributes.

However, the welcome incentive and promotional arrangements fall shy of the expectations befitting a bookmaker of this stature.

Adding to the mix, Hollywoodbets poses as a perplexing terrain for newcomers, embellished with information that tends to be cryptic or elusive.

In a redeeming light, Hollywoodbets upholds its commendable practice of ensuring a response, bolstered by content that's solely accessible in the English language.

In light of these minor glitches, Hollywoodbets endures as a secure haven upon which loyal patrons can confidently anchor themselves.

★†’ Betting on Hollywoodbets
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Last Update - January 2023
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3 / 5
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  • Unconventional costless wagers
  • Cryptocurrencies welcomed with open arms
  • Gateway to Android app via APK
  • Complete immersion in the English language on the site
  • Customer service that remains consistently attentive
  • Welcome bonus that demands a fair share of effort
  • Live video streaming conspicuously absent
  • The prospect of cashing out bets remains elusive
  • Bet builder tool conspicuously absent
  • Assistance exclusively provided in English
Welcome bonus
First deposit doubled
up to $350
See the offer See website
Website: Founded:2011
Owner:TonyBet Where Headquarters:Estonia
Page d'accueil de TonyBet
Page d'un match LNH sur TonyBet
Page des promotions de TonyBet
General note
Author: Thomas Thomas

TonyBet diverges from the norm as a bookmaker, boasting a mixture of unique and unorthodox attributes. Yet, within this tapestry, certain cardinal aspects present themselves as intricate or glaringly absent.

Take, for instance, the platform's introduction of captivating avenues for facilitating your financial transactions. However, it's impossible to overlook the conspicuous absence of three pivotal betting components.

Intricately dissecting this landscape, our all-encompassing assessment delves into the advantages and drawbacks this platform presents. This comprehensive exploration assists in your discernment regarding whether TonyBet harmonizes with your bookmaking proclivities.

★†’ Bet on TonyBet
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Last Update - December 2023
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3 / 5
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LeoVegas Sports

  • A substantial repository accompanied by favorable odds
  • Exemplary mobile encounter that dazzles
  • Comprehensive suite of betting attributes
  • Customer service that remains consistently receptive
  • Complete translation into the English language
  • Graphics and navigation that fall within the realm of mediocrity
  • Promotions and bonuses lacking allure
  • App confined to the confines of Johannesburg
  • Absence of phone-based assistance
  • Translation, though partial, occasionally errs in accuracy
Welcome bonus
First deposit doubled
up to $1000
See the offer See website
Website: Founded:2011
Owner:LeoVegas Group Headquarters:Stockholm, Malta
Page d'accueil du site LeoVegas Sport
Page d'un match NFL sur LeoVegas Sport
Page des promotions sur LeoVegas Sport
General note
Author: Thomas Thomas

Famed for its digital casino empire, LeoVegas ventures into the realm of online wagering. Our exhaustive scrutiny navigates through the gamut of this Swedish bookmaker's offerings to discern if it aligns with your cravings. Peeling back the layers, we lay bare our reservations concerning its navigational ease, incentives, and promotional endeavors.

However, amidst this tapestry of contrasts, we spotlight the virtues that adorn the mobile journey, the commendable customer service, and the myriad features that embellish the platform. LeoVegas emerges as a bookmaker veiled in enigmatic dichotomies.

★†’ Betting on LeoVegas Sport
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Last Update - January 2023
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3 / 5
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  • Accessible application spanning across the South African landscape
  • Active live wagers and successfully cashed bets
  • Outstanding rendition tailored for mobile devices
  • Tool facilitating the creation of customized bets
  • Uncomplicated yet remarkably user-friendly website design
  • Underwhelming bonuses and promotional offerings
  • Ratings that marginally fall below the mean
  • Constricted range of payment alternatives
  • Exclusively presented in the English language
  • Absence of live video streaming, excluding eSports
Welcome bonus
First deposit doubled
up to $500
See the offer See website
Website: Founded:1946
Owner:BV Gaming Limited Headquarters:Gibraltar
Page d'accueil du site BetVictor
Page de direct du site BetVictor
Page de la LNH du site BetVictor
General note
Author: Thomas Thomas

Embracing a favorable mobile journey, BetVictor emerges as a captivating choice for aficionados of smartphone-based betting ventures. Moreover, the platform extends an array of compelling attributes.

Nevertheless, the bookmaker contends with substantial shortcomings within its sphere of promotions, payment avenues, and linguistic inclusiveness.

While BetVictor does bear its limitations, it persists as a pragmatic arena, tailored to gratify the sensibilities of those who relish straightforwardness.

★†’ Bet on BetVictor
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Last Update - January 2023
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3 / 5
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  • Favorable wagering odds
  • Cleared bets
  • Innovative betting assembly feature
  • Continuous customer service accessibility
  • Unsatisfactory promotional incentives
  • Irrelevant
  • Devoid of live video transmission
  • Absence of telephonic assistance
Welcome bonus
Bet $25, get
$100 in free bets
See the offer See website
Website: Founded:1967
Owner:Petfre Limited Headquarters:London, United Britain
Page d'accueil du site Betfred!
Page des promotions du site Betfred!
Page de la LNH du site Betfred!
General note
Author: Thomas Thomas

Amidst a dissonance between its Sports and Casino provisions, we retain a favorable perspective on Betfred, primarily due to its odds that transcend the landscape of other sports betting platforms. Additionally, the website boasts a spectrum of captivating attributes.

However, Betfred lays bare its vulnerabilities through a confined introductory proposition and an absence of diversity in sports-centered promotions, lagging behind its counterparts in the bookmaking realm. Furthermore, the omission of a mobile application amplifies the drawback.

The remainder conforms to the norms – encompassing the repertoire, financial choices, and user engagement. Remarkably, the website remains inaccessible within the geographic purview of Johannesburg.

★†’ Bet on Betfred!
★†’ Read our full review

Last Update - January 2023
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Our purpose is to provide you with enhanced clarity within the realm of South Africa's abundant sports betting platforms. Here, on this very page, we extend not only a hierarchical rundown but also an intricate examination, coupled with our perspectives. This holistic approach spans the entire spectrum of advantages and drawbacks attributed to bookmakers originating from South Africa.

Harness the power of the swift links to swiftly pinpoint the information you're after, enabling an enhanced navigation speed.

Updated January 2023

Frequently asked questions about the best bookmakers in South Africa

Looking for the best bonuses and promotions? Do you only bet on applications? Do you like to know that good customer service is available? We have ranked the best sports betting sites according to your favorite criteria!

Which bookmaker has the best bonuses and promotions?


Newcomers, brace yourselves for a bonus that's a marvel. Watch your first deposit ascend and embrace a bundle of free spins, all served on a marvelous platter.


Gear up for an array of pleasures and delights: a generous starter bundle of bucks, a complimentary dollar to toss at bets, and a parade of other tempting goodies and free rounds.


Hold onto your hat, because a storm of promotions is headed your way. Jump into a pool of free bets, spreading across a staggering nine distinct trails for your picking pleasure.


Betfred's initiation offering keeps it on a leash – the amount isn't scaling the heights, and its blueprint might not be a total eye-catcher. Additionally, the sports sector is keeping its promotions relatively in check.

Discover our rankings of best welcome bonuses and best free bets

Which sports betting site has the best app?


The essence of 10Bet resides in the app, a poetic marriage of iOS and Android. The layout is a mobile masterpiece, a portal to the opulent world of 10Bet's assortment and functionalities.


Supabets has taken a distinctive route, skipping over the standard third-party app ritual. Dive into seamless play via your mobile browser, a sanctuary of smoothness where disruptions dare not tread. While unearthing this treasure might demand a touch more sleuthing, rest easy in its universal embrace, graciously saving your device's storage. And take note, the Supabets app, a creation of the virtuosos, ensures an unparalleled user escapade.


The BetVictor app doesn't wear a cloak of grandiosity or aesthetics, yet its user-friendly essence and expansive span across South Africa for both iOS and Android devices proclaim it the top preference for novices in this domain. Be aware, the app communicates solely in English.


