The bestsports betting sites in New Zealand

Eager to leap into online betting waters but tangled in the web of choices? Don't stress, you've landed in the sweet spot. We've scrutinized every New Zealander bookmaker in town, giving you the lowdown for a smooth sail.

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The comparator of sports betting sites in New Zealand

4 / 5
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The most complete
  • Vast array of sports options accompanied by attractive odds
  • Abundance of high-caliber bonuses and promotions
  • Nearly boundless range of betting prospects
  • Unparalleled live experience
  • Availability of Fantasy Sports
  • Absence of an English variant
  • Limited relevance beyond Auckland
  • Lack of telephonic assistance
Welcome bonus
First deposit doubled
up to $200
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Website: Founded:2000
Owner:Bet365 Group Ltd Headquarters:England
Page d'accueil de Bet365
Page des directs sur Bet365
Page d'un match NBA sur Bet365
General note
Author: Nicholas Nicolas

Our opinion in 30 seconds

Ÿ† How Bet365 stands out:
- An abundance of bonuses and promotions, both in quantity and quality
- Betting possibilities that seem nearly boundless
- The apex of live offerings
- User experience that ranks among the finest
- A touch of Fantasy Sports excitement

⚠️ Possible areas for improvement for Bet365:
- Introduce an app that covers the expanse of New Zealand
- Infuse a touch of contemporary flair into the design
- Extend the option of telephonic aid

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4 / 5
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The best in American
  • Top-notch performance in the realm of eSport, yet that's not all
  • Interface tailored to the core elements
  • Exceptional mobile usability
  • Encompassing an array of functionalities
  • Completely available in the English language
  • Welcome bonus with high expectations
  • Irrelevant beyond Auckland
  • Support accessibility not always straightforward
Welcome bonus
First deposit doubled
up to $300
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Website: Founded:2006
Owner:Super Group Headquarters:Malta
Page des promotions du site Betway
Page d'accueil du site Betway
Page de blog du site Betway
General note
Author: Laura Laure

Could Betway claim the title of New Zealand's premier sports betting platform? It's a query that merits contemplation, given the platform's profusion of promotions, features, and an extensively varied assortment.

The journey, encompassing navigation and the English rendition of the site, is nothing short of flawless.

Our primary juncture of consideration would be customer assistance, occasionally challenging to access, and the welcome bonus, possibly setting a somewhat high bar.

On the whole, Betway emerges as an exceedingly captivating arena with an abundance of compelling attributes and few instances of vulnerability, all of which are thoroughly expounded upon in our detailed assessment below.

★†’ Bet on Betway
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Last Update - January 2023
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4 / 5
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BC.Game Betting

The best bonus
  • Site simplicity at its finest
  • Welcoming bonus that's a standout
  • Abundant selection of sports and wagers
  • Cash-out function to keep an eye on
  • Customer service always within reach
  • Sparse presence of additional promos
  • Applicability not in question
  • Live video absent from the equation
  • Translations that remain absent
Welcome bonus
First deposit doubled
up to $1000
See the offer See website
Website: Founded:2017
Owner:Media Games Malta Headquarters:Malta
Page d'accueil du site BC.Game Betting
Page d'un match du site BC.Game Betting
Page des directs du site BC.Game Betting
General note
Author: Thomas Thomas

Our opinion in 30 seconds

★œ… The outstanding welcome bonus is truly commendable

★œ… The catalog, complete in all its facets, is remarkable

★œ… Customer service stands as a true standout

★œ… Bonus and promotional offerings exhibit fluctuating standards

❌ Quotations, while fairly straightforward, do the job

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4 / 5
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Bodog Sports

The best odds
  • Entirely New Zealand-tailored and designed for straightforward usage
  • Engaging welcome bonus presents an intriguing aspect
  • An inventory and Competitiveness Ratings that foster interest
  • Preeminent platform for NFL enthusiasts
  • Open to cryptocurrency transactions
  • Customer service that remains swift in its responses
  • Limited presence of sports-related promotions
  • Absence of live video (save for NFL & eSports)
  • Locating the application can prove challenging
  • Lack of phone-based support
Welcome bonus
First deposit doubled
up to $500
See the offer See website
Website: www.Bodogs Founded:2019
Owner:BQC Consulting GmbH Headquarters:Zug, United Kingdom
Page d'accueil du site Bodog Sports
Page des paris en direct du site Bodog Sports
Page du Marché Joueur du site Bodog Sports
General note
Author: Thomas Thomas

Our review of Bodog Sports in 30 seconds

❄️ Tailored exclusively for New Zealanders and available in English
★œ… Engaging welcome bonus adds intrigue
★œ… Catalog and prices that hold their own in the competition
★œ… Top-tier choice for NFL enthusiasts
★œ… Open to cryptocurrency transactions
★œ… User-friendly interface enriched with advanced functionalities
★œ… Customer service that's consistently responsive

❌ Limited array of sports promotions
★Œ Absence of live video streaming
★Œ Challenging search to locate the application
★Œ Inconsistent English translation
★Œ Lack of phone-based assistance

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4 / 5
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  • Promising offers and deals with considerable potential
  • Embrace of cryptocurrencies is part of the equation
  • The inventory and ratings meet the mark for satisfaction
  • Engagement extends to live, cashed, and combined wagers
  • Site and customer service proficient in English
  • Mobile app remains absent
  • Live video conspicuous in its absence
  • Absence of a bet builder feature
  • Lack of a search tool proves noteworthy
  • Translations conspicuously absent
Welcome bonus
First deposit doubled
up to $500
See the offer See website
Website: Founded:2018
Owner:Deck Entertainment B.V. Headquarters:Curacao
Page d'accueil du site Betano
Page des matchs de NBA sur Betano
Page des promotions sur Betano
General note
Author: Thomas Thomas

Our review of Betano in 30 seconds

★œ… Great promise in terms of bonuses and promotions
★œ… Acceptance of cryptocurrencies as part of the mix
★œ… Catalog and codes meet the mark for satisfaction
✅ User experience comes across as commendable in quality
★œ… Availability of cashed bets, accumulators, and live bets
★œ… Site and customer service proficiently operate in English

★Œ Lack of a mobile app is evident
★Œ Direct video streaming remains absent
Absence of a bet constructor stands out
★Œ No search tool is noticeable
❌ Translations' absence is noteworthy

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3 / 5
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Best free bets
  • Solid array of sports offerings
  • Abundance of promotions and favorable odds
  • User-friendly design that feels instinctive
  • Creation of customized bets facilitated
  • Remarkable mobile edition
  • Welcome bonus poses a challenge to optimize
  • Absence of live video streaming
  • Exclusive availability of the app in Auckland
  • Customer service accessibility occasionally proves challenging
Welcome bonus
First deposit doubled
up to $250
See the offer See website
Website: Founded:2024
Owner:Pix Star Brasilian NV Headquarters:Brazil
Page d'accueil du site Pixbet
Page d'un match de hockey sur Pixbet
Page des promotions sur Pixbet
General note
Author: Thomas Thomas

Amidst the myriad bookmakers gracing the market, discerning their unique attributes becomes paramount.

Drawing from our comprehensive evaluation, Pixbet emerges as a dependable hub for online betting. However, a discerning eye should be cast upon certain imperfections that warrant your attention before venturing forth.

The compatibility of Pixbet with your preferences hinges on pivotal considerations, which we've meticulously outlined within this appraisal.

★†’ Bet on Pixbet
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Last Update - January 2023
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3 / 5
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  • A brand that's earned its reputation
  • Diverse array of sports and betting options
  • Pioneering attributes
  • Swift and effective customer support
  • Exclusively accessible in the English language
  • Interface complexity poses a challenge for newcomers
  • Lackluster bonuses and promotional offerings
  • Navigating assistance and contact information proves elusive
Welcome bonus
First deposit doubled
up to $200
See the offer See website
Website: Founded:1997
Owner:Entain Headquarters:Vienna
Page d'accueil du site de Bwin sur ordinateur
Page d'un match de LNH sur le site de Bwin
Page des paris en direct sur le site de Bwin
General note
Author: Laura Laure

Backed by its well-established renown, Bwin emerges as an enticing option for fervent sports betting aficionados, adorned with an abundance of enthralling propositions and noteworthy attributes.

Yet, the introductory offer and promotional deals fall short of the expectations one would have for a bookmaker of such stature.

Additionally, navigating Bwin proves intricate for novices, characterized by information that's often ambiguous or elusive.

On the flip side, Bwin does redeem itself by consistently furnishing answers, coupled with content available entirely in the English language.

Despite the minor blemishes, Bwin perseveres as a reliable choice upon which regulars can confidently rely.

★†’ Betting on Bwin
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Last Update - January 2023
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3 / 5
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  • Distinctive free betting opportunities
  • Enthusiastically embraces cryptocurrencies
  • Access to Android app facilitated by APK
  • Site content exclusively presented in English
  • Responsive and attentive customer support
  • Welcome bonus demanding a substantial commitment
  • Lack of live video streaming capability
  • Absence of the option to cash out bets
  • The notable absence of a bet building feature
  • Exclusive provision of assistance in English
Welcome bonus
First deposit doubled
up to $350
See the offer See website
Website: Founded:2011
Owner:TonyBet Where Headquarters:Estonia
Page d'accueil de TonyBet
Page d'un match LNH sur TonyBet
Page des promotions de TonyBet
General note
Author: Thomas Thomas

TonyBet stands out as a bookmaker with a touch of individuality, housing an assortment of distinctive and exclusive components. However, within this framework, certain pivotal elements exhibit complexity or conspicuous absence.

