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Where to bet Formula 1?

January 9, 2023

Formula 1 is a sport on which it is not easy to bet, especially for beginners. We have selected the best American bookmakers with the best offers to bet on Formula 1. As well as a comprehensive guide on when and how to bet on your favorite sport. So that once you have read us, you too will be an expert on Formula 1 betting!

Where to bet on Formula 1? Find our ranking.

Formula 1 betting, the best bookmakers

First of all, it is important to know where it is most relevant to bet. Which sites offer the best odds, the best bonuses or even the best betting options.

We have selected for you the sites that, in our opinion, are the most relevant for betting on Formula 1, but especially those that can bring you the most profit!

Our ranking of sports betting sites offering Formula 1 betting:

  1. sports betting

  2. Bwin

  3. Betclic

  4. Unibet

  5. PMU-Sport

  6. Vbet

  7. Winamax

  8. Betway

  9. Barrier Bet

  10. Partouche Sport

  11. NetBet

  12. Zebet

  13. Poker Stars Sports

  14. United States-bet

  15. Genybet

  16. Jobet

However, the fact that a sports betting site offers a betting option is not enough to be ranked high in the rankings of our experts at

We have chosen for you the six best betting sites for betting on F1. Online bookmakers have been tested according to the following criteria: odds, welcome bonuses, promotions, as well as the catalog of bets and available features.

F1 Betting Sites - ANJ

Note that all sports betting sites that we recommend on our website are referenced by the ANJ. And so they are 100% legal.

The 6 best Formula 1 betting sites

Parions Sport - The best catalog for your F1 bets

Until $200

The choice of proposed bets is clearly the best on the American market when it comes to Formula 1. You will also find very attractive odds that have placed themselves among the leaders in previous seasons.

  1. Large choice of bets

  2. Excellent coasts

  3. Intuitive site

Bwin - Exceptional odds for Formula 1 betting

Until $120

Bwin offers one of the most comprehensive F1 catalogs on the American market. The betting site offers an impressive level of odds. It far surpasses the rest of the market for Formula 1 bets. And this is even compared to leaders in the field such as Unibet or Winamax.

  1. Côtes au-delà de la moyenne

  2. Intuitive site

  3. Attractive welcome bonus

Betclic - The best Formula 1 bonus

Until $100

Here is our option for the best bonus on all your sports bets and therefore on your Formula 1 bets. Betclic offers odds that are closest to the best in the field for F1 (BWIN) in addition to its welcome bonus. We particularly appreciate it for its conditions, which are the clearest in the market.

  1. Un bonus in'gal'

  2. From the shores to the top

  3. One of the best applications

Unibet - The best app

Until $150

Unibet is one of the most successful sports betting sites in the market. Its Formula 1 betting offer is consistent with the rest of its catalog and ranks among the leaders in this option.

  1. The best app in 2024
  2. Very competitive odds
  3. Intuitive website

PMU - stands out thanks to F1

Until $100

PMU sports betting has managed to stand out from the rest of its offering thanks to Formula 1 bets, its catalog is complete and its odds are generous.

  1. Wide choice of F1 bet types
  2. Welcome bonus
  3. Frequent promotions

Vbet - A welcome bonus among the best

Until $200

As always, Vbet offers you a wide range of promotions, as well as an enticing welcome bonus. An option to consider to enjoy it on Formula 1 but also other sports. Especially football, for which Vbet is one of the most attractive bookmakers.

  1. Welcome bonuses among the best on the market
  2. Specials
  3. 24 hour live chat support

Why have we not chosen them for your F1 bets?

Unfortunately, not all sports betting sites in the market are suitable for Formula 1 betting.

I explain a little more in detail ★¬‡ï


Until $100

✅ - Intuitive features

★Œ - No mobile application

★Œ - service client pas assez complet


Until $100

✅ - Competitive prices

❌ - Not an intuitive website

★ ❌ - Incomplete customer service


Until $150

★œ… - Welcome Bonus

★Œ - Coast level too low

★ ❌ - Limited functionality (livestream unavailable)

Barrier Bet

Until $250

★œ… - Intuitive Navigation

★œ… - Customer Service

┃ - Level of the coasts too low

★Œ - Limited Paris Catalogue

Partouche Sport

Until $100

★œ… - Welcome bonus of $100

❌ - Low level of the coasts

❌ - Limited Payment Methods


Until $150

★œ… - Available forecasts

★Œ - Average slopes

★Œ - Rare Promotions


Until $150

★œ… - Good welcome bonus

★Œ - Non-optimized ergonomics

★Œ - Deposit commission for pre-prepaid ticket

Poker Stars Sports

Until $100

★œ… - Deposit and withdrawal without fees

★Œ - Welcome bonus is mundane

★Œ - Catalogue not extensive enough

United States-Pari

Until $100 + $50

★œ… - Traditional Paris fashion

★Œ - Ergonomics

❌ - Ribs in the lower average range


Until $50

✅ - Good mobile application

★Œ - Weak Points

Limited payment methods

What type of bets for your Formula 1 bet?

