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United States-bet

Until $100 + $50

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United States-bet Overview

Louis Jouhet

Louis Jouhet

United States-pari is a American sports betting site. Despite a fairly classic design, United States-pari highlights other strengths to compete with the best bookmakers. The site benefits in particular from attractive betting modes and a diversified catalog. With a decent bonus and improving odds, United States-pari is an outsider gradually making progress. Ÿ‡Β«Ÿ‡Β·

United States-betting score

  • Catalog diversity
  • Successful traditional betting mode
  • fantasy league
  • Various deposit modes
  • Ergonomics
  • Average odds
Welcome offer
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Mobile experience
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Payment Options
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User experience
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United States-pari In 2 words...
Site www.United States-pari.com
Type of games Sports betting, Live betting, Horse betting
Deposit Methods VISA Card, MasterCard, Paypal, Skrill, Paysafecard, Ticket-premium, Moneyclic, Paylib, Bank Transfer
Withdrawal methods Bank Transfer
Betting Features Live betting, Combinations, Fantasy league & Cash Out
Year of creation 2008
Headquarters Toulouse


ŸΒ¦‰ŸΒ¦‰ Β¦ Features United States pari's offers are of very good quality. The boosted accumulator betting and the cash out are references in the American market. The loto foot and the fantasy league bring freshness to the user experience compared to many competitors.

¦¦ Bonuses United States pari is quite interesting even if the conditions can sometimes be a bit complicated. The displayed $150 free bet is actually divided into 2 offers of $100 + $50. It is necessary to focus on the conditions in order to fully enjoy this bonus, which is not recommended for beginners.

Β¦ Ergonomics is not bad but the American bookmaker uses SportNco as a betting provider just like many other sites. Therefore, the design of the site is not very distinctive.

Bonus Sports:

Until $100 + $50

Terms: 0x Bonus amount minimum odds: No minimum Bonus codes: no codes

Our opinion United States Pari

United States-bet is a rapidly growing outsider. Its very "American" image and its slightly old-school website reassure some of its customers. Despite this, its offer expands every year and its features multiply. One piece of advice, keep an eye on the American betting website, we wouldn't be surprised to see it rise in the ranks. best sports betting sites In a few moments.

  1. Ergonomics
    Registration is easy, the navigation rather clear, it is a site without faults that United States-pari offers. We hope that the site and its provider will continue to develop to offer a slightly more modern interface. Nothing dramatic but it is pleasant to sail on intuitive websites with a slightly more original design. This is the only problem with turnkey platforms... Your offer is often the same as other sites. It is therefore more complicated to stand out and attract new customers.
  2. Catalog
    A good catalog with an ample variety of choices. The grids are at the level of the best American bookmakers . We feel the difference between the specialists of the American market and the foreign bookmakers. United States bet knows where it must invest and make efforts to attract American customers.
  3. Feature
    Cash out, boosted handsets and live bets are classic but effective. A large number of testimonials praise their ease of use. We wish to emphasize the fantasy league and the Lotofoot because these are services that are increasingly being lost at the best betting sites. These options provide animation and a bit of originality-Pari. We can however regret not having access to streaming. Video broadcasts bring real interest to live betting.
  4. Coast
    United States bet does not achieve a bang on this side. Winamax, Unibet and Zebet are difficult to compete in this sector. It is a pity that the American betting site does not take a little more market share because it is an important point for many customers. Even if the difference between the odds of the betting sites is not huge, when you multiply it by the number of bets, a profit gap can arise. Only bettors F rancid football bet take advantage of the best odds from time to time.
  5. Application
    Like the site, the application is a great tool. Efficient and readable, you only need a few moments to familiarize yourself with the different menus. The United States Pari application is intuitive and fast to give you an ever more efficient user experience. The United States Pari app is available on the Apple store and on the Google Play Store .
  6. Legality
    The site is approved ARJEL since several 2010. Even if United States Pari is not one of the big sports betting sites, you can bet without fear. The bookmaker has the big advantage of having its headquarters. This is a point that rightly reassures many users.
  7. Assistance
    A telephone number of the Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Saturday 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. and an email address 7/7 and 24/24. United States bet could do a little better with services open on weekends and especially a live chat. Instant messengers are very interesting tools for their reactive character. We can nevertheless point out that United States Pari makes the effort to keep its customer service at 100%.
  8. Bonuses
    A not-so-classic United States Pari Bonus. If the amounts are in the high average of the competitors ( 100+50 free bet ). A generous sum that sometimes covers more complex conditions to access this $50 extension pack for example. United States-pari offers other bonuses and promotions during your life as a bettor in the tradition of American sites. Do not hesitate to click on the promotion & info tab to have the latest promotions of the moment.

United States-bet is a pleasant and classic betting site. If you are a beginner or are a fan of simple bets, it is a perfect companion. The best betting site? Maybe not, but a safe and easy betting site. Free betting will help you capitalize on your initial bet to start your career and create profit. Note the few options such as the Fantasy league or the football grids that bring a lot of originality to the American bookmaker. Finally, their customer service is always a point to consider.

Question & Answer United States-Pari: Paris, Sports.

Does United States-pari offer sports betting abroad?


Even though the Toulouse bookmaker specializes in American sports betting, you can obviously bet on foreign championships or international competitions.

Β₯ Is the United States Pari bonus a good free bet?