To elaborate, the platform showcases intriguing avenues for managing your deposits and withdrawals, yet it's glaring that three pivotal betting facets remain notably absent.

Delving deeply, our comprehensive examination dissects the merits and demerits of this platform, facilitating your deliberation in determining if TonyBet aligns with your bookmaking preferences.

★†’ Bet on TonyBet
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Last Update - December 2023
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3 / 5
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LeoVegas Sports

  • Extensive repertoire enriched with favorable odds
  • Immersive mobile experience that impresses
  • Comprehensive spectrum of betting attributes
  • Customer service that remains promptly responsive
  • Complete translation into English
  • Graphics and navigation of rather mundane quality
  • Promotions and bonuses that fail to entice
  • App accessible solely within Auckland's bounds
  • Lack of phone-based support
  • Translation, though partial, falters in accuracy at times
Welcome bonus
First deposit doubled
up to $1000
See the offer See website
Website: Founded:2011
Owner:LeoVegas Group Headquarters:Stockholm, Malta
Page d'accueil du site LeoVegas Sport
Page d'un match NFL sur LeoVegas Sport
Page des promotions sur LeoVegas Sport
General note
Author: Thomas Thomas

Renowned for its virtual casino realm, LeoVegas steps into the domain of online betting. This comprehensive assessment probes into the Swedish bookmaker's portfolio to ascertain its potential to cater to your preferences.

Unveiling the facets that fell short, we unravel our discontent with its user-friendliness, incentives, and promotional strategies.

Yet, within this dynamic, we unveil the commendable attributes encompassing mobile immersion, customer service, and the rich array of features the platform provides.

Indeed, LeoVegas emerges as a bookmaker rife with paradoxes.

★†’ Betting on LeoVegas Sport
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Last Update - January 2023
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3 / 5
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  • Widespread availability across the New Zealand landscape
  • Real-time wagers and bets that have reached fruition
  • Superbly crafted mobile rendition
  • Tool for constructing bespoke bets
  • Uncomplicated yet inherently user-friendly website layout
  • Promotions and bonuses that prove to be underwhelming
  • Ratings that gravitate slightly beneath the average threshold
  • Limited scope in payment alternatives
  • Exclusively presented in the English tongue
  • Live video streaming absent, except for eSports
Welcome bonus
First deposit doubled
up to $500
See the offer See website
Website: Founded:1994
Owner:Parimatch Headquarters:Limassol, Cyprus
Page d'accueil du site Parimatch
Page de direct du site Parimatch
Page de la LNH du site Parimatch
General note
Author: Thomas Thomas

Boasting a commendable mobile encounter, Parimatch emerges as an intriguing avenue for enthusiasts of mobile-based betting. Beyond this, the platform unfolds an array of compelling features.

Nevertheless, the bookmaker grapples with significant shortcomings concerning its promotional landscape, payment alternatives, and linguistic inclusivity.

Parimatch does possess its limitations, yet it operates as a functional platform geared toward gratifying aficionados of straightforwardness.

★†’ Bet on Parimatch
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Last Update - January 2023
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3 / 5
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  • Favorable odds
  • Bets successfully settled
  • Customized bet creation tool
  • Round-the-clock customer assistance
  • Dissatisfactory bonuses and promotional offerings
  • Inapplicable
  • Absence of live video streaming
  • Lack of telephonic support
  • Solely available in the English language
Welcome bonus
Bet $25, get
$100 in free bets
See the offer See website
Website: Founded:1998
Owner:Entain Headquarters:London, United Britain
Page d'accueil du site SportingBet!
Page des promotions du site SportingBet!
Page de la LNH du site SportingBet!
General note
Author: Thomas Thomas

Amidst an asymmetry between its Sports and Casino provisions, we hold a favorable regard for SportingBet, chiefly due to its odds that conspicuously outshine other sports betting platforms. Additionally, the platform showcases an array of intriguing functionalities.

However, SportingBet exhibits vulnerabilities in the form of a confined welcome offering and a dearth of diversity in sports-centric promotions, when juxtaposed with other bookmakers. Furthermore, the absence of a mobile application is a notable drawback.

The remaining facets, encompassing the assortment, payment alternatives, and user interaction, adhere to standardized norms. Notably, the website remains inaccessible in the expanse of Auckland.

★†’ Bet on SportingBet!
★†’ Read our full review

Last Update - January 2023
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Our aim is to provide you with enhanced clarity amidst the myriad of sports betting platforms accessible in New Zealand. Within this realm, we furnish you not only with a hierarchy but also an evaluation, alongside our viewpoints, encompassing the pros and cons of the bookmakers native to New Zealand.

Leverage the rapid links to swiftly access the information you seek, facilitating an expedited navigation experience.

Updated January 2023

Frequently asked questions about the best bookmakers in New Zealand

Looking for the best bonuses and promotions? Do you only bet on applications? Do you like to know that good customer service is available? We have ranked the best sports betting sites according to your favorite criteria!

Which bookmaker has the best bonuses and promotions?

BC.Game Betting

The grand welcome is truly something – a bonus that's like a charm. See your starting deposit reach new heights and dance in the light of free spins, offered under terms that gleam.


Get set for a smorgasbord of delights and treats: a sizable greeting gift in your stash, a free dollar to wager without any need for deposits, and an array of additional cool deals and costless bets.


Buckle up for a grand feast of promos that'll leave you awe-struck. Dive into a plethora of free bets, spanning an incredible nine diverse routes for you to explore.


SportingBet's welcome delight is reined in a bit – not sky-high in terms of size, and its form might not be the most spellbinding. Furthermore, the sports realm doesn't shower you with promotions galore.

Discover our rankings of best welcome bonuses and best free bets

Which sports betting site has the best app?


Bet365's strength finds its core in the app, a symphony of iOS and Android. The interface dons its finest attire for mobile presentation, inviting exploration of Bet365's lavish array of delights and features.

Bodog Sports

Bodog Sports dances to a different tune, evading the customary third-party app craze. Rejoice in effortless gaming via your mobile browser, an oasis of efficiency where glitches are but whispers in the wind. This gem might be a tad elusive to spot, yet it extends open arms to all devices, leaving storage worries behind. And lo and behold, the Bodog Sports app, an artist's masterpiece, promises an unmatched user odyssey.


Parimatch's app doesn't flaunt flamboyant aesthetics, but its intuitive nature and widespread availability throughout New Zealand on iOS and Android platforms make it the favored selection for newcomers to this arena. Remember, the app converses in the tongue of English.


Betano parades an in-browser app, a hip preference in light of the challenges tied to refreshing gambling apps. Interestingly, the mobile iteration offers a captivating user voyage.

To find the application that suits you best, see our page on the best sports betting apps in New Zealand .

What is the best live sports betting site?


Bet365 unfurls a lavish spread of live betting opportunities, truly a marvel to witness. An assortment of various sports and an impressive array of events beckon for your live betting engagement. Furthermore, an ample number of these matches are preserved in the realm of video.


Bwin showcases a masterfully honed "Live" betting domain, affirming its position as a top-tier bookmaker to track and partake in the excitement of your beloved matches in real-time. Unlock the "Video" gateway, your key to identifying the live video showings and amplifying the experiential tapestry.


Betway's realm extends to a spectrum of live betting horizons, where the canvas is painted with diverse avenues for wagering adventures. Moreover, this bookmaker raises the ante with an exceptional trove of live bets spanning the universe of eSports.


Partake in the exclusive delight of their self-crafted video streaming magic, hosted right on their site.

Which bookmaker has the best user experience?

Bodog Sports

Effortlessly zero in on your sought-after spots via a sleek interface outfitted with crisply demarcated domains. The homepage serves as a gateway, unveiling a seamless path to betting, live streaming, assistance hub, and client support.

BC.Game Betting

Intricate ergonomic finesse, deftly woven within the menus, lays out an elegant pathway for seamless meandering amidst the ongoing buzz using a mere whisper of clicks. A world of favored sports and leagues is ready for the picking.


Uncomplicated and remarkably proficient interface, designed with content accessibility as its primary goal. True to its intent, Betway's usability is a pleasant delight.


When it comes to LeoVegas, our perspective reveals a design that might be considered outdated and slightly jumbled, accompanied by navigation that could be deemed needlessly intricate, possibly leading to moments of vexation.

Which betting platform has the best features?


Immerse yourself in live betting enriched by videos, explore the realm of tailor-made proposition bets, and harness the art of bet construction to lock in wagers on the most delicate facets. Bet365 stands as one of the chosen few, extending an invitation to explore Fantasy Sports.


Embark on a journey of live betting at Betway, navigate through withdrawal wagers, and take a plunge into the world of bespoke bet creation, where up to 10 wagers fuse into a singular betting tapestry. Your personalized bet narrative. Notably, Betway extends its embrace to a sprawling realm of cyber sports.


