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With a reputation that speaks for itself, Bwin is a great choice for sports betting enthusiasts with a wide range of offers and high-performance features.

However, the welcome offer and promotions are not up to the level for a bookmaker of this importance.

In addition, Bwin is a complex site to use for novices, with information that is not always clear or easy to find.

Bwin, however, has the merit of always providing a response in the end with content fully accessible in American.

Despite some imperfections, Bwin therefore remains a safe bet on which regulars can count.

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Last Update - January 2023

Bwin - Advantages and disadvantages

  • Proven brand
  • Comprehensive sports and betting catalog
  • Innovative Features
  • Efficient customer service
  • Available entirely in American
  • Complex interface for novices
  • Unsatisfactory bonuses and promotions
  • Help and contacts too hard to find
  • Not applicable outside of Ontario
Welcome bonus
Mobile experience
Payment Options
User experience
General note
Bwin Online
Types of games Sports Betting, Live, Casino, Live Casino, Poker
Deposit Methods Interac, Debit/Credit Cards, Electronic Transfer, Luxon Pay, MuchBetter, Paysafecard, INSTADEBIT, Instant Banking
Withdrawal Methods Fast Bank Transfer, Electronic Transfer, Ecopayz, Debit, Online Banking, Maestro, MoneySafe, MuchBetter, Neteller, paysafecard, Skrill, Visa, Webmoney
Owner Entain
Year of creation 1997
Headquarters Vienna

Our opinion on Bwin in 30 seconds

  1. In terms of pure sports and betting experience, Bwin provides you with a proven tool that has already proven itself in several other markets around the world.
  2. However, Bwin seems to make little effort to present the way in which information is accessed: the interface is sometimes complex to navigate and it is difficult to get your hands on basic information. to get help.
  3. The lack of application and promotions, but especially that of a satisfactory welcome bonus, are surprising and disappointing for a major global player in online betting.
  4. The Bwin platform nevertheless remains extremely efficient, in particular thanks to the powerful functionalities of the platform, in particular a superb section for live and live videos.
Bwin wins the battle for completeness, but loses the battle for clarity.

Bwin User Experience

Bwin's interface is very full, in the good and the bad sense of the word.

★œ… Lots of accessible information
★Œ It's hard to figure it out

Capture écran de la page d'accueil du site de Bwin

The loaded interface of Bwin as soon as you arrive on the home page

Lots of accessible information

Then certainly, it is highly likely that you will eventually find what interests you, as almost everything is there, but there is a good chance that it will take you a few minutes.

A little bit like an airplane cockpit, we understand that we are dealing with a serious and powerful tool, but at the same time, it is easy to be confused, especially if you are a novice player in the world of online betting.

Hard to find

Without a real hierarchy of titles, sections, and categories, it is difficult to find one's way around. Clearer delimitations could have helped determine where to focus our attention.

The mobile version makes the display clearer, with fewer blocks displayed simultaneously next to each other, but this time, one below the other. This simplified display makes reading easier.

Deux téléphones côte-a-côte affichant le site de Bwin en format vertical et horizontal

The Bwin interface is clearer on mobile

Bwin: our evaluation of ergonomics

Take your time, even if the Bwin interface seems a bit complicated at first, you will eventually find what you are looking for.

Bwin bonuses and promotions

An unsatisfactory offer

❌ A welcome bonus that can cost a lot
❌ No other promotions available

A welcome bonus that can be expensive

The offer that you can read on the Bwin website is as follows: the bookmaker matches 100% of the amount of your first deposit up to $200. This in itself seems interesting, but we have analyzed the conditions for you and here is why we think this bonus is not so advantageous.

  1. Bwin's bonus has a major drawback: it requires you to wager both your deposit amount and the bonus amount before you can expect to receive the sum of either .
  2. On top of that, you also have to wager 3 times that potentially already high amount, which is like tripling the amount wagered and tripling the risk of losing it.
  3. And finally, these 3 bets must be placed on fairly risky odds at 1.7 minimum.
    The complete (and complex) conditions of the Bwin welcome bonus
    • make a first deposit of at least $10
    • make this first deposit within 30 days of registration on the site in order to be eligible for the welcome offer
    • you receive an amount equal to first deposit up to $200
    • you must wager your deposit amount + bonus amount
    • this total amount must be wagered 3 times
    • bets made with this amount must be on bets with odds at 1.7

    No other promotions available

    And what about the 4 other promotions visible during our visit? Two redirect us to an error page, and the other two impose a pre-selection of a team and only redirect to the pages of the sports associated with those teams, without any real bonuses.

    What's going on with Bwin in Canada? Where are the promotions?

    And to add insult to injury, none of Bwin's sports bonuses and promotions are translated into American.

    Capture écran de la section Sports de la page des promotions du site Bwin

    The 4 promotions visible on the Bwin site: none work and none are translated into American

    Bwin: our opinion on bonuses and promotions

    For a bookmaker of this reputation, we find the offer unsatisfactory: a welcome bonus with conditions that make it risky and strangely non-existent promotions.

