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Best international sports betting site

November 17, 2023

The online sports betting sector is highly competitive, despite market regulation by the National Authority for Games. We have ranked the best international betting sites available.

Ranking of the best international betting sites

We have tested and ranked the international bookmakers available. You will find here the criteria on which we based our analysis and the rating assigned to each one. To navigate this list, you can click on the red links here or those present after each test.

Tests of legal international bookmakers:

  1. Unibet - Swedish bookmaker ª
  2. Vbet - Armenian bookmaker ¦
  3. Betclic - english bookmaker ´ó§ó¢ó¥ó®ó§ó¿
  4. Bwin - Austrian bookmaker ¦¹
  5. Betway - english bookmaker ´ó§ó¢ó¥ó®ó§ó¿
  6. Netbet - maltese bookmaker ¹
  7. Poker Stars Sports - maltese bookmaker ¹

International sports betting site, our definition.

According to our team, a sports betting site international is a bookmaker who can operate, but also abroad. Those that we consider as international bookmakers are therefore foreign sites, available in American, respecting the regulations (bonus, catalog...) of the ANJ. We remind you that betting sites must have a license granted by the National Gaming Authority to operate legally.

International vs foreign bookmaker

It is difficult to differentiate between legal bookmakers and those operating without a license. Many foreign bookmakers accept American players . When we talk about an international betting site. This is a non-American site operating legally in the country. If you read foreign bookmakers, we are talking about a betting site without a license.

Our test of international bookmakers


Unibet advantages and disadvantages

★œ… Best app
Ÿ”¥ High odds
✅ Ultra-complete Catalog
✅ Unibet TV (livestream) available

🚫 No fantasy league

The best international sports betting site

The Swedish giant is one of the largest bookmakers in the world. Considered the best sports betting app, the bookmaker is not left behind on the other criteria of our test. Much of our team use this bookmaker as a priority for betting.

Especially for its most comprehensive livestream (with nearly 35,000 sports broadcasts), an impressive variety of bets and odds. The only area for improvement for the bookmaker is the lack of a fantasy league.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️★ 9/10

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How did we rate Unibet?

Unibet ergonomics

Our rating: 10/10

The Unibet user experience is almost perfect! All game functionalities are quickly accessible and using the website as well as the application is extremely simple.

The Unibet app

Our rating: 10/10

The Unibet application gets one of the highest user ratings on download platforms. It receives a rating of 4.7/5 on the App Store, hard to do better. You will also be able to bet with the same livestream and other features as on the desktop version of the site.

  • App size: 49.2 MB
  • Deposit Methods : Fast transfer, MasterCard / Visa, Neteller, PayPal, Paysafecard, Skrill, Skrill1tap
  • Customer service available through : Email, phone and live chat
The Unibet welcome bonus

Our rating: 9/10

The Unibet welcome bonus is classic, but very effective. It is a free bet if your first bet loses. The maximum amount varies between $100 and $200. We prefer first deposit welcome bonuses, where the bookmaker doubles your first deposit without you having to wager your own money.

Unibet odds

Our rating: 9/10

Unibet is not the best on the first place on the podium for odds, Winamax offers the best odds since 2015. However, it is not far behind. Unibet is one of the best bookmakers to optimize your winnings.

Unibet features

Our rating: 9/10

Unibet offers a very important choice of features, surely the most important. You will find the most comprehensive livestream with nearly 35,000 competitions, a combined bet generator, as well as live betting and very accurate statistics. However, we could not give it the maximum rating because Unibet does not offer a Fantasy League.

Unibet history & license

Our rating: 10/10

Unibet is approved since 2010, first by the ARJEL, then by the ANJ. Its approval number is 0007-PS-2010-06-05.


Advantages and disadvantages Vbet

★œ… Betting odds on football
★œ… Regular promotions
★œ… Nice registration bonus
★œ… Responsive customer service

🚫 Catalogue has been reworked (excluding football)
🚫 No livestream

The football bookmaker

Vbet is an Armenian bookmaker who arrived in 2019, it is now one of the best soccer betting sites . The odds, promotions, and features are mainly focused on this sport. However, we still see an opening for tennis.

We would still like to see a wider selection of bet types on less popular sports, as well as a livestream.

★­ï★­ï★­ï★­ï★­ï★­ï★­ï★­ï★­ï★˜… 9/10

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How did we rate Vbet?

Vbet ergonomics

Our rating: 9/10

Vbet has recently updated its design, both on the website and the app. We are more than pleased with this change. The navigation is much more intuitive and enjoyable. You will be able to find your bets and features with just one click. The only downside on this matter is the menu at the top of the homepage, which does not allow for quick navigation among sports.