Immerse yourself in the realm of wagers – be they plain or entwined, traverse the avenue of live bets accompanied by videos, and seize the chance for premature exits. A panorama of alternatives materializes. This avenue broadens your scope for investment, beckoning bets on nearly all the "moments" of the match, detached from the direct score.

BC.Game Betting

The lack of live video and a wager architect is palpable within the realm of BC.Game Betting, and this becomes all the more regrettable when considering the quality of its catalog and live options. These strengths could undoubtedly find a more encompassing role within a diverse array of features.

Which Kiwis bookmaker has the best customer service?

BC.Game Betting

Reaching out is a simple affair, be it through the virtual chat, the traditional phone line, the electronic mail, or even the classic postal route. Assistance is readily available, particularly in the realm of the English language, with the team's approachability and efficiency being commendable. Furthermore, BC.Game Betting stands tall with its comprehensive trove of help resources and user guides, perpetually accessible.

Bodog Sports

Bodog Sports shines in the realm of swift and effortless help discovery. Regardless of your chosen support avenue - be it chat interactions, aid emails, or perusing the help pages - their customer service is promptly at your service. Nonetheless, getting in touch with Bodog Sports through phone calls is presently unfeasible.


Seeking help from LeoVegas is expedited via online chat, email, and the online help center. Despite the absence of phone availability, the 24/7 online chat channel ensures that you can reach out to LeoVegas whenever queries arise.


Reaching Betway support is a bit intricate, given the absence of a provided phone number or email. Online chat operates 24/7, yet demands a Betway account and entails maneuvering through multiple pages and form completion before interacting with an agent, occasionally leading to a protracted process for support engagement. 

What is the best sports betting site in American?


Bwin's digital platform is dedicated to English, facilitating easy comprehension of sports, leagues, matches, and various betting choices. The seamless translation process optimizes your experience. Furthermore, the online help center caters to queries in this universal language, and the support team is proficient in English communication or can provide aid through translation if required.


English takes center stage within the realm of Betway, manifesting itself comprehensively across menus, sections, and the very fabric of betting pages. From the genesis of your journey on the homepage to the culmination of wagers in the betting arena, the English backdrop remains steadfast, even extending its influence to interactions with the support personnel.


Like an eloquent speaker, the site converses fluently in English across all its precincts. Sports, leagues, teams, matches, and wagers stand as testimonies to this linguistic journey. The pages unfold the tales of bonuses and promotions, while the bridge of technical assistance is extended to international wanderers.


Within the virtual tapestry of Bet365's domain, a multitude of languages, including the melodious strains of English, find their sanctuary. As you traverse the corridors of this digital alcove, the echoes of local European dialects reverberate harmoniously, evoking a sense of linguistic familiarity.

Are you just starting out and don't know how to decide?

bet365 : our recommendation for beginners ★

Inaugural forays into the realm of online betting often unveil a labyrinth of choices. Our suggestion? Set your sights on Bet365—a veritable lighthouse of international repute. Herein, a diverse menagerie of sports, each a wellspring of passion, beckons; its interface, an embodiment of elementary sophistication, and its fortress of security impervious. A prudent selection to heighten the zenith of your contentment.

Betway : if you don't speak English ★

The vast expanse of Bet365's services spans realms untold, with a multitude of languages as companions. If English eludes you, the sanctuary of Betway awaits your arrival. Betway's profusion of offerings, an enchanting blend of diversity and resilience, scarcely harbors shortcomings, and its pièce de résistance is its embrace of tongues globally.

Ranking of the best sports betting sites in Wellington

Navigating the arena of Wellington's sports betting domains, we set forth on an odyssey to decrypt the intricacies, evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of each contender when juxtaposed against its fellow rivals. Our unveiling ranks await, leading you to the optimal bookmaker in this saga!

Direct links to our tests of the best bookmakers


Three reasons to choose Bet365

  1. Offering an exceptionally comprehensive online betting experience, replete with an extensive and virtually limitless assortment of sports, promotions, and betting opportunities.
  2. Boasting an unparalleled direct proposition that undoubtedly stands as the paramount offering within the market.
  3. An excellent choice for enthusiasts of Fantasy Sports.

A reason not to choose Bet365

  1. Regrettably, an American version of the platform is not currently available.

Bet365 review and test

Bet365 Bonuses and Promotions 10

A reception like no other, unveiling a symphony where your initial deposit is echoed at a resounding 100%, ascending to $200. Behold the transformation into bet credits, opening avenues to bets that whisper of liberty. A dance with terms that sway in your favor, transmuting the ordinary bonus into a spellbinding allure. Unlocking the deposit's labyrinth? The need unfurls. Demanding minimal odds? Unearth them with ease. Amid this panorama, Bet365 unfurls its promotions, an eclectic spread spanning the sportscape—tennis, soccer, rugby, or the heart's chosen realm.

★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï 10/10

The extensive Bet365 lineup, a vast expanse encompassing nearly 40 sports, unfurls a panorama that celebrates New Zealander darlings—hockey, football, baseball—besides timeless classics like tennis, golf, and boxing. Yet the journey meanders further, courting the likes of Futsal, Floorball, Kabbadi, and dancing on the edges of Fantasy Sports. Markedly, Bet365 raises the stakes with odds that often ascend beyond the horizon of competitors.

Bet365 on mobile ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★★ 8/10

Auckland's playground is graced by Bet365's mobile app, a privilege eluding the rest of New Zealand. Fret not, for beyond these borders, a splendid voyage awaits on Bet365's mobile site. The path unfurls with grace, a design that gracefully conforms to the vertical rhythm, an ode to craftsmanship.

Bet365 Features ï 10/10

Bet365's laurels echo with purpose, a vanguard amongst bookmakers globally, gifting a cornucopia of sport-specific bets. The familiar roads beckon, but the heart of Bet365's majesty throbs in the realm of live betting—a symphony of global acclaim. Moreover, Bet365 extends the quill of innovation, inscribing bespoke bets with ascending odds, each addition an upward brushstroke. At the pinnacle, proposition bets bloom like stars, each beckoning a wager upon the celestial dance of match minutiae.

Bet365 User Experience ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï ★ï 10/10

An encounter with Bet365's façade might well astound; our unswerving 10/10 rating substantiates the claim. Indeed, Bet365's online realm forsakes ostentation, yet its ergonomic architecture is a tapestry of triumphant design, choreographing swift quests to sought-after troves. Moreover, the mobile iteration ascends to majestic heights. In elevating efficiency above ornamental trappings, Bet365 births a user pilgrimage characterized by seamless efficiency.

Bet365 Customer Service

To seek solace within Bet365's embrace of aid, a crossroads beckons: transcribe musings into electrons, an offering deposited within the digital chamber labeled 'support,' or tread the meandering avenues of digital colloquy—a perpetual symposium that graces every day with its unswerving presence, guarding against the squalls of tribulation. A digital archive of sagacity, the help center's scrolls nestle within their web fiefdom, a trove of wisdom unlocked. Yet, a void echoes—Bet365 distances itself from the cadence of spoken interaction, a harmonic absence within the tapestry of this colossus.

Bet365 in English ★★★★★★★★★★ 0/10

Boundaries blur in the realm of this bookmaker, an international tapestry woven across diverse lands. More than 20 languages, English prominent among them, weave its linguistic symphony—a clarion call beckoning to explore its offerings without delay.

Un téléphone et un ordinateur portable sur le site de Bet365


Three reasons to choose Betway

  1. For aficionados of eSports betting.
  2. A platform that presents an extensive array across all facets
  3. A website fully accessible in the English language.

A reason not to choose Betway

  1. However, the expediency of accessing customer service can at times pose challenges.

Betway review and test

Betway Bonuses and Promotions

The art of navigation in Betway's threshold of welcome largesse requires a touch of finesse; boasting a sum that mirrors the deposit's entirety—100% to be precise—yet entailing a tenfold bet on events adorned with odds scaling 1.75 or beyond. Yet, Betway's largesse unfurls to unveil a treasury of beguiling offerings, highlighted by an assemblage of gratis wagers, with a distinct gem among them—a no-deposit free bet, a delightful rarity for those who seek the pulse of wagering without tether to peril.

Betway Catalog /10

The realm of Betway takes on a kaleidoscopic form, offering a panorama of prominent sports, the domain of cherished North English leagues (NHL, NFL, MLS, NBA, and their ilk). A divergent crossroads appears, unfurling a tapestry encompassing 32 distinctive sporting avenues, traversing from the mainstream to uncharted enclaves. Embarking on the odyssey of eSports, Betway unfurls a dedicated haven, complete with a profusion of options, a plethora of exclusive inducements, and an intriguing chapter—its sponsorship mantle adorning a professional eSports troupe.

Betway on Mobile

As of now, the Betway app's reach is limited to Auckland's confines. Nevertheless, a sanctioned APK, obtainable from the Betway fount, provides a pathway to app acquisition, circumventing the customary store traverse. A guide charting this course is unfurled within our all-encompassing analysis. Importantly, the Betway mobile site unveils itself as a well-qualified arena for experiencing the bookmaker's offerings on portable devices.

