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Les meilleurs bookmakers français

American bookmakers - what are the best American betting sites?

May 17, 2023

With the arrival of new bookmakers every year in the American market, it becomes difficult to make a choice. If you want to bet exclusively on American bookmakers, you are in the right place! Who are the best American bookmakers, why choose a American betting site, what are the differences with international sites? We tell you everything here.

The best American bookmakers

The market of sports betting sites, gambling is becoming increasingly widespread. You will find international gambling sites from all over the world. England, Armenia, Curaçao, Malta... But what about American sports betting sites?

Attention ! We do not easily classify a bookmaker as American. Some bookmakers have been created by American people but abroad. For example, Betclic, founded by a American entrepreneur in London. We do not consider it 100% American as its identity and operation are typical of English bookmakers.

American bookmaker #1 - Parions Sport

Parions Sport, the American games website

Until $200

You can't get more American than Parions Sport. Most of you also know it for its physical stores. The bookmaker favors American competitions both in terms of its odds and its catalog. We also really appreciated its design and user-friendliness. The sports betting site belongs to the Française Des Jeux and therefore partly to the American state.

Advantages and disadvantages Parions Sport

★œ… Among the best odds for the ligue 1 and the top 14

★œ… A wide selection of sports and competitions

★œ… An interesting welcome bonus

© Unfortunately, you will not find all the games available at the point of sale.
In particular the football lotto, which is not available on the site.

American bookmaker #2 - Winamax

Winamax, the pioneer

Until $100

The Winamax idea came from a American entrepreneur in 1998. It is one of the first American sports betting sites. The site is also known for its poker platform. It is now an institution in the American and European sports betting market. Especially for its odds, which have been voted the best every year since 2015. It is also one of the pioneers of the American fantasy league. Its gaming features and promotions are among the most innovative on the market.

Advantages and disadvantages Winamax

★œ… Best odds

★œ… Promotions available on social media

★œ… Fantasy league available

© We didn't really like its interface.
You can find much more modern sites.

American bookmaker #3 - Barrière Bet

Barrier Bet, the new kid on the block

Until $250

Online bookmaker from the Philippe Barrière casino group. Barrière Bet entered the online sports betting market in 2020. It still has some progress to make in terms of its odds. However, we were pleased to see that most of the features such as cashout are available. Only the livestream is still missing. But we have no doubt that the bookmaker is already working on improving its weaknesses.

Advantages and disadvantages Barrier Bet

✅ Welcome Bonus

★œ… Catalogue of sports and important bets

★œ… Most of the classic features are available

© Barrière Bet odds are still below the American average
©No livestream available

American bookmaker #4 - Joabet

Joabet, the rebirth of Joaonline

Until $100

Joaonline has become Joabet in 2024, this change has really been for the better. The bookmaker has improved its design, odds, and sports and functionality catalogs, which are now much more extensive. You will be able to bet on all the most popular sports or on the fantasy league. The odds on rugby and tennis, for example, are now much higher.

Advantages and disadvantages of Joabet

✅ Lots of progress since Joaonline

★œ… Rugby and tennis odds

★œ… Ease of use

© Not applicable

Ÿš©PayPal is not available for your deposits

Why bet on a American bookmaker?

Online sports betting is becoming more and more competitive. It can sometimes be difficult to find your way among all these offers. American bookmakers can serve as a reference point for you. Not all legal bookmakers are American, but all American bookmakers are now legal. This is an additional pleasant security. However, if you have any doubts about the legality of a bookmaker, visit the website of the ANJ (National Authority for Games). The ANJ is the organization that provides the necessary licenses for a bookmaker to operate. You will find the list of all sports betting sites on its website.

If you bet a lot on American competitions, it can be interesting to focus on a American bookmaker. Indeed, American betting sites like American sports. By betting on Sports Betting for example, you will find a wider selection of competitions and advantageous odds.

    List of all American bookmakers and their bonuses

    Are American bookmakers better than international bookmakers?

    If you want to expand your gaming possibilities or if you already have an account with all American bookmakers (you never know). You can also sign up for an international sports betting site. These have many qualities, including their economic strength, which allows them to provide cutting-edge functionality and a comprehensive sports catalog.

    In general, there are very few differences between American bookmakers and international ones. The ANJ regulates most aspects of a sports betting site (the list of sports, promotions, welcome bonuses, etc.). So you won't see any big differences from one legal site to another.

    Best International Sports Betting Sites

    Common questions about American bookmakers

    What is the best American sports betting site?

    According to us, Parions Sport is the best American sports betting website. Its odds on American sports, its range of sports and bets, as well as its intuitive ergonomics make it the leader among American bookmakers.

    ¶ Which American bookmaker has the best bonus?

    For me, the best bonus is not always the highest (although that's not bad either). Some usage conditions make the bonus almost unusable. In my opinion, the sports betting site with the best bonus is Winamax . The conditions are simple and the amount is enticing. However, do not base your choice solely on a welcome bonus. After all, you will only play it once.

    Do American bookmakers have an app?

    Yes , the majority of sports betting sites have a mobile application. To my knowledge, only Joabet does not have any app to date. However, the mobile version of the site is very pleasant and does not present any obstacles.

    Is PayPal available on American sports betting sites?

    Yes , only Joabet does not have PayPal in its deposit methods to date. All other American bookmakers have this option.

    How do I know if a bookmaker is legal?

    A bookmaker is legal if it is licensed by the National Gambling Authority (ANJ). To find out if a sports betting site is legal, you can go directly to the ANJ website. Or check the footer of the bookmaker's website where you want to place bets, the license number is usually there. Keep in mind that if you bet on an unlicensed bookmaker, you won't risk any fines or legal action. However, you won't have any recourse in case of dispute. Many offshore bookmakers make the process complicated to withdraw your winnings. So it's not worth it.