Types of Formula 1 bets

- Podium bet

    This type of bet gives you the opportunity to bet not only on the winner but also on the entire podium. So, you have three possibilities. We advise you not to directly bet on this configuration if you are still a beginner, as it requires a good knowledge of the sport. And as always, make sure to read the betting conditions provided by each bookmaker.

    § - The winning constructor or driver

      These are the most common bets in Formula 1, especially during the World Championships. After conducting some research, we advise you to bet on this type of bet. You will be able to choose the team and the winning driver of the race. This option seems the most relevant to me for beginners.

      ¤º - Duel of pilots

        This option will allow you, as its name suggests, to bet on a competition between two drivers. And whoever you think will finish the race before the other. Your selection does not necessarily have to finish first in the race. It just needs to finish the race before the second option for your bet to be declared a winner.

        º - F1 live betting

          As the name suggests, this betting option allows you to bet live on Formula 1 races.

          Depending on the live bets available, we still recommend the following two types of bets for beginners: constructor bets and driver bets. These require less technical knowledge about the sport and have fewer variables. Therefore, they are less risky to start with.

          Application paris Formule 1

          F1 Betting Considerations

          How to place a Formula 1 bet?

          To bet on Formula 1, the toughest part is knowing which elements to take into account. It is necessary in all sports but especially in F1 to consider several elements before placing your bet. And do not let yourself be tempted by a "heart" bet placed solely because you have an affection for a particular driver or constructor.

          Ÿš¦ - The qualifications Previous races are an important factor to consider before placing your bet. Qualifications in most cases give a good indication of how a race will unfold. However, it is not enough to solely rely on qualifications.

          ŸŒ¦ - Weather conditions can influence race results and in some cases can defy all predictions. Some drivers may have the best performance during qualifying and not finish the race due to a weather change the next day. Therefore, you should not place your bet too quickly.

          🏁 - The tours and the overtaking possibilities vary depending on where the race takes place. For example, some drivers will have a better chance of winning on the Barcelona circuit than on the Monaco circuit, depending on their strengths. So it is important to consider this when placing your bet.

          🍾 - The atmosphere At the constructor's site can also play a role in the outcome of a race. If you have read that one of the teams, even a favorite, is experiencing internal difficulties. It might be safer not to bet directly on it. Once again, a minimum of research is necessary.

          📈 - Performances previous pilot performances remain a crucial factor to consider. The historical performances of a pilot are often the determining factor in who will win a race. But surprises do happen, which is why you must definitely research all the elements.

          Your formula 1 betting FAQs

          - Which site has the best odds for F1 betting?

          As we have described in this article, there are several bookmakers that will be perfect for your Formula 1 bets. As for the odds, Bwin At an unprecedented level of coast for Formula 1.

          - Which site has the best F1 betting selection?

          As for the catalog of betting options for Formula 1, Sports Betting is the best for F1 bets. You will find the widest variety of available bets with this bookmaker.

          ¶ - Which site has the best F1 bonus?

          The bookmaker with THE best bonus for all types of bets including Formula 1 bets, in our opinion, is Betclic The conditions of this bonus are among the clearest on the market. We therefore recommend this bookmaker for your Formula 1 bets, but not only!

          ¤ - How to bet on Formula 1?

          There is no ready-made answer to this question. It all depends on your goals and your level of knowledge, whether it's about betting or about F1. We explain everything in the section "How to place a bet on Formula 1?" a little further up. In any case, we advise you to always do the necessary research and read the user terms and conditions before placing a bet.

          After an F1 bet on Pierre Gasly, a Finn wins $33,000

          Paris F1 Gasly

          This is the beautiful story of the 2020 season! A Finnish bettor places 20 cents on the Italian Grand Prix and wins over $33,000 ! He therefore wins 16,700 times the bet playing with odds of 166,990. An incredible stroke of luck for this bettor as the drivers on the podium on which he had bet, namely Pierre Gasly, Lance Stroll, and Carlos Sainz, only had three podium finishes, between the three of them...

          This is the largest winning recorded in Finland in the last 10 years! After betting 20 cents on a podium with Pierre Gasly alongside Lance Stroll and Carlos Sainz, this Finnish bettor wins $33,398, reported the local media Iltalehti.

          This is the first victory of a Americanman in a grand prix since 1996 or the year of Pierre Gasly's birth. The young driver from Rouen, therefore, succeeds Olivier Panis, who was the last Americanman to win a Formula 1 grand prix 24 years ago.