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The best bookmakers to bet on Euro 2024 football

Podium of the best Euro 2024 bookmakers


Best Bonus
  • Bonus with simplified conditions
  • Wide choice of features
  • Good Odds
  • Simple ergonomics
  • Intuitive app
  • No phone line
  • no fantasy league
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Until $100
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Site: Founded:2005
Owner:Betclic Everest Group Headquarters:Paris
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Author: Louis Louis

Betclic is one of the most well-known sports betting sites. For a long time Number 1, the bookmaker anglais fait aujourd'hui face à une concurrence énorme de la part d'Unibet et Winamax pour la place de leader. Son simple sign up bonus And the quality of its odds is always the site's first weapon in seducing its customers. We particularly appreciate the user experience on the application or mobile version.

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Better odds
  • Very good bonus
  • Very competitive odds
  • Promos distributed on the networks
  • fantasy league
  • Mobile app
  • Unreachable by phone
  • Site interface not very modern
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Until $100
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Site: Founded:2006
Owner:Alexander Roos Headquarters:Paris
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Author: Louis Louis

The giant of online poker is also a major player in sports betting. The bookmaker is an example for its competitors. It dominates the top positions in the rankings thanks to an excellent bonus and very competitive odds. A simple yet impactful style. Another important point, Winamax knows how to please its users by generating bonuses for its loyal players. It's a very good choice.

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sports betting

  • The first legal site
  • Simple and intuitive navigation
  • Odds on American sport
  • Boosted handsets and prediction
  • FDJ brand
  • No Lotofoot Online
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Until $200
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Site: Founded:1985
Owner:American Games Headquarters:Boulogne-Billancourt
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Author: Louis Louis

Parions sport is one of the American market leader . The bookmaker of Française Des Jeux is one of our preferred choices as it is present in tobacco shops and online. Efficient design and optimized navigation allow you to quickly find the information you are looking for. The bookmaker is the operator that has evolved the most in recent years. To the point that it is now in the Top 4 of the best sports betting sites. Parions Sport is a site referenced by the ANJ. We remind you that the main shareholder of FDJ is the American state.

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Best Euro Bookmakers 2024

No. Bonuses Bonus Category Min deposit AT

Until 100$

Bonus category: Free Bet

Min deposit: 10$

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Until 100$

Bonus category: Free Bet

Min deposit: 15$

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Until 200$

Bonus category: Free Bet

Min deposit: 5$

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Until 150$

Bonus category: Free Bet

Min deposit: 5$

See the offer See website

Until 200$

Bonus category: Free Bet

Min deposit: 5$

See the offer See website

Until 100$

Bonus category: Free Bet

Min deposit: $10

See the offer See website

Until 120$

Bonus category: Free Bet

Min deposit: 10$

See the offer See website

Until 100$

Bonus category: No Deposit Bonus + Free Bet

Min deposit: 10$

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Until 150$

Bonus category: Free Bet

Min deposit: 5$

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bookmakers for the Euro football 2024

Questions about Euro bookmakers

All the questions that new players regularly ask us about bookmakers and the Euro football.

What is the best bookmaker for the Euro?

It is complicated to separate the podium of our ranking. These three bookmakers are the market leaders in normal times. However, we give a slight advantage to Betclic for the originality of its registration bonus and the quality of its odds.

  1. Betclic
  2. Unibet
  3. Winamax

Is Euro sports betting suitable for beginners?

The beginner's luck is often talked about. You will need it. Because of the lack of statistics and references, it is very complicated to bet on the Euro. Even if you are a beginner, we strongly recommend you to bet live rather than on classic 1N2 bets. Your intuition will compensate for your lack of experience. 😉

Which bookmaker has the best Euro sign-up bonus?

Considering your profile and experience, our response may vary. Also, a large number of bookmakers have equivalent bonuses for the Euro. Instead of presenting you with one, we have made a selection according to your needs.

  1. Beginner : Winamax or Betclic (or Unibet)
  2. Expert : Betting sports or Unibet

Does your ranking of bookmakers change during the Euro?


