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Mastering Handball Betting Odds: Strategies, Bet Types, and Top Platforms

Dive into the exciting world of handball betting with our comprehensive guide. Explore strategies, learn about different bet types, and discover top platforms for placing your handball bets. Whether you're a seasoned bettor or a newcomer, this article has you covered for a successful handball betting experience.

The best bookmakers for betting on handball in United Kingdom

No. Bonuses minimum odds Min deposit AT

Up to $100

minimum odds: 1.20

Min deposit: 5$

See the offer See website

Up to $200

minimum odds: 1.70

Min deposit: 20$

See the offer See website

Up to 400CHF

minimum odds: 1.80

Min deposit: 15CHF

See the offer See website

Up to $100

minimum odds:1.5

Min deposit: 20$

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Up to $200

minimum odds: 1.50

Min deposit: 20$ or 22 CHF

See the offer See website

Up to $100

minimum odds: 1.80

Min deposit: 10$

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Up to 250$

minimum odds: 1.85

Min deposit: 20$

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Mastering Handball Betting: Strategies, Bet Types, and Top Platforms

Handball, a fast-paced and exciting team sport, has gained significant popularity worldwide. Alongside the thrilling action on the court, handball betting offers enthusiasts the opportunity to enhance their experience by making informed wagers. Understanding handball betting odds is a key factor in successful betting, allowing fans to make strategic decisions and potentially reap rewards.

Our bet365 review for handball betting

Our rating:
  • World's largest bookmaker
  • Live stream available
  • Complete catalog
Sports bonuses:

Up to $100

minimum odds: 1.20 Bonuscode: Automatique

Our Bet365 handball review

Bet365 stands out as a leading online sportsbook with an broad run of handball wagering choices. With a devoted handball segment, Bet365 gives not as it were competitive chances for handball matches but too a consistent client involvement. It covers major handball occasions and associations, advertising markets like coordinate results, handicaps, aggregates, and player props.

Advantages and disadvantages bet365

✅Bet365 is a giant in the betting industry, known for its comprehensive sports coverage, including handball. The site offers a wide range of handball events from around the world, covering both major and minor leagues. The odds are competitive, and the live streaming feature allows you to watch games as you bet. The user-friendly interface makes navigation and bet placement straightforward. The platform also provides extensive in-play betting options, which is a significant advantage for handball enthusiasts.

🚫The vast array of markets and events available on Bet365 might be overwhelming for beginners, potentially leading to decision paralysis when choosing bets.

Our 22bet review for handball betting

Our rating:
Sports bonuses:

Up to 122CHF

Terms: 5x Bonus amount minimum odds: 1.40 Bonuscode: no codes

Our opinion 22bet handball betting

For handball devotees, 22Bet offers a comprehensive stage highlighting different handball matches from around the world. It presents an cluster of wagering markets counting pre-match and in-play alternatives. The site's instinctive format makes exploring through handball occasions and chances clear, making it a incredible choice for both amateur and experienced bettors.

Advantages and disadvantages of 22bet

✅22Bet is recognized for its diverse sports coverage and competitive odds, including for handball. The platform offers an extensive range of handball events, giving bettors plenty of choices.

🚫Some users might find the website design slightly cluttered, especially when navigating through multiple markets.

Our Interwetten opinion for handball betting

Our rating:
  • Live betting
  • Welcome bonus amount
  • Sports and betting catalog
Sports bonuses:

Up to $200

Terms: 5x Bonus amount minimum odds: 1.70

Our opinion Interwetten handball betting

Interwetten specializes in live wagering, making it a reasonable stage for locks in in handball matches as they unfurl. It may not have the largest run of handball occasions, but it compensates with an alluring client interface, real-time chances, and fast wagered arrangement choices.

Advantages and disadvantages Interwetten

✅Interwetten is particularly appealing for live betting enthusiasts. The platform excels in providing real-time odds updates, which is crucial for in-play handball bets. The intuitive layout for in-play bets ensures a seamless and enjoyable betting experience. Additionally, the platform offers reliable customer support to address any concerns or issues.

🚫The primary drawback of Interwetten is that its handball coverage might not be as extensive as other platforms, which could limit the variety of betting options.