Betway Features 9/10

Transitioning past the customary ambit of wagering attributes that Betway undeniably presents, the platform assumes a distinctive stance as a proficient locale for live betting, showcasing an extensive gamut of video-enriched contests. To this is appended the ability to prudently garner your wagers through the "cash-out" conduit ahead of match denouement, coupled with the inventive "bet builder" construct, facilitating the confluence of 10 bets into a personalized assemblage of formidable odds.

Betway user experience ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï ★ 9/10

The bedrock of Betway's intent converges upon utmost clarity, a strategic gambit that garners our approval, for it instills an uncomplicated and gratifying user journey. The architectural configuration of the pages reverberates with intuitive cognition, thereby orchestrating an unhindered pursuit of desired facets and the facile initiation of wagers.

Betway Customer Service

Betway is accessible for correspondence via online chat on an incessant basis, though the intricate route to locate and initiate this channel may entail a certain measure of intricacy. Furthermore, it merits mention that Betway refrains from extending supplementary alternatives—whether through email or phone. In retrospection, the customer service emerges as manifestly effective upon establishment, albeit intermittently dilatory in initial reachability.

Betway in English ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï ★ï 10/10

Betway's vast dominion is unveiled in the English tongue, enveloping the realms that meander, the enticements that beckon, and the haven of remedies. The cadre of problem-solvers is proficient in the parlance of English, thus ensnaring the entire Betway narrative within the embrace of this verbal canvas, an attribute warranting acknowledgment.

Un téléphone et un ordinateur portable sur le site de Betway

BC.Game Betting

Three reasons to choose BC.Game Betting

  1. A superb welcome bonu .
  2. Exemplary customer service that upholds impeccable standards.
  3. A pronounced emphasis on sports, leagues, and teams, curated with meticulous ergonomic design.

A reason not to choose BC.Game Betting

  1. However, the overall ratings fall slightly below the average threshold.

BC.Game Betting review and test

BC.Game Betting Bonuses and Promotions /10

Imprint the BC.Game Betting welcome symphony on your senses, where two rare essences entwine: an opulent offering paired with conditions that don't entangle your wits. Gaze upon the tableau they unveil, a portrayal where your opening deposit finds an echo in the cadence of up to $1000, anointed in the form of tokens for your speculative muse. The script liberates you from the labyrinthine passages of wagering multiplication, ushering you into the realm of harvest without ado. Yet, the platform's anthology unfurls scant other enigmatic verses.

BC.Game Betting Catalog ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï 8/10

The BC.Game Betting inventory presents an ensemble of approximately twenty sports, but it's the concentrated focus on North English sports that beckons our favor. This focus simplifies the exploration for New Zealander leagues and teams, spanning the realms of Hockey, Football (NFL, CFL, NCAA), Basketball (NBA), Baseball (MLB), Soccer (MLS), Tennis, UFC, and your cherished Wellingtonois cohorts.

BC.Game Betting on Mobile

New Zealand, devoid of the BC.Game Betting app, yet a mobile site of utmost caliber, fitting snugly into your gadget's confines. The absence of an app doesn't cast a shadow, given astute avenues for direct ingress from your phone's inaugural screen, a craft unveiled within the expanse of our in-depth appraisal. 

Features BC.Game Betting ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★★★ 7/10

The arena showcases a multitude of anticipated components for your sports ventures—live wagering, and the "cash out" asset, proffering the liberty to retrieve earnings (or stakes) ere match's end. Yet, the dearth of live event visuals demarcates BC.Game Betting. Their idiosyncratic bets, Piñata Pick and NFL Scorigami, ushered in a distinct semblance of merriment.

User Experience BC.Game Betting 8/10

Effortlessly user-friendly, the design weaves in menus that seamlessly unfurl the full spectrum with a touch. The homepage astutely parades ongoing stakes and incentives. For seamless navigation, utilize the search bar and revisit toggle.

BC.Game Betting Customer Service 9/10

High-grade service defines BC.Game Betting's client support, marked by ready availability, effectiveness, geniality, and adeptness. They await your queries through online chat, phone, email, and yes, even postal communication, highlighting the platform's strength.

BC.Game Betting in American ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★★★ 7/10

The site extends an English version, yet astute observations reveal sporadic glitches and absences in the translated materials. A word to the wise: exercise prudence, particularly when treading through the labyrinthine contours of promotions, where unraveling the intricacies of terms and conditions holds utmost import. Should inquiries emerge, English remains the conduit for customer service.

Un téléphone et un ordinateur portable sur le site de BC.Game Betting

Bodog Sports

Three reasons to choose Bodog Sports

  1. Elevating itself as the premier betting site for NFL enthusiasts.
  2. A platform that embraces the use of cryptocurrencies for transactions.
  3. Boasting odds that outshine the competition.

A reason not to choose Bodog Sports

  1. While excelling in these aspects, the platform offers a limited array of sports promotions.

Bodog Sports review and test

Bodog Sports Bonuses and Promotions ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★★★ 7/10

A salutary gesture, the welcoming gambit mirrors your premier input, doubling its resonance. A quintet of wagers, choreographed at the 1.8 cadence, choreographs the dance of withdrawal. Notwithstanding, the temptation glimmers resplendent. Yet, Bodog Sports's promotional ensemble, akin to a modest concerto, hinders symphonic aspirations, especially once the welcome serenade concludes.

99 Bodog Sports Catalog /10

Bodog Sports's tapestry stretches wide, embellishing its portfolio with a trove of 34 sports, yet casting a particularly warm spotlight on the NHL, NFL, CFL, MLS, MLB, and other prominent pieces within the New Zealander sporting mural. A portal woven with New Zealander threads, Bodog Sports unfurls an arena primed to celebrate homegrown teams and community-based sporting spectacles. Furthermore, the symphony of odds at Bodog Sports often reaches crescendos that hover above the rivals' average, a sonic elevation in the wagering soundscape. NFL enthusiasts, in particular, find a muse in Bodog Sports's symphony, spanning from overarching season oracles to match-by-match sonnets, even venturing into the nuanced domain of player portents. A harmonious blend of betting instruments, encompassing live serenades, proposition crescendos, and the architect's blueprint for bets, all dance to compose a captivating NFL symphony. And there's more – the Bodog Sports amphitheater beams live NFL encores, casting it as a magnetic destination for New Zealander disciples of the gridiron creed.

Bodog Sports on Mobile ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★★★ 7/10

In the grand parade of applications, the Bodog Sports fanfare finds itself out of step with the AppStore and Google Play Store's cadence. A Russian doppelgänger named Bodog Sports casts its shadow, a cacophonous siren song that warrants a wide berth. Yet, fret not, for the Bodog Sports overture can still serenade your senses, direct from the platform's digital pavilion. This sonnet's every stanza is decoded within our all-encompassing symposium. However, should you prefer to pirouette to a different rhythm, the mobile stage beckons, a performance sans the weighty costuming of an application.

Bodog Sports Features ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★★ 8/ 10

Within Bodog Sports's realm, the arcane becomes reality, where cryptocurrencies dance upon the digital floor. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin take their bows, ushering a new era of transactions. Live betting steps into the limelight, a dance of intrigue, while cash-out bets punctuate the rhythm with their enigmatic allure. Proposition bets emerge as the jesters of the arena, their whimsy unbound by the confines of finality. And lo, the bet builder, a sorcerer of odds, weaves intricate spells, fusing disparate bets into a symphony of potential fortune. Yet, within this digital theatre, only the NFL and eSports bask in the radiant glow of live streaming, their performances etched upon the digital tapestry.

Bodog Sports User Experience ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï ★ 9/10

Within the precincts of Bodog Sports's virtual expanse, an orchestra of ergonomic mastery plays out, guiding navigation with a harmony akin to a well-rehearsed concerto. The minimalist canvas enhances this ballet of user-friendliness, casting a spotlight on the tableau of New Zealander proclivities, a touch of pragmatism. Assisting hands stand poised at the precipice, a solitary click away from the threshold of exploration. In summation, every endeavor unfolds within a landscape of frugal clicks, a masterpiece attesting to the ode of user-centric craftsmanship.

Bodog Sports Customer Support

Bodog Sports's tapestry of assistance unfolds through two unique conduits: a digital colloquy's vestibule or the ethereal corridors of electronic missives. The cascade of responses via these conduits is akin to a synchronized dance of rapidity and pertinence. It's pertinent to note that the commencement of the chat dialogue is orchestrated by an automaton endowed with conversational prowess; its offerings, in general, emanate with a comprehensive flair, and in case of lingering inquisition, a human steward stands at the ready. Unfortunately, the realm of Bodog Sports remains impervious to sonic waves, rendering telephonic communion a forlorn prospect. Additionally, an online nexus of guidance is present, albeit adorned with modest content.

Bodog Sports in American ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★★ 8 /10

Bodog Sports extends its reach into the realm of English, and when you engage, their support brigade promptly follows suit in linguistic harmony. A prominent homepage button stands ready to facilitate your linguistic shift across the site, making the path to English content a stroll in the digital park. Granted, a handful of precincts on the site seem to have undergone a transformation of sorts through a lens of translation, and the fluency of the support ensemble in English occasionally dances on a spectrum. As a collective whole, while opportunities for refinement may lurk, the jaunt through Bodog Sports in English registers as a pleasing endeavor. 