International major competitions are very important periods for bookmakers. If our ranking does not change completely, it evolves. 80% of our tests are valid throughout the year. However, some sites make more effort than others during certain periods. This is what pushes us to change the order of our rankings. We want to be as transparent and up-to-date as possible for our visitors.

Which bookmaker has the best odds during the Euro?

The honest answer is: no bookmaker.
According to the matches, the types of bets and the choice you make, the answer will be different. However, we can share with you the observations we have made on hundreds of matches. Unibet , Betclic and Winamax are once again the bookmakers who manage to take possession of the largest number of best odds. Parions Sport and Vbet are also very well placed on football.

Who are the bookmakers validated by the National Gaming Authority for the Euro?

Here is the list of all the Euro ANJ Bookmakers:

  1. Betclic
  2. Winamax
  3. Unibet
  4. Bwin
  5. Feelingbet
  6. United States-bet
  7. Betway
  8. Joaonline
  9. Sports Betting
  10. Netbet
  11. Genybet
  12. PMU
  13. poker stars
  14. Vbet
  15. Pasinobet
  16. Barrierebet
  17. Zebet

Some bookmakers use the same license. So you cannot have an account at Pasinobet and Barrierebet, for example. The ANJ limits players to one account per license.

Who are the bookmakers' favorites for the Euro?

Bookmakers place United States, Portugal, and England as the most serious contenders for the title of European champions. However, the competition remains wide open with Germany, Belgium, and even the runner-up of the 2018 World Cup, Croatia.

What are your tips for betting on Euro football?

Betting on the Euro is not easy, especially for beginners. However, our experts have found 5 essential rules before placing your bets.

  1. Read the news and listen to the opinions of professionals on the match you want to bet on.
  2. Try live betting
  3. Try double chance bets - e.g. win + draw
  4. Combine small odds
  5. Choose a site from our Top 5

TOP 10 Bookmakers Euro 2024

  1. Betclic
  2. Unibet
  3. Winamax
  4. Sports Betting
  5. Bwin
  6. Vbet
  7. Joaonline
  8. Netbet
  9. Zbet
  10. poker stars

Why bet with the best bookmakers?

The best bookmakers on the market offer the most advanced experience to users. We promote them because they are the most advantageous for you. We do not have any specific deals with them.

It is no coincidence that Unibet, Betclic and Winamax account for 60% of players.

The more powerful the bookmakers are, the more they can afford to increase their odds, offer promotions or more generous sign-up bonuses. The quality of their support is also positively impacted by their investments. None of the sites in this Top 3 are a bad choice for starting or growing your starting capital.

How to choose a Euro bookmaker?

The Euro football, just like the World Cup, is a special moment in the international sports landscape. These competitions are true economic and social events for the countries involved.

For bookmakers, the Euro is one of the key moments of the year since the number of punters is multiplied by 4 or 5 over the period.

The battle to offer the best sign-up bonus or the most advantageous promotions is therefore at its peak. However, even if the welcome offers evolve during the period, 90% of the product remains the same. The method for comparing bookmakers during the Euro is therefore essentially the same for you. Our mission is to keep our content up to date to make sure we offer you the rankings and offers that correspond to the current market at the time you read our page.

Euro 2024 bookmaker

Bookmaker euro 2024, the method

Our team consists of about ten people. Experts in sports betting, web specialists, former athletes, and former employees of bookmakers come together to give you the most relevant information. Here's how we compare bookmakers during the Euro.

  • Euro Specific Bonuses & Offers

This is obviously one of the most important points in our analysis. Is the bookmaker able to offer its prospects a special offer during the competition? A few extra euros at registration, simplified conditions or boosted odds, everything is good to take for new players. The majority of bookmakers are leaning towards a very advantageous registration bonus to attract new customers. Note that the biggest sum is not always the best bonus. Rarely, in fact.

  • Odds

The odds are obviously one of the most important factors for two reasons. First, they allow clients to earn more profits in case of victory. Secondly, it is a proof of the generosity and dimension of the bookmaker. Small entities cannot afford to offer odds at the level of the best European bookmakers.