Our Bahigo review for handball betting

Our rating:
  • Bonuses and promotions in CHF
  • High odds level
Sports bonuses:

Up to 400CHF

Terms: 3x the bonus amountx bonus amount minimum odds: 1.80

Our review Bahigo handball betting

Bahigo offers a committed segment for handball wagering, giving an cluster of markets and competitive chances. It's outlined to cater to the inclinations of handball devotees, guaranteeing smooth route and simple get to to diverse handball occasions. Uncommon advancements and rewards frequently upgrade the wagering involvement.

Advantages and disadvantages Bahigo

✅Bahigo stands out with its dedicated handball section, offering a focused and comprehensive experience for handball enthusiasts. Competitive odds and a user-friendly interface make betting on handball matches convenient. Special promotions specific to handball events add extra value for bettors interested in the sport.

🚫While Bahigo provides a solid handball betting experience, some users might find that its handball markets are not as extensive as those offered by larger platforms.

Our Sportaza review for handball betting

Our rating:
  • Simple conditions
  • Many promotions available
  • Important catalog
Sports bonuses:

Up to $100

Terms: 5x Bonus amount minimum odds: 1.5

Our opinion Sportaza handball betting

Sportaza's different sportsbook amplifies to comprehensive handball wagering choices. From major competitions to lesser-known matches, the stage covers a wide range of handball occasions. It's prepared with competitive chances and user-friendly highlights, encouraging simple investigation of distinctive markets.

Advantages and disadvantages Sportaza

✅Sportaza offers a balanced combination of sports coverage and handball betting options. The platform provides a range of handball markets, including popular leagues and events. The user interface is intuitive, making it easy for both beginners and experienced bettors to navigate. The site's mobile compatibility allows for on-the-go betting convenience.

🚫While Sportaza provides handball betting options, some users might find that the depth of markets for certain events is not as extensive as on specialized handball platforms.

Our FEZbet review for handball betting

Our rating:
  • Important sports offer
  • Lots of promotions
Sports bonuses:

Up to $200

Terms: 5x Bonus amount minimum odds: 1.50 Bonuscode: Automatique

Our opinion FEZbet handball betting

Whereas not the foremost broad in terms of handball scope, Fezbet offers a streamlined stage for handball wagering devotees. It gives competitive chances for different handball markets, and its clear plan disentangles the wagered situation handle for both apprentices and experienced bettors.

Advantages and disadvantages FEZbet

✅Fezbet is known for its diverse range of sports and markets, including handball. The platform offers competitive odds for various handball events, catering to bettors looking for value. The site's design is clean and user-friendly, making it easy to find and place bets on handball matches.

🚫Similar to other general sports betting sites, Fezbet might not offer the same level of specialization and depth in handball markets as dedicated handball-focused platforms.

Our 1bet opinion for handball betting

Our rating:
  • Important sports offer
  • Varied game features
  • Performing football odds
Sports bonuses:

Up to $100

Terms: 16x Bonus amount minimum odds: 1.80 Bonuscode: WB1001B

Our 1Bet handball betting review

1Bet offers a dependable stage with a center on client involvement. Whereas handball might not have the same unmistakable quality as other sports on the location, it still presents competitive chances for handball matches. The platform's straightforwardness guarantees a smooth wagering encounter.

Advantages and disadvantages 1bet

✅1Bet provides a comprehensive sports betting experience, which includes handball markets. The platform offers competitive odds and covers a variety of handball events from around the world. The user interface is clean and straightforward, allowing for efficient bet placement.

🚫The extensive range of sports and markets on 1Bet might lead to some users finding the handball section less prominent or organized compared to platforms dedicated solely to handball.

Our opinion Sultanbets for handball betting

Our rating:
  • Live betting
  • Cashout
Sports bonuses:

Up to $250

Terms: 7x Bonus amount minimum odds: 1.85

Our opinion Sultanbet handball betting

Sultanbet appears devotion to handball with a committed area for the don. Whereas it might not have the broad scope of bigger stages, its commitment to advertising competitive chances and a clear wagering prepare makes it engaging for handball wagering devotees.