Un téléphone et un ordinateur portable sur le site de Bodog Sports


Three reasons to choose Pixbet

  1. Presenting an expansive array of promotions, particularly notable for its diverse selection of nine distinct free bet options.
  2. Delivering a premium mobile user experience that sets a high standard.
  3. Offering favorable odds for enhanced betting opportunities.

A reason not to choose Pixbet

  1. However, live video streaming capabilities are absent from the platform.

Pixbet review and test

Bonuses and promotions Pixbet ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★★★ 7/10

The riddle of Pixbet's warm welcome tangles you in a web of deposit betting, a convoluted ritual six times over to grasp the bonus pearl. The enticement is strong, yet tiptoeing is wise on this bonus path. But wait, Pixbet's garden blooms with a profusion of free bets gracing diverse sporting terrain, while a medley of promotions and odds rising in stature serves as a colorful complement to this fascinating collage of enthralling opportunities.

Pixbet catalog

The playground at Pixbet boasts a range of 29 sports, tossing in the big names from North America - think NFL, NHL, NBA, CFL, MLB, MLS, and the rest of the alphabet soup. Some sports hold their own, like the ever-popular hockey, standing tall with 10 countries and a generous 20 leagues. Now, when the numbers crunch, Pixbet's odds hold their ground when stacked up against New Zealand's wagering scene.

Pixbet on mobile ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★★ 8/10

Over in Auckland, the Pixbet app's holding court, but let's not sleep on the mobile site, which parachutes in with its sleek interface, doing a mean tango on your phone's dance floor. In fact, it might even be a match for the computer version, which ain't no wallflower. Long story short? Pixbet's mobile game's strong, whether you're swiping the app or grooving on the mobile site.

Pixbet Features ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★★★ 7/10

In the Pixbet arena, a smorgasbord of bet-enhancing tools awaits your beckoning, including live betting, a savvy cash-out option, and a creative bet builder. With this trick up your sleeve, you can concoct a mix-and-match of bets, targeting various facets of the same match. Alas, the curtain drops on live streaming, an exclusive treat for the UK and Ireland crowd. Apart from this caveat, Pixbet's toolkit presents a platter of essential functionalities.

Pixbet user experience ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï ★ 9/10

Prepare for the Pixbet web escapade, a smooth ride guided by a design that's the epitome of minimalism and functionality. The blueprint reads like an open book, teeming with snappy detours to steer your exploration. And wait, there's more - Pixbet reveals tailored hideaways that mirror your quirks and chronicles in the platform's annals, sprinkled with offbeat gizmos to inspire your betting whims. The verdict's in: the user chronicle unfurls in the realm of top-tier quality.

Pixbet Customer Service

Reaching out to Pixbet's oracle brigade spans a realm of options: a merry minuet with live chat, a digital parley through email, or the age-old phone rendezvous. Yet, don't let the spotlight obscure the journey to summon the live chat sprite, tucked within the cryptic folds of the deposit enclave, revealing itself merely between the day's 8am yawn and its midnight lullaby. And guess what? The phone follows the same score. As the curtain falls, a rendezvous with solitude might grace your tale.

Pixbet in English ★ï★ï★★★★★★★★ 2/10

Unveil the Pixbet oasis, elegantly draped in the robes of the English tongue. A magical button emerges, ready to cast its spell and whisk the realm into the bosom of English's haven. Traverse its lands and find wagers, clashes, temptations, and their brethren flawlessly embossed in the English manuscript, for they were likely born of that lineage. Even the service guardians converse fluently in English's discourse.

Un téléphone et un ordinateur portable sur le site de Pixbet


Three reasons to choose Betano

  1. Extending a welcome bonus with promising potential.
  2. A bookmaker accommodating transactions with four distinct cryptocurrencies.
  3. An appealing assortment of promotions, spanning free bets and augmented winnings.

A reason not to choose Betano

  1. However, certain features are notably absent from the platform.

Betano review and test

Betano Bonuses and Promotions 10

The Betano warm embrace gift emerges as a free bet of a fixed sum, a trove of latent promise. But here's the twist - not only can you strive to alchemize the spoils from this free bet into tangible riches, but the enchanting prospect of bulking up your treasury beckons! Granted, a precondition waltz involves spinning the bonus carousel a dozen times afore, yet considering this marks a bet bestowed gratis, the stakes needn't rattle the stars. Plus, for an extra dash of pizzazz, Betano unravels a captivating cavalcade of eleven more festivities: a half-dozen soirées of the free bet ilk and a quintet of celebrations where triumph's embers glow brighter. Herein lies your cue to bestow an extra nudge upon your aspirations of conquest.

Betano Catalog ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★★ 8/10

Lose yourself in the mosaic spread before you, where a cornucopia of 30 sports unfurls, housing the torchbearers NHL, NFL, MLB, NBA, MLS, CFL, and their kin. Betano's odds stand unwavering, akin to a constant pulse, synchronizing with the rhythm of rivals.

Betano on Mobile ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★★ 8/10

Though the Betano app evades our grasp, the mobile site takes center stage, beckoning you to revel in bookmaking marvels via your handheld oracle, embarking on a journey of flawless browsing whimsy.

Betano Features ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★★★★ 6/10

Behold the stalwarts – cash-out wagers, cumulative bets, and real-time dance are all in attendance. But in this grand symphony of features, a medley remains veiled. Lo and behold, live event spectacles stay backstage, the bet architect is on a sabbatical, and the search compass hasn't found its bearings. 

Betano Payment Options ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★★ 8/ 10

An enigmatic aura envelops Betano's nod to 4 cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and XRP. A trailblazing spectacle in a sea of conventions. And lo, the bookmaker's bouquet of financial avenues unfurls, encompassing Interac, VISA, Mastercard, MuchBetter, ecoPayz, and paysafecard.

Betano User Experience ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★★ 8 /10

The Betano digital haven swiftly becomes your playground, its ergonomic layout embracing the hallmarks of yore. It's akin to a warm reunion, allowing effortless meandering and wagering, an experience akin to meeting an old friend for the first time.

Betano Customer Support ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï 8/10

Embark upon the never-ending saga of Betano's customer haven, a domain alive 24/7, graced by the presence of live chat, email, messenger, and phone. And lo, a sprawling 120-page sanctuary of guidance stands sentinel, an ally in the odyssey of questions. Choose from the constellation of pathways, your voyage ensured of abundance.

Betano in American ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★★ 8 /10

The Betano webverse materializes in an English guise, and the brigade of support stands poised to parley in kind. Every precinct flourishes with English flavor, particularly those tethered to the delicate art of wager curation. A smattering of translations into native expressions might stumble, yet naught of compromise lingers.

Un téléphone et un ordinateur portable sur le site de Betano


Three reasons to choose Bwin

  1. Elevating itself as a premier platform for live broadcasts.
  2. Boasting a comprehensive repertoire of sports and betting features.
  3. Offering content that is fully accessible in the English language.

A reason not to choose Bwin

  1. Regrettably, the bonuses and promotions offered on the platform are deemed unsatisfactory.

Bwin review and test

Bwin Bonuses and Promotions

A curious quirk for a titan in the field, Bwin's foray into promotions appears lackluster. The allure of the welcome bonus casts a beguiling spell, yet its labyrinthine requirements may transmute it into a costly endeavor. The scant smattering of visible promotions stands as elusive specters, out of reach. In this narrative, we hold a flicker of optimism, praying this is an oversight rather than an orchestrated act, yet in the current tableau, it unfurls as a chink in Bwin's armor.

Bwin catalog

An elaborate banquet graces the Bwin landscape, a feast of sports adorned with over thirty diverse disciplines. The realm of odds, too, witnesses Bwin's harmonious interlude, as it presents a panorama of favorable probabilities. The concoction splayed forth unites quality and abundance in seamless embrace.

Bwin on mobile ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★★★★ 6/10

Step beyond Auckland's borders in the New Zealander mosaic, and the Bwin app remains a phantom mirage. Solely the inhabitants of Auckland savor the privilege of welcoming Bwin Sports into their digital embrace. Rumors abound of an elusive Bwin APK, a cryptic relic conceivably extended to other provinces, yet the stewards of customer service remain enigmatically guarded. Our counsel? Embrace the mobile edition of Bwin's digital domain, a seamless companion to your pocket's screen.

Bwin Features 9/10

The spotlight gleams upon Bwin's knack for live streaming, a treasure trove of matches unfurled before your gaze in harmonious video synchrony. Beyond this, the pathway to "Craft Your Wager" beckons, interlaced with the intrigue of early settlement and the tableau of event statistics. In totality, Bwin crafts an opulent masterpiece of utility.

Bwin User Experience ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★★ 8 /10

Embarking upon Bwin's interface, a novice might find themselves navigating through a labyrinth of complexities, where the threads of information weave a puzzle of hierarchies. The tenets of simplicity find themselves displaced, as Bwin embraces the mantle of inclusivity. Yet, let not this convolution overshadow the truth that Bwin unearths a trove of vital data. Once the compass of familiarity guides you, swiftness and efficiency become your steadfast allies.

