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The online poker giant is also a major player in sports betting. The bookmaker is an example for its competitors. It dominates the top positions in rankings thanks to an excellent bonus and very competitive odds. A simple yet impactful style. Another important point, Winamax knows how to please its users by generating bonuses for its loyal players. It's a very good choice.

Winamax - Notes

  • Very good bonus
  • Very competitive odds
  • Promos on the networks
  • fantasy league
  • Mobile app
  • Unreachable by phone
  • Site interface not very modern
Welcome offer
Mobile experience
Payment Options
User experience
Customer service
General note
Winamax Online
Type of games sports betting, live betting, online poker
Deposit Methods VISA Card, MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller, Paysafecard, Ticket-premium, Paypal, Paylib, Bank transfer
Withdrawal methods Bank Transfer
Betting Features Live Betting & Cash Out
Owner Alexander Roos
Year of creation 2006
Headquarters Paris

I bet with Winamax.

🦉🦉 ¦ - The Bonus €100 refunded in free bets is a benchmark. The best betting sites align themselves with this first free bet because the bet conditions are extremely advantageous for users. . Winamax, it's also the best odds of the online betting market. Two major strengths.

¦¦ - The catalog is consistent for the American market. All the favorite sports of the American are available for you to bet on a maximum of events. All this with a good diversity of betting modes.

¦ - Ergonomics The Winamax website is aging. That doesn't mean the navigation is bad. Other competitors like Unibet simply offer interfaces that are more readable and intuitive.

Our opinion on Winamax

Winamax is one of the most versatile betting sites on the market. Our study includes 8 factors that allow for a comprehensive analysis of sports betting sites. When we conducted this study, the findings were striking: Winamax ranks among the top betting sites in 3/4 of our study.

  1. Ergonomics
    Surely the weak point of Winamax. An interface that lacks relief and modernism to facilitate user navigation. Sports betting is accessible but it is clearly not the most beautiful site of our selection. The site is not at the level of quality of the bookmaker in general. When we look at the level of the application, we say to ourselves that Winamax has clearly chosen to favor one support rather than another.
  2. Catalog
    Winamax surely has the best catalog with Unibet. Both for the number of sports offered and the diversity of bets. If you are a multisport player, this online betting site is a treat. Winamax is a reference for betting on the soccer thanks to its ratings of course, but it also owes it to the diversity of its catalog.
  3. Feature
    All the features a leader in sports betting needs. Live performance, an engaging trainer's game and cashout insurance since 2018. A complete bookmaker. Live streaming and betting are also considered the best. You have access to hundreds of matches every day.
  4. Coast
    In this sector Winamax knocks out other betting sites. Difficult to find a more competitive bookmaker on odds. The difference is even more obvious in major competitions and football bets. If the whole of the market harmonizes, Winamax remains a notch above. Without competition on football, other sites may have the same odds on rugby, basketball or even tennis. The gap is less marked on these disciplines.
  5. Application
    If the site is average, the Winamax sports betting application is of a better level. More modern, navigation is more pleasant and intuitive. Its ease of use allows you to find your bearings quickly. The Winamax app is available on Appstore and on Playstore . With a rating of 4.6, users are overall very satisfied with the betting site.
  6. Legality
    The Winamax site is registered by the National Gaming Authority for many years. With these leaders, you have nothing to worry about. The bookmaker has a license for online poker and one for sports betting.
  7. Customer service
    No phone, no live chat. You can only contact Winamax via a mail address or a contact form. Even if the interlocutors are reactive it is not enough for a site of the size of Winamax. The best sports betting sites have a telephone line or live chat available 7 days a week.
  8. Bonuses
    A reference for some time. The welcome offer is among the best of 2024 . You get a free bet 100% refunded if he loses. Only some bookamkers are doing just as well this year. You benefit from $100 refunded on your player account if your bet loses. Unlike other operators, you replay your bonus with the same conditions as your first bet and not with a free bet.
Winamax paris sportifs
The conclusion of our opinion on Winamax


Winamax Is it the best sports betting site? It's possible from a point of view of odds and bonuses distributed. Overall, Winamax is a leader, but maybe not number 1 in all factors studied. If the bonus of Winamax and that of Betclic compete for the title of best bonus, the interface of Unibet is it a level above, for example. Choosing Winamax is a very good choice because it remains one of the most versatile betting sites. In the Top 3 of sports betting sites this year. Few sites can claim to be in the Top 3 of our most important factors. Winamax, Betclic, Unibet, you can go there with your eyes closed.