Advantages and disadvantages Sultanbet

✅Sultanbet offers a range of handball markets with competitive odds, giving bettors the opportunity to explore various betting options. The platform's design is user-friendly, and the availability of live betting adds excitement to handball matches as they unfold.

🚫While Sultanbet does provide handball betting options, its specialization might not match that of platforms solely focused on handball, potentially resulting in a more limited range of markets.

Q&A: sports betting on handball

We answer all your questions about handball betting

Is handball a popular sport for betting?

Handball is gaining popularity as a betting option, especially in regions where the sport is widely followed. Many sportsbooks offer handball markets due to the sport's growing fan base.

What types of handball bets are available?

Handball bets include various options like match winner, total goals, handicaps, player-specific bets, and more. You can also bet on specific stages of a match or tournament.

How can I find the best handball odds?

To find the best odds, compare multiple sportsbooks. Specialized handball-focused platforms often provide competitive odds due to their expertise in the sport.

Are live in-play bets available for handball?

Yes, many sportsbooks offer live betting for handball matches. This allows you to place bets while the match is ongoing, adjusting your strategy based on the game's progression.

What leagues and tournaments can I bet on in handball?

You can bet on a wide range of handball leagues, including major international tournaments like the World Championship and European Championship, as well as domestic leagues in various countries.

Are there any specific strategies for successful handball betting?

Successful handball betting requires understanding team strengths, player form, historical performance, and analyzing odds. Specialized knowledge of the sport can give you an edge in making informed bets.

Exploring Handball Betting Odds: Unveiling the Game Within the Bets

Handball, a energetic and fast-paced wear, has not as it were captured the hearts of sports devotees but has too gotten to be a prevalent space for wagering devotees. Understanding handball wagering chances is fundamental to making educated bets and including an additional layer of energy to the diversion.

Decimal Chances, Fragmentary Chances, and Moneyline Chances

When it comes to handball wagering chances, bookmakers display them in different groups, counting decimal, fragmentary, and moneyline chances. Decimal chances speak to the potential payout for each unit bet, counting the first stake. Fragmentary chances grandstand the proportion of the benefit to the stake, whereas moneyline chances portray the sum required to bet to win a particular sum or the potential benefit on a given wagered.

Identifying Value Wagers

Similar to in other sports, distinguishing esteem wagers is pivotal in handball wagering. Esteem wagers are bets where the chances advertised by the bookmaker are higher than the assessed likelihood of the result happening. This shows potential long-term benefit. Analyzing teams' execution, player measurements, and verifiable information can offer assistance bettors reveal these esteem openings.

Finding the Best Handball Odds

In the world of sports betting, securing the most excellent chances can regularly be the distinction between a winning and losing bet. Handball devotees looking to enhance their wagering involvement ought to pay near consideration to finding the leading handball chances accessible. Here's a more profound see at how to navigate this basic viewpoint of successful handball wagering:

Comparing Chances Over Bookmakers. One of the elemental methodologies in finding the leading handball chances includes comparing chances advertised by distinctive bookmakers. Different online stages permit bettors to conveniently compare chances for a particular handball coordinate from different bookies. These chances comparison devices give real-time data on the chances given by different wagering locales, empowering you to spot the foremost favorable offers effectively.

Line Shopping. Line shopping is another approach that experienced bettors utilize to discover the leading chances. This methodology includes opening accounts with different trustworthy bookmakers and monitoring their chances routinely. By being mindful of how distinctive bookies set their chances, you'll be able distinguish designs and patterns and pounce on favorable openings when they emerge.

Remaining Upgraded with Handball News and Investigation. Handball, like every other don, is subject to different variables that can impact coordinate results. Remaining educated almost group news, player wounds, strategic changes, and other significant data can assist you make more accurate predictions and recognize openings where bookmakers might not have completely balanced their chances.

Understanding the Significance of Chances Development. Chances are not inactive; they can fluctuate as more wagers are set and modern data develops. Observing chances development can give profitable experiences into showcase assumption and permit you to anticipate potential shifts. This could be especially beneficial for in-play wagering, where chances are upgraded in real-time amid a coordinate.

