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What are the Best Sports Betting Sites for Tennis?

January 1, 2024

Sports betting tennis is profitable for a majority of bettors. For several reasons, tennis is one of the easiest sports for players of all levels. The best sports betting sites offer us a multitude of features that facilitate bettors' strategy.

The podium of sites specializing in tennis

  1. Ÿ¥‡ Meilleure Application

  2. 🥈 Best odds

  3. Ÿ¥‰ Best American website

The best Tennis sports betting sites

Find the best site to bet on tennis is the goal of all sports betting enthusiasts specializing in this sport. It is also the first step to envisioning success in your betting strategy. Our team has tested all the bookmakers in the market. We are now able to give you the important elements of our study. In general, betting sites focus heavily on football or basketball but it must be acknowledged that the options developed by some sites are very useful for a tennis strategy.

Our criteria to guide you in your quest for the best tennis sports betting site are:

  • The ergonomics of the site ; ie the navigation quality of the site.
  • The catalog ; are all ATP/WTA matches and major tournaments present?
  • Features ; can you bet live or have access to interesting statistics?
  • Odds ; Who is the bookmaker with the best tennis odds on the market?
  • The app ; is the application modern? The functionalities are as powerful as on the site.
  • Legal and Support ; Is the bookmaker referenced by the National Gaming Authority, can customer service be easily reached?
  • Bonuses ; the best for the end. Which site has the best bonus but also the most generous offers once you sign up.
All these criteria allow us to rank legal sports betting sites. Here we focus on the essential factors to facilitate your tennis betting.

The specificities of tennis betting.

Online tennis betting requires a special requirement regarding some bookmakers' functions. Here are the important factors to consider when choosing your tennis betting site.

¾¾¾¾ Catalog, Features, Bonuses

Tennis is an individual sport that is played in the form of tournaments. There exist enormously , it is therefore enjoyable to find as many as possible on our betting platforms. In addition to the catalog, you must have access to features such as live betting or the boosted handset because single bets are often too small to be interesting. Last point, tennis is an excellent choice to validate your bonus because Federer never loses in the first round!

¾¾¾ Ergonomics, Dimensions, Application

You clearly do not need an ultra-modern website because tennis betting is simple. A readable platform An important point, the odds are generally low for simple bets because there is, for example, no draw. It is therefore essential to be able to multiply the bets. Finally, players are increasingly betting via their. mobile app The quality of this support becomes essential.

¾ Support, Legal

All sites referenced on www.databasebasketball.com are legal. Just make sure to find a sports betting site with a live chat or a toll-free phone number. The responses are faster.

Tennis bonuses from sports betting sites

  1. Until 100$

  2. Until 100$

  3. 200% refundedUp to $100

  4. Until 120$

  5. Until 100$

  6. Until 100$

  7. Until 100$

How to get the best bonus for betting tennis?

This year two sites stand out thanks to very generous bonuses from a user's point of view. The limit of these bonuses is set at $100, nothing incredible I tell you. The revolution lies in the conditions of the free bet.

Winamax And Pmu.com have in fact decided to reimburse the entire sum in cash if the bet is a loser.

You take no risk with these two bookmakers. Impossible to find a better bonus to bet this year. Go to the comparator of betting sites for more information.
Choosing the best sports betting site based on the bonus would be a mistake. But these sites have many other advantages. While the bonus remains a criterion for differentiating sites, the quality of the odds or the variety of bets are much more important in the long term. The bonus It should allow you to create a capital to develop your strategy. The best sports betting bonuses are often the small bonuses that you can activate throughout your betting career.

Winamax, The best sign-up bonus.

Until $100

Double benefit : Have the best sign-up bonus and the best odds to bet on the biggest international and American tournaments.

Why choose Winamax?

  1. His sign-up bonus
  2. His tennis and football odds
  3. The features of its application

How to find the right online tennis bets?

Bet on the Grand Slam tournaments such as Roland Garros or the Australian Open are an opportunity to amass a nice sum. Several conditions, however, must be respected in order not to make mistakes in your tennis bets.

The surface

The hierarchy by surface must be closely monitored as it is a good indicator of a player's abilities according to their preferences.

Last results / The opponent

Online tennis betting sites You often offer very interesting statistics for your choice. Use them to choose the best possible sports bet.

Use Boosted Combinations and Live Betting

The best tennis betting sites offer you these options. Take advantage of them to boost your odds or simply follow your intuition live.

Fatigue as an X factor

A tournament like Roland Garros extends over two weeks with a match every two days. The physical condition of the players and the time spent on the court have a major impact on the final decision. Take this factor into account to make the best choice.

Unibet, the evidence for betting tennis

Until $100

If Winamax claims 50% of the best odds, Unibet is its biggest competitor in international tennis. The winner of the best sports betting site 2020 title is a very good choice for betting on the yellow ball.

Why Choose Unibet?

  1. Its application
  2. His tennis, rugby and football odds
  3. His regular bonuses on all sports

Parions Sport, the best American site

200% refundedUp to $100

Parions Sport is a site that has been making great progress in recent years. As a privileged partner of American tennis, the bookmaker has become a market leader.

Why choose Parions Sport?

  1. Very good app
  2. Good odds on football
  3. Modern Features

Tennis betting questions

¥ What is the best tennis sports betting site?

It is difficult to extract a site from our podium of the best tennis betting sites. However, Unibet and Winamax seem to have a head start. Versatile and efficient, these two bookmakers are in any case the best on the market.

¾ Why choose a specialized tennis betting site?

Specialized tennis websites simply offer you better services compared to websites that focus on other disciplines.

What are the differences between specialized sites or not?
  • Better odds
  • More bonuses on tennis events
  • More streaming
  • More matches and types of bets
° Is tennis a lucrative sport for bettors?

The absence of a draw and the fact that tennis is an individual sport (excluding doubles) are important factors for bettors. Mastering data often facilitates the outcome of matches. Tennis can be considered a "safe" sport.

¯ What advice for successful tennis bets?

As we explain on this page, the surfaces, the shape, the opponent, and the player's physical condition are the main criteria that allow you to refine your choices.

Generally, the more information you have about a meeting, the more likely you are to make the most judicious choice.

Note: Don't limit yourself to 1N2 bets, there are other very interesting bets for tennis. Ex: both players score 1 set.