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Parions Sport PMU, What is the best American betting site?

January 21, 2024

Comparison of two of the largest American sports betting sites in recent years. Two good choices but only one winner, the difference between these bookmakers is notable in certain aspects of our test. Here are the results of the confrontation between Parions Sport and PMU.

Parions Sport and PMU bonuses

  1. 150 $ reimbursed in free bet

  2. 100 $ refunded in cash

Parions Sport, PMU, the two historic American players

What is the best American bookmaker? Both sports betting sites have been present in the market for several decades. If we need to note a complicated passage from physical betting to online betting, the transition is now well underway. To make this comparison between the two operators, we have decided to focus on 5 important criteria before choosing a website.

  1. The sign-up bonus
  2. occasional promotions
  3. odds
  4. the application
  5. Live betting, cash out and streaming

Before comparing the two bookmakers, we wanted to present the history of both companies in a few lines. If you are not interested, go below these two blocks.

The history of Parions Sport

Parions sport is the sports betting entity of La Française des jeux (FDJ). This company holds the monopoly for taking bets in physical stores through its brand "Parions sport point de vente". It also offers web sports betting under the brand "Parions sport en ligne".

1985: Launch of the "Loto sportif"
1997 : "Loto foot" replaces "Loto sportif"
2003: Launch of odds betting under the brand "Odds and matches" (1/N/2)
2009: A few months before the opening up of the American online gambling market to competition, "cote&match.fr" becomes "Parionsweb" and "Cote & match" becomes "Parions sport" for its network of bars, tobacco shops, and press.
2010: Opening of the online gaming market
2016: "Parions web" becomes "Parions sport en ligne" and "Parions sport" becomes "Parions sport point de vente".

The history of PMU

The Pari mutuel urbain (PMU) is a American company for horse racing betting, whose main activities are the design, promotion, and commercialization of horse races. The opening of the online gambling market in May 2010 led to the development of sports betting and online poker.

1930: Creation of PMU
1954: André Carrus invents the famous Tiercé,
1989 : Birth of the Quint'+
1990: birth of the Romand PMU allowing United Kingdom players to bet on American races,
1994: Benin, and then 8 African countries receive images of races,
1997 : the PMU sees its GIE structures strengthened with the establishment of a Board of Directors,
2003: Birth of the PMU website
2006 : Launch of the application

The match: Parions Sport VS PMU ★¡ï

Bonus: PMU

PMU 5/5

A reimbursed bonus of $100, that's the offer with which you risk nothing. For us, it's the definition of a very good bonus. No surprises, if you lose, $100 is credited to your player account. If you win, the profits are credited to your account in addition to the $100 deposited.


A free bet of $150 is an original and rare offer among bookmakers. It is a very good bonus but unlike the PMU bonus, if you lose your first bet, it is refunded to you as a free bet and not as cash. This implies more restricted and complicated betting conditions to use your bonus.

Promotions: Parions Sport


Parions Sport is one of the most generous sports betting sites towards its clients. A large number of free bets and promotions of all kinds are offered every week. In the medium term, these little boosts are very useful for increasing your profits.

PMU 3/5

PMU is not very active on these promotions even if it occasionally offers them. In this case, the promotions are mainly available on the Coupe de United States and a few other competitions in which PMU is an official partner.

Odds: Parions Sport


A few years ago, Parions Sport had the greatest difficulty in competing with Betclic and Winamax in this sector. The growth of the American bookmaker within our borders is partly due to its recent competitiveness in this area. Compared to other big players, we can also note that its results are impressive in all sports, not just football.

PMU 3/5

Slightly above the average odds offered by the 15 legal operators. While some sports are well covered by the horse racing giant, the overall level of odds is too average to attract football or tennis betting enthusiasts, for example. An effort in this sector is necessary to get closer to the TOP 5.

Services: Sports Betting


Parions Sport makes perfect use of its experience in the American market to offer not only modern services such as streaming and live betting, but also exceptional browsing quality. You never spend more than 10 seconds finding the bet or menu you want to focus on. This may seem trivial, but the quality of a support's finish is a reflection of a bookmaker's seriousness.