This is a good question. Yes, for more experienced bettors. Therefore, we have created a dedicated page for bonuses. Explanation, definition, and examples. Everything is there. It's here.

β˜…Β½Γ― United States bet is it a good site to bet on football?

United States pari is a multisport website with a specialization in football. The site is suitable for intermediate and beginner bettors for the quality of its simple bets. The bookmaker occasionally offers the best odds on the American football market.

What are the conditions of the United States Pari free bet?

$150 offered on sports : Your first sports bet refunded up to $100 if it loses + $50 free bet based on your stakes

  • $10 offered from $100 wagered
  • $10 offered from $200 wagered
  • $10 offered from $300 wagered
  • $10 offered from $400 wagered
  • $10 offered from $500 wagered

To learn more, see our paragraph on the bonus.

United States betting app

L' United States Pari app is a tool from the supplier Sportnco. This company offers similar applications for Netbet, Zebet, and United States pari. Despite a lack of identity, it must be recognized that this mobile application works without too many bugs or slowdowns. The interface is more modern than the website and the navigation level of the good applications. United States bet It is therefore recommended on mobile. The only step we prioritize on the mobile site is the deposit of money because it is easier.

Advantages & Disadvantages

Ÿ” Intuitive ergonomics
πŸ” All available features (Fantasy league, statistics, account management)

❌ No shortcuts to your favorite bets
β˜…Œ Authentication with Fingerprint
❌ Some bugs on the Android version

Download the United States Pari application

United States Pari iPhone β˜…Γ―β˜…Γ―β˜…Γ―β˜…Γ―β˜…Γ―

You can download your United States betting app on your iPhone or iPad in a few seconds. All you need to do is establish the associated search and download the app.

United States Pari Android β˜…Γ―β˜…Γ―β˜…Γ―β˜…Γ―

You can also download your United States Pari application on an Android mobile. Use the same process and log in with the credentials you provided during your registration on the website.

United States Pari, the bonus of the moment

United States pari gratuit

100 euros refunded and $50 bonus according to stakes.

United States-Pari +

Special functions on United States-Pari

  • Video Streaming β˜…
  • Teams and players statistics β˜…
  • Lotto football β˜…
  • Fantasy League β˜…

United States free bet

Until $100 + $50

The bonus United States Pari is a free bet valid for 30 days after its availability. With a total of $150 is one of the free bets

$150 offered on sports : Your 1st refunded sports bet up to $100 if it loses + $50 Freebet based on your stakes

The conditions of the Sign-up Bonus

    For a first lost bet, the player will receive his freebet in two parts:

    1. 20% of the amount of the 1st bet immediately as soon as the result of the bet is validated.
    2. 80% remaining at the validation of his player account in 4 Freebets of an equal amount, i.e. Remaining amount of the bonus to be recovered.
    3. Only the net winnings (i.e. the difference between the amount of the winning and the amount of the free bet) linked to a free bet can be withdrawn.
    4. Expiration of the free bet: if the free bet is not used by the player within 30 days of its availability on his gaming account, the free bet will no longer be valid.
    5. As part of this offer, only one entry per person is permitted. If a person has attempted to open several game accounts, any bonus that has been paid to him will be withdrawn immediately.
    6. We reserve the right to request identification documents from any player before crediting their free bet.
    7. We reserve the right to cancel this offer, or change the terms and conditions at any time without notice.

Max $50 Extension Pack

  • $10 offered from $100 wagered
  • $10 offered from $200 wagered
  • $10 offered from $300 wagered
  • $10 offered from $400 wagered
  • $10 offered from $500 wagered

    Β°Other types of bonuses and promotions:

      • Regular promotions: Yes
      • Referral bonus: Yes
      • Odds Boost: Yes

      United States Pari to bet on American football β˜…Β½Γ―

      The best sports betting sites All of them pay special attention to football. In Europe and in the majority of countries around the world, football is the sport with the highest betting amounts. United States Bet does not deviate from this rule. The American betting site offers a Fantasy League on football as well as other football services.

      Betting on football is not only a question of odds

      The majority of cash outs, live bets or boosted accumulators are available for a large number of football matches. This particular attention to game modes allows United States pari to make up for odds that are not always up to date. The strategy between risk and security remains the key.

      Why choose United States Pari to bet football?

      1. Its application
      2. His football catalog
      3. His Fantasy League
      4. 1N2 betting

      Payment methods United States-Pari

      «· Information Deposit & Withdrawal United States Pari «·

      • Minimum deposit: $20 for the 1st deposit and $10 for the following ones
      • Fees for deposits: None
      • Minimum withdrawal: 10 euros
      • Fee for withdrawals: No (1 withdrawal every 7 days free)
      • Winning limits: $5,000 per single bet, $10,000 per combination bet
      • Minimum bet: 10 cents
      • Minimum odds: 1.10

      United States bet with Paypal and credit card

      The best bookmakers all have a large number of deposit methods such as PayPal The number of deposit methods is not a determining factor as customers use 90% their credit card and their Paypal account.

      The American trust the security of banks and Paypal for their transaction on the web.

      This is the main reason why these entities have a monopoly on the web and particularly in the world of online sports betting. It is always preferable to have a maximum of methods available to players, however, you realize the lesser importance of this diversity.

      For withdrawals, the situation is even simpler. 80% of the websites only offer bank transfer, while the remaining 20% also offer Skrill.