Bwin Customer Service

Bwin's aid courtyard waits, a triad of pathways—chat, email, phone—but entry is granted only to those within the Bwin fold. A labyrinth of twists and turns unfurls, a winding passage to these aid sanctums. Chat's whispers are audible merely between 11am and 8pm CET. But once the door is breached, the realm of customer service unfurls its efficiency like a banner.

Bwin in English ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï ★ 9/10

Little need for verbosity here, as the terrain converses eloquent English, and the aiding troupe boasts a medley of tongues. If it suits your fancy, an all-English fiesta unfolds at Bwin.

Un téléphone et un ordinateur portable sur le site de Bwin


Three reasons to choose TonyBet

  1. A range of distinctive free bets on offer.
  2. The capability to utilize various cryptocurrencies for transactions.
  3. A website that is exclusively presented in the English language.

A reason not to choose TonyBet

  1. Nonetheless, there is a notable absence of several betting features on the platform.

TonyBet review and test

TonyBet Bonuses and Promotions ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★★★ 7/10

TonyBet's inaugural invitation resounds like a clarion, issuing forth a resolute decree: you shall part with your first deposit sum fivefold over, entrusting your fate to audacious odds ere the house's coffers mirror your fidelity. Alas, the currency of this compact weaves an enigma—only the fructified rewards are redeemable, casting a shadow over the genuine spoils of the endeavor. Ergo, despite an intrigue festooning the horizon, a predetermined investment bids you traverse this path, bereft of a pledge regarding future bounty. However, a tangent beckons: TonyBet unfolds a trove of exceptional gratuitous wagers, a canvas painted for connoisseurs of fortune—a weekly reverie of trailblazers, their rewards materializing as untethered wagers; an oracle's gambit, dangling the coveted free wagers as its ultimate prize; and perchance, the haven of VIP Sports, a realm wherein points burgeon, destined to metamorphose into emancipated wagers.

TonyBet Catalog ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï 8/10

TonyBet flaunts a trove of 36 sports, a panorama embracing the grand stages. The cast includes NHL, NFL, CFL, MLB, NBA, MLS, amongst others. Moreover, it unveils courts of tennis, greens of golf, arenas of MMA, even the speedway of Formula 1. Gleaning from our observation, TonyBet's odds tread an even keel across a wide spectrum of sports.

TonyBet on Mobile ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★★★ 7/10

In the realms of application markets such as the AppStore and Google Play Store, TonyBet remains an enigma, its presence unfelt. However, cast aside disquietude, for a clandestine gateway awaits—embrace the arcane ritual of APK, a digital artifact enabling the direct infusion of the application onto your mobile. This cryptic ceremony unfolds, unveiled within the cryptex of our exhaustive TonyBet chronicle. As the final act, a divergent avenue beckons—immerse yourself in the TonyBet ethos through its mobile manifestation, an odyssey unburdened by the yoke of downloads, orchestrated by the symphony of your preferred mobile browser.

TonyBet Features ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★★★★★ 5/10

Beyond the bedrock, the symphony of betting features weaves its harmonies, orchestrating the cadence of your sojourn within the platform's universe. Yet, here, TonyBet stumbles upon the precipice of incompleteness. To be fair, the bookmaker extends an array of expected functionalities, yet the trifecta of live streaming, the enchantment of cash-out, and the craft of bespoke bets stand aloof. This absence, particularly the latter pair, casts a somber hue upon the palette of your betting escapades.

TonyBet Payment Options ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï ï 10/10

TonyBet forges an epochal path in the realm of payment options, cultivating a lush garden of choices that outshines its contemporaries. A triumvirate of cryptocurrencies extends an invitation for deposits and withdrawals, harmonizing with the traditional envoys of bank transfers, credit cards, e-wallets, and the familiar embrace of prepaid cards.

TonyBet User Experience ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★★★ 7/10

TonyBet dons the mantle of intuitive design, its path guided by the stars of navigational possibilities. Marvel at the constellation of graphical, hourly, and thematic arrangements, bestowing upon you the wand to conjure selections with swiftness. However, a touch of opaqueness settles upon the desktop tableau, where sprawling numerical landscapes yearn for the guiding lanterns of lucidity.

TonyBet Customer Service ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★★★ 7/10

TonyBet's sanctuary of customer service invites connection via the conduits of chat, email, or the virtual parchment of an online form. The sonorous ring of a phone number stands as the sole absentee in this symphony. Nevertheless, the ensemble of support manifests with rapidity and efficacy, a harmonious chorus of responses.

TonyBet in American ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★★ 8 /10

Behold the grand tableau of TonyBet, a masterpiece unfurled in the grandiloquent prose of English. Each corner of the digital canvas, a harmonious cacophony of code and content, basks in the sunlight of translation. Alas, as the tapestry extends, the forum of customer service emerges, its linguistic palette exclusively adorned in the hues of English.

Un téléphone et un ordinateur portable sur le site de TonyBet


Three reasons to choose LeoVegas

  1. Tailored for optimal mobile user experience.
  2. Offering competitive odds to enhance betting opportunities.
  3. Encompassing a satisfying assortment of features.

A reason not to choose LeoVegas

  1. However, the design for computer-based use appears outdated.

LeoVegas review and test

LeoVegas Bonuses and Promotions ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★★★★ 6/10

LeoVegas extends its embrace, a realm where the gales of bonuses and promotions whisper rather than bellow. The welcome overture, a siren's call to riches untold and a flight unburdened by wagers, echoes with the refrain of a labyrinthine minuet – the deposit's countenance must waltz five times, clasping odds no fainter than 1.8. A symphony of intricacy emerges, the free bet a beguiling enigma, its wingspan intertwined with the deposit's scope and the odds' resonance. Yet, the tapestry of LeoVegas unravels, a barren tableau in the realm of sports, a fable that hints at a casino concealed beneath the sportsman's veneer.

LeoVegas Catalog ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★★★ 7/10

LeoVegas, a realm enriched with a tapestry of sporting realms, unfurls its array with the elegance of thirty hues, embracing the allure of football, hockey, baseball, basketball, and the jubilant realm of soccer. Peer into the looking glass of odds, where LeoVegas stands shoulder to shoulder with its peers, harmonizing in the melody of competitive wagering.

LeoVegas on mobile 9/10

As dawn breaks over Auckland, the first sovereign of regulation in New Zealand, the LeoVegas app seeks refuge in its realm. Yet, in the embrace of mobility, LeoVegas unfurls its "mobile-first" mandate, a siren's call summoning you to traverse the mobile site's labyrinth. An experience spun with finesse for the handheld realm, where excellence thrives within the phone's confines. And hark, anointed is the APK, an ethereal token, nestled in LeoVegas' digital sanctum, the guidebook unveiled within the folds of our comprehensive narrative.

LeoVegas Features ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★★ 8/ 10

LeoVegas unfolds its ensemble of features, a symphony of possibilities awaits your sporting sojourn. Amidst the panorama of live betting, your wagers harmonize with the unfolding spectacle, a dance of anticipation. Immerse yourself in the living tableau through live video streaming, a portal to the heart of the game. Yet, foresight whispers its counsel; the cash-out option extends its hand, a lifeline in the ebb and flow of fortune. Venture deeper, where the "bet-builder" beckons, a realm of customization unfurls. Here, the tapestry of choice weaves together up to 12 selections, a mosaic of possibility in every game. 

LeoVegas User Experience ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★★★★ 6/10

LeoVegas assumes a guise of minimalism, with graphics that dance upon the fine line between elementary and rudimentary. The homepage, decked with an abundance of texts and menus, presents only a handful that break free from the clutches of obscurity and carry significance. Navigation, while embarking on a journey, navigates a convoluted course, particularly when traversing the labyrinthine passages of the catalog exploration menu, casting a shadow over the ease of accomplishing the customary task of pinpointing the sought-after event for placing one's wager.

LeoVegas customer service

LeoVegas's assistance brigade remains vigilant without cease, accessible through the portals of live chat and email throughout the diurnal cycle. Their rapid and steadfast rejoinders substantiate their trustworthiness. In times of requisite aid, a substantial reservoir of insights sprawls across approximately a hundred pages, ensconced within the help center, proffering answers to prevailing queries. A solitary chink in this robust façade lies in the lack of a designated phone conduit to initiate dialogue with the realm of LeoVegas.

LeoVegas in American ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★★★ 7/10

The LeoVegas domain unfurls an incarnation crafted in English, yet a discerning eye uncovers that a scant assortment of constituents genuinely metamorphose into English beyond the initial landing page. Additionally, the rendered translations intermittently mirror the output of an automated linguistic transformation engine. Correspondingly, the customer service domain proffers responses in English, enlisting an embedded translation contraption to facilitate this discourse. This contraption has undergone comprehensive scrutiny, generating commendable results. Ultimately, the entirety of the assistance repository assumes the guise of English, warranting an accolade.

