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Les meilleures applications pour parier sur le foot

Best football betting apps

May 25, 2023

The majority of American bettors play on football. Most bookmakers focus their efforts on this sport. However, the level between websites and applications can vary. An ideal bookmaker for football on a computer may not necessarily have the best app. So, which application is the best option for betting on football? We give you all the elements to make your choice.

Ranking of the best applications for betting on football

1. Unibet - The best app

2. Sports Betting - The league 1 app

3. Betclic - The reference for your bets

4. Winamax - Best odds

5. Vbet - Best site to bet football

6. Bwin - High level ergonomics

7. Netbet - Football features

8. Betway - The arrival 2024

9. Barrier Bet - The rising site

10. Poker Stars Sports - The outsider

11. Zebet - Top odds and offers

12. Partouche Sport - Low odds

13. PMU - Unintuitive navigation

14. United States-Pari - Complex conditions

15. Genybet - Not at the level

16. Feelingbet - To avoid...

What are the best football betting apps?

Choosing a sports betting app can be a real headache. Especially if you want to bet on a specific sport. For football fans, the difficulty lies in finding the app that best suits your style of play. Variety of competitions and types of bets available, functionalities, promotions and other games. We have ranked the best apps according to specific criteria.

Football betting app #1

Unibet, the best for all your bets

Advantages and disadvantages

★œ… FaceID or PrintID

⬇ Livestream on football

★œ… Intuitive ergonomics and usage

★œ… High odds

Complete catalog

Unibet, the best features

★š½ï Unibet is unbeatable in the market both for its application and its catalog for football. The betting site offers the largest catalog of football competitions available. You will find all the matches and championships you can think of. Its football odds are also among the most important. What I particularly appreciated about Unibet is its wide range of features and the quality of them! You will find everything for your football bets cashout, livestream, live betting etc.

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ The Unibet application is the best sports betting application available. It has an excellent rating of 4.7/5 on the App Store. Its ergonomics are pleasant and easy to use. The features and grids are very user-friendly, all with a perfect presentation. FaceID or TouchID authentication is also available.

Application to bet football #2

Parions Sport, best American catalog

Advantages and disadvantages

★œ… FaceID or PrintID

★œ… Livestream on football

★œ… Ergonomics and intuitive use

★œ… High odds on the American competitions

★œ… Best catalog of American competitions

Parions Sport best app to bet on league 1

⚽️ C'est la meilleure marque française. Le site de paris dispose d'un excellent catalogue de paris pour le football. Ses cotes pour le foot français sont parmi les plus élevées du marché. En particulier sur la ligue 1. Parions Sport propose également un large choix de promotions pour le foot lors de matchs de ligue 1 importants. Gr★ce auxquelles vous pouvez gagner des freebets et autres avantages. La clarté de ses grilles et de son catalogue en fait également une option de choix.

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ The Parions Sport application is very easy to use. Its ergonomics is, according to my experience, one of the best. You can also find all the functionalities of the website. Always with the same simplicity. FaceId or PrintId authentication is also available. Users have given it a rating of 4.7/5 on the App Store.

Application to bet football #3

Betclic, the reference for your bets

Advantages and disadvantages

★œ… FaceID or PrintID

★œ… Livestream on football

★œ… Intuitive use

★œ… High odds

★œ… Catalogs of football competitions and bets

Betclic, consistency at the service of your bets

⚽️ Betclic is a reference among American sports betting sites. The bookmaker is one of the best in the market for your football bets. You will find a wide range of competitions and football bets. As well as attractive odds. These odds are not yet at the level of Winmax or Unibet but not far off! Its features also make it a preferred option for your football bets. I particularly like BetclicTV, its livestream which is surely the finest in the market.

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ L'application obtient la note de 4,7/5 sur l'AppStore. J'ai tout de même décidé de la placer en 3ème position car ses cotes ne sont pas encore les meilleures pour le foot. Le niveau du marché est très élevé à ce niveau. Son ergonomie et ses fonctionnalités sont en revanche d'une qualité impeccable.

Application to bet football #4

Winamax, best odds and fantasy league

Advantages and disadvantages

★œ… FaceID or PrintID

★œ… Livestream on football

★œ… Ergonomics and intuitive use

Best market odds

★Œ Not very modern design

Winamax, the best odds since 2015

⚽️ Winamax is known for having the best odds. This is especially true for football. The bookmaker offered over 70% of the best football odds in 2024. The majority of matches and competitions are available there. But the main reason why we appreciate Winamax is its gaming options and fantasy league. The bookmaker is clearly ahead of the competition when it comes to making the game interesting.

