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Everything you need to know about the first refunded bet and the "100 euros offered" bet

Sports bets refunded

Sports bets refunded are rare bonuses because they are very expensive for sports betting sites . These are very good offers for customers because you take less risk. L associated conditions refunded bonuses are very advantageous in relation to those of a free bet so don't just rely on the sum . This page is dedicated to reimbursed bets, but there are other pages dedicated to free bets and no deposit bonuses on

Bonus paris sportif

the first bet refunded


Better odds
  • Very good bonus
  • Very competitive odds
  • Promos on the networks
  • fantasy league
  • Mobile app
  • Unreachable by phone
  • Site interface not very modern
Welcome offer
Until $100
See the offer See website
Site: Founded:2006
Owner:Alexander Roos Headquarters:Paris
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Author: Louis Louis

The giant of online poker is also a major player in sports betting. The bookmaker is an example for its competitors. It holds the top spots in the rankings thanks to an excellent bonus and very competitive odds. A simple but impactful style. Another important point, Winamax knows how to please its users by generating bonuses for its loyal players. It's a very good choice.

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The bet refunded, the best bonus

The refunded bet is our preferred welcome bonus. Why? It is suitable for all types of players, from beginners to experts. It is also the only offer that allows you to truly take no risk. We have created a page to help you decrypt the different registration offers.

The only sign-up bonus credited to your real money player account.

Only 2 betting sites offer you 100 euros refunded despite everything you may read. Because a free bet is not a reimbursed bet. To understand the differences between bookmakers' bonuses, you need to understand the associated conditions.

Premier pari rembourse

First bet refunded is the best sign-up bonus for beginners and advanced players.

No. Bonuses minimum odds Min deposit AT

Until 100$

minimum odds:No minimum

Min deposit: 10$

See the offer See website

Until 100$

minimum odds: 1.01

Min deposit: 15$

See the offer See website

Until 100$

minimum odds: 1.01

Min deposit: 5$

See the offer See website

Until 100$

minimum odds: No minimum

Min deposit: 5$

See the offer See website

Until 120$

minimum odds: 1.1

Min deposit: 10$

See the offer See website

Until 125$

minimum odds:No minimum

Min deposit: 10$

See the offer See website

Until 100$

minimum odds:1.10

Min deposit: 1$

See the offer See website

Until 100$

minimum odds:No minimum

Min deposit: 5$

See the offer See website

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Asking the right questions to choose the right sports betting site and the right bonus.

¤·★★ï What is a refunded bet?

A refunded bet is a welcome offer or a temporary promotion. Your bet is credited in real money to your player account if the bet is lost. This is the major difference with a free bet.

How do I get my first bet refunded?

You must register, deposit money and validate your account on the sports betting site of your choice. We recommend choosing Winamax as it is the best refundable bet. Only PMU and Winamax offer a true first refundable bet.

★ï Winamax or Pmu, which offers the best refunded bet?

The two bookmakers have similar refunded bets. Therefore, you cannot differentiate them on this point. Overall Winamax Has an advantage over PMU. Better odds, application and a more interesting catalog. There is a world of difference between the two betting sites.

¤ Why choose a first bet refunded?

This is the most suitable offer if you are starting sports betting. You take no risk on your first bet. However, we must admit that the free bet Betclic (winning or losing) is also a very good offer.

° Is the refunded bet free?

You must deposit a certain amount of money on the betting site before you can take advantage of your first refunded bet. So we would tend to answer, no. However, the deposited amount is refunded to your player account if your first bet is lost.

Who has the best refunded bet in 2024?

The best refundable bet is the one from Winamax but the best sports betting bonus is the one from Betclic. In any case, these two sites are two of our favorite choices. We have written an article to compare them: Betclic or Winamax

§ Can I transfer the money directly to my account?

Yes. In most cases, you can withdraw your profits to your bank account once you have played. In other cases, you may need to play your bet one or two times before you can withdraw your money. Read the terms and conditions of your bonus to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

What tactic should I use for my refunded bet?

We advise new players to bet their bonus on a combination bet with odds between two and three. Bet on three matches with odds between 1.25 and 1.60, for example.

first bet refunded, How does it work?

How does it work?
This year, only two betting sites have decided to offer this type of welcome offer. The reason is simple. It is a costly offer for a bookmaker and very advantageous for customers. So you have every interest in registering on one of these two sites to start betting. Just follow the registration steps to take advantage of the offer. Then, don't forget to read the sports betting conditions to place your first bet.