Gbets showcases an in-browser application, a chic preference given the intricacies of overhauling gambling apps. Intriguingly, the mobile version guarantees an engaging user escapade.

To find the application that suits you best, see our page on the best sports betting apps in South Africa .

What is the best live sports betting site?


10Bet presents a sumptuous assortment of live betting ventures, a true spectacle. A wide variety of sports and a multitude of events await your live betting exploration. Plus, a copious selection of these matches finds its home in the world of video.


Within Hollywoodbets's offerings, a meticulously crafted "Live" betting realm emerges, elevating its status as a premier bookmaker for staying abreast and engaging in the pulse of your favored matches live. Traverse the "Video" corridor, unveiling the live video spectacles and amplifying the immersive journey.


The world within Betway blossoms with an array of live betting dimensions, inviting an exploration of diverse wagering pathways. To heighten the journey, this bookmaker furnishes an impressive spectrum of live bets spanning the exciting realm of eSports.


Indulge in their custom-made video streaming marvel, a special feature awaiting your exploration on their website.

Which bookmaker has the best user experience?


Rapidly discern your sought-after domains courtesy of a user-friendly interface boasting meticulously carved-out sections. The homepage stands as an open door, ushering you directly to betting, live streaming, guidance center, and client aid.


Inventive ergonomic wizardry, masterfully infused within the menus, creates a smooth glide to glide through the dynamic tapestry of the now with just a whimsical touch. Unearth your treasured sports and leagues from every corner of the Earth.


Stripped-down, yet impressively capable interface, tailored to prioritize swift content access. Betway's ease of use is a welcome bonus.


LeoVegas strikes us with a design that seems to carry traces of being outmoded and slightly congested, further exacerbated by navigation that leans towards unnecessary convolution, thus potentially resulting in irksome moments.

Which betting platform has the best features?


Embark on a live betting journey enhanced by video companionship, unravel the potential of personalized proposition bets, and wield the tool of bet origination to stake your claim on the most intricate details. Notably, 10Bet dares to traverse the territory of Fantasy Sports.


Enter the realm of live betting at Betway, engage with the nuances of withdrawal wagers, and explore the territory of crafting personalized bets, where up to 10 betting strokes converge onto a single canvas. Your very own bet tableau. Remarkably, Betway extends its vista to encompass an expansive territory of cyber sports.


Embrace the world of bets – the simple, the intertwined, the live wagers set to video, and the option for untimely withdrawals. An array of avenues opens up. This channel widens your spectrum of potential, enabling bets on nearly all the "moments" of the match, excluding the immediate score.


In the domain of Topbet, the absence of live video and a betting constructor becomes apparent, casting a shadow of missed potential, particularly in light of the caliber of its catalog and live selections. These assets could comfortably find their place amidst a broader scope of functionalities.

Which South African bookmaker has the best customer service?


Initiating contact couldn't be more straightforward - an online chat, a dial on the phone, a keystroke away via email, or even the timeless letter. Swift support is a certainty, especially in English, and the personnel's accessibility and effectiveness are noteworthy. Additionally, Topbet boasts a rich storehouse of support material and user manuals, forever within reach.


The expediency and simplicity of accessing assistance on Supabets deserves special mention. Whether you opt for chats, assistance emails, or peruse the help sections, the customer service is prompt in delivering resolutions. Yet, making contact with Supabets via phone is currently unachievable.


LeoVegas offers prompt assistance via online chat, email, and their online help center. While phone access isn't in place, the round-the-clock online chat availability ensures you can engage with LeoVegas anytime you have inquiries.


Betway support accessibility isn't straightforward, omitting a phone number or direct email channel. The 24/7 online chat is available, but its use requires a Betway account and involves traversing through multiple pages along with form submission prior to connecting with an agent, potentially resulting in time-intensive support initiation. 

What is the best sports betting site in English?


The entirety of Hollywoodbets's website operates in the English language, simplifying your engagement with sports, leagues, matches, and an array of betting options. This linguistic adaptation serves to enhance user interaction. Moreover, the online help center is equipped to provide assistance in English, and the support team is proficient in this language or can facilitate communication through translation if necessary.


Betway embraces the English language wholeheartedly, enveloping menus, sections, and the intricate tapestry of betting pages within its linguistic realm. Your venture from the threshold of the homepage to the sphere of placing bets is accompanied by the resounding notes of English, a melody harmoniously echoed by the support team's interaction.


English flows like a river through the site, gracing sections of sports, leagues, teams, matches, and wagers. Here, the narrative of bonuses and promotions unfolds, and for those traversing distant realms, a gateway to technical support stands open, ready to lend a helping hand.


10Bet's cyber sanctuary beckons with a polyglot symphony, wherein a plethora of languages, English included, find their haven. Should your linguistic compass steer towards the shores of local European dialects, take solace in the likelihood of encountering them in pristine articulation within these digital walls.

Are you just starting out and don't know how to decide?

10Bet : our recommendation for beginners ★

Pioneering voyages into the world of online wagering can evoke quandaries. Our counsel? Cast your anchor at 10Bet—a resplendent paragon of global standing. Within its digital tapestry, an eclectic spectrum of sports, each embodying your ardor, awaits; its interface, a symphony of elementary grace, and its fortress of security, unyielding. A judicious choice to elevate the zenith of your satisfaction.

Betway : if you don't speak English ★

The expansive realm of 10Bet's offerings knows no bounds, with a symphony of languages harmonizing within. If English proves elusive, Betway emerges as a guiding star. Betway's treasure trove, an opulent fusion of diversity and tenacity, is a realm almost devoid of imperfections, and its defining characteristic lies in its global linguistic inclusivity.

Ranking of the best sports betting sites in Cape Town

Venturing into the realm of Cape Town's sports betting arenas, we undertook an expedition to decipher the intricacies, juxtaposing the benefits and drawbacks of each player within the grand tapestry. Our unveiled hierarchy stands ready, serving as your beacon to unearth the ideal bookmaking haven!

Direct links to our tests of the best bookmakers


Three reasons to choose 10Bet

  1. An exceptionally comprehensive online betting experience awaits, featuring an extensive array of sports, promotions, and betting options that seem virtually limitless.
  2. A direct offer that undoubtedly ranks as the finest in the market.
  3. An excellent choice for enthusiasts of Fantasy Sports.

A reason not to choose 10Bet

  1. Regrettably, there is no English version accessible.

10Bet review and test

10Bet Bonuses and Promotions 10

The portal beckons with a welcome crafted to echo your first deposit, a harmonious 100% crescendoing at $200. As the curtains rise, the deposit transmutes into credits, an invocation to the world of free wagers. The terms, a labyrinth that morphs into a stroll. The ordinary bonus metamorphoses, a pied piper captivating hearts. Deciphering the deposit enigma? A phantom. Modest odds, no almighty decree. As the stage widens, 10Bet unfurls its promotions, a vibrant canvas painted across myriad sports—soccer, tennis, rugby, or the universe of your choice.

★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï 10/10

Behold 10Bet's opulent trove, a tapestry interwoven with almost 40 sports, where the spectrum embraces South African delights like hockey, football, baseball, whilst also bestowing homage upon ageless pursuits—tennis, golf, boxing. Yet the story embarks on a meandering odyssey, unveiling domains like Futsal, Floorball, Kabbadi, and kindling the fires of Fantasy Sports. Notable too, the backdrop of 10Bet's odds, often a crescendo surpassing peers.

10Bet on mobile ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★★ 8/10

10Bet's mobile app whispers secrets solely to Johannesburg's dwellers, while the rest of South Africa discovers a treasure trove in the embrace of the bookmaker's mobile site. A journey into this realm is a joyous venture, where design and functionality pirouette in a dance attuned to the portrait frame, an exquisite choreography.

10Bet Features ï 10/10

10Bet's legacy is etched in the stars, a titan within the pantheon of bookmakers, offering an opulent tapestry of sport-specific wagers. Familiar avenues unfurl, yet it's within the kinetic canvas of live betting that 10Bet paints its magnum opus—an odyssey of worldwide renown. Furthermore, 10Bet bequeaths the scepter of creation, beckoning punters to forge bespoke bets, a canvas whose complexity begets soaring odds. Lastly, proposition bets, like constellations, twinkle with promises, each inviting a wager upon the cosmic ballet of match minutiae.