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ The application is at the same level as the website, so it is among the best. It even gets a rating of 4.6/5 on the App Store. You will find all the features (livestream, statistics, fantasy league). The use is intuitive and quick to grasp. However, we would have preferred a slightly more modern design, both on the website and on the application. Authentication via FaceId or PrintId is also available.

Application to bet football #5

Vbet, the bookmaker optimized for football

Advantages and disadvantages

★œ… Ergonomics and tailored use for Android

High odds on football

✅ Very good catalog for football

❌ No livestream

★Œ Complex terms of use

Vbet, the football bookmaker

⚽️ The paris foot catalog on Vbet is one of the most complete. You will find a very wide selection of American and international competitions. As well as most existing types of bets for football. The odds for this sport are also among the best on the market. However, the sports betting site loses a few points due to its sometimes too complex terms of use and the lack of functionalities like livestream.

★­ ï ★­ ï ★­ ï The rating given to the application on download platforms does not represent its overall quality. It receives a rating of 2.2/5 on the App Store. The application is easy to use and offers all the functionalities already available on the website. However, some improvements need to be made, especially regarding the lack of FaceId. But the bookmaker seems to regularly update its app. So we hope for a quick fix on this point.

Application to bet football #6

Bwin, high-level ergonomics

Advantages and disadvantages

★ ★ œ … Intuitive ergonomics and use

★œ… Variety of the offer

★œ… Livestream

★Œ Welcome bonus terms

❌ No fantasy league

★Œ Average odds

Bwin, a modern and intuitive application

★š½ï Bwin is one of the most recognized betting sites in the world. Its application is surely one of the most intuitive on the market. It has one of the most modern designs that you can find. For your football bets, the variety of its offer is one of the best for football.

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ The application is, in my opinion, a bit overrated on download platforms. The rating given by users on the App Store is 4.4/5. The ergonomics and design are excellent, it's true, but the lack of certain functionalities and the conditions of the bonus are major weaknesses for me.

Application to bet football #7

Netbet, features made for football

Advantages and disadvantages

★œ… Ergonomics and adapted use for Android

★œ… Livestream available

★Œ Rare promotions

★Œ Not very modern design

★Œ Average odds

Netbet, interesting football grids and statistics

⚽️ Netbet is a website for betting on football. The statistics, predictions, and grids for football make the Netbet application a perfect option for your football bets. However, the bookmaker does not offer enough promotions for my taste, and its odds are often on the lower end of the market. Too bad!

★­ ï ★­ ï ★­ Netbet has made a lot of progress in recent years. The bookmaker offers an increasingly efficient application. The design is not the most modern, it must be admitted, but it does the job.

Application to bet football #8

Betway, the new 2024 bookmaker

Advantages and disadvantages

★œ… Intuitive use

★œ… Football grids available

★Œ Account validation deadline

⭐️ No livestream

★Œ Average odds

Betway, the best choice of international competitions

⚽️ The football competition catalog offered on Betway is very comprehensive. You will find a wide selection of competitions, especially international competitions. You will also find pre-filled betting grids for football. Unfortunately, the lack of livestream is a weakness that is too significant for me to rank Bwin higher in our ranking.

★­ï ★­ï ★­ï The Betway application receives a rating of 2.6/5 on the AppStore. Its use is very intuitive and will not pose any difficulties for beginners. I am not convinced by its design, which could be more modern.

Application to bet football #9

Barrière Bet, the rising American site

Advantages and disadvantages

★œ… Intuitive use

★œ… Variety of the offer

❌ Welcome bonus terms and conditions

❌ No livestream

★Œ Average odds

Barrier Bet to bet football? Why not !

⚽️ Arrived in 2020, Barrière Bet still has some progress to make, notably in the lack of certain features like livestreaming. However, its catalogue of competitions to bet on football is quite impressive. You will find the majority of the most popular football competitions.

★­ï ★­ï ★­ï The Barrière Bet app has received a rating of 3/5 on the App Store. Users seem to appreciate the American app for its design and catalog. But they regret the level of its odds which is currently a little too low compared to the rest of the market. Personally, I find the conditions of the registration bonus unnecessarily complex.

Football betting app #10

Pokerstars Sports, the underdog

Advantages and disadvantages

★œ… Intuitive Ergonomics

★œ… Wide selection of bets

★Œ No grids

★Œ No livestream

'★Œ No fantasy league

Pokerstars Sports, the overrated app

⚽️ Pokerstars Sports offers a wide selection of bet types for football (and other sports). Unfortunately, the rest falls short. You won't find pre-filled grids, livestreams, or fantasy leagues.