Question and Answer on Winamax and sports betting

¥ Is the first Winamax bet generous with new customers?

For our team, Winamax offers one of the best bonuses for new customers. Don't rely on the amount. It's the conditions associated with the offer that make this bonus very generous for new customers. Winamax is one of the only bookmakers to have such a simple bonus.

¯ Are the Winamax odds really different?

According to bookmakers, odds can vary much more than we imagine. The market has overall harmonized but there is still a gap between the favorites and the outsiders mainly in smaller events and secondary sports. For football, Winamax is unrivaled.

★¤ï What is a refunded bet? the Winamax bonus.

A reimbursed bet of $100 in cash on your bookmaker account is a sign-up bonus offered by some sites. Unlike the majority of cases, your bonus is paid in real money and not in free bets. The conditions vary depending on the sports betting sites. To find out more, Click here .

¥ Why choose Winamax?

For its ability to offer 70% of the best odds on football and major sports. The overall quality of the bookmaker for all important factors such as sign-up bonus and features (cash out, live betting, streaming...)

µ Can I deposit with PayPal on Winamax?


Winamax also accepts PayPal for your deposits but not for your withdrawals. Only bank transfers and Skrill are available for your Winamax withdrawals.

¥ Is the Winamax cash out available?

Winamax is known for the generosity and diversity of its Cash OUT offers. This is indeed one of the main reasons why experienced players choose this bookmaker. It is safe to say that Winamax is one of the two most successful operators for this functionality.

The Winamax bonus, a refunded bet or a free bet?

Until $100

The $100 Winamax free bet is a reference. The best betting sites offer equivalent amounts in the form of a free bet. The conditions for playing the bonus are therefore more advantageous on Winamax because if you lose your first bet, your account is in a free bet.

  • Sum : $100 (excluding promotion period)
  • Kind : Refunded in free bet
  • Difficulty of use : Very Easy
  • Bonus Rating : 10/10 ★ï

¤ To note: You do not need a particular Winamax promo code when registering. You will receive your validation code after following the steps to register. On the other hand, other Winamax promo codes can be allocated during major sporting events or to reward you for your loyalty. Pay attention to the promotion tab and follow the bookmaker on social networks so you don't miss any opportunity to increase your winnings.

Winamax Bonus Terms
  • Winamax refunds the first bet made on if it loses, within the limit of the amount of the first deposit.
  • This offer is valid for a single bet, a combined bet or a MyMatch bet.
  • To be eligible for the refund, the stake limit of the first bet must be 100 euros .
  • If the first bet made is not eligible (bet greater than the maximum amount or system bet), it is the next first eligible bet that will benefit from the bonus. refund offer.
  • The refund is paid to the account Winamax of the user once the bet is over if he is a loser.
  • The player must have a validated account to receive his refund (validated identity papers and proof of address). If the account is not yet validated, the refund will be placed on hold in the player's account and will be credited once the account has been fully validated.
  • It is not possible to perform a Cashout on the first Winamax free bet.
  • This offer is valid for the first sports bet placed within 90 days of the first deposit.

Winamax promotions:

  • Regular promotions
  • Referral bonus
  • Boosted odds
  • Specific games ★

Winamax app

The Winamax app is of a different standard than the site. Much more modern and intuitive, if you choose Winamax it is also for its powerful app . Available on iPhone and Android, the app is a success. The number of players using the app is actually larger than the number of players on the website. Proof that the mobile interface offers a highly optimized version to its users. All functionalities and options are accessible with the same simplicity as on the website. Winamax clearly focused its investments on its app.