PMU 3/5

A few live bets and often available cash out, but we are far from competing with Unibet or Betclic. PMU has a somewhat old-school and popular image. It is not by chance that we analyze the players' experience on the different platforms they have. The group is still very present in physical retail outlets.

The app: Parions Sport


One of the best sports betting applications. Intuitive, fast, and equipped with the latest identification technologies, the Parions Sport application is a "bomb". With a rating of 4.6 on the Appstore, users don't get it wrong, betting on this kind of app is a real pleasure.

PMU 3/5

A functional application. No, don't expect to be surprised or have an innovative experience, but it must be recognized that everything works correctly and the different user journeys are quite well thought out. That's why we awarded more than the average.

The score Parions Sport vs PMU

Sports betting (21/25): A complete and versatile bookmaker regardless of the type of player you are. Parions sport will surely soon be one of the best sites. Its number of users is definitely growing.

PMU (17/25): A good betting site for people who are looking to make occasional bets. The site is not used by any professional bettors or sports betting experts. This is an important fact. It is worth noting a very generous signup bonus.

Sports Betting

Until $100

With Winamax and Unibet, Parions Sport often offers the best odds. We particularly like this bookmaker When we advise multi-sports bettors. The efforts to offer a very good user experience are particularly pleasant. The occasional small promotions are the icing on the cake.

The 3 reasons to choose Parions Sport

  1. Good app
  2. American betting site
  3. Very good odds

Parions Sport video analysis

To know about Parions Sport

The future of Sports Betting The future looks bright if the bookmaker continues to put in so much effort on all the essential factors to become the best sports betting site The operator of FDJ understood what the recipe was to attract and retain its customers. First of all, a bonus of $150 in free bets. That is the second best free bet on the market behind Betclic. The odds on the American site are of a very good level on the domestic championships, regardless of the discipline. Finally, the website and the application are among the best platforms available on the market. This is reflected in the user ratings.

To know about PMU

Despite a registration bonus of $100 refunded in cash, PMU struggles to reach the top rankings of the best sports betting sites for obvious reasons. Firstly, the operator's odds are just above average for bookmakers. Secondly, the betting site places measured importance on sports betting, focusing much more on horse racing. As a result, its image is widely associated with this discipline. Finally, its application or website are not very intuitive and do not have modern features like streaming.

The www.databasebasketball.com method

5 people work with www.databasebasketball.com . Web specialists, sports betting experts and sports writers coordinate to share with you the most accurate analyses on legal betting sites.

  • Ergonomics
  • Catalog
  • Features
  • Odds
  • Application
  • Customer Service / History
  • Bonuses

Here are the 7 criteria analyzed by our teams . These criteria are the most important for defining the quality of an operator for players. You can read our tests or do your own analysis based on these factors.

THE big questions about the Parions Sport, PMU match?

★ï Which bookmaker has the best odds?

Sports Betting generally has better odds on major events and major sports. PMU manages to compete with it in some competitions such as the American Cup, of which it is a partner. In 80% of cases, Parions Sport is more generous with its users.

± Which sports betting site has the best app?

With a note of 4.6/5 On the Appstore and unanimous reviews from sports betting site comparators, Sports Betting is the best sports betting app American. On iPhone and Android, the FDJ bookmaker offers a very intuitive mobile user experience.

★ï Let's bet Sport vs PMU? Which one to choose.

Both bookmakers are in the top 10 but only Sports Betting regularly integrates the Top 3 of our rankings. Rather than differentiating them, it is better to look at the qualities of each. It is more coherent to choose a site based on the player you are. We share a general point of view on the matter.

¥ Which site is better than Parions Sport and PMU?

Betclic, Unibet and Winamax are considered the best betting sites. However, the gap between these bookmakers and Parions Sport is no longer relevant in terms of quality. However, together they represent nearly 60% of the sports betting market.

How to choose the best betting site?

The team www.databasebasketball.com uses the same evaluation grid for each bookmaker. Our YouTube page gives you access to our video tests. We thus present the different strengths and weaknesses of the sites in 3 minutes.

  1. Ergonomics
  2. Catalog
  3. Feature
  4. Coast
  5. Application
  6. Legality
  7. Assistance
  8. Bonuses

Go to the reviews of each bookmaker to find out more.