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Comparison of Freebet Unibet, Betclic and Parions Sport

February 4, 2024

Free bets are the most widely distributed offers by sports betting operators. At first glance, it is difficult to differentiate them, but when we delve into the details, we realize that there are indeed differences between the bonuses.

The 3 best Freebets

  1. Ÿ¥‡ 100 $ en Freebet

  2. Ÿ¥ˆ $150 in Freebet

  3. 🥉 100$ in Freebet

Why select the Unibet freebet, the betclic freebet and the Parions sport freebet?

These three welcome offers have particularly stood out to us for several reasons. Firstly, the bookmakers have been part of the Top 5 best online betting sites for some time now. So it was logical to focus on these choices because the overall quality is excellent, aside from the sign-up bonus. The second reason is simple. These three bonuses have been among the most popular since 2020.

How to compare freebets?

There are several ways to compare the generosity of bookmakers. To simplify this step, we have decided to analyze two factors. However, the specificity of our analysis is the correlation between the amount and the conditions in order to determine the quality of the offer

The sum

Obviously, this aspect is important when choosing a betting site, especially because it provides information about the status of the bookmaker. The best betting sites are found between $100 and $150 maximum. If the bookmaker you are targeting is below this amount, the operator is probably quite modest. We remind you that this observation is only valid on legal betting sites. On the contrary, if the displayed amount is higher than $120, then you will need to check the bonus conditions. This is even more true if the bookmaker is not a major player. Often, you will find bonuses that are not very transparent, practically impossible to convert for bettors. Large sites cannot afford such sneaky practices.


We agree with you, reading the terms and conditions of a bonus is not the most enjoyable step in sports betting, yet it is important and will only take you 5 minutes. To avoid any unpleasant surprises and foolishly losing money, the time-to-utility ratio is very good. Obviously, following the advice of sports comparators is a solution to save time, but it will not entirely compensate for the time you will spend reading the conditions 100%. Often, we compile the most important information on our websites, but we do not copy the conditions in their entirety.

What is the advantage of a free bet?

The freebet is a general term that defines 80% of welcome offers on legal sports betting sites. However, there is no single definition since you will realize that the bonuses are actually quite different from each other.

If freebets are considered a family of bonuses, we have selected the 3 best this year.

It is important to specify that like any promotion these bonuses have a validity period which is often between 6 months and 12 months. This does not mean that the conditions or the amount change every year. Some bonuses have not changed for more than 2 years. This factor is important to take into account during major international competitions as bookmakers often carry out major commercial actions over a fairly short period of time.

Freebet Betclic

The freebet betclick is undoubtedly the most interesting of our selection. It is certainly the best bonus currently and one of the most popular bookmakers as it is considered to hold nearly a quarter of the players in the country. This offer is very original because it is the only bookmaker to offer a bonus that you receive in all cases. Whether your first bet wins or loses.

  • Example
    Place your first bet up to $100.
    No minimum odds, no conditions, no talk.
    As soon as your bet is completed, you receive the amount of your bet in FREEBETS up to $100.
    Whether your bet is a winner or a loser!
    Example: You place your 1st bet for an amount of $100 on the victory of United States against Spain. You receive $100 in freebets at the end of the match, whether your bet wins or loses!

This is an exception that deserves to be highlighted. For beginners or people who don't want any unpleasant surprises, you have found the best betting site .

Betclic freebet conditions
  • Types of bets

Pre-event bet (or Pre-match) : Pari placed and accepted before the event starts. Bets are open until the indicated time, generally corresponding to the start time of the event. All pre-match bets placed after the event has already started will be canceled.

Live bet : Paris placed live and accepted during the event. Live bets can be placed at any time during the event. Live bets are by definition subject to strong odds fluctuations.

Live open bets are announced by the following logo:

Competition Betting : Paris placed at the beginning of a competition. These bets are open before the start of a competition and throughout the duration of the competition. The winnings will be validated at the end of the competition.

