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  • How to create an account and deposit with PayPal?

How to create an account and deposit with PayPal?

February 6, 2019

The main information for creating and depositing money with a Paypal account. The majority of the best betting sites today offer a wide variety of payment methods. Paypal is the most widely used electronic wallet and worldwide.

Betting online with Paypal, the steps.

Create your Paypal account in 5 minutes

Creating a Paypal account only takes a few minutes. Here are the main information required for your registration. You just need to have your credit card with you.

To know about Paypal registration ★¡ï

  • Free registration
  • Credit card or bank account required
  • Registration from a computer or smartphone
  • Have an email address.

Open your account

Click on the "Open a PayPal account" button and fill out the account creation form.

Link a payment card

Link your bank card to your PayPal account. Your confidential information is stored and protected by PayPal.

Deposit at sports betting sites with Paypal

To deposit with your account, you just have to follow the classic deposit steps and choose "Paypal" when prompted. No commission will be taken on the amount you have chosen. You cannot use Paypal for your withdrawals at the moment. Your money will therefore be transferred to the bank account you provided.

    The ranking of the 5 best sports betting sites with Paypal

    Sports betting with an electronic wallet, what are the advantages?

    The advantages of Paypal

    • Registration on Paypal is free.
    • No commission at all bookmakers
    • As secure as a bank

    The main advantage of Paypal lies in the unique deposit of data. You can only pay with your email address and a password.

    Other electronic wallets

    Skrill and Neteller are the two other most popular electronic wallets. However, these payment methods are much less popular than Paypal. On the other hand, you have the possibility to make deposits and withdrawals with Skrill.


    Things to know about PayPal

    Is Paypal as secure as a bank?

    The American giant uses a complex encryption that makes all payments unreadable. The company even offers a unique buyer protection. Paypal is a pioneer in this sector.

    The insurance and security standards are identical, if not superior to those offered by banks. No issues have been recorded since the company's establishment.

    Information about PayPal

    The American company Paypal has been around since 1998. In 2019, 11.5 million transactions are processed daily. There are 192 million active accounts worldwide, between which payments are made. Paypal also allows for payments to be made between companies. In the second quarter of 2019, Paypal recorded $172 billion in payments made.

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