Un téléphone et un ordinateur portable sur le site de Leo Vegas


Three reasons to choose Parimatch

  1. A mobile application accessible throughout New Zealand.
  2. Encompassing a diverse array of features.
  3. Showcasing an exceptional mobile version of the website.

A reason not to choose Parimatch

  1. Nonetheless, the available deposit and withdrawal methods are relatively restricted.

Parimatch review and test

Parimatch Bonuses and Promotions ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★★★★★ 5/10

Parimatch's initial offering managed to elicit a somewhat subdued response. Primarily, the reception of the welcome bonus is infused with a modestly intriguing allure. Despite the bookmaker's overture of matching the initial deposit quantum, it introduces exacting conditions that impede its potential for profitability: necessitating wagers that cumulatively amount to ten times the value of the bestowed bonus, coupled with the added stipulation of an audaciously risky minimum odds threshold set at 1.75. In an additional vein, it's worth acknowledging that Parimatch opts not to furnish an alternative avenue in lieu of the welcome incentive, as the bookmaker remains conspicuously bereft of supplementary sports-centric promotions.

Parimatch Catalog ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ 7/10

Parimatch lays out a varied landscape, encompassing 24 diverse sports, ranging from prominent North English endeavors like hockey, football, and baseball, to more unique disciplines like hurling or netball, while also incorporating conventional mainstays like soccer or tennis. Pertinent to our analysis is the discernment of Parimatch's odds, which lean marginally lower in comparison to the competitors subject to our assessment.

Parimatch on Mobile 9/10

New Zealand-wide, the Parimatch mobile app rises to the occasion, offering excellence in every nook and cranny. Moreover, the mobile site stands solid, dispensing the need for app downloads while sustaining placid wagering on the platform. Crafted for the perpetually mobile bettor, Parimatch emanates as a bookmaker of interest.

Parimatch Features ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★★★ 7/10

Within the bookmaker's realm, the artistry of the cashed bet and a bespoke bet architect emerges, conjuring a symphony of opportunities to magnify triumphs within the site's borders. Yet, a lament arises in the face of absent live event visual accompaniments, excluding the vivid realm of eSports.

Parimatch Payment Options ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★★★★★ 5/10

The canvas of fiscal channels within Parimatch remains modest. Singularly, Interac and debit and credit cards adorn the tableau. Thus, the avenue to infuse or retrieve funds via conduits such as e-wallets, cryptocurrencies, or prepaid cards lies dormant.

Parimatch User Experience ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★★★ 7/10

The graphic subtlety of Parimatch might be dubbed as unengaging. Yet, it must be conceded that this plainness gives rise to a user-friendly interface owing to its lucidity. On the contrary, navigation takes on a degree of heft, tracing back to this overly uncomplicated design, replete with static menus that necessitate the unfurling of a fresh page for each expedition into new domains of categories, countries, sports, leagues, teams, matches, and wagers.

Parimatch Customer Service

To optimize your support experience, we suggest initiating contact with Parimatch's customer service via the online chat feature, conveniently accessible through the main menu. Timely and proficient responses can be anticipated. Should further inquiries arise, you can delve into the in-depth Help Center, spanning a substantial 164 pages. It's worth mentioning, though, that email responses may encounter occasional delays. Furthermore, it's notable that a dedicated phone number for reaching support is not provided.

Parimatch in English ★★★★★★★★★★ 0/10

The entirety of Parimatch's services are conducted in English, a pivotal aspect for those proficient in the language or seeking a platform amenable to different local languages.

Un téléphone et un ordinateur portable sur le site de Parimatch


Three reasons to choose SportingBet

  1. Favorable odds offering a distinct advantage.
  2. Incorporating bet cash-out and bet builder functionalities.
  3. Providing round-the-clock customer service for seamless assistance.

A reason not to choose SportingBet

  1. Unfortunately, the platform is not accessible in Auckland.

SportingBet review and test

SportingBet Catalog ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ 7/10

SportingBet has garnered our interest due to its attractive odds spanning multiple sports genres, including hockey, football, and basketball. The portfolio comprises 26 sports categories, encompassing major leagues such as NHL, NFL, MLB, and NBA.

Bonuses and promotions SportingBet ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★★★★ 6/10

Our assessment of SportingBet's welcome incentive left us moderately underwhelmed. The bestowed bonus adopts the guise of confined free bets, with solely the yielded profits permitted for withdrawal, rendering it relatively minor in comparison to the expansive array of offers prevalent within the market. Furthermore, the panorama features a scanty pair of supplementary sports promotions. One encompasses a nominal weekly opportunity for attaining gratis bets, while the other unfolds as a structure facilitating the transformation of bonus points into free bets. Thus, these promotional avenues demand a marginal input to yield intriguing rewards.

SportingBet User Experience ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★★★ 7/10

Standardized ergonomics coexist with practicality, rendering the platform effortlessly navigable and user-friendly. Rapid mastery of the site is accomplished, and the distinct segments are readily identified to cater to individual requisites. Several user-friendly facets of navigation merit attention, encompassing a chronological bar for event location via schedule correlation, in addition to the capability of adapting the site's display to accommodate screen dimensions: selectable columns, whether affixed or detachable blocks.

SportingBet on mobile ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★★★★ 6/10

SportingBet's orientation tilts towards the Casino sphere, leading to an omission of a dedicated mobile application for sports betting endeavors; exclusively confining app availability to casino gaming. This imparts an inability to secure the SportingBet app on your iPhone or Android phone. Nonetheless, a viable recourse emerges in the guise of the mobile rendition of the site, adeptly adapting to phone specifications.

Features SportingBet ★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★ï★★★ 7/10

Within the realm of SportingBet, the gamut of features falls within an intermediate ambit, delineated by the presence of utilitarian attributes coupled with a salient absence. Noteworthy is the provision for early bet cashouts, a strategic prerogative enabling the reclamation of earnings preceding the culmination of a chosen match—an expedient recourse when anticipating an unfavorable outcome. Concomitantly, SportingBet introduces a bet builder facet, facilitating the composition of intricate composite bets within a singular match, an augmentation underscored by the potential to synthesize odds for an amplified quotient. However, it merits attention that SportingBet's ambit refrains from encompassing live match video streaming, with the dominion of casino games singularly embracing the video element.

SportingBet Customer Service

The contours of SportingBet's landscape stand accentuated by the ceaseless availability, unfurling an oasis of customer service accessible ceaselessly through the conduit of online chat. An inaugural communion transpires within the realm of a conversational automaton, a digital oracle poised to furnish solutions to a realm of rudimentary queries. Simultaneously, the vista extends to accommodate the labyrinthine conundrums, permitting the invocation of a direct discourse with a custodial custodian, well-equipped to traverse the terrain of complexity. However, steering through uncharted channels to engage with the custodial entity metamorphoses into an endeavor shrouded in complexity, for the digital archives relinquish any semblance of alternative contact points. Notably, the phone scaffold remains conspicuously absent within this symphony of support.

SportingBet in American ★★★★★★★★★★ 0/10

Step through the digital threshold of SportingBet, and you'll find the linguistic canvas swathed in the hues of English, unfurling a realm where alternative dialects cavort in dimmer illumination. Within the tapestry of custodial custodians, engaged in unraveling the enigmas of this digital realm, the symphony of discourse harmonizes solely in the language of Shakespeare. Thus, embarking on a journey through the annals of SportingBet, cloaked in the lexicon of English, beckons the mantle of linguistic acumen. For, woven within the textual mosaic, the key to comprehending the intricacies of deposits, withdrawals, bonuses, and promotions awaits, either leading to the threshold of clarity or ensnaring within the labyrinthine realms of misunderstanding.

Un téléphone et un ordinateur portable sur le site de SportingBet

My recommendation of the best sports betting site in New Zealand

BC.Game Betting, simple and carefree


Here are 3 reasons why I choose BC.Game Betting for my bets:

  1. Ensuring a platform seamlessly aligns with my preferences is of utmost importance to me. This seamless integration is precisely what I find with BC.Game Betting, a platform that consistently prioritizes my cherished sports and leagues in New Zealand. This thoughtful curation significantly reduces the time I used to spend delving into the schedules of NFL or NHL matches.
  2. Enhancing my overall betting experience, the site's intuitive interface is a definite asset. Whether I'm browsing via my computer or mobile device, the interface's user-friendliness contributes to a consistently pleasant and fluid betting journey. Swiftly locating my desired matches has become second nature, and I often capitalize on the "Last visit" function—a seemingly minor feature that holds substantial value. This function expedites the process of accessing my past bets with a single click, a truly efficient time-saving tool.
  3. A noteworthy distinction of BC.Game Betting is the commendable customer service it provides. The promptness of their availability, coupled with their unwavering professionalism and efficacy, truly sets them apart. Such nuanced attentiveness underscores their commitment to resolving concerns and fostering a supportive environment for users, a detail that I find pivotal in shaping a positive betting encounter.

You can read our full review of BC.Game Betting to find out more about this bookmaker.