10Bet User Experience ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï ★ï 10/10

10Bet's visage, if unveiled afore, could spark astonishment—a perfect 10/10 rating unfurling as testament. Verily, 10Bet's digital realm sidesteps grandeur, yet the dance of ergonomics orchestrates swift unearthing of sought-after treasures. Beyond, the mobile incarnation stands as a crown jewel. By favoring efficiency over flamboyance, 10Bet crafts a user pilgrimage crowned by peerless efficiency.

10Bet Customer Service

10Bet unfurls its canopy of aid through bifurcated paths: compose epistles etched in the script of electrons, dispatched toward the sanctuary labeled 'support,' or voyage through the labyrinthine corridors of real-time dialogues—an eternal amphitheater, aglow ceaselessly, poised to shelter against the gales that may assail. A digital repository, the help center's folios grace their web domicile, offering sagacity to those who dare to inquire. Yet, a chasm remains—10Bet shuns the embrace of auditory waves, an enigma interwoven within the saga of this luminary.

10Bet in English ★★★★★★★★★★ 0/10

The bookmaker boasts a cosmopolitan spirit, a universal kinship transcending borders. Embracing over 20 languages, English intertwined, its siren's song resonates—an entreaty to acquaint oneself swiftly with its bountiful offerings.

Un téléphone et un ordinateur portable sur le site de 10Bet


Three reasons to choose Betway

  1. For those keen on eSports betting.
  2. A platform providing an impressive diversity across all aspects: catalog, promotions, user experience, features.
  3. A website fully available in the English language.

A reason not to choose Betway

  1. However, customer service may not always be promptly reachable.

Betway review and test

Betway Bonuses and Promotions

To embark upon Betway's portal of hospitality, a brush with subtlety is advised; a substantial tribute of 100% mirrors the inaugural deposit, yet surrenders to the demand of a tenfold wager on odds soaring at 1.75 or beyond. And lo, Betway's generosity spills over, a bounty of enticing indulgences awaiting, replete with a treasure trove of gratis bets, with a glimmering rarity in its midst—a no-deposit free bet, a gem of exhilaration to savor the delights of unfettered wagering.

Betway Catalog /10

Betway's canvas unfurls as an amalgamation of choices, encapsulating an array of primeval sports, encompassing beloved North English leagues (NHL, NFL, MLS, NBA, and their ilk). The divergence leads to a crossroads, inviting exploration through 32 diverse sports terrains, navigating from the familiar to the arcane corners. Venturing into the expanse of eSports, Betway unfurls a tailored sanctuary, replete with a profusion of options, a trove of distinctive incentives, and a unique thread—an alliance as sponsors to a professional eSports assembly.

Betway on Mobile

The Betway app's orbit intersects solely with Johannesburg's borders in the present. However, an authorized APK procured from the Betway bastion orchestrates an alternative route to app assimilation, sidestepping the established store channel. A roadmap illuminating this trajectory awaits discovery within our panoramic overview. Notably, the Betway mobile site stands as an ample conduit for partaking in the bookmaker's realm via mobile interfaces.

Betway Features 9/10

Progressing beyond the conventional confines of betting facets that Betway unerringly furnishes, the platform asserts its prowess as a dexterous arena for live betting, spotlighting a diverse spectrum of video-adorned clashes. Concurrently, it proffers the capacity to judiciously reap your wagers through the "cash-out" avenue ere match closure, alongside the ingenious "bet builder" machinery, which empowers the consolidation of 10 bets into a bespoke conglomerate of potent odds.

Betway user experience ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï ★ 9/10

Betway's quintessence revolves around the pursuit of utmost transparency, a tenet that strikes us as a resounding success, imbuing the user odyssey with a seamless and pleasurable essence. The schematic arrangement of the pages resounds with innate understanding, thus orchestrating an unfettered pursuit of coveted components and the seamless placement of bets.

Betway Customer Service

Betway presents itself as available for engagement via online chat 24/7; however, the circuitous path to unveil and set in motion this conduit may engender a measure of intricateness. It warrants noting that Betway refrains from offering other avenues, neither email nor telephonic. In the grand scheme, the customer service evinces itself as unquestionably efficient post-initiation, albeit at times tardy in initial accessibility.

Betway in English ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï ★ï 10/10

The expansive realm of Betway unfurls in the embrace of the English idiom, traversing the labyrinthine byways, the siren calls of enticements, and the sanctuary of succor. The battalion of troubleshooters is well-versed in the nuances of English, thereby enveloping the complete tapestry of the Betway chronicle within the confines of this lexical expanse, an aspect meriting consideration.

Un téléphone et un ordinateur portable sur le site de Betway


Three reasons to choose TopBet

  1. An exceptional welcome bonus, potentially reaching up to $1000.
  2. Flawless customer service.
  3. Emphasis on English sports, leagues, and teams with well-designed user-friendly features.

A reason not to choose TopBet

  1. Ratings slightly below the average mark.

TopBet review and test

TopBet Bonuses and Promotions /10

Set your gaze upon the Topbet welcome revelation, a convergence of two rarities: an opulent bestowal entwined with conditions that shun complexity. Ponder the fresco they unveil, where the resonance of your premier deposit emerges, painted upon the canvas in resplendent strokes of up to $1000, manifesting as tokens of contemplation. The chronicle absolves you from the rigmarole of intricate wagering, escorting you to the realm of fruition with swiftness. Nevertheless, the platform's repertoire unfurls meager other captivating arias.

TopBet Catalog ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï 8/10

Amidst the Topbet collection, a repertoire of almost twenty sports unfolds, and it's the concentrated emphasis on North English sports that captures our appreciation. This emphasis streamlines the search for South African leagues and ensembles, encompassing Hockey, Football (NFL, CFL, NCAA), Basketball (NBA), Baseball (MLB), Soccer (MLS), Tennis, UFC, in addition to your beloved Cape Townois squads.

TopBet on Mobile

The Topbet app evades the South African terrain, but in its stead, a mobile site of impeccable craft harmonizes with your handheld companion. Appless, yes, yet the void is filled by astute passages for direct arrival from your device's outset—revealed in meticulous detail within our exhaustive critique.

Features TopBet ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★★★ 7/10

The platform extends an array of anticipated attributes for your sporty forays—live betting, with the "cash out" trait providing the leeway to recover spoils (or wagers) ere the final whistle. Nevertheless, an absence of live event visuals stamps Topbet. Their quirky bets, Piñata Pick and NFL Scorigami, resonated with us, fostering unconventional corridors of delight.

User Experience TopBet 8/10

Surprisingly uncomplicated, the setup entwines menus that fluidly unveil the entirety with minimal taps. The landing page adroitly flaunts ongoing bets and perks. For swift guidance, bank on the search bar and revisit shortcut.

TopBet Customer Service 9/10

Remarkable in their reach, efficacy, congeniality, and professionalism, Topbet's support team is an epitome of excellence. You can summon them 24/7 via online chat, phone, email, and even traditional mail – an exemplary facet of the platform.

TopBet in English ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★★★ 7/10

An English rendition of the site beckons, although discerning eyes have picked up sporadic blips and lapses in the translations. Caution is the watchword, especially when navigating the realm of promotions, where untangling the skein of terms and conditions carries weighty implications. In the realm of queries, customer service stands poised, communicating fluently in English.

Un téléphone et un ordinateur portable sur le site de TopBet


Three reasons to choose Supabets

  1. The premier NFL betting platform.
  2. A cryptocurrency-friendly website.
  3. Odds surpassing the competition.

A reason not to choose Supabets

  1. Limited array of sports promotions.

Supabets review and test

Supabets Bonuses and Promotions ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★★★ 7/10

The overture, extending a magnified reflection of your maiden deposit, resonates with merit. A pentad of bets, orchestrated to harmonize at the 1.8 tempo, prelude the release of winnings. The siren song remains beguiling. Nevertheless, Supabets's promotional script seems bereft of subsequent verses, curbing the crescendo, notably following the inaugural stanza.