⭐️⭐️ The application is, in my opinion, overrated on the AppStore. With a rating of 4.2/5. Its ergonomics are intuitive and you will have no difficulty getting the hang of the application. I'm not a fan of the design, but that's just my opinion. Finally, the lack of livestream is a dealbreaker for me in 2023.

Football betting app #11

High odds and a complete offer

Advantages and disadvantages

★œ… Intuitive use

★ ❌ Modern ergonomics

❌ No livestream

❌ Deposit Commission on prepaid ticket

Zebet to bet football, there is better, there is worse

⚽️ The Zebet football offer is far from ridiculous. The bookmaker offers a wide range of competitions and types of bets for this sport. In addition, its odds are often interesting. Unfortunately, certain conditions of use such as commissions on prepaid tickets, as well as the lack of livestream, make it lose quite a few points.

⭐️⭐️ The application is slightly overrated on the AppStore, with a rating of 3.9/5. We quickly realize this by looking at the comments. The app is of good quality, intuitive, and always receives high ratings. Unfortunately, it is not the most modern.

Other options for betting on football

Not everything can always be perfect. The applications presented below are not necessarily horrible but those presented above are superior in almost all areas. Whether it's betting on soccer or any other sport for that matter.

Odds still too low

Advantages and disadvantages

★Œ Not very modern

❌ No livestream allowed

❌ Deposit commission on prepaid ticket

PMU, obsolete navigation

Advantages and disadvantages

❌ Unintuitive navigation

★Œ Average odds

★Œ Complex conditions of use

United States-Pari, too complex conditions

Advantages and disadvantages

★Œ Not intuitive application

★Œ Average odds

❌ No livestream

❌ Conditions of use too complex

Feelingbet - Avoid...

Advantages and disadvantages

★Œ Low odds

★Œ Low odds

★Œ No customer service

★Œ Complicated bonus conditions

FAQ football betting apps

¥ What is the best soccer betting app?

The answer depends on your expectations. If you are looking for impeccable ergonomics, with interesting odds, we recommend Unibet, Parions Sport or Vbet .

For functionality as well as the best odds on the market, visit Winamax.

Finally, if you are looking for a new app with an interesting catalog, we also recommend Betway .

★½ï Why choose an application to bet on football?

More and more bettors are now playing on mobile applications. The freedom of play and the ability to bet live without having to play from home are huge advantages for bettors. Thanks to a certain flexibility of play and strategy. Also note that applications are becoming more and more complete.

± What is the best sports betting app?

Just like with football betting apps, Unibet is the best app for the rest of your sports betting. We also really liked Betclic and Winamax. For more information, visit our page best sports betting apps.

How do we rank betting apps?

We register and examine sports betting applications in great detail. Once an app is tested, we gather all the testers to obtain feedback from each one and discuss rankings. We use this method for all our rankings of sports betting sites .

How to choose your betting application for football?

It is sometimes complicated to choose the sports betting application that suits us best. Especially if you want to bet on a particular sport. There are of course some criteria to take into account, whether for football applications or for other sports. Obviously you will have to choose an application for your football bets according to your game and your desires. Here's a guide to the criteria to consider.


The catalog of football competitions

Your choice must above all be based on the catalog of competitions available. Take a look at the catalog of the betting site. Then choose according to your desires. Some bookmakers offer a catalog that focuses on American competitions, others are more suited to international competitions. So the choice is yours.


The types of bets available on football

As with the catalog of competitions, you will need to pay attention to the types of bets available on football. You will need to see if the types of bets available are suitable for your bets. If you like to bet with more complex types of bets or on more common bets, your choice will not be on the same bookmaker. That said, in general the catalogs of betting on football are generally similar from one bookmaker to another.


User ratings and reviews

This criterion is to be taken with great hindsight! Lots of comments and ratings left by users are a bad liver festival. However, by digging a little, we realize that these can give an idea about the future gaming experience.


The differences between the site and the betting app

The differences between the site and the app can give you an idea of ​​the overall quality of a bookmaker. For an optimal gaming experience, it is often preferable to find all the features and game options on both versions.


The features available for football

Before making your choice on a sports betting site, it is important to check if it is optimized for football. The features you want to see are: football betting grids, football promotions as well as targeted bet types. Also check if a fantasy league competition is offered for football.

Advantages and disadvantages of football betting sites and applications

¥ Betting Sites

±Betting Apps

★œ… Large screen to watch live matches

★œ… All features are available

★Œ You must play from home, no freedom of movement

★Œ Mobile sites are not always optimized

★œ… Freedom of movement, no need to stay at home

★œ… No need for wifi

★œ… The progression of applications, all the features are most of the time present

★Œ If you have no network, no bets