Sports betting with Paypal

There exists in United States a multitude of payment methods for betting. In 2024, most sports betting sites are now accessible with PayPal . Betting online with Paypal has never been easier.

Here is the list of sports betting sites that accept this method of payment. deposit .
Deposits with PayPal represent 20 to 30% of all the deposits in the hexagon. 🇫🇷


No. Bonuses minimum odds Min deposit AT

Until 100$

minimum odds:No minimum

Min deposit: 5$

See the offer See website

Until 100$

minimum odds: 1.01

Min deposit: 15$

See the offer See website

Until 100$

minimum odds: 1,01

Min deposit: 5$

See the offer See website

Until 150$

minimum odds:No minimum

Min deposit: 15$

See the offer See website

Until 100$

minimum odds:No minimum

Min deposit: 10$

See the offer See website

Until 120$

minimum odds: 1.1

Min deposit: 10$

See the offer See website

Until 100$

minimum odds:No minimum

Min deposit: 5$

See the offer See website


FAQ to answer questions about the relationship between Paypal and bookmakers

★ What is the best betting site with paypal?

The competition between Winamax and Unibet is fierce to know who is the best site in 2020. Both bookmakers obviously offer PayPal as a deposit option. If you only bet on football, Winamax may be the best. For all other sports and criteria, Unibet is our preference.

µ How to deposit on a site with paypal?

Each site is specific, but deposits with PayPal on betting sites are simple and fast. Check that the site you are going to deposit on is listed on We only reference legal sites.

¶ Is it possible to make withdrawals with Paypal?

No, it is currently impossible to withdraw your winnings with Paypal. American betting sites only allow bank transfers and Skrill in some cases.

Paypal / Banks, same trust rate?

Yes. Paypal is clearly as secure as your bank. The American company benefits from the best insurance in the online payment market. In addition, most administrative procedures are faster and less tedious. If PayPal is not necessarily better than a bank, it is definitely a complementary tool.

Are Paypal deposits secure?

Yes. But be careful!

We only guarantee the sites present on . There are many fraudulent sports betting sites.

How to withdraw money from a bookmaker?

Simply enough. Follow a few steps by logging into your account and then your wallet. You will find a button to transfer to a withdrawal method that you have already registered. Unfortunately, no Paypal for withdrawal methods at the moment.

What is the commission for depositing with Paypal?

There is no commission when you deposit with Paypal. This is one of the advantages of the American electronic wallets.

ª½ What are the advantages of Paypal for betting online?

The big strong points The payment methods accepted by Paypal for online betting are:

  • Fraud insurance
  • The speed of operations
  • No commission

( The only weak point: Paypal is not offered as a means of withdrawal on American betting sites)

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Sports betting & Paypal: The little info ★¡ï

As you can see, many sports betting sites offer payment with PayPal . This means of payment is quite recent among bookmakers. You can benefit from your registration bonus just like with a deposit by credit card. In most cases, the bonuses are between 100 and 150 euros of online bets. PayPal .

In United States, Paypal is the most used means of payment after the credit card.

Do not forget to cross-reference this information with the various rankings on our website. Because if bet with paypal there is an important data, we analyze many other factors to enable you to find the best betting site . Our bookmakers tests take into account 8 data points. Payment options such as Paypal are just one part of the entire test. You will notice that the majority of betting sites offer at least 5 options to deposit money.


A few years after its launch, PayPal has reached a symbolic milestone. The California-based company specializing in online payments now has over 11 million d'utilisateurs en United States."This represents more than 25% of online purchases", testifies Caroline Thelier , General Manager of the subsidiary.

In total, PayPal has attracted 286 million d'internautes depuis sa création. Si la United States ne représente qu'à peine plus de 5% de l'ensemble des utilisateurs actifs, elle est son quatrième plus gros marché après les États-Unis, le Royaume-Uni et l'Allemagne. E n average, a PayPal user carries out 39 transactions per year, all operations combined .

The absence of commissions for Internet users and insurance are two very attractive criteria for American users

No doubt that the possibility of creating an account in 5 minutes is another very positive factor for American users.

How to manage your deposits with Paypal?

How to bet with Paypal?

The process for bet with paypal is very simple. Of course, you must first create your Paypal account and fund it. If this step is not validated, you can go to the Paypal site to proceed with your registration. For those who already own an account, you can choose one of the sports betting sites Above, you can deposit using the Paypal option when registering. Compared to traditional payment methods, Paypal offers almost instant transfers between bookmakers and players. Banks and other payment methods are also becoming increasingly fast.

The advantage of betting with Paypal is the speed of transactions and the simplicity of the steps.
Pay Pal

New payment methods on sports betting sites

The minimum deposit via Paypal

Online betting sites offer different deposit options, but the deposit amounts rarely vary. Deposits with PayPal Are subject as a whole to the same terms and conditions as all other means of payment. The minimum deposit is relative to the bookmaker, but rarely to the method of deposit. However, minor taxes may be applied. These taxes mainly concern prepaid tickets.

Minimum Paypal Deposit

  1. 15$ // Bonus 100$ Pari rembours'

  2. 5$ // Bonus 100$ Free bet

  3. 10$ // Bonus 100$ Free bet

  4. 10$ // Bonus 120$ Free Bet

  5. 10$ // Bonus 100$ Free Bet

  6. 10$// Bonus 150$ Free Bet

The 5 sites with the most e-filing methods

    Bwin is one of the sites that offers the most deposit methods . Even if the credit cards and Paypal account for 80% of transactions on sports betting sites, this proves the seriousness of the bookmaker to offer the most comprehensive offer.