99 Supabets Catalog /10

In Supabets's kaleidoscope, a mosaic of 34 sports unfolds, a gallery adorned with the likes of NHL, NFL, CFL, MLS, MLB, and other vivid brushstrokes emblematic of South Africa's sporting tableau. As a South African charmer, Supabets's exhibit spotlights indigenous squads and community chronicles in the rich tapestry of athletic endeavor. Moreover, Supabets's melodic notes of odds often scale crescendos beyond the competitor's realm, a harmonic triumph. NFL enthusiasts, as virtuosi of the gridiron, find their solace in Supabets's concerto, from panoramic season predictions to individual match motifs, even indulging in the virtuosic realm of player prophecies.

A symphonic medley of betting motifs, harmonizing live rhapsodies, prop harmonies, and the architectural drafts of the bet connoisseur, unites to compose an eloquent NFL opus. And, as if the stage isn't set enough, the Supabets amphitheater broadcasts live NFL sonnets, positioning it as the definitive haven for those who hail the football realm within the South African embrace.

Supabets on Mobile ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★★★ 7/10

Within the theater of applications, Supabets plays a unique tune, for it eschews the stages of both AppStore and Google Play Store. In this realm, a Russian echo reverberates, a phantom Supabets serenade tempting ears astray. But do not be swayed by its song. Instead, curate your own Supabets masterpiece, a bespoke composition forged in the crucible of the platform's digital arena. Our comprehensive evaluation unveils the arcane orchestration. Alternatively, should you desire a different duet, the mobile site invites you to pirouette, a performance liberated from the clutches of application duress.

Supabets Features ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★★ 8/ 10

Supabets's domain beckons with an aura of wonder, where the digital and the cryptic converge. Cryptocurrencies, adorned in the forms of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, grace this sanctuary with their enigmatic presence. Live betting takes center stage, its narrative woven with threads of anticipation and possibility, while the enigma of cash-out wagers casts its spell. Proposition bets emerge as elusive phantoms, dancing on the edges of outcomes, a carnival of speculation. The bet builder, a conjurer of fate, wields its magic, melding disparate wagers into a symphony of prosperity. Yet, in this mystical tapestry, only the NFL and eSports are granted the privilege of live streaming, their tales told in luminous hues.

Supabets User Experience ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï ★ 9/10

Supabets's domain unveils as a tableau of ergonomic finesse, directing navigation with the fluidity of a balletic waltz. The canvas of austere elegance amplifies this dance of user-friendliness, illuminating the mural of South African interests, a brushstroke of pragmatism. Aiding hands linger just a keystroke away from the virtual stage's entrance, poised to embrace the curious seeker. In synthesis, every pursuit unfurls within a domain of economical clicks, a symphony to the artistry of user-centric craftsmanship.

Supabets Customer Support

Supabets's realm of aid bifurcates, offering two avenues of engagement: the ethereal canvas of digital dialogue or the asynchronous tapestry of electronic exchanges. Responses, swift and laden with relevance, cascade forth akin to synchronized notes in a symphony. It's worth highlighting the nascent chat interaction, orchestrated by a conversational automaton, whose discourse carries a comprehensive timbre; yet, should a lacuna linger, the baton of conversation is readily passed to a human curator. Regretfully, the auditory ether remains devoid of Supabets's presence, as telephonic communion is withheld from its ambit. Furthermore, an online repository of counsel beckons, albeit adorned with a rather modest tapestry of knowledge.

Supabets in English ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★★ 8 /10

In the world of Supabets, English reigns supreme, and when interaction beckons, their squad readily adopts this linguistic garb. An unmissable button on the homepage awaits your command to metamorphose the site's language landscape, leading you effortlessly toward English vistas. Admittedly, a few nooks and crannies on the site might strike one as having ventured into a realm of translation that's slightly off-kilter, and the English-speaking adeptness of the support troupe may sporadically tread the waters of variability. All said and done, even though room for augmentation does exist, the expedition through Supabets in English culminates in a gratifying escapade. 

Un téléphone et un ordinateur portable sur le site de Supabets


Three reasons to choose Sportingbet

  1. An unparalleled array of promotions in the market, particularly notable for its 9 distinct free bet options.
  2. A top-tier mobile experience.
  3. Favorable odds.

A reason not to choose Sportingbet

  1. However, live video streaming is not available.

Sportingbet review and test

Bonuses and promotions Sportingbet ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★★★ 7/10

Sportingbet's beckoning salute unfurls in enigmatic layers, urging a perplexing pas de deux of deposit multiplication, six instances in a row, to finally clutch the elusive bonus. The allure is magnetic, but prudence assumes the reins on this bonus expedition. Yet lo and behold, Sportingbet's garden sprawls with a bounty of free bets scattered across the sportscape, accompanied by a chorus of other promotions and escalated odds that enrich this vibrant mosaic of captivating propositions.

Sportingbet catalog

Take a gander at the Sportingbet menu, and you'll find a lineup of 29 sports, including the bigwigs from North America - NFL, NHL, NBA, CFL, MLB, MLS, and then some. Not to be outdone, certain sports shine, particularly hockey, boasting a staggering 10 countries and a lush 20 leagues. And on the odds front, Sportingbet holds steady, rubbing shoulders with South Africa's array of bookies.

Sportingbet on mobile ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★★ 8/10

Giving Johannesburg a taste of app action, Sportingbet's making waves, but honestly, the mobile site struts in with its sleek moves, doing the phone screen hustle in style. Matter of fact, it could even one-up its computer kin, which ain't no slouch. Bottom line: Sportingbet's mobile mojo's on point, whether you're swaying with the app or jiving on the mobile site.

Sportingbet Features ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★★★ 7/10

Glide into the orbit of Sportingbet, and you'll stumble upon a treasure chest of bet-boosting tools like live betting, the handy cash-out feature, and a crafty bet builder to round it off. This wizardry lets you concoct a symphony of bets, each aiming at different parts of the same match. That being said, live streaming's off the table, a privilege that's doled out exclusively to the UK and Ireland clan. Barring this exception, Sportingbet strings together a harmonious ensemble of core functionalities.

Sportingbet user experience ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï ★ 9/10

Sportingbet's online realm welcomes you with a swiftness that's nothing short of magic, whisking you through its chambers with a design that's stripped-down yet cleverly honed. The roadmap? It's like a starlit path, peppered with nifty portals that'll have your navigation set on cruise control. Add to the mix Sportingbet's personalized nooks that mirror your quirks and escapades within the platform's confines, garnished with curious gadgets to fuel your betting musings. As the curtain falls, the user voyage here wears the crown of high-caliber excellence.

Sportingbet Customer Service

The Sportingbet customer whisperers await your call, boasting a treasure trove of routes: a waltz with live chat, a digital tête-à-tête via email, or the old-school serenade of the phone. Yet, a veil of mystery shrouds the summoning of the live chat sprite, tucked away within the secret alcoves of the deposit labyrinth, emerging from slumber at the stroke of 8am, only to vanish into midnight's embrace. And lo and behold, the phone shares the same moonlit dance. In the end, solitude might be your companion at certain crossroads.

Sportingbet in English ★ï★ï★★★★★★★★ 2/10

Step into the Sportingbet sanctuary, adorned in the eloquence of the English language. Right yonder, a mystical button beckons, coaxing the realm to metamorphose into the English realm. As you tread its corridors, wagers, duels, temptations, and all their kind flourish in the English tome, for it's plausible they sprang from that very lineage. Notably, the attendants of the service realm converse with the fluency of English's melody.

Un téléphone et un ordinateur portable sur le site de Sportingbet


Three reasons to choose Gbets

  1. A promising welcome bonus.
  2. A bookmaker open to 4 different cryptocurrencies.
  3. A pleasing selection of promotions, including free bets and boosted winnings.

A reason not to choose Gbets

  1. However, certain features are absent.

Gbets review and test

Gbets Bonuses and Promotions 10

The Gbets welcome gesture reveals itself as a free bet wearing a fixed countenance, a vessel ripe with unfulfilled promise. And there's a twist - not only can you endeavor to transmute the takings from this free bet into actual currency, but the enticing notion of plumping up your coffers flits tantalizingly! Granted, a prelude dance mandates spinning the bonus carousel a dozen times afore, but given this unfurls as a complimentary bet on the house, the stakes aren't skyscraping. Furthermore, as a merry afterthought, Gbets unfurls an enthralling procession of eleven more fiestas: a sextet of shindigs dressed in the free bet garb and a quintet of gatherings where the glow of triumph burns brighter. Behold, an invitation to give your conquest-minded dreams an extra prod.