Advantages & Disadvantages of the Winamax app

Ÿ” Ergonomics
📝 All features available (streaming, statistics, account management)
🔝 Authentication with Fingerprint

★Œ No shortcuts to your favorite bets

Download the Winamax application

Winamax on iPhone ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï

Download the Winamax application on your iPhone or your iPad to start betting and enjoy your bonus. The Winamax application is among the top 3 on the Apple download platform.

Winamax on Android ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï

This application is of course available on your Android phone for free download. The quality of support is similar to that of the app on Iphone.

To note : The Winamax application is rated 4.6/5 by users. This is the second best score behind Unibet with 4.8. ¤©

App winamax

Winamax sports betting for all tastes

Available on Winamax United States


  • Video Streaming ★
  • Teams and players statistics ★
  • Lotto football ★
  • Fantasy League ★
  • Live Betting ★
  • Cash out ★

Winamax Cash out

The cash out is one of the strong points of the bookmaker for experienced bettors. This option has become essential for bettors' strategies. Winamax manages to offer the functionality on the vast majority of the matches it offers.

Winamax Live Betting ★±

Live betting represents an increasingly large portion of bets placed on all legal betting sites. Winamax is in the top 5 bookmakers with the best odds for your live bets. As with cash out, the offer is widely available.

Winamax Free Bets °

We are talking here about freebets offered every week. The amount is often around $5 or $10. These small bonuses are distributed on social networks or on the Promotion tab. These offers are often associated with big competitions or important events.

Winamax soccer betting

Winamax is for us on the podium of the best sports betting sites for football betting . Thanks to its complete catalog and its odds above the market, you can implement a more profitable strategy than on most sports betting sites. Most football betting experts encourage you to choose Winamax. The difference in odds on certain matches is significant enough to make players who are with Winamax's competitors think twice. With more 70% of the best football odds The bookmaker is being established as a preferred choice among users.

The functionalities and options of the site are available on the majority of football matches on the site or on the application .

★½ï Why choose Winamax to bet football?

  1. Its application
  2. Best football odds
  3. Winamax sign-up bonus
  4. His cash outs and live football bets

Winamax Paris Formula 1

Winamax is one of the most successful bookmakers for Formula 1. There are few bookmakers that emphasize this sport in our territory. Thanks to the performance and intuitive nature of its applications, we have a lot of fun every Sunday. Another strong point of Winamax is its odds. Like many sports, the operator is one of the most generous with its customers. Formula 1 does not deviate from this rule.

ï Why choose Winamax to bet on Formula 1?

  1. Its application
  2. Best odds on Formula 1
  3. Odds for live betting

Winamax Paris Tennis

It cannot be said that Winamax is truly specialized in tennis sports betting. However, its offer is very satisfying. The catalog is complete and the site offers a nice diversity of types of bets. With generous odds on major tournaments, the bookmaker is one of the preferred choices for occasional bettors.

¾ Why choose Winamax to bet on Tennis?

  1. Live betting and cash out for tennis
  2. Good odds on ATP
  3. Winamax TV offers a lot of matches

Winamax with PayPal

The most common payment methods on Winamax are credit card and Paypal . These solutions are also the ones we recommend to you. The level of security for these options is higher than other deposit methods. Moreover, banking institutions and PayPal They make a lot of effort to monitor all transactions on sports betting sites. Note that the majority of sites offer a large number of methods for deposits but only a few options for withdrawals. Winamax, for example, offers Skrill and bank transfers.

Overall, the other methods are developing quite rapidly, but 80% of the market is now covered by Paypal and banks.

«· Winamax Deposit & Withdrawal Information «·

  • Minimum deposit: 5 euros
  • Fees for deposits: None
  • Minimum withdrawal: 15 euros
  • Fees for withdrawals: No
  • Winning limits: $200,000 per bet

Winamax , Our opinion

Winamax Bonuses

Until $100