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The Best Sports Betting Apps for Iphone & Android

January 6, 2024

Finding the best sports betting app has become, over the years, as important as finding the best betting site. More and more sports bets are made from a mobile device. It is now considered that 60% of bets are made from a mobile device. What are the best apps among all legal bookmakers?

The best sports betting apps

VS Choosing the Best Sports Betting Apps is not always an easy task. The comparison of betting site does not always focus on this crucial data. Yes, sports betting is increasingly done through apps. The comparisons you read are not completely false since the analysis points are largely valid on mobile and laptop. However, a specific study remains an advantage to differentiate the best betting applications.

The criteria to favor to find the best sports betting application

Applications have certain specificities due to the size of the screen and mobile navigation. The best betting site is not always the best application.

± ± ± Ergonomics, Ratings, Bonuses

Here are the 3 data to analyze with great attention. Optimized ergonomics allows you to find information or simply navigate more quickly. The quality of the odds supports you in your quest for profit just like the bonus. Finally, bonuses are important criteria to start or boost your strategies. The best sports betting apps are mainly judged on these points.

± ± Catalog, Feature

By catalog, understand diversity of sports but also the presentation of sports betting. Presenting the different functionalities and all bets in an intuitive way is a technical challenge for the teams of the various bookmakers.

± Legal, Support

All applications present on www.databasebasketball.com are legal and approved by the online gaming regulatory authority. So you have no worries on that side. However, the levels of assistance on betting apps vary. We recommend choosing a bookmaker with a telephone number and a live chat for better responsiveness.

Now you have the cards to choose the application you want. If you have any remaining questions, visit our ranking of the best sports betting apps .

    Unibet, the best site and the best application

    Until $100

    Unibet is an example for all bookmakers. With the best user experience on mobile, the Swedish site is also a reference for the quality of its odds and features.

    Why choose Unibet?

    1. Its application
    2. Its ratings
    3. Its modern features

    How to download sports betting apps?

    From an iPhone

    Go to the Appstore from your mobile. After validating the information from the bookmakers' comparators by looking at the app rating and user reviews, you have the possibility to download the application of your choice. We recommend that you do your registration on a computer before downloading your app.

    From Android

    Go to the Google Play Store to find different bookmakers' applications. Take the time to check user ratings and read some reviews to confirm the information obtained from sports betting site comparators. We recommend registering on a computer before downloading your app.

    The ranking of applications on Iphone and Android

    The best iPhone apps

    • Unibet 4.8 ★ï

    19K voters for the most downloaded application

    • Betting Sports 4.7 ★ï

    35k voters for the American-made FDJ application.

    • Betclic 4.6 ★ï

    105k voters for the historical bookmaker of the American market

    The best Android apps

    • Betting Sports 4.4 ★ï

    33k voters for the American bookmaker. A rating that increases every year.

    • Betclic 4.4 ★ï

    40k voters for the most versatile sports betting site in the country.

    • Winamax 4.2 ★ï

    26k voters for the online poker giant with the same rating as the Unibet application.

    Sports betting app bonuses

    Highlights sports betting apps

    Ergonomics advantage: Unibet / Bwin

    With its endless catalog and its ultra-performing platforms, Unibet is surely the best app From a technical and visual point of view, Bwin is also equipped with interfaces with a strong identity and a navigation of its own.

    Bonus benefit: Betclic / Winamax

    The best bonus of the year is awarded to these two sports betting sites. For Winamax, the bet refunded s rises to a limit of $100 if it is a loser. Betclic offers $100 free bet whether your first bet is a winner or a loser. In other words, you are taking no risks with these bookmakers. Their sports betting app is also of a very high standard, which is why they feature in our selection.

    To know
    : In most cases, the bonuses are identical between the sports betting app and the paired site.

    Advantage Odds: Zebet / Winamax

    These bookmakers are the undisputed leaders in sports betting odds. You can consider that 70% of the best odds are on these two sports betting applications. Small advantage for Winamax thanks to its bonus superior to that of Zebet.

    To you !
    It's up to you to choose the best sports betting app based on your preferences and criteria. Just know that none of its apps are "bad". We are talking here about the top apps on the sports betting market.

    Winamax, 60% of the best odds and a top bonus!

    Until $200

    If the website is a bit outdated, the Winamax app is modern. Add to that, the quality of the odds and the bonus. You get one of the best bookmakers on the market.

    Why choose Winamax?

    1. Its Signup Bonus
    2. Its ratings
    3. The features of its application

    Register on the site and download the application

    This may seem insignificant, but we advise you to sign up through the website. The details and conditions of the bonuses and registration are more legible there. Because the quality of a registration bonus is not only visible in the associated amount. It is primarily the conditions that determine whether an offer is advantageous for new players.

    Here are the easiest steps to sign up and download a sports betting app.

    1. Register from a laptop
    2. Receive your credentials by email
    3. Download the app and login
    4. Send supporting documents and make your first deposit on Laptop

    Questions about sports betting apps

    ¥ What is the best sports betting app?

    Unibet , Betclic or even Sports Betting are considered the best apps by the majority of comparators and users.

    ± Iphone and Android do they have the same applications?

    99% of the applications are identical between Iphone and Android. Some details may differ, but overall the user experience is the same.

    «· What is the best American application?

    Sports Betting is the best application of American bookmakers. On Android and iPhone, users rate the operator very well. Comparators should reconsider their judgment on the American bookmaker.

    ★ï Are the bonuses different on application and Laptop?

    The bonuses are the same on the application and the website. However, we encourage you to register on your computer before downloading the application. The process is thus simplified.