Gbets Catalog ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★★ 8/10

Delve into the expanse, where a bounty of 30 sports lay on the offering, with dignitaries like NHL, NFL, MLB, NBA, MLS, CFL, and their ilk leading the charge. Gbets's odds maintain their stance, akin to a steadfast dance partner, moving in harmony with rivals.

Gbets on Mobile ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★★ 8/10

In the face of the enigmatic Gbets app, the mobile site emerges as a beacon, inviting you to bask in bookmaking charm via your handheld muse, promising a seamless dance through the realm of browsing.

Gbets Features ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★★★★ 6/10

The classics reign supreme – cash-out wagers, stacked bets, and the rhythmic ballet of real-time action claim their place. Yet, in this ensemble of features, a myriad remains unseen. Peer forth, live event chronicles don't grace the scene, the bet craftsman is taking a hiatus, and the search maestro is yet to take the stage. 

Gbets Payment Options ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★★ 8/ 10

A thread of mystery weaves through Gbets's 4-cryptocurrency tapestry: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and XRP. An emblem of uncharted waters. What's more, the bookmaker extends an inviting hand to embrace a diverse ensemble of financial paths - Interac, VISA, Mastercard, MuchBetter, ecoPayz, and paysafecard.

Gbets User Experience ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★★ 8 /10

Familiarity engulfs you as you enter the Gbets online realm, its ergonomic design reminiscent of the tried and true. The visage, like an old companion, lends an air of comfort, making navigation and placing wagers a breeze, even if it's your maiden voyage.

Gbets Customer Support ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï 8/10

Venture into the uncharted cosmos of Gbets's customer embrace, a realm unfurling without pause, live chat, email, messenger, and phone blazing the trail. Enter, a sprawling 120-page citadel of assistance stands resolute, a beacon guiding your quest for answers. Behold the constellation of choices, your expedition assured of plenitude.

Gbets in English ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★★ 8 /10

Gbets's virtual arena extends an English adaptation, and the assembly of assistance stands primed for discourse in the same vernacular. Every nook radiates the sheen of English, with a spotlight on domains linked to the intricate dance of wager selection. Occasional stumbles in the translation tapestry into local dialects bear no compromise.

Un téléphone et un ordinateur portable sur le site de Gbets


Three reasons to choose Hollywoodbets

  1. Undoubtedly one of the top platforms for live streaming.
  2. A wide-ranging collection of sports and betting features.
  3. All content is conveniently available in English.

A reason not to choose Hollywoodbets

  1. However, the bonuses and promotions are disappointing.

Hollywoodbets review and test

Hollywoodbets Bonuses and Promotions

Unfolding like a puzzle, Hollywoodbets, despite its titanic stature, offers a promotional landscape that leaves much to be desired. The allure of the welcome bonus teases, but beware the intricate threads that could swiftly unravel profitability. The meager assortment of visible promotions dances just beyond your reach. A glimmer of hope rests on the possibility that this is an oversight, a fluke rather than a deliberate move, yet in the present narrative, it carves a flaw into Hollywoodbets's facade.

Hollywoodbets catalog

Hollywoodbets's canvas unfurls in opulent grandeur, adorned with a symphony of over thirty disparate sporting realms. And in the realm of odds, Hollywoodbets partakes in the symposium, furnishing an array of promising possibilities. The union of these facets begets a harmonious fusion of excellence and multiplicity.

Hollywoodbets on mobile ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★★★★ 6/10

Venture outside Johannesburg's realm within the South African tapestry, and the Hollywoodbets app slips through your fingers like whispered secrets. Only those who call Johannesburg home may partake in the enchantment of inviting Hollywoodbets Sports into their digital sanctuaries. Whispers abound of an enigmatic Hollywoodbets APK, a mystical artifact conceivably scattered for other provinces, yet the custodians of customer service veil it in ambiguity. Our beacon? Navigate the mobile iteration of Hollywoodbets's digital landscape, a perfect symbiosis with your handheld canvas.

Hollywoodbets Features 9/10

One of Hollywoodbets's prized treasures is their live streaming prowess, a cavalcade of matches dancing in visual unison before your eyes. The path to "Weave Your Wager" unfurls, intertwined with the enigma of early reaping and the mosaic of event-based numerology. As a composite, Hollywoodbets constructs an exceptional opus of utility.

Hollywoodbets User Experience ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★★ 8 /10

The tableau of Hollywoodbets's interface may confound newcomers, unfurling a tapestry where a mosaic of information weaves a conundrum of hierarchies. The realm of simplicity takes its leave, as Hollywoodbets embraces the vesture of comprehensiveness. Yet, this riddle should not obscure the verity that Hollywoodbets lays bare a wealth of indispensable information. Once the compass of familiarity guides your way, swiftness and efficiency emerge as your faithful companions.

Hollywoodbets Customer Service

The gateway to Hollywoodbets's aid realm is an enigma, a trio of portals—chat, email, phone—but these hallowed halls are graced solely by the Hollywoodbets kin. A labyrinthine voyage beckons, each path a cryptic route to the aid enclaves. Chat's secrets are divulged only from 11am to 8pm CET. But once the threshold is crossed, customer service's efficiency stands tall like a sentinel.

Hollywoodbets in English ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï ★ 9/10

There's scant chatter to spin on this one, for the realm sings sweet English symphonies, and the guiding ensemble possesses the gift of many tongues. If it tickles your fancy, a complete English affair awaits you at Hollywoodbets.

Un téléphone et un ordinateur portable sur le site de Hollywoodbets


Three reasons to choose TonyBet

  1. Multiple innovative free bet opportunities.
  2. Capability to utilize cryptocurrencies.
  3. A website entirely presented in English.

A reason not to choose TonyBet

  1. Nevertheless, several betting features are absent.

TonyBet review and test

TonyBet Bonuses and Promotions ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★★★ 7/10

TonyBet's overture sways with gravitas, decreeing the wagering of quintuple the ante in the maiden deposit, a sacrificial ritual undertaken upon treacherous odds ere the house's coffers grace yours with their bounty. Yet, a caveat shadows this alliance—the spoils of this tryst remain confined to the elusive realm of potential rewards, veiling the genuine gains in ambiguity. Thus, despite a tantalizing horizon of possibilities, the code of this compact necessitates a predetermined dedication, devoid of assurance concerning forthcoming prosperity. Nevertheless, veering into uncharted territories, TonyBet unfurls a tapestry adorned with an eclectic array of gratis wagers, a homage crafted for the enthusiasts of chance—a weekly congregation of trailblazers, their accolades manifesting as unrestricted wagers; an oracle's riddle, the prize of coveted free wagers dangling like the sword of Damocles; and perhaps, the sanctum of VIP Sports, a temporal sanctum wherein points burgeon, destined for a transmutation into untethered wagers.

TonyBet Catalog ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï 8/10

TonyBet curates a tapestry woven with 36 sports, an array that graces the domain of the major leagues. Behold the luminaries—NHL, NFL, CFL, MLB, NBA, MLS—the roll call resounds. But the spectacle extends, encompassing courts of tennis, greens of golf, the arena of MMA, even the velocity of Formula 1. Our exploration uncovers that TonyBet's odds occupy the realm of equilibrium across most sporting domains.

TonyBet on Mobile ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★★★ 7/10

TonyBet's spectral absence hovers over the dominion of application markets, a shadow cast upon the AppStore and Google Play Store. Yet, within this void, a shrouded path lies in wait—a portal guarded by the arcane sigil of APK, enabling you to forge the application's presence upon your mobile, a cryptic incantation, demystified within the labyrinthine pages of our definitive TonyBet exploration. Alternatively, a scenic route emerges—immerse yourself in the essence of TonyBet through its mobile incarnation, a voyage unburdened by downloads, an expedition charted by the navigational compass of your favored mobile browser.