    Bwin Catalog

    A complete offer to satisfy all players

    ★œ… A wide selection of sports
    ★œ… Cotes à la hauteur des concurrents

    A wide choice of sports

    Bwin offers you over 30 sports to bet on and highlights several key sports, among which you will of course find:

    • Hockey
    • Football
    • Basketball
    • Football
    • Baseball

    In the NFL, Bwin offers, for example, over 145 bets for a single American football match, including special player bets (proposition bets) and special team bets during the regular season. In addition to this, there are bets on winners: Superbowl, conference titles, division titles, as well as awards such as the "MVP," the "Coach of the Year," or even the "Defensive Player of the Year," etc.

    And you can of course bet on sports other than major leagues on Bwin, such as tennis, boxing, handball, volleyball, cycling, combat sports, table tennis or even Formula 1.

    Complete list of sports available on Bwin
    • Badminton
    • Baseball
    • Basketball
    • Basketball
    • Biathlon
    • Boxing
    • Horse races
    • Cricket
    • Cycling
    • Entertainment
    • chess
    • Darts
    • Soccer
    • australian rules football
    • American soccer
    • eSports (basketball, football, US football, tennis)
    • Formula 1
    • Golf
    • Handball
    • Ice Hockey
    • Motorbike
    • Nascar
    • Policy
    • Rugby
    • 13-a-side rugby
    • Ski jumping
    • Alpine skiing
    • Snooker
    • Combat sports
    • Tennis
    • Table tennis
    • floor hockey
    • Volleyball
    • Water polo

    Odds on par with competitors

    From what we have observed, Bwin is average in terms of odds in most sports.

    Here are some examples of odds that we have compared between Bwin and two other bookmakers accessible in Canada:

    Sports Interaction

    Bwin: our catalog analysis

    Satisfaction will be at the rendezvous for the vast majority of players with an offer that combines both quantity and quality.

    Bwin app

    Depending on where you live, you won't have the same experience

    ❌ No Bwin application outside of Ontario
    ★œ… Alternative options remain possible

    No Bwin app outside of Ontario

    Bwin offers dedicated applications in Ontario for sports, casino, and poker, respectively named Bwin Sport Ontario, Bwin Casino Ontario, Bwin: Play Online Poker. You can place bets on these applications only if you live in Ontario.

    We did not find any apps outside of Ontario intended for the Canadian market :

    • Bwin does not provide a direct link to applications on its website
    • The Bwin help center does not mention an application either
    • By searching the application stores directly, no official Bwin application dedicated to the Canadian market outside Ontario seems to be available.

    Alternatives remain possible

    Our research has also led us to a page "Download the Android Sports application" on the Bwin website which seems to offer an official "APK" for playing on Android, but an APK does not really correspond to an application and the page may not have been updated for some time.

    We spoke to customer service for more information and they themselves weren't sure, that is if the situation is unclear.

    They sent us back to the APK asking us to check ourselves if it was working. And the only answer we got regarding official applications is that the process is supposed to be automatic depending on the location of the visitor.

    Deux téléphones côte-a-côte affichant le site de Bwin en format vertical et horizontal

    Overview of the mobile version of the Bwin site

    Bwin: our opinion on the application

    Too much confusion surrounds the question of Bwin's application in our opinion, so our advice is to use the mobile version of the Bwin website, which has a responsive design that adapts very well on a phone.

    Bwin features

    Several innovative ways to perfect your experience on the platform

    ✅ A beautiful range of possibilities
    ✅ Useful features for your bets

    A wide range of possibilities

    Paris simples, combinés, à système, spéciaux… Bwin met à votre disposition toute une gamme de possibilités pour vos paris.

    We noted for example:

    • 64 possible types of bets on an NFL match
    • 33 in a tennis match
    • we stopped counting once passed the hundred on a soccer match...

    Useful features for your bets

    Create your bet

    The ★Create Your Bet★€ option allows you to multiply your options by betting on almost any element of the match that is not directly related to the score.


    With a betting section ★Live★ highly developed, Bwin stands out as one of the very best bookmakers to follow and bet on your favorite matches live.


    A tab ★Video★ helps you know which of these events are available live video and make the experience even more immersive.


    A statistics system allows you at any time to get a better idea of ​​history and trends in order to better adjust your bets.

    Early withdrawal (★Cash out★)

    Bwin offers early withdrawal on your bets, a very interesting function that can be used before the end of the event on which you bet. This helps guarantee you a profit or minimize your losses if you think your bet is in bad shape.

    Bwin: our feature review

    Surely the strong point of Bwin with a large number of features, particularly a highly developed Live section. All coupled with a wide choice of types of bets and you get a highly effective tool for your online bets.

    Bwin customer service

    Not easy to find help at Bwin!

