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Unibet ou betclic article

Unibet or Betclic, Which sports betting site is the "best"?

January 1, 2024

Comparison of the two largest American sports betting sites in recent years. Two choices very difficult to separate. Internally, these are the two betting sites that we use the most. This comparison has therefore been very interesting for us as well.

Unibet, Betclic, the two best American sites

What is the best betting site? The battle between Unibet et Betclic is the most interesting match as it brings together the two best betting sites currently available. Fortunately for us, they don't necessarily have the same strengths. By selecting, the right criteria for comparison notable disparities exist depending on the type of player you are.

To differentiate between the two betting sites, we have decided to analyze 5 factors : Registration bonus, special promotions, odds, application, live betting and streaming.

Betclic and Unibet bonuses

  1. 100 $ free bet (winner or loser)

  2. 100 $ refunded in free bet

The match: Unibet or Betclic ★¡ï

★¤ï Bonus: Betclic ★¤ï

Betclic 5/5

Impossible to beat Betclic in this sector. The American betting site is the only bookmaker to offer a free bet of $100 whether you win or lose. So you benefit from your bonus whether your first bet is a loser or a winner. Simply the best bonus.

Unibet 4/5

A free bet of $100 is a classic and widespread offer among 50% of legal bookmakers. It's a good bonus, but unlike the Betclic bonus, you only get your free bet if your first bet loses. One step below Betclic.

Promotions: Unibet

Unibet 4.5/5

Unibet is one of the most generous sports betting sites towards its customers. A large number of freebet and promotions of all kinds are distributed every week. In the long run, these small bonuses are very useful for increasing your profits. The amount of the bonuses is generally between 5 and 15 $.

Betclic 4/5

Betclic also offers freebets and promotions regularly. However, the number of bonuses distributed is slightly less significant. That is why we have given a slight advantage to the Swedish bookmaker. The amount of bonuses is usually between $5 and $10.

★¤ï Odds: Betclic ★¤ï

Betclic 4.5/5

The bookmaker is the reference for odds in football. That's for sure. However, in other sports, there is no difference between Unibet and Betclic. The half point is granted because football represents 65% of the bets. However, if it's not your favorite sport, choose Unibet instead.

Unibet 4/5

Unibet is simply the second best site on this criterion. The difference is minimal between the two, but it does exist nonetheless. If Unibet is one step below in football, it manages to compete with Betclic in tennis or even rugby. All minor sports are in favor of the green giant.

★¤ï Features: equality ★¤ï

Unibet 4.5/5 & Betclic 4.5/5

Thousands of streaming matches, promotions, cash out, boosted combinations...It is difficult to differentiate the two sites on these criteria. It is also difficult to find sports betting sites that are more competitive in this sector. The number of live bets, access to cash out, and the quantity of streaming are evidence of the seriousness of a bookmaker. These two are unmatched.

The app: Unibet

Unibet 5/5

The best sports betting application. Intuitive fast and equipped with the latest identification and security technologies, the Unibet app is the benchmark. With a rating of 4.8 on the Appstore, users do not make mistakes, no bookmaker offers such a powerful mobile support.

Betclic 4/5

With a rating of 4.6/5, users are also impressed by the Betclic application. However, during our test, we simply found it less intuitive, less modern. Unibet is not the best application by chance. The quality of the navigation and interface are simply above the market as a whole. Betclic remains a very good app.

The score of the Unibet or Betclic match.

The final mark is therefore exactly the same (22/25) .
Our team is divided on the results of this match. For the simple and good reason that the choice of the best betting site depends more on who you are than on the qualities of bookmakers. However, if you are a beginner, Betclic seems more suitable to us thanks in particular to this extremely generous welcome bonus. If you are going to bet 90% on football, the same observation, Betclic will be a better choice. On the other hand, if you are destined to bet on several sports and this from your application, then Unibet will be the best companion.