TonyBet Features ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★★★★★ 5/10

The core pulses beneath, yet the constellation of betting features adorns the heavens, embellishing your odyssey through the platform's cosmos. However, TonyBet fumbles in threading these stars, leaving a constellation incomplete. Granted, the bookmaker offers the repertoire of anticipated attributes, yet the triad encompassing live streaming, the sorcery of cash-out, and the craftsmanship of bet origination remains eclipsed. The chasm these omissions carve, particularly the latter duo, casts a shadow across the panorama of your betting panorama.

TonyBet Payment Options ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï ï 10/10

The pantheon of payment options at TonyBet forms a vivid constellation, casting its glow as a beacon in the bookmaking cosmos. A trinity of cryptocurrencies presents itself, weaving the dance of deposits and withdrawals, intertwined with the classic companions of bank transfers, credit cards, e-wallets, and the enduring presence of prepaid cards.

TonyBet User Experience ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★★★ 7/10

The canvas of TonyBet is imbued with the strokes of intuitive design, orchestrated by the chorus of navigational avenues. Embark upon the journey through the graphical, hourly, and thematic realms, a trio of companions to shape your voyage. Yet, a mist of obscurity gathers over the desktop landscape, where sprawling numerical vistas yearn for luminous landmarks to chart the course of comprehension.

TonyBet Customer Service ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★★★ 7/10

At TonyBet's doorstep, an assemblage of avenues awaits for the communion with the custodial courtiers. Embarking upon the path of chat, the voyage of email, or the digital lettering of an online form, one ventures. Yet, the echos of a phone number remain absent from this reverie. Regardless, the response emerges as a nimble and deft arrangement.

TonyBet in English ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★★ 8 /10

TonyBet extends a gracious invitation, ushering us into the hallowed halls of their digital domain where English reigns supreme. Every pixel, a diligent acolyte of translation, joins the chorus in harmonious unison, ensuring that no corner remains untouched by the brush of linguistic transformation. However, as the narrative unfolds, the theatre of customer service presents its cast, a monolingual ensemble versed solely in the language of English.

Un téléphone et un ordinateur portable sur le site de TonyBet


Three reasons to choose LeoVegas

  1. Tailored mobile experience.
  2. Attractive odds.
  3. Diverse array of features.

A reason not to choose LeoVegas

  1. However, the computer-based design feels outdated and cumbersome, requiring time to locate sports, leagues, and matches.

LeoVegas review and test

LeoVegas Bonuses and Promotions ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★★★★ 6/10

LeoVegas, a realm of intrigue, extends its palm with a modest flourish, proffering the wares of bonuses and promotions. The welcome sonnet, a dulcet invitation to untold treasures and a ticket to the realm of wagers unfettered, conceals a riddle, a web of intricacies interwoven with the deposit's pas de cinq and odds no fainter than 1.8. But tarry a moment, for the overture continues, a dance where the free bet pirouettes in harmony with the deposit's magnitude and the odds' serenade. Yet, the vista of LeoVegas stretches barren in the sphere of sports, a tableau that suggests a casino's masquerade beneath the sportsman's guise.

LeoVegas Catalog ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★★★ 7/10

LeoVegas, that vibrant realm of sports, extends an invitation to its pantheon of thirty, where football, hockey, baseball, basketball, and the echoes of soccer resonate. In the arena of odds, a dance of comparison unfolds, as LeoVegas strides in unison with its brethren, a harmonious symphony of competitiveness.

LeoVegas on mobile 9/10

Johannesburg's heart beats with the rhythm of regulation, as the pioneering province welcomes the LeoVegas app into its fold. A sanctuary for the present, where the mobile realm takes precedence, a "mobile-first" invocation echoing in the corridors of LeoVegas' design. Step into the embrace of the mobile site, where an opulent experience awaits, tailored for handheld sojourns, an ode to excellence enshrined within the phone's sphere. Behold the sanctioned APK, a digital talisman, ensconced within LeoVegas' virtual sanctum, the map to which we unfurl within our detailed account.

LeoVegas Features ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★★ 8/ 10

LeoVegas casts its feature-rich cloak, presenting a myriad of avenues for your sports-based endeavors. Embark upon the journey of live betting, where the cadence of events finds resonance in your wagers. Bask in the cinematic panorama of live video streaming, where the game's narrative unfurls before your very eyes. Yet, the undercurrent of foresight guides your path, as the cash-out option beckons, a prudent exit from the arena of speculation. Venture further, where the "bet-builder" awaits, an arena of personalized creation. Here, up to 12 fragments of choice coalesce, each stroke etching its mark upon the canvas of possibility. 

LeoVegas User Experience ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★★★★ 6/10

LeoVegas envelops itself in the garb of simplicity, where graphics take on an elementary visage, bordering on the cusp of basic. Amidst the deluge of texts and menus adorning the homepage, a meager few manage to break free from the bonds of ambiguity and hold purpose. The journey of navigation treads a path less intuitive, particularly when confronted with the labyrinthine alleys of the catalog exploration menu, veiling the ease of accomplishing the routine endeavor of unearthing the desired event for one's betting endeavor.

LeoVegas customer service

The support battalion of LeoVegas stands in perpetual readiness, contactable through the mediums of live chat and email all day, every day. Their quick and unwavering responses stand as a testament to their reliability. For those moments when guidance is imperative, a comprehensive treasure trove of knowledge spans roughly a hundred pages within the help center, imparting solutions to familiar queries. A singular chink in this formidable armor is the absence of a designated phone line to establish verbal contact with the domain of LeoVegas.

LeoVegas in English ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★★★ 7/10

LeoVegas extends forth an English variant of its digital realm, although closer scrutiny reveals that merely a modest portion is truly transmuted into English, the scope exceeding the inaugural portal. Moreover, the translated segments sporadically mimic the output of an automated linguistic conversion contraption. Likewise, the ensemble responsible for customer service engages in English discourse, harnessing an integrated translation mechanism for such interactions. This mechanism has undergone meticulous evaluation, yielding praiseworthy outcomes. Lastly, the entirety of the aid repository unveils itself in English, rendering it an object of commendation.

Un téléphone et un ordinateur portable sur le site de Leo Vegas


Three reasons to choose BetVictor

  1. A mobile app accessible throughout South Africa.
  2. A solid array of features.
  3. An outstanding mobile version of the website.

A reason not to choose BetVictor

  1. However, deposit and withdrawal methods are restricted.

BetVictor review and test

BetVictor Bonuses and Promotions ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★★★★★ 5/10

The salutation proposition put forth by BetVictor managed to evoke only a tepid sense of enthusiasm. Foremost, the appeal of the welcome bonus is modestly intriguing at best. Albeit the bookmaker proffers the gesture of equating the initial deposit sum, it introduces onerous conditions that act as a deterrent to its potential for yielding gains: mandating wagers that cumulatively aggregate to tenfold the magnitude of the bestowed bonus, accompanied by the imposition of an audaciously elevated minimum odds threshold, set at a precarious 1.75. In a parallel vein, it merits acknowledgment that BetVictor elects not to present an alternative avenue in lieu of the welcome gesture, with the bookmaker conspicuously void of supplementary promotions within the sports domain.

BetVictor Catalog ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ 7/10

The BetVictor array unfurls, embracing a gamut of 24 distinct sports, spanning notable North English ventures like hockey, football, and baseball, alongside more distinctive realms like hurling or netball, interwoven with customary mainstays like soccer or tennis. Applicable to our exploration is the discovery of BetVictor's odds, which exhibit a modest dip relative to the competitors that underwent our evaluation.

BetVictor on Mobile 9/10

Blanketing across South Africa, BetVictor's mobile app takes center stage, spotlighting a realm of quality. Notably, the mobile site upholds its stature, obviating the necessity of app installations for tranquil betting escapades within the platform. Tailored for the on-the-go punter, BetVictor positions itself as a compelling candidate.

BetVictor Features ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★★★ 7/10

Venturing into the bookmaker's domain, the enigma of cashed bets and a tailor-made bet forger beckons, intertwining to unravel gateways toward augmented victories within the platform's expanse. Nevertheless, a trace of yearning materializes for live event visual companionship, sans the precinct of eSports.