    ★ Difficult to find how to contact Bwin
    ★œ… An efficient service once joined

    Difficult to find how to contact Bwin

    The site does not provide any means of contact until your account has been created. And even then, it should be understood that the customer service contact information is located on your profile, and even then, nothing is readily accessible.

    This approach is not ideal for all those who have questions before creating an account, during their first visit to the Bwin website.

    Efficient service once joined

    To qualify our statement, it must be acknowledged that every time we have attempted to contact customer service, we have received relevant responses promptly. The service is professional and courteous.

    Here are your options for contacting Bwin customer service:

    Live chat

    • Only works if you are logged into your Bwin account.
    • This system is not available 24 hours a day, the customer service answers you between 11am and 8pm (CET).

    Contact form

    • Only works if you are logged into your Bwin account.

    Phone: 00-44-2039380862

    • You will only be able to get help in English over the phone.
    • In addition, you will be billed for this service at the cost of an international call.
    • When we contacted them via chat, Bwin told us that the phone was not working anyway.

    Help Center

    • Bwin offers an online help center to answer the most common questions.
    • Again, the difficulty is figuring out how to access it, because the link is not provided on the homepage of the site, but only once you are logged into your account.
    • The quality is there too, with lots of useful information and an easy-to-navigate interface.

    Bwin: our customer service test

    The problem is not the customer service itself, which is rather good, but the fact that it is difficult to find how to contact it.

    Bwin in American

    All content accessible for American speakers

    ★œ… A website translated into American
    ★œ… Help in English

    A site translated into American

    The Bwin website is fully accessible in American. The sports, leagues, matches, bets, betting options, everything is translated to make your life easier .

    Obviously, all this content in American is probably taken from the site which has been operating since 2010. One can feel this influence when reading " Soccer” Instead of ” Soccer” or even “Live" instead of "Direct★€. But concretely, the main thing is there.

    Help in American

    We also appreciate being able to find online help in American on the Help Center. Customer support also answers you in American.

    To change the language on Bwin, all you have to do is go to the bottom of the page and choose "français" from the menu next to the flag-shaped icon.

    screenshot capture

    Bwin in Quebec: our point of view on American

    No complaints about this, the Bwin website in American is very satisfying, especially knowing that not all bookmakers offer the American version on their platform. A significant advantage, especially if you are not entirely comfortable in English.

    Our Bwin rating: 7/10


    With several decades of experience in the market, Bwin can be trusted to provide an online betting platform with all the necessary features. Although, in our opinion, the welcome bonus falls short of our expectations, the range and quality of betting options remains very diverse.

    There is room for improvement in the user experience for newcomers, who are not used to this kind of interface. Players also need a site that is easy to understand, but above all a site that is clear in the information it provides. Being able to know if there are promotions, quickly identify how to contact customer service, understand if an application is available, all of this is also part of the online betting experience.

    That being said, Bwin's reputation is quite serious and you should not worry about placing your bets on this platform, which remains very effective.

    Our advice: a site suitable for those accustomed to online betting rather than beginners.

    Questions and answers: Bwin, sports betting

    Can we bet on football on Bwin?

    Bwin allows you to bet on football and soccer. In other words, you can bet on American football and football. It all depends on where you come from, and how you call it. But you'll understand, Bwin offers a large catalog of sports and football, whether it's American or just "foot", is available.

    Does Bwin have an APK?

    Bwin offers an APK for Android, but it is not clear if this APK is properly maintained and updated, as Bwin is unable to confirm it to us. On our side, we simply prefer to use the mobile version of the Bwin website, which works perfectly on a phone.

    How to download the Bwin application?

    Bwin does not have any applications outside of Ontario in Canada, but there are alternatives to use the platform on a phone. You can use the Bwin APK or simply browse the mobile version of the site, which works very well.

    What sports are available on Bwin?

    Bwin offers you more than 30 sports to bet on. Here is the complete list: Badminton, Baseball, Basketball, Basketball, Biathlon, Boxing, Horse racing, Cricket, Cycling, Chess, Darts, Football, Australian football, American football, eSports (basketball, football, American football, tennis), Formula 1, Golf, Handball, Ice hockey, Moto, Nascar, Rugby, Rugby League, Ski jumping, Alpine skiing, Snooker, Combat sports, Tennis, Table tennis, Unihockey, Volleyball, and Water polo.

    Bwin "live": is it possible to bet live on the site?

    Bwin offers a dedicated section called "Live" on its website, a very developed section to follow and bet on your favorite matches live. It is also possible to watch video streams of certain matches directly on the platform.

    Is bwin only available in Canada?

    Bwin is an Austrian company that is very well established in Europe and the rest of the world. But Bwin is also accessible in Canada.

    How to play on Bwin in Ontario?

    If you reside in Ontario, know that Bwin is available on a dedicated Bwin Ontario site because it has a specific license for the province's new regulated market.

    Bwin, our opinion

    Bwin sports bonuses

    First deposit doubled
    up to $200