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Classement des meilleurs bookmakers

Ranking of the best bookmakers

January 14, 2023

Our team of 3 experts and 5 users compared legal bookmakers for 1 month. The idea? To know which one is the best, how to choose them and why? Here is our conclusion without fuss.

List of bookmakers with a license

The bookmakers we classify are all legal. So you don't have to worry. No reproach from your mom will be valid. Unless you lose your entire salary by betting... There, we can't do anything for you.

PS: We remain impartial during our tests. We have no financial motivation behind our articles and reviews. These tests take a lot of work .

Top 10 Bookmakers

  1. The most versatile

  2. Perfect for beginners

  3. For football

  4. The big ribs

  5. The outsider who climbs

  6. For American sport

  7. Simple, effective

  8. The new bookmaker

  9. In the average

  10. Better for poker

What is the ranking of the best bookmakers?

You have here the top 10. The list doesn't stop there.

Here is the complete list, by clicking on the red links below, you can access the reasons why we classify each bookmaker in this order.

Ps: If you are a beginner, o We recommend the first two bookmakers. 😂

List of all bookmakers ★ ★

  1. Betclic . The versatile
  2. Unibet . best app
  3. Vbet . Very good site for football
  4. Winamax . Big Bonus, big odds
  5. Jobet . The best on rugby
  6. Sports Betting . Best American site
  7. Bwin . Good ribs
  8. BarrierBet . The new kid
  9. Netbet . Big sign-up bonus
  10. Poker Stars Sports . good for poker
  11. Betway . international leader
  12. United States-Pari . On 10/20
  13. Zebet . The big underdog
  14. Feelingbet . The other 10/20
  15. Pmu.fr. The beautiful conversion
  16. Genybet . A small bookie
  17. Partouchesport . New betting site
  18. Pasinobet . The former Partouche
  19. Joaonline . The old Joabet
  20. Betstars . The former Pokerstars

The list contains 20 bookmakers, because we have added the 3 old names of some bookmakers. We don't want to shock the regulars. Ÿ˜‰

Bookmaker Betclic

Until $100
  1. The best ribs
  2. A very intuitive app
  3. A good sign-up bonus and lots of promotions

Conclusion : Betclic is not the American market leader for no reason. The bookmaker offers all the guarantees for beginners but not only.

According to our test, Betclic consistently ranks in the Top 3 of the factors studied.

Application bookmaker Betclic

Betclic bookmaker video test

The Bookmaker Unibet

Until $100
  1. The best for beginners
  2. 4.7 / 5 is the user rating on Appstore
  3. Many small promotions for players

Conclusion : Unibet is one of the biggest bookmakers in the world. Originally from Sweden, the betting site of the Kindred Group brings together over 1/4 of American players.

According to us, it is co-leader with Betclic.

Application Bookmaker unibet

Unibet Bookmaker Video Test

Bookmaker Vbet

Until $100
  1. The best for football betting
  2. Big ribs on the beautiful posters
  3. A big sign-up bonus

Conclusion : If you know you are going to bet 100% on football, Vbet is the partner you need. The bookmaker is particularly relevant for betting on big or small foreign championships.

Application bookmaker vbet

Vbet bookmaker video test

The Winamax bookmaker

Until $100
  1. Some of the best ribs on the market
  2. A referral bonus
  3. Fantasy league betting available

Conclusion : Winamax is one of the leaders in the American market. Its welcome bonus (up to $100 in free bets) but also, and above all, its odds will allow you to optimize your gaming experience.

We recommend the bookmaker especially for your football bets.

Application bookmaker Winamax

Winamax bookmaker video test

The bookmaker Parions Sport

200% refundedUp to $100
  1. Cotes on American sports
  2. FDJ brands
  3. Ergonomics and navigation

Conclusion : The bookmaker is the leader of American sports betting sites. This is reflected in the odds, which are among the best for American team competitions.

Its ergonomics and ease of use make it attractive for beginners.

Application bookmaker Parions Sport

Test of the bookmaker Parions Sport

Bwin bookmaker

Until $120
  1. Cashout
  2. Modern and intuitive app
  3. Live betting

Conclusion : This bookmaker will be among your best friends for your football and Formula 1 bets! Its offer of bets on these sports is one of the most complete in the market.