BetVictor Payment Options ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★★★★★ 5/10

Within BetVictor's realm, the spectrum of fiscal passages takes on a modest hue. Singularly, Interac and debit and credit cards grace the canvas. Consequently, the thoroughfare to infuse or disengage funds through conduits like e-wallets, cryptocurrencies, or prepaid cards remains dormant.

BetVictor User Experience ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★★★ 7/10

BetVictor's graphical restraint could also be framed as unenticing. Nevertheless, it should be granted that this simplicity begets a user-friendly interface, courtesy of its clarity. Conversely, navigation carries some weight, stemming from this overly straightforward arrangement, entailing fixed menus that demand the unveiling of a fresh page for each exploration into distinct territories of categories, countries, sports, leagues, teams, matches, and wagers.

BetVictor Customer Service

For expedient assistance, we propose connecting with BetVictor's customer service through the online chat function, conveniently accessible from the main menu. Swift and effective responses are the norm. Should additional queries surface, you have the option to explore the extensive Help Center, encompassing a generous 164 pages. However, it's important to note that email responses might experience occasional sluggishness. Additionally, it's worth pointing out that a designated phone number for direct support communication is absent.

BetVictor in English ★★★★★★★★★★ 0/10

BetVictor's service scope is entirely confined to English, a crucial consideration for English speakers or individuals seeking platform adaptability to diverse local languages.

Un téléphone et un ordinateur portable sur le site de BetVictor


Three reasons to choose Betfred

  1. Favorable odds
  2. Bet cash-out and bet builder functionalities
  3. Round-the-clock customer service

A reason not to choose Betfred

  1. Unfortunately, not accessible in Johannesburg.

Betfred review and test

Betfred Catalog ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ 7/10

Our scrutiny has revealed that Betfred offers favorable odds on a variety of sports like hockey, football, and basketball. The repertoire encompasses 26 diverse sports categories, incorporating major leagues like NHL, NFL, MLB, and NBA.

Bonuses and promotions Betfred ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★★★★ 6/10

The preliminary encounter with Betfred's introductory proposition failed to evoke exuberance, comprising restricted free bets solely permitting the withdrawal of gains, a meager proposal relative to the extensive array of alternatives abound in the domain. Moreover, the vista encompasses a limited pair of additional sports-related promotions. One encompasses a nominal weekly potential for attaining gratuitous bets, while the other takes the form of a framework enabling the conversion of bonus points into free bets. As a consequence, these promotional conduits necessitate a marginal investment to yield captivating returns.

Betfred User Experience ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★★★ 7/10

The interface conforms to conventional norms, yet serves as a practical and accessible tool. Rapid orientation within the platform is ensured, and the various segments of the site are effortlessly discerned in accordance with personalized needs. Noteworthy navigation conveniences include a timeline bar facilitating event identification by syncing with schedules, coupled with the option to customize the site's visual layout to suit screen proportions: adjustable columns, whether anchored or removable blocks.

Betfred on mobile ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★★★★ 6/10

A prevailing sentiment suggests that Betfred allocates its predilection towards the Casino realm, a disposition evident in the lack of a bespoke mobile application for sports betting; an exclusivity reserved for casino games. Consequently, access to the Betfred app on your iPhone or Android phone remains elusive. However, a practical alternative surfaces through the mobile rendition of the site, adeptly conforming to the dimensions of a phone screen.

Features Betfred ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★★★ 7/10

In the precincts of Betfred, the array of features finds equilibrium within an intermediate continuum, characterized by the coalescence of advantageous attributes and the discernible absence of one such facet. Evidently, the platform accords leeway for early bet cashouts, allowing the reclamation of winnings antecedent to the culmination of a chosen match—a strategic recourse in the anticipation of an inauspicious trajectory. Concurrently, Betfred's inclusion of a bet builder injects a layer of intrigue, enabling the orchestration of multifaceted composite bets within a singular match, an enhancement underscored by the latent potential to converge odds for an augmented quotient. However, it merits recognition that Betfred's ambit abstains from encompassing live match video streaming, with the precinct of casino games serving as the exclusive conduit for the video element.

Betfred Customer Service

In a testament to ceaseless accessibility, the tapestry of Betfred's dominion unfurls an avenue to the custodial domain, seamlessly woven within the fabric of online chat. The inaugural overture commences within the alcove of a conversational automaton, a digital virtuoso adept at bestowing answers to a cascading deluge of rudimentary queries. Furthermore, for the labyrinthine enigmas that may wend their way, the orchestration of a direct discourse materializes, summoning forth a custodial custodian poised to navigate the intricacies with aplomb. Nonetheless, navigating through the uncharted expanse to forge communion with the custodial custodians via alternative conduits assumes the semblance of an enigma, as the digital parchment remains bereft of any supplementary contact semblances. Particularly conspicuous in its absence, the avenue of telephonic support evanesces into obscurity.

Betfred in English ★★★★★★★★★★ 0/10

Traverse the virtual avenues of Betfred, and you'll encounter a lexicon predominantly painted in the strokes of English. Should the cadence of your preferences incline towards linguistic melodies of a different origin, the camaraderie with Betfred might tread upon less-traveled byways. The assembly of custodial sentinels, adept at piloting you through the enigmatic labyrinth, navigates the seas of discourse exclusively in the language of English. Should your odyssey within the realms of Betfred transpire amidst the linguistic fabric of English, the cultivation of comprehension emerges as an elemental endeavor. For, ensconced within the textual tapestry, the rubrics governing deposits, withdrawals, bonuses, and promotions whisper their secrets, either unfurling the banner of lucidity or weaving the shrouds of perplexity.

Un téléphone et un ordinateur portable sur le site de Betfred

My recommendation of the best sports betting site in South Africa

TopBet, simple and carefree


Here are 3 reasons why I choose TopBet for my bets:

  1. It is my preference that a platform is aptly tailored to my individual context, and this holds true with the TopBet interface, which diligently prioritizes the presentation of my preferred sports and leagues in South Africa. Consequently, the necessity to allocate a substantial amount of time to ascertain the schedule of forthcoming events within the NFL or NHL is eliminated.
  2. The platform's user-friendly interface is undeniably a significant asset, enhancing the overall coherence and gratification of my betting experience. Whether navigating from a personal computer or a mobile device, the interface affords effortless access to matches of interest. Moreover, a subtle yet impactful detail is the recurring use of the "Last visit" feature, allowing for seamless retrieval of my prior wagers with a single click, thereby expediting the wagering process.
  3. In a culminating regard, the commendable aspect of TopBet lies in its distinguished customer service. Swiftly accessible and consistently characterized by a high level of professionalism and efficiency, the customer service provision undoubtedly contributes to the platform's overall distinction. It is within such nuances that a discernible divergence is engendered; one is unequivocally made to feel heard and supported, particularly in instances where complications are encountered.

You can read our full review of TopBet to find out more about this bookmaker.