Is this a good offer?


Yes , this refunded sports betting is an excellent offer for new bettors as well as for experienced ones because it allows taking maximum risk and thus foreseeing a significant initial capital.

To know: The starting capital is decisive in the strategy of a sports bettor. It allows you to take more or less risk depending on the stakes. We remind you that it is impossible to win every time. Good bettors are those who correctly manage their bets according to risk. Trying odds at 30 every day makes no sense...

Premier pari rembourse winamax

First bet refunded Winamax

first bet refunded, what you need to know.

The first refunded bet is a simple offer. However, you must fulfill some conditions in order to take advantage of it. Regardless of the betting site you choose, the conditions will be quite similar. Here are some basic rules for refunded bets.

Basic conditions of the refunded bet

  • Be a natural person at least 18 years old, we ask you to enter your date of birth.
  • Have a BIC / IBAN in his name and first name.
  • Have read the Rules and the general conditions of the account and accept their application.
  • Fund your account with a minimum amount.
  • Acknowledge that the betting contract is deemed to be formed and governed by American law.

Specific conditions of the refunded bet °

  • Respect the validity dates of the bonus
  • Validate your account
  • Two-step refund

These conditions to benefit from a first bet refund are imposed by the National Gaming Authority. Whether it is for a freebet or a refunded bet the conditions are the same.

How to find the best refunded sports bet?

You must take into consideration several elements to find the right sports betting offer reimbursed. The different factors below will help you in your search. As you have understood, the reimbursed bet is not a very popular bonus with bookmakers because it is very advantageous for customers.

Important data to choose your Bet refunded :

  • Bet amount refunded
    Do not focus on the limit amount of the bet offered. The true amount of the bet is the sum divided by the risk. Large amounts are often more risky because the conditions imposed are complicated to validate. Never lose sight that the objective is to validate your bet regardless of the form or amount of the bonus. 100 euros refunded is a very good bonus.
  • Refunded bet conditions
    More than the amount, beware of the conditions of refunded bets. They give you an overview of the real value of the bonus. The most common conditions are validity dates, restrictions on cash withdrawals of your winnings and restrictions on playing your bet on certain modes or certain minimum odds.
  • Minimum odds of the sports bet refunded
    The minimum odds at which you must place your bet to validate the offer. There isn't necessarily any, but some betting sites impose some.
  • Validity period of the refunded bet
    You often have a period of 7 to 60 days to use your 100 euros refunded.

To know : the period of validity of your offer can also be the time you have to place a bet. Never forget to read the conditions of sports betting sites.

The best bet refunded

Winamax, the most versatile

Until $100

Winamax is definitely one of the best betting sites in 2024. The bookmaker offers the best market odds and also the best signup bonus in its category. Strong arguments in favor of choosing this platform. Regular promotions s sont un autre point fort du site spécialisé dans le poker en ligne et les paris sportifs.

Why choose Winamax?

  1. odds
  2. The sign-up bonus
  3. Regular promo codes

Tips for validating a refunded bet

Validating your refunded bet is the first step of the objective Don't be mistaken, you must aim for a "big hit" to maneuver more easily later on. In sports betting, you win and you lose. Therefore, it is important to know where and when to take these risks. A bet of 100 euros offered is widely sufficient to create a sufficient heritage. Do not chase the few additional euros from other models of sign up bonus . Focus on your bet once you have chosen your bookmaker .

Our advice to validate your first refunded bet:

  1. Choose odds from 2.5 to 4.5
  2. Place $100 on your first bet
  3. Combine small odds
  4. Read the conditions of the refunded bet (period of validity)

Co Best Bets Refunded

PMU, The co best reimbursed bet of the year

Until $100

We want to honor the American betting site Because it is too often underrated. La generosity This bonus is a positive sign for this site that continues to improve over the years.

Why choose PMU?

  1. Its application
  2. rugby, tennis
  3. Its Signup Bonus

PMU paris rembourses

The refunded bet available on your application

La parole du sage 🧘🏼
The word of the wise §¼ Well, the expert

The bet refunded is the simplest offer on the market. If one needs to obviously read conditions To avoid any unpleasant surprises, there is no easier-to-use bonus.

Do not pay attention to the sums, but to the conditions!

