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Which sports betting sites have the best odds?

December 22, 2023

There are currently around fifteen legal sports betting sites. While the differences may seem small between bookmakers, they are indeed real. Odds are one of the most important criteria for distinguishing between sites. Our team has therefore taken the time to analyze this factor for 6 months. Here is the result.

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The ranking of the sites with the best odds, our analysis.

To carry out this study, we spent 6 months analyzing hundreds of meetings from the big football match to small tennis tournaments. We were able to identify some major trends and fairly specific results based on the characteristics of the selected events.

The main conclusions of our investigation:

  • The ranking of the best odds differs between sports
  • The ranking of the best odds differs according to the championship and the importance of the event
  • The best bookmakers often offer the best odds
  • If a bookmaker sponsors a club or event, they have the best deals

By crossing these conclusions, you are almost guaranteed to find the bookmaker who offers the best odds in your case. We want to emphasize this point. Sharing this ranking makes sense because it takes into account the largest number of best odds across all matches. However,

to find the most consistent partner, you need to define your profile.
  1. On which disciplines will I mostly bet?
  2. What type of meeting?
  3. Does my favorite club have a bookmaker as a partner?

Here are the main questions you need to answer to know your profile. Depending on it, you can take into account the different analyses in this article.

    Comparateur cotes Databasebasketball

    The best football odds

    Football represents 60 to 70% of total sports betting for American bookmakers. Dominating this market is therefore a major challenge for all the bookmakers present.

    international football

    At this little game Winamax clearly takes the lead in European football. While it must be recognized that Unibet , Betclic see Bwin Following closely behind the shores of the online poker giant, Winamax still often manages to gain a few units in its favor. When one considers the importance of this factor in attracting and retaining players, we understand the rise of the bookmaker in recent years .

    American football

    If the top dogs of sports betting come out once again very well, Sports Betting is often not left behind when it comes to national championships or domestic cups. Even more surprising is the new kid on the block Vbet Who also performs very well in this type of competition. In general, we have observed that the bookmakers sponsoring Ligue 1 teams highlight their teams. Unibet with PSG, Vbet with Monaco, and Parions Sport with Marseille and Lyon, for example.

    The best odds for American sport

    Rugby, tennis or basketball therefore represent between 30 and 40% of stakes. A non-negligible figure and a little less competition to establish themselves. Some bookmakers therefore clearly display their specialization in a discipline.

    ¾ To bet on tennis

    Unibet, Bwin and Parions Sport obtain similar results in the rate of better odds. Betting on tennis with one of these three sites is the assurance of benefiting from an excellent partner. The diversity of possible bets is also a major asset for these operators.

    To bet on rugby

    Bet Sport, Unibet and Bwin These are the most successful bookmakers for betting on the Top 14 and rugby as a whole. We must acknowledge that Sports Betting is still a cut above the other two in the American championships. For international Rugby, Unibet remains a major figure thanks to its coastline but also to the depth of its catalog.

    To bet on Basketball

    Winamax, Betclic and Bwin The major online sportsbooks dominate the American basketball market but also the NBA market. With a few business deals, the gap between them and the other sites is often noticeable in American matches. Note the great versatility of Bwin who also performs very well in European basketball.

    Introducing sports betting sites with the best odds

    We offer you a more general presentation of the bookmakers that we mentioned earlier. These sites are part of the best American operators. It is therefore no coincidence to find them mentioned in this article. If you want more information on the bookmakers, we invite you to read our ranking of the year. This one includes the ratings but also many other criteria.

    Winamax, the Leader of the best odds

    Until $100

    The online poker giant is also the ultimate reference in terms of odds on the American market. It is also worth noting that it stands out with one of the best sign-up bonuses in the past two years. The question that comes to mind is quite legitimate: Is Winamax the best sports betting site? Probably on par with Unibet.

    Why choose Winamax?

    1. Its ratings
    2. His sign-up bonus
    3. The services of its application

    Unibet, the number 1 application

    Until $150

    The giant Swedish is the ultimate international reference. With an incredible application and an endless catalog, the bookmaker has occupied the top spots in our rankings for about ten years. If you are a multisport bettor and you want a modern application, Unibet is the right partner.

    Why choose Unibet?

    1. Its ratings
    2. Its mobile app
    3. The services of its platforms

    Betclic, the versatile

    Until $100

    Betclic is the website with the most players. If it owes it in part to its domination in the 2010s, the bookmaker remains one of the best operators. It owes it in particular to this exceptional registration bonus and to its always high-performance odds throughout its range.

    Why choose Betclic?

    1. Its ratings
    2. Its specific free bet sign-up bonus
    3. Its versatility in all sports

    Sports betting site odds questions

    ★ï Which sports betting site has the best odds?

    Winamax is the American market reference for all disciplines. However, in some sports, other bookmakers manage to compete heavily with the online poker giant. For football, no operator has better statistics.

    ★ï How to separate two betting sites?

    Our comparator of sports betting sites takes into account 8 factors to rate and rank sites. Ratings are just one of the criteria that allow us to carry out our studies. However, it is true that this factor is one of the most important to determine the quality of a bookmaker.

    ★½ï Which bookmaker has the best football odds?

    Winamax in 60% of cases. The rest of the market is awarded to Unibet and Betclic In majority. Occasionally, other sports betting sites manage to monopolize a better odds on certain matches. This remains quite rare as you could see in the image that illustrates this statement.

    How to compare the odds of sports betting sites?

    A good number of odds comparators exist. However, you must analyze this Data in the long term if you want to obtain a result that reflects the reality of the market. Our team worked 6 months to have a consistent and relevant feedback.