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How to bet on the champions league?

February 6, 2019

Sports betting in the Champions League is an excellent way to make a profit if you have the knowledge. In this article, you will understand the importance of the bookmaker, odds, and other data for betting on football.

Choose the right football betting site, your first victory.

There are around ten legal bookmakers. While all of them offer multiple sports in their catalogue, you should target the sites specializing in football.

Online betting sites specializing in football are more generous in their offers on "round ball".
  • Higher odds
  • Weekly bonuses on football matches
  • More live and options
  • Specialized options like Lotofoot

All these factors offer a more interesting betting experience for punters. For the most knowledgeable players, it's also an opportunity to bet on more niche bets. It is often on these "hidden" bets that opportunities are found for experienced bettors.

To note : Winamax, Vbet, Unibet and Bwin often have the best odds on European football. Let's bet Sport and Betclic on American football.

The podium of the best football sports betting sites

  1. The best application

  2. The best odds

  3. The best American website

Football betting tips

bet on football requires some skills and a relevant analysis of each game. Before starting to bet on the Champions League, you need to choose the best sports betting site . This choice can sometimes be quite perilous given the fierce competition between websites. When it comes to football, we advise you to take into consideration as the number one factor: odds . The differences in this area are quite striking during major competitions. Winamax and Vbet or even Unibet are relatively untouchable in this sector. The three bookmakers have had the best odds in the Champions League in recent years. The number 2 factor is probably the quality of the site features . Live betting, streaming, boosted combos, or cash out can be useful with a little experience. Unibet and Bwin are the two bookmakers that perform the best on this criterion.

Take the time to look at the bookmaker descriptions before choosing your football bookmaker.

Our advice for your sports betting:

Betting on the Champions League is surely one of the most exciting activities for a bettor. Before betting, make sure to follow a few tips.

  1. Be up to date on the news

  2. Take into account the experience of teams and clubs

  3. Do not hesitate to combine

  4. To have fun (With Live Betting and Boosted Combinations for example)

Football bonuses from bookmakers

The best football odds in the Champions League

Specialized bookmakers on the " champions league "They are competing to offer the best odds on the market. As we told you, Winamax and Zebet have no competition." Winamax is a leader for other reasons. Its catalog and his bonus He makes him a candidate for the title of best bookmaker r de l'année tous les ans. Son seul point négatif est surement l'aspect un peu daté de son site. Zebet is an outsider in the world of sports betting. But when it comes to football, the site proves to be a very serious bookmaker. We appreciate the special attention of a bookmaker to prioritize its customers. This is the case with Zebet. If you are a 100% football bettor, you will find a lot of pleasure in using this platform.

Winamax, the good odds.

Winamax, the right choice

Until $100

60% of the best odds on the market. Only Zebet can compete with Winamax in this sector. Major football matches are almost all in favor of Winamax. Unibet and Winamax are our preferred choices for your football bets.

Why choose Winamax?

  • His sign-up bonus
  • His football odds
  • His football catalog

How to combine your Champions League bets?

Betting on the Champions League is a special art. This competition extends over a year. The pressure for all players and bettors is at a maximum intensity level. The truths of September are rarely those of June. It is therefore important to take into consideration the experience of teams and the history of the competition to guide you. Here are some trends that we have observed.

Never 100% home win
Despite a significant percentage, every day of the Champions League reveals its surprise. Trying to find the right risky odds.

Les Petits suffer away but perform at home
Don't be mistaken, the teams in the Champions League are not there for nothing. Even the big teams sometimes can't do better than a draw against smaller teams.

Use Boosted Handsets
Take advantage of this feature to boost your odds and make more profit. The Champions League is perfect for this type of combination.

Experience as an X factor
the big teams often show up during major events. Do not let yourself be too influenced by the form of the teams in previous matches.

Unibet, the other winner

Unibet, an APP and much more

Until $150

If Winamax takes 60% of the best odds, Unibet is close to this result. The two bookmakers are competing for the leading position in football betting. Players who bet 90% on football would be wise to choose a bookmaker like Unibet.

Why choose Unibet?

  • Its application
  • His football odds
  • Its modern services

The 2020/2024 Champions League will be played between these teams

The final phase of the Champions League 2024 promises to be explosive with this exceptional draw. While Manchester City and Bayern Munich are favorites, it will be important to closely follow the situation of PSG, Liverpool, and Juventus.

Qualified teams

The first groups:

  • Bayern Munich (GER)
  • Real Madrid (ESP)
  • Manchester City (ENG)
  • Liverpool (ENG)
  • Chelsea (ENG)
  • Borussia Dortmund (GER)
  • Juventus (ITA)
  • Paris Saint Germain (FRA)

The second of groups:

  • Atlético de Madrid (ESP)
  • Borussia Mönchengladbach (GER)
  • FC Porto (POR)
  • Atalanta (ITA)
  • Sevilla FC (ESP)
  • SS Lazio (ITA)
  • FC Barcelona (ESP)
  • RB Leipzig (GER)