  • Betting formulas

A Simple Bet is a unique selection on which you wish to place a bet. If your bet is successful, you win the amount you have bet, multiplied by the odds assigned to that outcome by Betclic. If your selection loses, the bet is lost. If the event is canceled, the amount of your bet will be refunded to you.
Example: You want to bet on the Paris-Bordeaux match with the following odds: Paris 2.25 / Draw 3.00 / Bordeaux 3.25
Three possible choices: victory for Paris (choice 1), draw (choice X) or victory for Bordeaux (choice 2). You bet $10 on winning Paris (choice 1) with odds set at 2.25. If Paris wins you win: 10 X 2.25="$22.50"

A Combined Bet consists of betting on a single formula consisting of 2 to 20 selections.

Double bet: a double bet is the combination of 2 selections. The 2 selections must be winners to receive a gain.
Triple bet: A triple bet is the combination of 3 selections. The 3 selections must be winners to receive a gain.
Quadruple bet: a quadruple bet is the combination of 4 selections. The 4 selections must be winners to receive a gain.

20 Choice Combo Bet: A 20 Choice Combo bet is the combination of 20 selections. All 20 selections must be winners to receive a prize.

In Paris Combin's formulas, the odds of each selection are multiplied to obtain the potential gain. The maximum allowed odds is 50,000. The possibilities of Paris Combin's formulas, and the cumulative odds, are automatically indicated in Your selection/ Cart by selecting the events on which you wish to bet. If all your selections are winners, you win the amount you have bet, multiplied by the odds of each of the events you have chosen. If one of the selections you have chosen is a loser, the Combin' Bet is lost. If a event composing the Combin' Bet is cancelled, it is then considered a winner at odds of 1.00.

Example: You wish to make a Combined Bet on the Bordeaux-Marseille football match and the Monaco F1 Grand Prix with the following odds: Paris 1.25 / Draw 3.00 / Bordeaux 6.00 and Winner Fernando Alonso 15, 00. You bet $10 in a combination bet on Bordeaux to win at odds of 6.00 and Alonso to win the Monaco Grand Prix at odds of 15.00. If both of your bets hit, you win your stake multiplied by the odds of your two bets: 10 X 6.00 X 15.00=$900

System Bets allow you to place several bets at once on multiple Paris formulas that include the same choices. See more information on the Betclic site.

  • Place a bet

Only a bet with a minimum odds of 1.10 can be placed. In the case of a Combination Bet, you can place a bet with lower odds on an event if the combination with the other bets allows reaching the minimum odds of 1.10.

Each Bet is considered valid as soon as you confirm it on the Site and as soon as it appears in your Account. Once the bet is confirmed, you can no longer cancel or modify it. All odds are subject to change and are set at the time a bet is placed. Betclic will not be able to correct errors in setting the odds afterwards.

The odds may be modified and/or bets may be suspended or closed at any time before the start of the scheduled event.

On Betclic, the maximum winning amount allowed per bet (single or multiple) is two hundred thousand euros (200,000$). If the product of your stake and the odds exceeds the maximum allowed winning amount, you will be unable to place your bet and will be informed accordingly. However, if a technical issue allows you to still place your bet and it turns out to be a winning one, your winnings will be limited to the maximum allowed winning amount.

Live bets are subject to significant odds changes. Between the moment you place your bet and the moment the bet is confirmed, the odds may have changed.

- When the rating decreases: the new rating will be presented to you with the option to accept it

- When the rating increases: as soon as the variation is between 0.1% and 20%, your rating will be automatically validated. Beyond 20%, the new rating will be offered to you with the possibility of accepting it.

In order to enable faster placement of your Live bets, we offer you the option to automatically accept odds fluctuations by activating (or deactivating) this option in your Player Account.

For the result, cancellation or postponement of the event visit the conditions on the Betclic site.

Freebet Betclic

Until $100

With Winamax and Unibet, Parions Sport often offers the best odds on all sports. The best bonus of the year is one of the references in our market and one of the most judicious choices regardless of your level. A good part of our team uses this bookmaker. Proof of the quality of the American operator.