100 euros refunded is a more advantageous bonus than $150 in free bet in the vast majority of cases. 😃

Bet refunded, a one-time promotion too

The bet refunded is also a promotion offered punctually by bookmakers. Pmu and Winamax are not the only ones to distribute this kind of offer this time. These promotions are also a determining factor for bettors. If the first refunded bet represents the possibility of building a substantial reserve of funds,

daily bonuses are real long-term boosters.

As you can see below, the differences between refunded bets on registration and others are quite substantial. However, the operation is generally similar. If you lose your bet, the stake is refunded to your player account. 🌟

If you want to know more about promotional codes, we invite you to visit our dedicated page.

Registration °ï Punctual ±ï
★ Between $100 and $150

★œ… Between 5 and 10 $

★ Validity: Medium ★ Validity: Short
★ Conditions: Strict ★ Conditions: Soft

Unibet: Promotions every week

Until $100

Unibet is one of the first betting sites to have proposed a free bet as a welcome offer. His bonus has since been copied by half of the American bookmakers. It is a slightly less advantageous bonus than the refunded bet. However, Unibet offers

Why choose Unibet?

  1. Its application
  2. Its ratings
  3. Its catalog and its features

first bet refunded $100

$200, $150 or $100, the amounts of the welcome offers offered by sports betting sites are decisive marketing weapons to attract new players . However, the biggest bonus is often not the best. Why? Bookmakers are engaged in a fierce war to offer the best bonus, but also the one that will cost them less. Do not be mistaken, the amount is only the visible part of the iceberg. The betting conditions are the true reflection of the generosity of a sports betting site.

⚠️ For this reason, we consider refunded bets to be the best offer in the market.

The factors of offers to check:

  • The amount
  • The minimum odds
  • The validity period
  • The type of refund

The 100 $ cashback offer is very rare. Only two bookmakers have decided to offer it in 2024. With good reason, the conditions greatly favor the players. This bonus is therefore costly for the bookmaker. That's why choosing Winamax is a very good idea. The overall quality of the bookmaker puts it in the top 3 American sites.

The list below presents all reimbursed bets and the freebet de 100$. Nous les avons classés du plus avantageux aux moins avantageux pour les nouveaux clients.

First bet $100 refunded or free

The refunded bet versus the free bet

The refunded bet is highlighted by our team because it takes less risk for users on their first bet. We present here the main differences between these two bonuses.

Free Bets VS Refunded Bets

  • Are: Advantage Free Bets
  • Terms: Advantage Paris reimbursed ★¤ï
  • Probability of re-crediting real money: Reimbursed Paris Advantage ★¤ï
  • For the novices: Reimbursed Paris Advantage ★¤ï

Today, 80% of bookmakers offer free bets as a bonus. Apart from the Betclic bonus, which is a very good free bet, none do better than the two refunded bets that we present to you on this page.

Note: If Unibet is for us the best sports betting site, Winamax and Betclic are superior to it in terms of the registration bonus.

The first refunded bet and its terms of use.

The refunded bet and its conditions

  1. The betting site refunds the first bet made if it loses, within the limit of the amount of the first deposit.
  2. This offer is valid for a single bet, a combined bet or a MyMatch bet.
  3. To be eligible for the refund, the maximum stake on the first bet must be $100, up to the amount of the first deposit.
  4. If the first bet made is not eligible (bet greater than the maximum amount or system bet), it is the next first eligible bet that will benefit from the bonus. refund offer.
  5. The refund is paid in real money to the player's account once the bet is over if he is a loser.
  6. The player must have a validated account to receive his refund (validated identity papers, RIB and proof of address). If the account is not yet validated, the refund will be placed on hold in the player's account and will be credited once the account has been fully validated.
  7. It is not possible to Cashout or complete the first bet.
  8. This offer is valid for the first sports bet placed within 30 days of the first deposit.
Our opinion on refunded bets ★ï

Go for it! Let it be with Winamax or , the 100 euros refunded are the best registration offers that you can take advantage of. These two websites offer very simple conditions and respect their customers. We give an advantage to Winamax if you want to bet mostly on football or tennis, and if you want to bet on rugby. This Bonus greatly contributes to the very good ranking of these sites for the title of best betting site 2024 (particularly Winamax). We appreciate sites that don't try to trap new customers with bonuses whose transparency leaves something to be desired. In short, with these two, you can make a first risk-free bet. Always read the bonus terms and conditions to avoid unpleasant surprises.