Best NFL Betting Sites

We have analyzed and selected for you the best sites to bet on the NFL. You will find below the following sections:

List of NFL betting sites in South Africa

  1. Ultra complete on the NFL and without defects

  2. The best NFL bets in English

  3. Very complete except application and direct videos

  4. Excellent choice of NFL promotions

  5. Wide variety of NFL bet types

  6. Good NFL odds

  7. A Special NFL Free Bet

  8. Pre-Built NFL Bets

  9. NFL odds below average

  10. Restricted NFL Betting Picks

  11. The most limited choice among the competition

Top 3 NFL Bookmakers in South Africa

Supabets #1 NFL betting site

Supabets best NFL betting site ¥

"Ultra complete and flawless"

★œ… Huge NFL Betting Catalog
★œ… Very good NFL ratings
★œ… Paris NFL live
✅ Direct video of NFL matches
★œ… NFL Betting Constructor
★œ… Paris de propositions NFL
★œ… NFL Content in English

Bet on the NFL with Supabets

Our complete Supabets test

10Bet #2 NFL Betting Site

10Bet NFL bookmaker of choice ¥

"The best NFL bets in English"

★œ… Excellent choice of bets on every match
★œ… Over 20 types of bets on the NFL season
★œ… Paris NFL live
★œ… Direct video of NFL games
★œ… NFL betting constructor
★œ… Paris de propositions NFL
★œ… Promotions NFL
★Œ NFL content only in English

Bet on the NFL with 10Bet

Our complete 10Bet review

Hollywoodbets N°3
Hollywoodbets N°3 #3 NFL Betting Site

Hollywoodbets one of the best NFL betting sites ¥

"Very complete except application and direct videos"

Vast NFL betting catalog
★œ… Paris NFL live
★œ… NFL Betting Constructor
★œ… Paris de propositions NFL
★œ… NFL Content in English
★Œ No mobile application
★Œ No NFL live stream

Bet on the NFL with Hollywoodbets

Our complete Hollywoodbets test

Comparison of the 3 best NFL bookmakers in Cape Town

Category Supabets 10Bet Hollywoodbets
Welcome bonus 8/10 8/10 6/10
Catalog 9/10 10/10 8/10
Mobile experience 7/10 8/10 6/10
Payment methods 9/10 8/10 8/10
User experience 9/10 10/10 8/10
Support 8/10 8/10 6/10
General note 8/10 9/10 7/10

Other NFL betting sites in Cape Town


Sportingbet: great selection of NFL promotions

★œ… Numerous NFL promotions
★œ… Interesting NFL odds
★œ… Paris NFL live
★œ… NFL Betting Constructor
🌟 Paris NFL proposals
❌ No bets on NFL season (winners, awards, etc)
★Œ No NFL livestreams available
★Œ NFL content only in English

Bet on the NFL with Sportingbet


Betway: Wide Variety of NFL Bet Types

★œ… Large catalogue de paris NFL
★œ… Paris de propositions NFL
★œ… Paris NFL live
✅ NFL content in English
❌ No NFL constructor (only for soccer)
❌ No NFL live stream

Bet on the NFL with Betway


TopBet: Good NFL odds

★œ… Interesting NFL odds
✅ An NFL promotion
★œ… Good NFL paris catalog
★œ… Paris NFL live
★œ… Paris de propositions NFL
★Œ No NFL draft
★Œ No NFL live streaming
★Œ NFL content sometimes in English
❌ No mobile application

Bet on the NFL with TopBet


Gbets: A Special NFL Free Bet

★œ… Free $20 Bet on the NFL
★œ… Good NFL odds
★œ… Paris NFL live
★œ… NFL content in English
No NFL Paris constructor
★Œ No NFL live streaming available
❌ No mobile application

Bet on the NFL with Gbets

LeoVegas Sports

LeoVegas Sport: Pre-Built NFL Betting

★œ… Paris pre-built NFL ("pre-pack bets")
★œ… Paris NFL live
✅ NFL betting constructor
★œ… Paris de propositions NFL
🚫 No bet on the NFL season (winners, awards, etc)
★Œ No NFL live stream
★Œ No NFL promotions
★Œ NFL content only in English

Bet on the NFL with LeoVegas Sport


TonyBet: NFL odds below average

✅ Good NFL paris catalog
✅ Paris NFL live
★œ… Paris de propositions NFL
★œ… NFL Content in English
★œ… Mobile application available
★Œ Disappointing NFL odds
❌ No NFL promotions
★Œ No NFL constructor in Paris
★Œ No NFL live stream

Bet on the NFL with TonyBet


BetVictor: Restricted NFL Betting Picks

★œ… Paris NFL live
★œ… NFL betting constructor
★œ… Mobile application available
★Œ No bets on the NFL season (winners, awards, etc)
★Œ No NFL promotions
❌ No NFL live stream
★Œ NFL content only in English

Bet on the NFL with BetVictor


Betfred: the most limited choice among the competition

★œ… Paris NFL live
✅ Interesting NFL odds
No bets on NFL season (winners, awards, etc)
★Œ No NFL promotions
❌ No NFL Paris Constructor
❌ No NFL live stream
★Œ NFL content only in English
No mobile application

Bet on the NFL with Betfred

How do we rank the best sports betting sites?

Graphique circulaire du processus en 8 étapes d'analyse de site de paris sportifs sur Databasebasketball South Africa

The 8 steps of analyzing a sports betting site by Databasebasketball South Africa

The 8 steps of our analysis of South African sports betting sites

1. Desktop and mobile analysis

We spend several hours navigating the site, on computer and on phone, to be able to deliver the most comprehensive review possible on the quality of the site. We look at whether the design and ergonomics meet the requirements of today.

2. Deposit and withdrawals in real conditions

We deposit 100$ in real money on all the sites we test. Most often, we use Interac or VISA/Mastercard credit cards, which are the most common methods. We also make sure that we can withdraw the amount.

3. Use of bonuses and promotions

Welcome bonus, free bets, promotions... we love to judge the quality of bookmakers' offers by putting their promotional commitments to the test. And for that, there's nothing better than claiming the bonuses from the site to see if they are qualitative.

4. Catalog depth assessment

We scrutinize the catalog by listing every available sport and counting their exact number to determine if the offered selection sufficiently covers the sports betting market.

5. Downloading the application

We check the availability of applications on the AppStore and Google Play Store and install the application when it exists to verify that everything works correctly. In the absence of applications, we search if the site offers an alternative such as an APK and proceed to test it in order to ensure that it is functional.

6. Testing all functionality

We take the time to test each feature of the bookmaker to ensure that you can fully enjoy them. Whether it's live betting, cash out, bet builders or live streaming, we list what might interest you when using the site if you decide to sign up. And of course, we place bets to judge how the platform performs in real situations.

7. Exchanges with customer service

Nothing beats a real-life test to evaluate the quality of a customer service. We contact them through all the means they provide, whether it's an online chat, a contact form, or a phone number. We pay attention to the speed and relevance of their response, but also their politeness and professionalism.

8. Verification of English

Not only do we want to know if the site is fully accessible in English, but we go into detail to only communicate in English with the customer service to validate if it will be possible for you to get assistance in a language other than English if needed.

How is the ranking of the best sports betting sites in South Africa determined?

We give each of the 8 points above a rating out of 10 in order to give you a quick overview of the strengths and weaknesses of the platforms. We derive an overall rating for each bookmaker that allows us to offer you the ranking of the best sports betting sites in South Africa.

But we also detail our analysis in order to allow you to know more and understand our rating. We indeed offer a complete review of each bookmaker on a dedicated page, which takes the form of a thorough and in-depth analysis of the site.

Why we are credible in choosing the best bookmakers in Cape Town

  • Our objective: help you choose better among the many sports betting sites available on the market.
  • Our approach : analyze in detail each site to compare the information in an exhaustive way.
  • Our method : test the platforms in real conditions in order to provide you with an objective opinion.
  • Our philosophy: be honest with you, we transcribe our comparisons in full transparency.
  • Our expertise : you can trust our experience, we have been analyzing all sports betting sites for you for 10 years in more than 25 different countries!

Our Team of Sports Betting Experts South Africa

Thomas, expert en paris sportifs au South Africa
Thomas, sports betting expert in South Africa

South African and English, my 2 nationalities allow me to not only understand the South African sports betting market well, but also to be attentive to the English language on all the sites we analyze for you. I am particularly interested in hockey, football, and tennis. Recently, I have developed an interest in baseball and motorcycling.

  • Editor-in-chief for Вatabasebasketball South Africa
  • Web expert and sports betting sites in South Africa
  • Specialist in sports betting on English-speaking markets
Louis, spécialiste en bookmakers
Louis, specialist in bookmakers

Passionate about sports since forever, I worked for a few years in E-commerce before meeting the team at Being able to combine my writing skills with one of my passions is an incredible challenge. If you have any technical questions about bookmakers and bonuses, I'm here to answer them.

  • Web expert and sports betting sites
  • Specialist in sports betting on English-speaking markets
Laure, rédactrice web
Laure, web editor

New addition to the team, I have been betting for several years now. For me, it is important to be able to bet on a wide variety of sports and types of bets. My bets are primarily live, on rugby and the NBA. I prefer to bet on an innovative bookmaker with a wide range of features rather than focusing on promotions or bonuses.