Vbet Features

Our rating: 9/10

Vbet recently revamped its design, whether it's on the website or the application. We are more than thrilled about this change.

The Vbet welcome bonus

Our rating: 8/10

The Vbet bonus is not the best on the market, not because of its amount, but because of its somewhat complicated terms and conditions. We still advise you to carefully read the terms and conditions (as always). The bonus is standard, you will receive your bonus in two installments, 50% initially and the remainder once your account is confirmed.

The Vbet app

Our rating: 8/10

The Vbet application has been very intuitive since the update. All the features of the website are available on the application (cash out, live betting, promotions...). The application is regularly updated to improve the user experience and fix any potential remaining bugs.

  • App size: 6.8 MB
  • Deposit Methods : Bank transfer / Credit card, PayPal, PaySafe, Neo surf, Neteller, Skrill
  • Customer service available through : Email, phone and live chat

Vbet Odds

Our rating: 8/10

Vbet offers among the best odds for football. The level remains high for tennis, unfortunately it decreases quite a bit for other sports.

Vbet History & License

Our rating: 10/10

Vbet is approved since 2010, first by ARJEL, then by ANJ. Its approval number is 0057-PS-2033-07-07.


Advantages and disadvantages Betclic

★œ… Easy to use bonus inscription
★œ… High odds
★œ… Complete sports catalog
★œ… Betclic TV (livestream) available

🚫 Average customer service
🚫 No fantasy league

The English bookmaker

The Everest Group bookmaker is one of the two sites with the most bettors. Betclic is surely the most versatile bookmaker. Equipped with the best welcome bonus, very good odds, and modern support, the bookmaker's offer has everything to retain its bettors.

The only shadow on the picture is its lack of fantasy league and a more accessible customer service.

★­ï★­ï★­ï★­ï★­ï★­ï★­ï★­ï★˜…★˜… 8/10

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How did we rate Betclic?

The Betclic welcome bonus

Our rating: 10/10

The Betclic bonus does not stand out for an astronomical amount, but for the simplicity of its use. No twisted usage conditions, you will have no problem obtaining it. It is a refund in free bet if your first bet is declared lost. Simple, but effective.

Betclic ergonomics

Our rating: 8/10
Betclic is one of the best bookmakers in terms of user experience. We mainly recommend it to beginner bettors. All features are quickly accessible and the gameplay is smooth. The only negative point we could find is the simplicity of the design and bright colors, but it's just a nitpick.

The Betclic app

Our rating: 9/10

The Betclic application is very intuitive. We liked the possibility of swiping from one live match to another. Perfect for bettors who closely follow a competition. It gets the highest rating alongside Unibet on the App Store with 4.7/5.

  • App size: 83.6 Mo

  • Deposit Methods : Fast transfer, MasterCard / Visa, Neteller, PayPal, Paysafecard, Skrill, Skrill 1 tap

  • Customer service available through : Email, telephone and live chat

Betclic odds

Our rating: 8/10

Betclic offers some of the best odds on the market. It is not yet on par with Winamax or Unibet, but it is progressing year after year.

Betclic Features

Our rating: 8/10

Betclic offers many different features. You will find, in addition to the essentials (cash out, etc.), a livestream, a combination generator, live betting, and statistics. Unfortunately, the bookmaker does not offer a fantasy league and its livestream sports catalog is not the most extensive.

Betclic history & license

Our rating: 10/10

Betclic is approved since 2019, first by ARJEL, then by ANJ. Its approval number is 0011-PS-2010-06-07.


Bwin advantages and disadvantages

★œ… High odds
✅ Important sports catalog
★œ… Bwin TV (livestream) available
★œ… Paris live and cash out available

« Sometimes average quotes
« Registration bonus conditions

Innovation from Austria

Bwin is one of the biggest European bookmakers for the last ten years. This data is almost enough to present the seriousness of the operator. One of the catalogs the most complete of the market, an intuitive application and efficient odds on football and motor sports, do the rest.

Unfortunately his grades are still a little low and the terms of the welcome bonus are giving us a headache.

★­ï★­ï★­ï★­ï★­ï★­ï★­ï★­ï★˜…★˜… 8/10

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How did we rate Bwin?

Bwin features

Our rating: 9/10

Bwin offers innovative features. In addition to the essentials (cash out, etc.), you will find a livestream, live betting, and statistics. Unfortunately, the bookmaker does not offer a fantasy league or betting grids for football.

The Bwin welcome bonus

Our rating: 8/10

We are not big fans of the Bwin welcome bonus. The terms of use are unnecessarily complicated with the use of the "pressure-free bet" token.