Equal but not the same strengths

Quick overview of Unibet and Betclic


Until $100

The Swedish giant is one of the biggest bookmakers in the world. Considered as the best sports betting application in the world, The operator is not left behind on the other criteria of our test. Much of our team utilize this bookmaker to bet this is surely the best proof of quality.

App ★

Odds ★

Catalog ★

Unibet TV ★

Perfectible live betting ★


Until $100

The Everest Group bookmaker is one of the two sites with the most bettors. Anything but a coincidence, Betclic is surely the most versatile bookmaker . Equipped with the best free bet, very good odds, and modern support, the operator is highly appreciated by its bettors. Betclic is at the same level as Unibet in terms of quality of offer.

Registration bonus ★

Odds ★

Catalog ★

Betclic TV ★

Average customer service ★

Video analysis of Unibet and Betclic

To go further in your analysis, or simply to see other aspects of this test, we offer you 3 or 4 minute videos on these two bookmakers. We address the strengths but also the weaknesses of both sites. As we told you earlier, you have there the two best betting sites. While winamax, Parions Sport or Bwin can be competitive in certain sectors, the best shortlist is definitely Unibet or Betclic.

To know about Unibet

Unibet is a Swedish company and one of the leaders in international sports betting. Number 1 in many countries, the official partner of PSG is also on the podium of the largest bookmakers. It is estimated that 20 to 25% of players currently use Unibet. With almost 1/4 of the market, Unibet is the most well-represented sports betting site in the country. With immense economic power, the company is owned by the publicly traded group Kindred.

To know about Betclic

Betclic has been a leader in sports betting for over a decade. Long dominant in online betting, the entity has faced strong competition from Unibet and Parions Sport. However, the bookmaker can still boast 25% of American players. After a decline in recent years, this figure has stabilized. The bookmaker is now considered the reference in the industry for many professional players and experts. As we have already mentioned, a large part of our team is supported by Betclic.

The www.databasebasketball.com method to compare the best betting sites

Around ten people work on the www.databasebasketball.com site. . Web specialists, experts in sports betting and sports writers come together to provide you with the most accurate analysis on legal bookmakers. In addition to this team, we have privileged links with bookmakers to understand their operation and understand their tracks of evolution. Thanks to your clicks on our reviews, we earn a commission when you sign up. The best way to say thank you is therefore to click on one of the buttons.

  • Ergonomics
  • Catalog
  • Features
  • Odds
  • Application
  • Customer service
  • Bonuses

Here are the 7 factors analyzed by our teams . These criteria are the most important for defining the quality of an operator for players. You can read our test or do your own analysis according to these factors.

THE big questions about the Unibet or Betclic match?

★ï Which betting site has the best odds?

The answer is for once simple and effective. For football, Betclic is slightly ahead of Unibet. For other sports, the Swedish bookmaker often manages to get the best odds. You have understood that the difference between the two is not huge but football is often the most important sport for players.

± Which sports betting site has the best app?

With a note of 4.8/5 On the App Store and the unanimous reviews from sports betting site comparators, Unibet is the best sports betting app . On iPhone and Android, the green giant offers a very high-quality mobile user experience.

★ï Unibet or Betclic? Which one to choose.

The two bookmakers are the best choices on the market for different reasons. Rather than trying to separate them, it is better to look at the qualities of each one. This article tells you everything you need to know about their strengths. It is not biased to say that these sites don't have many weaknesses.

¥ Which site is better than Unibet or Betclic?

Some betting sites manage to stand out in certain areas. Parions Sport focuses on American sports, Bwin on major football matches, and Vbet on the Premier League... However, overall, these sites would be less good than Unibet or Betclic.

How to choose the best betting site?

L''quipe www.databasebasketball.com utilizes the same evaluation grid for each bookmaker.

  1. Ergonomics
  2. Catalog
  3. Feature
  4. Coast
  5. Application
  6. Legality
  7. Assistance
  8. Bonuses

Go to the reviews of each bookmaker to find out more.

Betclic Vs Unibet

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