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Quel est le meilleur site de paris sportifs 2024

What is the best sports betting site 2024?

January 1, 2024

Finding the best sports betting site to place bets on can be complex. The team at www.databasebasketball.com has analyzed the best bookmakers to enable you to bet with confidence. Our rankings change significantly from year to year. This year, the podium is made up of Unibet, Winamax, and Parions Sport. We'll explain why.

The ranking of the 5 best sports betting sites 2024

How to find the best betting sites?

Comment find the best sports betting site ? To help you in your choice, we have decided to share with you our analysis of the important factors to choose a sports betting site adapted to your needs. If the competition between sites is increasingly strong, you will notice that the choice is not necessarily very complicated. Not all sites deserve to be focused on. Overall, if you choose one of these 5 bookmakers, you can be reassured about the quality and legality of the operator you have chosen.

The criteria to favor for the choice of your sports betting site in 2024

¦ ¦ ¦- Odds, Bonuses, Application

  • Why ratings?

The quality of the odds offered is a non-negotiable criterion since it is the first factor that allows you to make money. The sites that offer the best odds are often the best betting sites.

  • Why bonuses?

It is important to differentiate between sign-up bonuses and temporary promotions. However, both offers are crucial to generate more profits. Just like the odds, the most generous sites are often at the top of the rankings. However, be careful not to confuse the amount of the bonus with generosity. The conditions better reflect the actual value of the offer. Don't fall into this beginner's trap when choosing your site.

  • Why The App?

This is a fact, we are using our mobile more and more to bet. Ergonomics and app navigation have become key factors in attracting new customers over the years. Having an optimized and perfectly functional app is no longer an option for the best sites.

¦ ¦- Ergonomics, Catalog, Functionality

  • Why ergonomics?

Having a website where you quickly find the information you're looking for is a significant technical challenge for bookmakers. A fast and bug-free website is obvious for some, but it must be noted that not all legal websites are equipped with such features.

  • Why the catalog?

Betting on championships and sports that interest you is a priority for all players. Even though the catalogs have been largely harmonized in recent years, the variety and number of options for betting are not the same on all sites.

  • Why features?

Bookmakers offer more and more options to their customers. Which ones are made for you? From Fantasy League to live streaming, through lotofoot, the content of the websites is quite different from one operator to another.

¦- Legal, Support

All sites listed on our pages are referenced by the ANJ and legal. The level of support varies depending on the quality of the bookmakers. We recommend a sports betting site with a phone number and live chat. Contact is faster and often more relevant for answering your questions or resolving your issues.

It's your turn to find your bookmaker. If you can't find it, click on our ranking of the best sports betting site 2024 .

    Why choose these sports betting sites in 2024?

    These sites are all best on one of the criteria s The following cities are mentioned below. This observation partially explains their presence in this article. Above all, these bookmakers demonstrate a high level of versatility and suffer only from a few shortcomings. The gaps between these heavyweights are therefore quite small on the final score. However, differences exist according to the important criteria in our eyes.

    The 7 criteria to know which is the best bookmaker 2024

    1. Ergonomics ★
    2. Catalog
    3. Odds
    4. Features
    5. Application
    6. Legality
    7. Assistance

    Before looking at these factors, you need to know what you are looking for as a player. For example, do not choose a site with live streaming if this option is of no importance to you. We often tend to say that there are many best betting sites based on your search. From the moment the bookmaker is transparent with its players, there are rarely any unpleasant surprises.

    Choosing an online betting site for you

    Despite all the information you can read or hear on betting sites, one factor should particularly catch your attention before selecting your horse. What type of player am I? The title of the best online betting site makes no sense if it is not correlated with the person who will use it. Within our team, we generally use 3 or 4 different sites. All of them are listed in the ranking above.

    What type of player am I?

    • What sports will I bet on?
    • On what support will I bet?
    • What type of competition am I going to bet on?
    • What type of bets will I use?
    • Will I use one-time promotions to play?
    • Will I use features such as streaming?

    All of these questions will allow you to better understand what you are reading on sports betting site comparators.

    The bonuses to decide between the best online betting sites?

    Yes, registration bonuses are important before choosing a site. However, don't forget that it is only valid once. Isn't it more interesting to aim for regular promotions or even odds and types of bets? In the long run, these options will bring you much more if they are used wisely.

    Short term factors

    • Registration bonus
    • Offers on a competition

    Long term factors

    • Odds on different sports
    • Ergonomics
    • Features
    • Assistance
    • Occasional promotions

    As you can see from this list, you have every interest in favoring long-term factors rather than relying on a sign-up bonus that will surely allow you to start off "on the right foot" but will become nothing more than a vague memory after a week of betting. Professional players know better than anyone how important it is to have a clearly defined strategy before betting. Use and consider the sign-up bonus as it should be, a bonus. Focus on factors that can bring in more winnings if your strategy is consistent.

    Our favorite sites this year


    Until $150

    Unibet is the best sports betting site according to our team. It is simply the most comprehensive site we have tested. If the gap with Winamax is slim, the quality of the application and Unibet live betting have ultimately given it a slight advantage. It is also in its ability to offer regular promotions on all sports in its catalog that Unibet is simply a step above this year.

    Our opinion on Unibet

    • top app
    • Very good odds
    • great catalog


    Until $100

    Winamax is present on the podium of the best American websites for several years. The best bonus 2024 is also the operator with the best odds. These two factors always appeal to a large number of players. The only downside is that the design of its website and its application are not as modern as some of its competitors. These are the main reasons why the bookmaker is in second place and not first.

    Our opinion on Winamax

    • Best Signup Bonus 2024
    • Best football odds
    • great catalog


    Until $200

    Sports Betting proudly carries the colors of the Française Des Jeux. The bookmaker has been steadily growing since its launch. This is the first time the site has reached the podium in 2020. The quality of the site's ergonomics, the application, and the increasing odds on the championships of the hexagon are the main reasons for this progress.

    Our opinion on Betting Sports

    • top app
    • Very good odds on the American championships (Top14, Ligue 1...)
    • Lots of one-off promotions

    Questions about the best sports betting sites 2024

    What is the best sports betting site 2024?

    Unibet and Winamax Are the two best sports betting sites according to your profile. The common strengths are very good odds and high-quality applications. Winamax probably has the best sign-up bonus and Unibet has the most occasional promotions. Another very positive point.

    Has the ranking changed between 2020 and 2024?


    Our rankings change every 3 months. Overall Betclic has resumed its forward march. The battle with Parions Sport or Winamax has been raging for some time now. The top 4 sports betting sites all have their strengths. As per your request, the first site may not necessarily be the most suitable. For example, Parions Sport is better than Winamax in rugby.

    How do you know which is the best online betting site?

    You have at your disposal several ways to identify the most performing online betting sites. If bookmaker comparators are surely the most comprehensive sources of information, you also have the possibility to go on the Appstore or Google Playstore to find out the overall rating given by bettors. Keep a certain distance when reading the comments... They are often not very instructive as they concern very personal experiences.

    What is the best betting site for betting on football?

    We have created a dedicated football page to answer this question: The best football sports betting sites

    Our site www.databasebasketball.com com is also composed of a dedicated page for each major sport.