www.databasebasketball.com was born a few years ago under other domain names. Our team brings together sports betting specialists as well as experts from bookmakers. We produce content to give you all the necessary tools before you venture into sports betting. So if you also want to try your luck, don't hesitate anymore. We can help you.

D'veloppez votre savoir pour construire votre strat'gie et gagner plus d'argent. Notre objectif est de vous faire gagner autant d'argent que nous grã¢ce au pari sportif !


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Our team

Well Sports betting expert

Can you find a better sports betting expert than a passionate Englishman since his adolescence? Ben is an online poker player and bettor for over 15 years. His track record is enough to make some professional players turn pale. We call him "The Bible" because his knowledge of online betting is impressive. Ask him a question, and he will answer you!

  • Expert in sports betting for 10 years
  • Specialist in odds, bonuses and betting strategies
Jacob Web expert & sports betting

Jacob is a web encyclopedia and a skilled tipster for over 10 years. He puts his knowledge and analysis at the service of www.databasebasketball.com to develop and improve the quality of the reviews and tests we offer on the site. Bookmakers have no secrets for him. As a fan of E-sports and the web, he brings all his skills and knowledge to help you find the right horse.

  • Web expert and bookmakers
  • Sports betting specialist
Louis Copywriter, web and sport expert

Passionate about sports since forever, I worked for several years in E commerce before meeting the team at www.databasebasketball.com. Being able to combine my writing skills with one of my passions is an incredible challenge. If you have any technical questions about bookmakers and bonuses, I'm here to answer them.

  • Web expert and bookmakers
  • Specialist in sports betting on American-speaking markets

Our business: comparator of sports betting sites

We research, test and analyze online bookmakers to create rated articles and reviews . No matter the analysis phase, we perform our research work from a user's point of view to extract the best information.

We never forget that we are players first.

If the bookmaker is on our site, it is legal.

How do we earn agent?

Operating a website like www.databasebasketball.com costs money. We need funds to pay the writers and our workspace. We spend a lot of time crafting articles on each subject to provide you with the best possible information. When you use our affiliate links to bookmakers, you contribute to helping us and we thank you.

Our commitment: Transparency

Contrary to the majority of our competitors, we strive to maintain our integrity in the way we rank sports betting sites. Regardless of our agreements with the bookmakers, operators are ranked without favoritism.

How are the tests carried out?

Each expert conducts their own review of bookmakers and then we discuss points of disagreement. The sites and applications are scanned by at least 2 people . This recipe allows us to go further in the analysis of operators.