  • Ergonomics

All bettors prefer to bet on intuitive and fast platforms. The quality of the ergonomics of a website says a lot about bookmakers. In 90% of cases, the best operators have the most modern ergonomics. User experience depends largely on this factor. Customers pay more and more attention to this kind of factor. Having the most functional but also the most futuristic platform is a new weapon to attract new players. Particularly during the euro where the majority of new players are beginners.

  • Features

Another particularly important criterion for the user experience, the features of a bookmaker are an essential asset to satisfy its customers. 1N2 bets are increasingly giving way to live betting, combined cash out, and so on. New terms and new options that make sports betting much more lively. If we add to that services such as streaming and statistics, bookmakers offer more and more complete products.

  • Application

65% of bets are now made from a phone. This is the statistic before the next Euro. Offering the best sports betting app is therefore a major challenge. The best betting sites once again have the products with the highest ratings by users on the Appstore or on the Google Play Store. We also recommend that you read our reviews of the bookmakers' applications and check customer reviews. This will give you a good overview of the quality of the support.

  • Catalog

The catalog represents the offer or the famous "Sportsbook" of our English friends. Even if this factor is of little importance for the euro because all bookmakers offer bets on all matches, this criterion remains a "must" for other periods or other disciplines. Don't forget that you don't choose a bookmaker only for the euro but potentially in the medium term. If football represents 65% of bets today, tennis, rugby or basketball are also booming among operators. The euro is a gigantic sporting event but not the only one.

  • Customer service

Customer service plays a crucial role for bookmakers during peak periods. Having a bookmaker who can respond to you by email, telephone, or chat within minutes may seem secondary. However, when you need it, this criterion becomes the most important of all. Customer service can therefore be paradoxical, but in dispute resolution in particular, you will be glad to have chosen an accessible bookmaker. Talking to a robot is still not very pleasant.

  • Legality

All bookmakers on our site are validated by the National Authority for Games. This entity controls all activities related to online gambling. Every year, they grant a certain number of bookmakers the right to operate by issuing them a license number. Only a small number of sites are legal today. The ANJ replaces another entity better known to the general public: the ARJEL. Thanks to expanded roles, the new structure is supposed to have better control over the market and its players in our territory.

Bookmaker euro foot

Euro sports betting bonus, which bookmaker is the most generous?

The bonuses for starting betting during the euro are generally the most interesting. Before answering the question and sharing our favorite bonuses with you, we must first explain what we mean by "best euro bonus". Two criteria allow us to classify and differentiate the various offers from bookmakers.

The sum of sports betting bonuses during the euro

You're going to tell me: "logical". To which I would respond: "Indeed". The sum is the argument that jumps out at prospects. All bookmakers will therefore increase their welcome offer during the Euro and all major sporting events. For our experts, a good bonus bonus is between $100 and $150 offered. In general, bookmakers increase their classic bonus from $10 to $50 to reach these amounts. However, do not be mistaken, the sums are not the most important criterion because they only have value if the associated conditions allow players to convert the bonus into cash.

Sports betting bonus conditions during the euro

We grant you, reading the terms of use is not the most fun thing to do. However, bookmakers have simplified the explanations associated with their bonus. In 3 minutes, you know what to expect. In general, the more generous the amount of your offer, the more you should be cautious about the conditions. Similarly, the further the bookmaker is from the top positions in our rankings, the more you can wonder how the operator manages to offer you such a bonus. Registration offers are expensive for sports betting sites. Small bookmakers often match the amounts, but they toughen the conditions to have a greater chance of recovering their "gift".

Betclic, the EURO bookmaker

Until $100

The bookmaker of the Everest group is one of the two sites with the most bettors. Anything but a coincidence, Betclic is surely the most versatile bookmaker on the market. With the best registration bonus, very good odds and modern supports, the operator is highly appreciated by its bettors. Betclic is at the same level as Unibet in terms of offer quality.