Bwin ergonomics

Our rating: 8/10

Bwin is a simple and intuitive betting site. The design is not the most innovative, but remarkably efficient. All bets and features are easily accessible, making Bwin one of our choices for beginner players.

The Bwin app

Our rating: 8/10

The Bwin application is intuitive, you will find all the functionalities of the site. The menu bar at the bottom of the screen makes navigation even more intuitive. The app has a user rating of 4.4/5 on the App Store.

  • App size: 114.2 MB
  • Deposit Methods : Bank transfer/credit card, PayPal, PaySafe, Neo surf, Neteller, Skrill
  • Customer service available through : Email, phone and live chat

Bwin odds

Our rating: 8/10

The level of Bwin odds is not the highest in the market. Nothing too dramatic, just know that you will find better elsewhere.

History & Bwin license

Our rating: 10/10

Bwin has been approved since 2010, first by the ARJEL, then by the ANJ. Its approval number is 0001-PS-2010-06-07.


Betway Advantages and Disadvantages

★œ… Regular Promotions
★œ… Football grids available
★œ… Large catalog available
★œ… Live in Paris and cash out available

🚫 Average odds
🚫 No livestream

The English classic

Betway arrived in 2024, originally from England the bookmaker is a reference internationally. We are reassured not by its very complete catalog and the choice of accessible promotions.

Unfortunately, its prices are still a bit low compared to the rest of the market.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️★★★ 7/10

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How did we rate Betway?

The Betway app

Our rating: 8/10

The Betway application is easy to use. You can bet on a wide range of sports and have classic features such as cash out and live betting. However, the bookmaker and its application still lack finesse, without livestream and face ID.

  • App size: 16.2 MB
  • Deposit Methods : Bank transfer / Credit card, PayPal, PaySafe, Neo surf, Neteller, Skrill
  • Customer service available through : Email, telephone and live chat

The Betway welcome bonus

Our rating: 8/10

Just like the Vbet bonus, Betway offers a welcome bonus in two parts. You will receive a free bet if your first bet is a loser, 50% when you have lost your first bet, and the rest once your account is fully validated.

Betway ergonomics

Our rating: 8/10

The Betway website and application are intuitive and user-friendly. Whether you're a beginner or have been betting for years, the site is quick to get the hang of.

Betway Features

Our rating: 7/10

The English bookmaker does not offer the most features. You will find quite a few promotions in the dedicated tab as well as live betting and a cash out, but that's about it.

Betway Odds

Our rating: 7/10

Betway is the latest betting site to arrive. Its odds are not yet at the same level as the international site. For higher odds, visit Unibet or Vbet (for soccer).

Betway history & license

Our rating: 10/10

Betway is approved since 2020, it is the latest site to have been approved by the ANJ. Its license number is 0052-PS-2020-01-23.


Netbet advantages and disadvantages

★œ… Livestream available
✅ High odds
★œ… Large catalogue available
★œ… Paris en direct et cash out disponibles

Ÿš« Suboptimal Ergonomics
🚫 Lack of consistency on some points.

The complete bookmaker

Netbet is one of the most comprehensive bookmakers offered. Its odds are above average in the market, promotions are frequently offered, and the gaming features are innovative (livestream, football grids, etc.).

The major negative point of the bookmaker is its quite outdated design which sometimes hinders navigation on the site.

★­ï★­ï★­ï★­ï★­ï★­ï★­ï★˜…★˜…★˜… 7/10

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How did we rate Netbet?

Netbet Features

Our rating: 9/10

The most important advantage of Netbet is its selection of features. It's simple, everything is there! Livestream, cash out, bets, in-play, betting grids, even fantasy league.

Netbet odds

Our rating: 8/10

This is, for us, the biggest advantage of the bookmaker, which offers some of the highest odds in the market. The bookmaker is generous with its odds on football, especially in live betting. Unfortunately NetBet lacks consistency in some sports and does not yet match the best bookmakers.

Netbet app

Our rating: 8/10

What we appreciated the most during our Netbet test is the wide range of features available on the application. You will find a livestream, a cash out, but also a fantasy league game. However, we did not really like its design, which is not the most modern one you can find.

  • App size: 13.6 MB
  • Deposit Methods : Bank transfer / Credit card, PayPal, PaySafe, Neo surf, Neteller, Skrill
  • Customer service available through : Email, phone and live chat

The Netbet welcome bonus

Our rating: 8/10

To receive your welcome bonus on Netbet, you need to deposit your money into your account, place your first bet. If you lose it, NetBet will credit the same amount in free bets, this refund will be done in two parts. Half once your bet is declared a loser, and the rest once you have validated your account. These are not our favorite terms of use.