The Foot Line. Finding the leading handball chances may be a crucial portion of fruitful sports wagering. By comparing chances, investigating advancements, remaining educated approximately important news, and understanding chances development, you'll be able position yourself to create more educated and possibly beneficial bets. As with any shape of wagering, taught bankroll administration and capable betting hones stay basic components of a fulfilling wagering encounter.

In-Play Handball Betting: Seizing Real-Time Opportunities

In-play betting, also known as live betting, has revolutionized the world of sports wagering by permitting bettors to put wagers amid a coordinate as the activity unfurls. This energetic shape of wagering has picked up colossal notoriety in handball due to its fast-paced nature and the interesting openings it offers to locked in bettors.

In-play handball wagering permits you to wagered on various perspectives of a coordinate because it happens. This may incorporate foreseeing the result of a specific play, the another group to score, the entire number of objectives in a specific period, and indeed the ultimate coordinate victor, among other choices. The fast-paced nature of handball, with its steady activity and potential for speedy scoring, makes in-play wagering especially elating.

In-play wagering proceeds to advance, with mechanical headways permitting for indeed more energetic and intelligently encounters. Live spilling of matches, real-time insights, and intuitively highlights given by bookmakers upgrade the in-play wagering encounter. As innovation proceeds to development, bettors can anticipate more modern alternatives and openings for key wagering amid handball matches.

In-play handball betting is an elating way to lock in with the don and possibly benefit from your information and experiences. By remaining educated, altering methodologies on the fly, and utilizing real-time chances, you'll be able make the foremost of this fast-paced and energetic frame of sports wagering. In any case, dependable betting hones ought to continuously be at the cutting edge of your wagering approach to guarantee a secure and pleasant involvement.

Bankroll Management and Responsible Betting: Safeguarding Your Betting Experience

Bankroll Management: Building a Strong Foundation

Bankroll administration includes setting up a devoted budget for your wagering exercises. This budget, known as your "bankroll," ought to be an sum simply can manage to lose without affecting your basic costs or monetary steadiness. Here's how to approach bankroll administration:

  • Characterize Your Bankroll. Determine an sum of cash that you simply are comfortable designating for wagering purposes. This should be an sum that won't have a noteworthy affect on your standard of living indeed on the off chance that you lose it.
  • Unit Wagering. Rather than wagering the whole bankroll on a single wagered, partition it into littler units. A common approach is to utilize 1-5% of your bankroll for each wagered. This makes a difference you withstand losing streaks and avoids you from draining your bankroll as well rapidly.
  • Dodge Chasing Misfortunes. Losing streaks are unavoidable in sports wagering. Maintain a strategic distance from the enticement to chase misfortunes by expanding your wagered sizes. Adhere to your foreordained unit measure and wagering technique.

Mindful Wagering: Getting a charge out of Wagering Securely

Mindful betting goes past overseeing your bankroll; it includes adopting healthy demeanors and hones whereas locks in in wagering exercises. Here are a few standards of mindful wagering:

  • Set Limits. Build up both win and misfortune limits for each wagering session. After you reach your foreordained limits, stop betting for the day. This prevents emotions from taking over and makes a difference you keep up control over your wagering behavior.
  • Know When to Halt. In case you discover yourself chasing misfortunes or wagering more than you'll be able manage, it's time to require a break. Capable wagering implies recognizing when your behavior gets to be unfortunate and taking steps to correct it.
  • Adjust and Control. Wagering ought to be a frame of amusement, not a way to form cash. Keep up a adjusted point of view and dodge getting to be excessively contributed within the result of wagers.
  • Look for Offer assistance on the off chance that Required. In case you discover that your wagering propensities are contrarily affecting your life or well-being, do not waver to look for offer assistance. There are assets and bolster bunches accessible for those managing with gambling-related issues.