Registration bonus ★

Odds ★

Catalog ★

Betclic TV ★

Average customer service ★

Market leader for over 10 years, Betclic is currently in strong competition with Winamax and Unibet. However, the bookmaker still offers the best bonus, regardless of euros. A winning or losing free bet that it is the only one to offer. We invite you to read our comparison: Unibet or Betclic

Betting on the soccer euro with an ANJ bookmaker

ANJ are the initials of National Gambling Authority., the National Gambling Authority is an independent administrative authority responsible for regulating sports betting and gambling, which were once a state monopoly. The openings to competition in 2010 and 2020 required the creation of this authority. The ANJ succeeds the ARJEL in its market regulation missions for bookmakers.

The list below compiles all the legal bookmakers for the Euro football. This list evolves every year depending on the approvals granted or not by the ANJ. On, only legal bookmakers are presented. To bet on the Euro, as well as on other competitions, we advise you to choose only legal bookmakers. You will avoid many problems in case of dispute with your operator.

Bookmaker ANJ / ARJEL for EURO

  1. Betclic
  2. Winamax
  3. Unibet
  4. Bwin
  5. Sports Betting
  6. Vbet
  7. Netbet
  8. Zbet
  9. poker stars
  10. Joaonline
  11. Pasinobet
  12. United States Bet
  13. Pasinobet
  14. Feelingbet
  15. Genybet
  16. Barrierebet

We have hundreds of examples of players who wanted to try their luck on non-ANJ referenced betting sites. In 90% of cases, you will never retrieve your initial deposit. Don't be fooled by attractive odds or bonuses. In the end, the most important thing is being able to withdraw your money from your player account.

Freebet euro 2024 from the best bookmakers

Freebets are the most common offers on the American market at the moment. During the euro, this trend is expected to continue. 80% of bookmakers have chosen to offer this type of offer. As we explained earlier, the betclic offer is special but is considered a freebet. Here we are interested in other offers that are most generous on the market. As you can see, the ranking of the best bookmakers for the euro does not necessarily correspond to the ranking of the best freebet.

euro free bet

  1. 🥇 100$ Free bet loser or winner

  2. Ÿ¥ˆ Free classic bet 150$

  3. 🥉 120$ free classic bet

Parions Sport, Bookmaker made

Until $200

With Winamax and Unibet, Parions Sport often offers the best odds. We particularly like this bookmaker when advising multisport bettors. The efforts to provide a very good user experience are particularly enjoyable. The occasional small promotions are the icing on the cake.

Registration bonus ★

Odds ★

Catalog ★

TV sports betting ★

Lotto Football ★

Tips for your bets on the euro with legal bookmakers

This subject could be the subject of an article in itself, but our experts have decided to give you the main tips for successful betting on the Euro. These tips are primarily aimed at beginners.

To make a success of your bets on the Euro here are the 5 basic rules to respect.

  • Choose a bookmaker from our Top 5
  • Follow the news and statistics of the matches you are going to bet on
  • Do not bet on odds over 2.00 on 1N2s
  • Use occasional offers and promotions from bookmakers
  • Bet live as often as possible

These tips increase your chances of winning your bets. We are often too ambitious at first.

Euro 2024, which bookmaker to choose for our experts?

Here are the opinions of two of our experts on the question: Which bookmaker should I choose? While the answer largely depends on the bettor you want to be, there are actually 7/8 really relevant choices in the medium term. The opinions of Louis and Oscaro on the American market.


The choice is quite simple. The Euro is a competition that attracts a lot of beginners. The best sites for beginners are Betclic and Unibet . With a slightly more experienced profile I really like the Parions sport offer because it continues to improve over the years. Good odds, a good bonus and regular promotions, these are the factors that interest me. Obviously, the site must have all the modern betting modes. This is the case with the three I mentioned.

Oscaro Carlsson

Winamax et Vbet ont toujours d'excellentes offres sur le foot. Mais je dois avouer que Unibet et Betclic ont largement les meilleures applications. Combinez ce facteur avec de très bons bonus d'inscriptions, vous comprenez pourquoi nous les plaçons aux premières places de nos classements.

It is no coincidence that the two sites bring together almost half of the bettors.