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Un téléphone et un ordinateur sur le site bet99.com avec un drapeau du canada en fond

How to access Bet99 in American

September 23, 2023

The Bet99 website has a American version, but does that mean it is easy to access? Will the customer service respond to you in American? Is the content translated correctly? We have investigated for you and we give you all the answers in this article.

1. How to access American Bet99 in one click

The most direct way to access Bet99 in American is to go directly to the dedicated URL bet99.com/fr.

You can:

  • click on the link bet99.com/fr
  • add it to your favorites
  • just type it in your address bar
Page d'accueil en français de Bet99.com ouvert sur un ordinateur

The Bet99 home page when on the American version

2. Two ways to change Bet99 language to American

These 2 methods work on mobile and computer:

Changing the Bet99 language via the main menu

The easiest way to access American is to click on the language button located in the main menu.

  • on desktop: the button is the globe icon in the top right
  • on mobile: the button is located at the top left as "EN"
Change the Bet99 language at the bottom of the page

A link to the American version is also available at the bottom of each page. So just go down each page and click on the link called ★American★ to get Bet99 in American.

3. Can I receive help in American on Bet99?

Yes, Bet99 customer service answers your questions in English

We tested to contact them by email and via live chat, and in both cases, our questions in American were immediately answered in American.

🇫🇷 by email ✅
🇫🇷 live chat 🌟

We also compared the help center in American and English, and you will find exactly the same information distributed in the same categories:

  • My account
  • finance
  • Responsible gaming
  • Specials
  • General

Find our bet99 customer service analysis on our complete review.

Comparaison des pages d'aide de Bet99.com en français et en anglais sur deux appareils mobiles

The content of the Bet99 site's help pages is identical in American and English

Be careful however, the quality of American sometimes seems approximate

In our case, it was during online chat exchanges, but nothing blocking to get a response. And this is not systematic, we have also had excellent exchanges in American with Bet99 support.

clavardage en français avec Wilson du service client de Bet99.com

An example of broken English we encountered with Bet99 customer service

A wrong link on American Bet99

We have noticed that the "Education" link in the main menu of the website redirects to a "How to bet" page written in English.

The correct link to the page in American is Comment placer vos paris

4. What is the American version of Bet99 worth?

A dedicated site in American and well presented.

As a Canadian bookmaker and therefore bilingual, Bet99 must offer a American version.

This is an essential feature that unfortunately is not systematic with all Canadian bookmakers, so we are pleased to see that it is available and well highlighted.

Changing the Bet99 language is very simple.

It is indeed easy to access the American version of Bet99 whenever you want, thanks to the button located in the main menu.

This button is easy to identify and is always available, no matter which page you are on.

la page d'accueil de Bet99.com sur ordinateur avec une flèche rouge pointant vers le coin droit en haut

The button to change the language is located at the top right of the page

Bet99 has incorrect or completely missing translations.

But despite a well-designed ergonomics, it must be noted that this American version is not perfect either, especially in terms of content.

Some translations are sometimes simply missing, as evidenced by the names of types of bets, for example ("bet builder", " Scoring Props", " TD Scorer's"


Capture écran de la section paris d'un match de NFL sur Bet99.com

Examples of English content that is not translated on Bet99

We also found some approximate translations on the website. Here we are referring to the "Player Market" section, which appears to be from an automatic translation software.

Let's take a soccer match as an example:

  • ★Shots★ translated as ★Coups★ instead of ★Tirs★
  • ★Tackles★ translated as ★Plaqués★ instead of ★Tacles★
  • ★Draw★ translates to ★Draw★ instead of ★Nul★
Capture écran de la page web intitulée Créateur de propriétés sur Bet99.com

Translation errors visible on the Player Market page: "Moves", "Tacked" and "Draw".

The very name of the section ”Player Market” in translation of ” Player Props“We find it a bit obscure and it took us a visit to the page to understand that it is about proposition paragraphs.

So we can see that priority was given to English content. We have proof of this by looking at the content Bet99 posts on its social media channels, which is only in English.

9 photos issues du fil Instagram du compte officiel de Bet99

It is clear from this screenshot of Bet99's Instagram feed that no American content is posted there.



Our verdict on the American version of Bet99

The American version of Bet99 is certainly imperfect, but it nevertheless has the merit of existing in its entirety. In addition, its presentation and its easy use compensates for these small imperfections. It is hoped that said the care given to certain translations will continue to improve over time.

5. Do I have access to the same content on the American version of Bet99?

Yes, all content remains the same on each Bet99 language.

Whether you are on the English or American version of the site has no impact on the matches available to you, the bets, the odds, or even the bonuses and promotions.

We have compared sections of the site for you and there is no more or less content available, only the headings that change.

6. Why is Bet99 available in American?

Bet99 is bilingual because Canada is a country with two official languages.

With 8 million francophones (whose first official language is American), Canadian websites must reflect this bilingualism.

Bet99 being a Canadian bookmaker, it is normal that it offers a American version of its website. The website is also accessible in English at bet99.com.

Key facts about Bet99
  • Online betting site: bet99.com/fr
  • Brand promotional website: bet99.net/fr
  • Owners: Sports Venture Holdings Inc. (SVH), BQC Consulting GmbH
  • Country: Canada, United Kingdom
  • Languages: English and American
  • Active since: 2020
  • Products: Sports betting, live betting, player market, casino, live casino, bingo and lottery
  • Licenses: Kahnawake Gaming Commission, Government of Curacao, Malta Gaming Authority, International Gaming Laboratories (GLI), NMi Metrology & Gaming Ltd), Safety Standards Council

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The answers to your questions about Bet99 in American

Is the Bet99 site translated into American?

Yes, Bet99 is translated into American and this American version is accessible directly at bet99.com/fr

Where to find Bet99 in Quebecois?

There are several ways to access Bet99 in Quebec, you can:

  • use the button to change the language of the site, button which is available on all pages
  • click on the link "American" at the bottom of the page
  • go directly to bet99.com/fr
Is the American version of Bet99 of good quality?

We have found that overall, the American version of the site is of good quality. There are small translation errors and occasional slight lack, but overall, Bet99 is accessible in American.

Is the American content of Bet99 identical to the English content?

Yes, the content is identical on the platform, regardless of the language you choose, be it American or English.

Does Bet99 customer service in Quebec speak American?

We spoke directly to Bet99's customer service and can confirm that they will respond in American if you prefer.

What explains the existence of the Bet99 site in the American language?

Canada being an officially bilingual country, it seems appropriate that a Canadian sports betting site would offer a site in both official languages of the country.