Best Handball Leagues for Betting

When it comes to handball wagering, choosing the correct alliances to center on can altogether affect your chances of making fruitful bets. Certain associations are known for their competitiveness, high-scoring matches, and consistency in execution, making them appealing alternatives for both amateur and experienced bettors. Here are a few of the most excellent handball associations for wagering:

  1. European Handball Federation (EHF) Champions League: The EHF Champions League is the apex of club handball in Europe. It highlights the leading groups from over the landmass competing in a season-long competition. The tall level of competition and the nearness of powerhouse groups make it a popular choice among bettors.
  2. German Bundesliga: The German Bundesliga is one of the most grounded handball associations within the world. With its fast-paced matches and competitive groups, it offers a awesome stage for wagering. The alliance is known for its accentuation on offense, driving to high-scoring diversions that can be energizing for bettors.
  3. French Lidl Starligue: France's best handball league, the Lidl Starligue, highlights a blend of competitive teams that reliably create exciting matches. This association is eminent for its protective procedures, and bettors frequently analyze teams' defensive strengths and shortcomings to create educated wagers.
  4. Spanish Liga ASOBAL: The Spanish Liga ASOBAL is home to a few of the foremost successful handball clubs in history. The alliance exhibits adroit players and solid groups, making a energetic wagering environment. Matches in this association can be seriously and unusual, making it engaging for bettors searching for diverse wagering choices.
  5. Danish Handball League: Denmark's top-tier handball league is known for its adjusted competition and competitive matches. The association frequently sees near challenges between groups, giving openings for esteem wagers. The Danish Handball Alliance may be a favorite among bettors who appreciate closely challenged diversions.
  6. Swedish Handball League: The Swedish Handball Alliance offers an cluster of wagering openings with its blend of competitive groups. The league's matches regularly have shifting results, making it an curiously choice for bettors who appreciate foreseeing underdog triumphs.
  7. Polish Superliga: Poland's top handball league, the Superliga, highlights a mix of solid groups and enthusiastic fan bases. Matches can be erratic, and bettors regularly dig into group elements and player frame to form educated bets.
  8. Norwegian Eliteserien: The Norwegian Eliteserien gives a stage for energizing handball matches, highlighting groups that grandstand a extend of playing styles. Bettors regularly analyze group exhibitions and head-to-head measurements to reveal esteem wagers.

Types of Handball Bets.

  1. Match Result (Moneyline): Usually the foremost direct wagered, where you foresee which group will win the coordinate. Chances are given for each group, and you put your wagered on the group you accept will come out triumphant.
  2. Incapacitate Wagering: Incapacitate wagering includes giving one group a virtual advantage or drawback some time recently the coordinate begins. For occurrence, a stronger group may begin with a negative cripple, meaning they got to win by a certain edge for the wagered to be successful. Conversely, the underdog might have a positive cripple, and in case they lose by less than that edge, the bet could be a win.
  3. Add up to Objectives (Over/Under): In this sort of wagered, you foresee whether the entire number of objectives scored by both groups within the coordinate will be over or beneath a certain number set by the bookmaker.
  4. Half-Time/Full-Time: Here, you foresee the result of the coordinate at both half-time and full-time. The combinations can incorporate "Home/Home," "Away/Away," "Draw/Draw," "Home/Draw," and more.
  5. Adjust Score: This can be a challenging wagered where you foresee the precise last score of the coordinate. The chances for this sort of wagered are ordinarily tall due to the trouble of foreseeing the precise score.
  6. Winning Edge: In this sort of wagered, you anticipate the winning group and the edge by which they will win. This may give higher chances than a basic coordinate result wagered.
  7. First Goal Scorer: Here, you anticipate which player will score the primary objective within the coordinate. This wagered can be energizing, particularly in the event that you're recognizable with the players' qualities and propensities.
  8. Player Execution Wagers: These wagers center on person player measurements, such as the number of goals, assists, spares, and more. You'll be able bet on whether a specific player will meet a certain execution edge.
  9. Half-Time Result: Comparative to the coordinate result bet, this includes anticipating which group will be driving at half-time.
  10. By and large Victor: This sort of wagered involves predicting the champ of a competition or association instead of person matches. You'll put this wagered some time recently the competition starts or amid its course.
  11. Twofold Chance: With this wagered, you cover two of the three conceivable results of a coordinate (win, draw, or misfortune) to extend your chances of winning.
  12. Time of To begin with Objective: Here, you anticipate the time at which the primary objective will be scored, as a rule inside particular time ranges.
  13. Punishment Wagers: A few bookmakers offer wagers related to punishment kicks, such as whether a punishment will be granted amid the coordinate or which group will be granted a punishment.