We were also convinced by its features such as cashout.

Application bookmaker Bwin

Bwin bookmaker video test

Pokerstars Sports bookmaker

Until $125
  1. Extensive betting catalog
  2. Cashout and Live Betting
  3. High gain ceiling

Conclusion : Pokerstars Sports has a consistent overall offering, its betting offer and odds are in line with the average of sports betting sites.

Nothing groundbreaking, Pokerstars remains much more efficient for its poker site.

Application bookmaker Pokerstars Sports

Video test of the bookmaker Pokerstars Sports

The bookmaker Jobet

Until $100
  1. $100 Freebet Bonus
  2. Ribs for rugby and tennis
  3. Easy to use features

Conclusion : The bookmaker offers all the usual features of the rest of the online bookmaker market. Joabet offers in some cases the best odds on certain American tennis or rugby competitions for example. Stay tuned!

Unfortunately, a major drawback of the site is that there is no mobile app available.

Joabet bookmaker en ligne

Netbet bookmaker

Until $100
  1. Predictions available on the site
  2. Netbet Tournaments
  3. Features

Conclusion : The user experience as well as the betting offer and bookmaker's features make its offer consistent and enjoyable for bettors.

Its coasts are also average.

Application bookmaker Netbet

Netbet bookmaker video test

The Barrière Bet bookmaker

Until $250
  1. Freebet and cashback sign-up bonus!
  2. Perfect for beginners
  3. Regular promotions

Conclusion : Barrière Bet is one of the bookmakers offering one of the best welcome bonuses. The amount is high and part of it will be refunded to you as cashback.

On the market since 2020, it has obtained the highest rating for its customer service.

Application bookmaker Barrièrebet

Betway bookmaker

Will close on March 31
  1. Means of payment
  2. Football grids available
  3. Customer service

Conclusion : We particularly appreciated Betway for its impressive sports offer.

He does not yet reach the top of the ranking because of the lack of available features (no livestream for example) and its still too low odds. We need more to convince us!

Application bookmaker betway

The bookmaker United States Pari

Until $100 + $50
  1. Diversity of the offer
  2. Intuitive app
  3. Various deposit methods

Conclusion : The American-made bookmaker is growing year by year. It offers a good variety of options and a bonus that is in line with the rest of the market.

Application bookmaker United States Pari

Zebet bookmaker

Until $150
  1. Competitive odds
  2. Fantasy League available
  3. Welcome bonus

Conclusion : The bookmaker offers one of the highest bonuses on the market. This bonus is the main asset of Zebet, which is unfortunately penalized by its simplistic ergonomics.

The bookmaker does a little better thanks to the level of its odds, mainly on football.

Application bookmaker Zebet

The bookmaker Feelingbet

Until $300
  1. Ergonomics of the site and the application
  2. No fees on deposits or withdrawals
  3. Complete sports catalog

Conclusion : Unfortunately, the bookmaker does not receive the best rating, notably due to its overly complex welcome bonus and its odds that are too low to convince us.

Its ergonomics and sports offer slightly raise the level.

Application bookmaker Feelingbet

The bookmaker PMU.com

Until $100
  1. Diversity of the offer
  2. Application
  3. Frequent promotions

Conclusion : PMU.com offers you a wide range of sports and types of bets in its catalog, especially for Formula 1.

However, the level of its coasts and its surcharged telephone assistance cost it points.

Application bookmaker PMU

Genybet bookmaker

Until $50
  1. Complete catalog
  2. Good mobile app
  3. Nice for classic bets

Conclusion : We appreciate the comprehensive offer from the outsider as well as their mobile application.

On the other hand, the level of its prices and its customer service leaves us unsatisfied.

Application bookmaker Genybet

The bookmaker Partouche Sport

Until $100
  1. Extensive sports catalog
  2. Various offers and promotions
  3. Satisfying welcome bonus

Conclusion : Partouche Sport is a satisfactory option, neither more nor less. Its sports offering is comprehensive and its promotions are sufficiently varied. Unfortunately, the level of its odds and the absence of PayPal hurt the bookmaker's rating.