Netbet ergonomics

Our rating: 7/10

The ergonomics and design of NetBet are quite outdated. Nothing prohibitive, you can navigate it without any difficulty. But if you are looking for a bookmaker with a modern design, look elsewhere. Betclic and Betway are more suitable if ergonomics is very important to you.

Netbet history & license

Our rating: 10/10

Netbet is approved since 2010, first by ARJEL, then by ANJ. Its approval number is 0043-PS-2011-07-25.

Poker Stars Sports

Pros and Cons Pokerstars Sports

✅ Wide choice of bet types and sports
✅ Cash out and live betting available
★œ… Very high earnings ceiling

🚫 Classic registration bonus
🚫 No livestream

Betstars becomes Pokerstars Sports

Pokerstars Sports, the former Betstars is a bookmaker originally from Costa Rica, created in 2011 and is now based in Malta. It does not have any major flaws, but it also does not stand out. We liked its wide selection of live betting options.

The disadvantage of Pokerstars Sports is the lack of innovation in its features, even if the main ones like cash out are there.

★­ï★­ï★­ï★­ï★­ï★­ï★­ï★˜…★˜…★˜… 7/10

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How did we rate Pokerstars Sports?

Pokerstars Sports Odds

Our rating: 9/10

The odds offered by Pokerstars Sports are in line with the average of the American market. The bookmaker will be on average more advantageous than Bwin in this regard. However, it will never reach the level of Winamax or Unibet. A noteworthy boost in odds can be observed during important football matches.

The Pokerstars Sports app

Our rating: 8/10

During our test, we appreciated the wide range of available payment methods. Pokerstars Sports is one of the only bookmakers to offer Google and Apple Pay. As for the rest, the application is average with a classic catalog of sports and types of bets, as well as a cash out option.

  • App size: 214.5 MB
  • Deposit Methods : Bank transfer / Credit card, PayPal, PaySafe, Neteller, Skrill, Neo Surf, Google Pay and Apple Pay
  • Customer service available through : Email, telephone and live chat

The Pokerstars Sports Welcome Bonus

Our rating: 8/10

The Pokerstars Sports welcome bonus is rather classic. It is a welcome bonus with a first bet refunded in free bet if it is declared as losing. This bonus can be combined with the one for poker (a $15 ticket).

Ergonomics Pokerstars Sports

Our rating: 7/10

Our opinion is divided, it is obvious that the bookmaker offers a platform that stands out, the navigation markers that we have on other sites are a bit disrupted. You do not necessarily find the information you need without clicking on a certain number of menus or submenus. For optimized ergonomics, we recommend that you bet on Betclic ou Betway , which offers intuitive ergonomics.

Pokerstars Sports Features

Our rating: 7/10

The choice of features on Pokerstars Sports is quite disappointing. Only the essentials are present, including cash out, live betting, and a combinatorial generator. Unibet and Netbet are more interesting choices in this regard.

History & License Pokerstars Sports

Our rating: 10/10

Pokerstars Sports is approved since 2010, first by ARJEL, then by ANJ. Its approval number is 0006-PS-2016-06-07.

How to compare foreign bookmakers?

As in any sector of activity, comparing the best sports betting sites requires experience and a deep analysis of certain criteria... The American online betting market has five international bookmakers with a license.

We have grouped all the factors to classify and share sports betting sites from other countries .

These criteria are valid for the analysis of the American or international bookmakers.

Ergonomics ¼

A very important criterion for user comfort. On the site or on the application, the bettor should be able to access all the information he is looking for simply and quickly. Intuitive ergonomics is an important indication of the quality of a bookmaker. Creating a readable support with the amount of information that bookmakers must offer is a real challenge.

The bonus °

When we talk about bonuses, we are talking about the signup offer. Bonuses have a special importance depending on your desires and betting style. It is important not to choose a site solely based on its signup offer. In the long term, occasional promotions are much more interesting.

The app

70% of players now bet on mobile. sports betting apps and mobile versions have therefore taken a major place in bookmakers' investments. There are real differences between the best applications and average applications. One way to differentiate them is to take a look at the comments in the App Store and Google Play Store. Be careful to distinguish between justified comments and the abundance of bad faith.

The odds

The generosity of the odds is one of the most important criteria for experienced players. Indeed, the gap between two sites can be significant depending on the quality of the odds. It is important to check the odds comparators on your favorite disciplines. You will have a better overview of the operator's real level for your future bets.