These are fair a few of the different handball wagering alternatives accessible. It's vital to inquire about and analyze the groups, players, and measurements some time recently setting your wagers. Depending onyour level of knowledge and comfort, you can select wagers that adjust along with your mastery and vital approach to maximize your chances of victory.

The different types of bets for handball betting

Winning bet

This is the most straightforward type of bet in handball. You simply place a wager on the team you believe will win the match. If your chosen team emerges as the winner, your bet is successful. The odds for winning bets are determined by the bookmakers based on the teams' perceived strengths and the matchup dynamics.

Bet on the Best player ★°

Handball, like many other sports, often has standout players who can greatly influence the outcome of a match. With this type of bet, you can place wagers on individual players' performance. This could include predicting which player will score the most goals, provide the most assists, or make the biggest impact on the game. Keep in mind that odds will vary based on players' recent form, historical statistics, and the opposition they're facing.

Betting by Stages ¢

Handball matches are typically divided into two halves, each consisting of 30 minutes. In this type of bet, you can place wagers on the outcome of each half or specific stages within each half. For instance, you might bet on which team will be leading at half-time or which team will score more goals in the second half. This adds a dynamic element to your betting strategy, as it allows you to focus on specific periods of the game.

Welcome bonuses for betting on handball

Welcome bonuses are a common promotional offer provided by betting platforms to attract new customers to their betting services. These bonuses are designed to provide bettors with additional funds or free bets, giving them a head start in their betting journey. When it comes to betting, various betting sites offer enticing welcome bonuses, each with its own terms and conditions.

★š ï Always keep an eye out, these offers are very competitive and can change.

Welcome bonus for cricket betting

How to get a welcome bonus for betting on hanball?

All you have to do is follow a few simple steps to get a welcome bonus.

  1. First, go to the site of your choice via one of our links. (Sites are sometimes blocked by providers, so it makes you follow a special link).
  2. Once on the site, you just have to create your account, by filling in your name, first name and date of birth.
  3. Deposit the amount you want in real money and start betting of your choice.

Pay attention to the terms of use

Always read the terms and conditions of a welcome bonus carefully before starting to play. Betting sites can sometimes make the terms and conditions unnecessarily complex. Look into this before making your choice.

How to bet on handball when you start?

Expert Advice for handball Betting


When it comes to effective handball wagering, having a strong technique and understanding the complexities of the don can significantly upgrade your chances of making educated bets. Here are a few master pieces of exhortation to consider:

A bit like in any don, information is control in handball wagering. Take the time to inquire about the groups, their later exhibitions, player wounds, and authentic head-to-head matchups. Understanding the strengths and shortcomings of each group will assist you make more educated wagering choices. Handball offers a assortment of wagering markets past fair coordinate results. Familiarize yourself with the distinctive sorts of wagers accessible, such as over/under objective sums, player-specific bets, and disable wagering. Expanding your wagers over different markets can assist you discover superior esteem openings.

Set a budget for your handball betting exercises and adhere to it. Maintain a strategic distance from chasing misfortunes by wagering more than you'll be able bear. Mindful bankroll administration is vital to keeping up a maintainable wagering approach. Handball may be a fast-paced diversion, and live wagering (wagering whereas the coordinate is in advance) can be especially energizing. Live wagering permits you to adjust to the changing flow of the coordinate and capitalize on momentum shifts.

Distinctive bookmakers may offer marginally diverse odds for the same occasion. By utilizing numerous bookmakers, you'll compare chances and guarantee that you're getting the finest conceivable esteem for your wagers. Handball could be a group don, but person player exhibitions can have a noteworthy affect. Analyze player measurements and later frame to gage their potential affect on the amusement. Seek for key players who reliably contribute to their team's victory. Climate conditions can influence open air handball matches, particularly in the event that they are played in open-air stadiums. Rain, wind, and other climate components can impact how the amusement unfurls and affect scoring designs.