Best NFL Betting Sites

We have analyzed and selected for you the best sites to bet on the NFL. You will find below the following sections:

List of NFL betting sites in New Zealand

  1. Ultra complete on the NFL and without defects

  2. The best NFL bets in English

  3. Very complete except application and direct videos

  4. Excellent choice of NFL promotions

  5. Wide variety of NFL bet types

  6. Good NFL odds

  7. A Special NFL Free Bet

  8. Pre-Built NFL Bets

  9. NFL odds below average

  10. Restricted NFL Betting Picks

  11. The most limited choice among the competition

Top 3 NFL Bookmakers in New Zealand

Bodog Sports
Bodog Sports #1 NFL betting site

Bodog Sports best NFL betting site ¥

"Ultra complete and flawless"

★œ… Huge NFL Betting Catalog
★œ… Very good NFL ratings
★œ… Paris NFL live
✅ Direct video of NFL matches
★œ… NFL Betting Constructor
★œ… Paris de propositions NFL
★œ… NFL Content in American

Bet on the NFL with Bodog Sports

Our complete Bodog Sports test

bet365 #2 NFL Betting Site

Bet365 NFL bookmaker of choice ¥

"The best NFL bets in English"

★œ… Excellent choice of bets on every match
★œ… Over 20 types of bets on the NFL season
★œ… Paris NFL live
★œ… Direct video of NFL games
★œ… NFL betting constructor
★œ… Paris de propositions NFL
★œ… Promotions NFL
★Œ NFL content only in English

Bet on the NFL with Bet365

Our complete Bet365 review

Bwin N°3
Bwin N°3 #3 NFL Betting Site

Bwin one of the best NFL betting sites ¥

"Very complete except application and direct videos"

Vast NFL betting catalog
★œ… Paris NFL live
★œ… NFL Betting Constructor
★œ… Paris de propositions NFL
★œ… NFL Content in American
★Œ No mobile application
★Œ No NFL live stream

Bet on the NFL with Bwin

Our complete Bwin test

Comparison of the 3 best NFL bookmakers in Wellington

Category Bodog Sports bet365 Bwin
Welcome bonus 8/10 8/10 6/10
Catalog 9/10 10/10 8/10
Mobile experience 7/10 8/10 6/10
Payment methods 9/10 8/10 8/10
User experience 9/10 10/10 8/10
Support 8/10 8/10 6/10
General note 8/10 9/10 7/10

Other NFL betting sites in Wellington


Pixbet: great selection of NFL promotions

★œ… Numerous NFL promotions
★œ… Interesting NFL odds
★œ… Paris NFL live
★œ… NFL Betting Constructor
🌟 Paris NFL proposals
❌ No bets on NFL season (winners, awards, etc)
★Œ No NFL livestreams available
★Œ NFL content only in English

Bet on the NFL with Pixbet


Betway: Wide Variety of NFL Bet Types

★œ… Large catalogue de paris NFL
★œ… Paris de propositions NFL
★œ… Paris NFL live
✅ NFL content in American
❌ No NFL constructor (only for soccer)
❌ No NFL live stream

Bet on the NFL with Betway

BC.Game Betting

BC.Game Betting: Good NFL odds

★œ… Interesting NFL odds
✅ An NFL promotion
★œ… Good NFL paris catalog
★œ… Paris NFL live
★œ… Paris de propositions NFL
★Œ No NFL draft
★Œ No NFL live streaming
★Œ NFL content sometimes in English
❌ No mobile application

Bet on the NFL with BC.Game Betting


Betano: A Special NFL Free Bet

★œ… Free $20 Bet on the NFL
★œ… Good NFL odds
★œ… Paris NFL live
★œ… NFL content in American
No NFL Paris constructor
★Œ No NFL live streaming available
❌ No mobile application

Bet on the NFL with Betano

LeoVegas Sports

LeoVegas Sport: Pre-Built NFL Betting

★œ… Paris pre-built NFL ("pre-pack bets")
★œ… Paris NFL live
✅ NFL betting constructor
★œ… Paris de propositions NFL
🚫 No bet on the NFL season (winners, awards, etc)
★Œ No NFL live stream
★Œ No NFL promotions
★Œ NFL content only in English

Bet on the NFL with LeoVegas Sport


TonyBet: NFL odds below average

✅ Good NFL paris catalog
✅ Paris NFL live
★œ… Paris de propositions NFL
★œ… NFL Content in American
★œ… Mobile application available
★Œ Disappointing NFL odds
❌ No NFL promotions
★Œ No NFL constructor in Paris
★Œ No NFL live stream

Bet on the NFL with TonyBet


Parimatch: Restricted NFL Betting Picks

★œ… Paris NFL live
★œ… NFL betting constructor
★œ… Mobile application available
★Œ No bets on the NFL season (winners, awards, etc)
★Œ No NFL promotions
❌ No NFL live stream
★Œ NFL content only in English

Bet on the NFL with Parimatch


SportingBet: the most limited choice among the competition

★œ… Paris NFL live
✅ Interesting NFL odds
No bets on NFL season (winners, awards, etc)
★Œ No NFL promotions
❌ No NFL Paris Constructor
❌ No NFL live stream
★Œ NFL content only in English
No mobile application

Bet on the NFL with SportingBet

How do we rank the best sports betting sites?

Graphique circulaire du processus en 8 étapes d'analyse de site de paris sportifs sur Databasebasketball New Zealand

The 8 steps of analyzing a sports betting site by Databasebasketball New Zealand

The 8 steps of our analysis of Kiwis sports betting sites

1. Desktop and mobile analysis

We spend several hours navigating the site, on computer and on phone, to be able to deliver the most comprehensive review possible on the quality of the site. We look at whether the design and ergonomics meet the requirements of today.

2. Deposit and withdrawals in real conditions

We deposit 100$ in real money on all the sites we test. Most often, we use Interac or VISA/Mastercard credit cards, which are the most common methods. We also make sure that we can withdraw the amount.

3. Use of bonuses and promotions

Welcome bonus, free bets, promotions... we love to judge the quality of bookmakers' offers by putting their promotional commitments to the test. And for that, there's nothing better than claiming the bonuses from the site to see if they are qualitative.

4. Catalog depth assessment

We scrutinize the catalog by listing every available sport and counting their exact number to determine if the offered selection sufficiently covers the sports betting market.

5. Downloading the application

We check the availability of applications on the AppStore and Google Play Store and install the application when it exists to verify that everything works correctly. In the absence of applications, we search if the site offers an alternative such as an APK and proceed to test it in order to ensure that it is functional.

6. Testing all functionality

We take the time to test each feature of the bookmaker to ensure that you can fully enjoy them. Whether it's live betting, cash out, bet builders or live streaming, we list what might interest you when using the site if you decide to sign up. And of course, we place bets to judge how the platform performs in real situations.

7. Exchanges with customer service

Nothing beats a real-life test to evaluate the quality of a customer service. We contact them through all the means they provide, whether it's an online chat, a contact form, or a phone number. We pay attention to the speed and relevance of their response, but also their politeness and professionalism.

8. Verification of American

Not only do we want to know if the site is fully accessible in American, but we go into detail to only communicate in American with the customer service to validate if it will be possible for you to get assistance in a language other than English if needed.

How is the ranking of the best sports betting sites in New Zealand determined?

We give each of the 8 points above a rating out of 10 in order to give you a quick overview of the strengths and weaknesses of the platforms. We derive an overall rating for each bookmaker that allows us to offer you the ranking of the best sports betting sites in New Zealand.

But we also detail our analysis in order to allow you to know more and understand our rating. We indeed offer a complete review of each bookmaker on a dedicated page, which takes the form of a thorough and in-depth analysis of the site.

Why we are credible in choosing the best bookmakers in Wellington

  • Our objective: help you choose better among the many sports betting sites available on the market.
  • Our approach : analyze in detail each site to compare the information in an exhaustive way.
  • Our method : test the platforms in real conditions in order to provide you with an objective opinion.
  • Our philosophy: be honest with you, we transcribe our comparisons in full transparency.
  • Our expertise : you can trust our experience, we have been analyzing all sports betting sites for you for 10 years in more than 25 different countries!

Our Team of Sports Betting Experts New Zealand

Thomas, expert en paris sportifs au New Zealand
Thomas, sports betting expert in New Zealand

Kiwis and American, my 2 nationalities allow me to not only understand the Kiwis sports betting market well, but also to be attentive to the American language on all the sites we analyze for you. I am particularly interested in hockey, football, and tennis. Recently, I have developed an interest in baseball and motorcycling.

  • Editor-in-chief for Вatabasebasketball New Zealand
  • Web expert and sports betting sites in New Zealand
  • Specialist in sports betting on American-speaking markets
Louis, spécialiste en bookmakers
Louis, specialist in bookmakers

Passionate about sports since forever, I worked for a few years in E-commerce before meeting the team at Being able to combine my writing skills with one of my passions is an incredible challenge. If you have any technical questions about bookmakers and bonuses, I'm here to answer them.

  • Web expert and sports betting sites
  • Specialist in sports betting on American-speaking markets
Laure, rédactrice web
Laure, web editor

New addition to the team, I have been betting for several years now. For me, it is important to be able to bet on a wide variety of sports and types of bets. My bets are primarily live, on rugby and the NBA. I prefer to bet on an innovative bookmaker with a wide range of features rather than focusing on promotions or bonuses.