The 3 reasons to choose Betclic

  1. Best sign up bonus
  2. American betting site
  3. Very good odds on all disciplines

Freebet Betting Sport

sports betting a lot of credit for being in our ranking. Since its online debut, the bookmaker has made huge progress to become one of the best American betting sites. This "classic" free bet, in its conditions but very generous in terms of amount, is another example of the operator's progress. Parions Sport is among the big players and the number of bettors continues to rise. The old-fashioned image that FDJ conveyed is definitely behind it.

  • Example
    Place your first bet up to $150.
    If your bet wins at odds of 2.00 you win $150 in cash out. (This is the win minus the initial bet).
    If your bet loses, $100 is credited to your player account. You will not be able to remove them until you have replayed them.

All the details of this freebet are in the conditions that are just below. Please note that the bonus regularly oscillates between 100 and 150$. The validity date is also indicated in the conditions. Our site sometimes has a little delay in updates from 100 to 150 and vice versa. Once you go to the FDJ site, you have access to the updated amount.

The Conditions of the Bet Sport Freebet

(*) Offer valid within the limit of the first 50,000 registered on ParionsSport online. Don't panic about this limit, you will be informed of the amount for which you are eligible via the banners of the registration form.

To fully benefit from it, you must:

1. Create your first FDJ® account on the ParionsSport en Ligne website in accordance with the "General Regulations for games offered by La Française des Jeux accessible via the Internet and mobile phone".

To know: if you already have an active FDJ® account, you will not be able to benefit from the welcome offer on ParionsSport en Ligne.

2. Make a first real money bet of at least $5 with a single bet in a simple, combined, or multiple format within 45 days of the date of your registration on enligne.parionssport.fdj.fr. The use of Cashout on your first bet no longer makes you eligible for the welcome bonus.
Only bets on sporting events taking place no later than 45 days after the registration date qualify for this offer.

3. Confirm your FDJ★® account within 45 days from the date of registration.
To definitively confirm your account, simply:
- To send a copy of your valid proof of identity for validation by Française des Jeux
- enter the confidential code that will be sent to you by mail following your registration.

Subject to compliance with the above conditions:

If your first game is a loser (no winnings paid to your FDJ® account) and your FDJ® account is confirmed within 45 days, 100% of the amount of your first game will be credited to your account, up to a maximum of $150, in the form of free bets.

The credit will then be carried out in two stages:

1. 30% of the amount of your first losing bet (up to a maximum of $45) paid within 5 days after the outcome of your bet.

2. 70% of the remaining amount (up to $105) will be paid within 5 days after the confirmation of your account.

From 50,001 registered on the period under the conditions mentioned above, you will then be subject to the conditions below:

If your first game is a loser (no winnings paid into your FDJ★® account) and your FDJ★® account is confirmed within 45 days, 100% of the amount of your first game will be credited in two steps to your account up to a maximum of $100:
1. 50% of the amount of your first losing bet (up to 50$ maximum) paid within 5 days after the result of your bet.
2. 50% of the remaining amount (up to a maximum of $50) paid within 5 days after confirmation of your account.

You will then have 30 days, from their issuance, to use each part of your refund.

This bonus is reserved exclusively for ParionsSport en Ligne customers whose household (same name and postal address or same name and IP address or same postal address and IP address) has not benefited from a welcome offer in the last 12 months preceding the game period.
This offer is only valid once per person (same last name, first name, date of birth, and zip code).

Furthermore, collusion between players consisting of cumulating the welcome bonus with one or more bets, regardless of the outcome and resulting in a guaranteed win, is not allowed.
The Française des jeux may refuse to pay the bonus in the case of suspicion of collective or individual fraud, after verifying the fraudulent nature of the game plays.

Freebet Betting Sport

Until $100

Our surprise of the year. The American bookmaker not only offers a free bonus of 150 euros but also a rapidly improving application. These two factors allow it to slowly climb up our ranking of the best betting sites. Watch out!

Why Choose Betting Sport?