Application bookmaker Partouche Sport

How to compare bookmakers?

Comparing bookmakers requires experience and a deep analysis of certain criteria. The American online betting market has 17 legal bookmakers.

We have grouped all the important factors to classify and divide the bookmakers .

These criteria are important for all users. Beginners or experts in sports betting

  1. Bonuses
    When we talk about bonuses, we can talk about a registration offer or a one-time promotion. Both types of bonuses are of particular importance depending on your personal situation. It is important not to choose a bookmaker solely on the basis of their sign-up bonus. In the long term, one-off offers are much more lucrative.
  2. Application
    70% of players today bet on mobile. Sports betting applications and mobile versions have therefore taken a major place in the investment budgets of bookmakers. There are real gaps between the top apps and the rest. Evidenced by user ratings on the App Store or Google Play Store
  3. ribs
    The generosity of odds is one of the most important criteria for experienced players. Indeed, the gap between two sites can be significant depending on the quality of the odds. It is important to check the odds comparators on your favorite disciplines. You will have a better insight into the real level of the operator for your future bets.
  4. Features
    Betting features or modes have become essential to attract new customers. Live betting, streaming or even cash out are now offered by all the best betting sites.
  5. Ergonomics
    A very important criterion for the user comfort. On the site or on the application, the bettor must be able to have access to all the information he is looking for simply and quickly. Intuitive ergonomics is an important indication of the quality of a bookmaker. Creating a readable medium with the amount of information that bookmakers have to offer is a real graphic and technical challenge.
  6. Customer service
    We like sites with an email address, 24/7 chat and a phone line. Believe us, it's very rare to have all of these options available.
  7. History & license
    The anteriority of a site often reassures the bettors rightly. User experience and feedback is a major asset for sports betting companies., sites must have an ANJ license to operate legally.

Legality for American bookmakers at the ANJ

The ANJ regulates bookmakers to prevent excesses, offside plays and above all scams against players! Bookmakers and all other providers of money games and gambling are subject to regulations from the national gaming authority, the ANJ.

But the ANJ quèsaco? This is an organization (formerly known as ARJEL), which has been regulating gambling and games of chance since 2019. Whether it's casinos, sports betting outlets, racetracks, or online bookmakers, ANJ ensures that everyone respects the regulations put in place.

The organization is responsible for accepting, or not, the approval files sent by the bookmakers. Then provide them with the necessary approval numbers once all documents have been provided and obligations fulfilled. The ANJ verifies annually whether the bookmakers fulfill their commitments.

Therefore, we recommend that you always check the accreditation number of new bookmakers, or look for the logo of the ANJ which is present on the website of legal bookmakers.

Arjel anj

Questions about bookmakers

¥ - What is the best bookmaker?

According to www.databasebasketball.com, the best American bookmakers ex aequo are Betclic, Unibet and Vbet. The three sites have obtained the highest rating. They have managed to convince us notably thanks to their bonuses and the level of their odds.

¤ - Which bookmaker to choose?

It all depends on your expectations and your level, if you are beginners we advise you the American leaders such as Betclic or Unibet for their ergonomics. But also for their very high odds. Once again it depends on your ambitions, the sport on which you want to bet, etc.

¶ - Which bookmaker refunds its bonus in cash?

Cashback bonuses are becoming rare among online bookmakers! Barrière Bet is one of the few to offer a portion of its welcome bonus in cashback. The ANJ provides a certain framework for welcome bonuses, which makes them very similar.

- Which bookmaker has the best odds?

It is very complicated to answer this question. It depends a lot on the discipline, game modes or even the event. According to our observations and experience, Betclic , Unibet and Winamax Semblent avoir régulièrement les meilleures côtes. Cependant un bookmaker comme Vbet peut être très compétitif sur les matches de Ligue des champions par exemple.

©★★ï - What are the ARJEL/ANJ bookmakers?

The 17 bookmakers on the above list are all legal. However, we recommend choosing a site from the top 10 if you want a user-friendly site with good odds. All legal sites have been referenced by the National Gambling Authority since 2020. This entity replaced ARJEL.