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Bonus betclic euro

EURO 2024 - New Betclic Bonus

June 16, 2024

The most popular sports betting site offers the best bonus for betting on Euro 2020 (or 2024, great bar debate Ÿ˜‰). A free bet of $200 valid until June 23 initially.

Bonus Sports:

Until $100

Terms: 0x Bonus amount minimum odds: No minimum Bonuscode: None

How to receive the Betclic Bonus of 200 euros?

  1. Register on Betclic
  2. Make your first deposit
  3. Bet up to $200 on the sporting event of your choice
  4. If your first bet loses, we'll refund your Freebets stake up to $200.
Example of using the Betclic Bonus


Example :

  • If I place my 1st bet of $200 on "United States win" against Germany @2.80 and United States does not win, I get $200 Freebets right after the match ends .
  • To place this first bet, I previously deposited 200 euros.

What are the conditions of the betclic bonus?

The bookmakers for euro 2020 They all try to offer the best sign-up bonus to attract as many players as possible. Beyond the amount, the conditions are one of the most important factors in determining the quality of a bonus. Betclic's offer for the competition is simply impressive.

The bookmaker preserves the same conditions as its usual Freebet by doubling the amount. No bookmaker will be able to match this offer during the period. Even Unibet and Winamax are not at the same level during the competition.

Betclic bonus prerequisites
  • You are an authorized adult . You are at least eighteen (18) years old. You acknowledge that access to the Site is prohibited for minors and/or protected adults and that you will not help a minor and/or protected adults to request the opening or to use a Betclic account.
  • You are a natural person. You acknowledge that the creation and use of a Betclic account is prohibited for computer robots and legal persons. In case of doubt, in particular repeated connection attempts, a security means will be triggered to verify that you are a natural person.
  • You are not listed on the national file of prohibited games . Betclic will verify your prohibited gaming status at the time of your registration and then regularly in accordance with the Gaming Regulations. If necessary, Betclic will refuse to open the Player Account or will close your Account under the conditions of article 4.3 (Your Account Section) when a registration in the national file gambling bans occur after the opening of the Account.
  • You do not already have an active Betclic account . We will close all active accounts opened in the same name or which we suspect are attributable to the same person, in particular because of the use of identical IP addresses, and/or common connection terminals and/or the simultaneous or quasi-simultaneous taking of identical bets.
  • You will not use the Site for the purpose of illegal activities, such as fraud, money laundering and terrorist financing. Criminal and/or civil proceedings may be brought against you and any other person involved in such activity, and we reserve the right to transmit any information, including your data personal data, which would be required of us by any competent public authority
  • You have no direct or indirect links with a company belonging to the Betclic group . You acknowledge that You may not register on the Sites, open and use a Betclic Account if you or a direct member of your family* is, or has been, within the last two (2) years es preceding your registration, an employee of the Betclic group, or if you, or the company for which you work, are bound by a contract for the supply or provision of services to Betclic ( such as a contract for the supply of game software).*★A direct member of your family★ means: 1★° The spouse or common-law partner; 2★° The partner bound by a civil pact of solidarity or by a partnership contract registered under a foreign law; 3★° The children, as well as their spouse, their partner bound by a civil pact of solidarity or by a partnership contract registered under a foreign law; 4★° The ascendants in the first degree.
  • You reside or you connect to the Sites with a consultation terminal located on American territory . Otherwise, in accordance with the Regulations, your account may be closed. You may not apply for an Account or use our Sites if you are domiciled in a territory from which the opening of an Account and/or the use of our Services is illegal or contrary to the applicable law. You understand and accept that in no case do we guarantee that the use of the Sites is legal outside of United States and that it is your responsibility to ensure the legality of your actions. We reject any responsibility for any sanction that would be imposed on you by a competent public authority in another State following a use deemed illegal of the Sites, in application of the regulations of this state.

See the terms and conditions on the Betclic website.

The best bonuses for the EURO

Why choose Betclic?


Until $100

The Everest Group bookmaker is one of the two sites with the most bettors. Anything but a coincidence, Betclic is surely the most versatile bookmaker Equipped with the best free bet, very good odds, and modern support, the operator is highly appreciated by its bettors. Betclic is at the same level as Unibet in terms of quality of offer.

Registration bonus ★

Odds ★

Catalog ★

Betclic TV ★

Customer service by phone ★

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