  1. Powerful mobile app
  2. $150 freebet with few conditions
  3. Very good odds on the American championships

Freebet Unibet

The Swedish giant is one of the most generous sports betting sites. The betting site has almost as many players as Betclic. That is to say, 20 to 25% of bettors. While its Freebet is quite classic in terms of amount and conditions, the bookmaker makes up for it with regular promotions and high odds. It is not a bad bonus. But the site is a candidate for the best sports betting site every year. It must be acknowledged that it currently only has the third best Freebet.

  • Example
    I register on Unibet and place a first bet of $100
    If I lose my bet, I will receive $100 in free bets to play on Unibet ($50 within 24 hours after the result of my bet + $50 after entering the activation code).
    The stake of my 1st bet is $50? I will then receive $50 in free bets ($25+$25) if my bet loses.
    The stake of my 1st bet is $30? I will then receive $30 in free bets ($15+$15) if my bet loses.
    If I win the amount transferred is the win minus the original bet.

Choosing Unibet is an excellent choice as it is probably the site with the greatest financial power. Its modern services and odds are also a very good way to prove its generosity towards its customers. The registration bonus is only valid once...

Freebet conditions Unibet

General conditions:Offer valid for any first bet placed on Unibet until March 31, 2024 , open to people who have never been registered on Unibet.fr.

Step 1 :Open an account on Unibet.com and make a first deposit .

2nd step :Place your 1st sports bet in real money (not in Free Paris), on a single or combined bet, live or pre-match).

Step 3:If your first bet is losing, Unibet will credit to your account up to $50 Free Bets, Representative 50% of the amount of your 1st bet within 24 hours after the bet's result.

Step 4:Unibet will credit your account again up to $50 free bets, corresponding to 50% of the amount of your 1st bet, Within 24 hours of entering your activation code, or within 48 hours if the account is validated at the time of the result of your first bet.

To be eligible for the Welcome Bonus, you must not use CASH OUT on your first bet(s).

Definitive activation of your account: During your registration, you benefit from a "provisional" account for a duration of 30 days. To definitively activate your account and benefit from the second part of your welcome bonus (50% of the amount of your 1st Free Bet), you must send us your supporting documents: identity document + bank RIB. Once your documents have been validated by our services, you will receive an activation code sent to the postal address indicated during your registration, which you must enter on our site to definitively activate your account.

You can thus accumulate a maximum of $100 Free Bets either $50 on your first bet, or $50 within 24 hours of validating your Unibet account.

The amount of your bonus depends on the amount of your first sports bet and not on your deposit.

If your bet is cancelled, you must place a new sports bet to benefit from the welcome bonus.

When you play and win in Free Bets, only your net winnings are credited to your main account.

You can then place your Free Bets on all sporting events using the 'Play in' function. Free Bet ★»

No bet placed from the Free Paris account is eligible for the promotion.

The Paris Systems are not eligible for the Welcome Bonus Paris Sportifs

A person can only benefit from one welcome offer.

The general conditions apply to this offer.

Freebet Unibet

Until $100

Versatility that allows you to bet on an impressive range of options. Unibet is also one of the most modern sites on the market. What a pleasure to navigate on a sports betting site of such high quality. Its freebet is almost its weak point, which gives you an indication of the bookmaker's quality.

Why Choose Unibet?

  1. High-performance mobile application
  2. Very Good Odds
  3. Best Catalog 2023

Questions about Freebets

What is the best free bet?

Betclic is without a doubt the best free bet at the moment we are talking to you. Many people ask us why? Simply because you receive your bonus whether your first bet is a winner or a loser. This is the only bookmaker offering this deal. While the amount of $100 may not be the most impressive, the conditions are fantastic.

How to subscribe to a freebet?

You can click on one of our rankings. The link will take you directly to the registration page of the bookmaker you have chosen. You will only have to follow the bookmaker's steps to create your account and receive your bonus.

What is your favorite freebet between Betclic, Unibet and Parions Sport?

It depends on the level of the player. For beginners, Betclic is probably the most suitable. For more experienced bettors, we particularly like Parions Sport because the amount of $150 during the busiest periods is a real bargain.