    1. Winamax : PayPal, Neteller, Skrill
    2. Unibet : PayPal, Neteller, Skrill
    3. Bwin : PayPal, Neteller, Skrill
    4. Netbet : PayPal, Neteller, Skrill
    5. Betclic : PayPal, Neteller, Skrill

    The best online betting sites with Paypal

    The best sites of sports betting in United States are those who combine security, new options, and easy navigation. For security, feel free to check out our articles on ANJ-approved sports betting websites (formerly known as ARJEL). This list includes the top legal sports betting sites. Our rating scale for our report on " I payment options "s'est construit autour de la sécurité, de la navigation et évidemment de la possibilité de parier avec PayPal .

    Credit cards and PayPal represent the vast majority of online payments. It will be very complicated for a bookmaker to do without it.

    Always keep in mind that our rankings are conducted by a team of specialists The sports betting sites market is very competitive. However, these rankings are primarily created to help you classify the best sports betting sites according to your needs. Good luck in your online betting with PayPal.

    1. Winamax : Bonus of $100 in Bet refunded /The best odds
    2. Unibet : Bonus of $100 in Free bet /The best app
    3. Betclic : Bonus of $100 in Free bet /The most versatile
    4. sports betting : Bonus of $100 in Free bet /The best American site
    5. Netbet : Bonus of $150 in Free bet /The underdog of the year
    6. Bwin : Bonus of $120 in Free bet /The historical site
    7. PMU : $100 bonus in Bet refunded /Site made
    8. Zebet : Bonus of $150 in Free bet /Super odds on football

    Other means of payment on sports betting sites

    Sports betting sites are up to date in terms of diversity of payment methods. However, you must verify that your choice is on ANJ-approved sports betting sites to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

    The credit card

    Sports betting sites accept all credit cards. The type of card doesn't matter as long as the payment method is intended for adults. You will find this deposit method at 100% of bookmakers.

    How to make a deposit with a bank card?
    At most sports betting sites, the journey to your first online bet is very well assisted. For others, here is the typical path:

    1. You must first register by filling in information about your identity.
    2. You are accessing the deposit category , then confirm the card type.
    3. Choose the amount to deposit, then confirm.

    You will then receive an email or a confirmation notification. Some sites have limits on deposit for your safety . This measure is particularly present because it is imposed by the ARJEL. Authority that regulates the online gambling market in American territories.

    Cartes bleues

    Alternatives to the credit card

    They are often less highlighted and sometimes more complicated to implement. Sports betting sites have expanded their payment options with these possibilities.

    The electronic wallet

    There are many on the market but the most recognized in the world of sports betting remain Paypal, Neteller and Skrill. These electronic wallets allow you to store money without a bank account and make online payments with operators who have this option.

    PayPal And the others are very good alternatives to access sports betting sites without having to use your credit card.

    The option of prepaid amounts

    This option is a negligible alternative. However, it allows you to bet without a bank account or credit card. You simply need to fill in a code that has been assigned to you. If you are interested in this kind of payment method, please note that Paysafecard and Ticket Premium are the preferred solutions for sports betting websites. To obtain this kind of code, the simplest solution is to go to tobacco shops.

    Bwin offers Paypal

    Until $120

    Bwin is one of the first sports betting sites to offer its users the Paypal option. The bookmaker is one of the best armed in terms of the diversity of payment methods. With a good application and a pleasant user experience, the betting site has been a reference for a few years. Do not hesitate to read our complete Bwin test.

    Why choose Bwin?

    1. App navigation
    2. The sports catalog
    3. The sign-up bonus

    Creation of a Paypal account

    Creating a Paypal account only takes 5 minutes. Have your credit card ready and create an email address if you don't already have one.

    Things to know about Paypal registration ★¡ï

    • Free registration
    • Credit card or bank account required
    • Registration from a computer or smartphone with an internet connection
    • Have an email address

    The 3 steps to signing up for PayPal

    1. Open your account
      Click on the button "Open a PayPal account" and fill in the information requested for the creation of the account.
    2. Link a credit card
      Link your credit card to your PayPal account. Your confidential information is stored and protected by PayPal.
    3. Deposit at betting sites with Paypal
      To deposit with your new Paypal account, simply follow the standard deposit steps and choose "Paypal" when choosing the deposit method. No commission will be taken on the amount you have chosen. You cannot use Paypal for your withdrawals at this time. You must therefore enter a bank account for this type of operation.

    The benefits of PayPal ★ï

    • Creating a Paypal account is free.
    • No commission at all bookmakers on your deposits.
    • Maximum client security level

    The main advantage of Paypal lies in the unique deposit of data. You can only pay with an email address and a personalized password.

    Alternatives to PayPal for your deposits

    Autre moyendepot

    Outre PayPal , two methods of payment seem to be taking an increasingly important share.

    • Skrill

    The British company created in 2001 offers an instant online payment service. The company has been experiencing strong growth in recent years. Skrill is an electronic wallet with a promising future. Its biggest advantage? Being able to serve as a withdrawal platform for sports betting websites.

    • Neteller

    Founded in 1999, the company offers businesses and individuals an online alternative solution to traditional payment methods. The majority of sports betting sites today are equipped with Neteller.