Features ¦¾

The features or betting modes have become essential to attract new customers. Live betting, streaming, or cash out are now offered by all the best betting sites.

History & license

The priority of a site often reassures bettors rightly. Experience and user feedback are a major asset for sports betting companies., sites must have an ANJ license to operate legally.

Are foreign bookmakers legal? Yes, but...

Don't make the mistake of listening to the smart guys who bet with 1xbet.

Some foreign bookmakers accept the American They had problems with American players . Thousands of people have been caught out when withdrawing their winnings, no regulation is imposed on them . These bookmakers are able to attract you with attractive offers, but in many cases, you will have a problem in the long term, especially if you win significant amounts.

Choosing an ANJ site is an assurance of recourse under American law in the event of a conflict
. Indeed, in case of dispute, bookmakers and bettors are subject to national regulations.

We advise against betting on a site without approval. We have too many examples of people who are unable to withdraw their winnings.

Some big names in international betting are present illegally. The 1xBet website of Russian origin is a good example of a top bookmaker not allowed to practice. This list is not exhaustive. There are over 200 bookmakers in the world.

List of foreign bookmakers, ANJ and outside ANJ

Bookmaker Origin
ANJ license
Unibet Sweden
Bwin Germany
Vbet Armenia
Betway England
Netbet Malta
Poker Stars Sports Malta
bet365 England
22Bet Russia
Bahigo Curacao
Uberlucky Curacao
Sportaza Curacao
sultanbet Curacao
1bet Russia
Fezbet Curacao
1xbet Russia


Sports betting is a growing activity. The recent results of the American teams and the increasing number of authorized bookmakers have a major impact on this evolution. As a reminder, a few years ago, United States was subject to the oligopoly of the FDJ and PMU for sports betting. The opening and regulation of the market by the ARJEL (formerly ANJ) has made betting much more attractive.

  • 10.4 billion euros: The total stakes recorded in 2019 by the thirteen operators
  • 2.8 million players
  • 65% of players are under 35
  • 65% of bets are made on football
  • $100: This is the maximum quarterly bet for half of the players
  • $470: This is the average amount spent by a bettor over a year

Despite the health and economic crisis, sports betting and online poker numbers are still increasing. The ANJ will have a major role to play if it wants to protect players during this unprecedented period.

The best international betting sites and their bonuses

  1. 150 euros offered

  2. 100 euros offered

  3. 100 euros offered

  4. 120 euros offered

  5. 100 euros offered

  6. 150 euros offered

  7. 125 euros offered

Questions about international sports betting sites

Is sports betting legal?

Yes , betting is legal if you use a bookmaker approved by the National Gambling Authority (ANJ). All betting sites on our platform are legal. ANJ is the new entity that has replaced the ARJEL In 2020. All legal betting sites receive an approval number issued after a thorough audit of the company.

Are legal international bookmakers different from the American?

In United States, whether a betting site is foreign or not, it is subject to the same restrictions from the ANJ. The National Authority for Games (formerly ARJEL) therefore controls the catalogs of sports and bets available, whether the site is in American (on a .com domain) and whether the promotions are not misleading. Regardless of the origin of a bookmaker, if it is approved by the ANJ, it must respect the framework provided by the ANJ.

How to know if a foreign bookmaker is legal?

To check that a bookmaker is indeed licensed, you can visit the list of licensed operators of the ANJ or check at the bottom of a bookmaker's page. The ANJ logo and license number are always present.

What is the best international sports betting site (in United States)?

Unibet is our preferred choice for the quality of its application and its overall offering. The green giant is acclaimed by many players and abroad for its modern supports and functionalities. With a user rating of 4.8 on the App store, it is simply the best available.

How did you rank the various international betting sites?

We have gathered all the factors to classify and compare sports betting sites or elsewhere. We take into account six criteria: ergonomics, welcome bonus, application, odds, functionalities, and the history and license of a betting site. You can find all these criteria and the ratings of each bookmaker on our ranking on this article.

What is the best international sports betting app?

Unibet gets a rating of 4.8 on the App Store. This is the highest rating among all bookmakers. Sports betting site comparators also give the first place to the Swedish operator. However, Betclic is quite close. The number of voters is also clearly in favor of Betclic. The two betting sites together account for more than 40% of the American market.

What is the best bookmaker in the world?

In the majority of countries, bet365 is the best bookmaker. It is in any case the one that brings together the most players. Economically and technically, the operator is a cut above the competition.

  1. Most active players in the world
  2. Largest turnover in the world
  3. State-of-the-art brackets

We have also written an article on foreign bookmakers who accept the American.