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Bookmakers étrangers qui acceptent les Français

Foreign bookmakers who accept American people

March 31, 2023

Many American bettors prefer to bet on foreign bookmakers. You can find these bookmakers in the offer of the ANJ (formerly ARJEL) or a wider offer outside the ANJ. We have divided the two and explain which foreign bookmakers accept the American.

Foreign bookmakers that accept American people

The era of the Française de Jeux and PMU monopoly is well and truly over (for a little while now, that's true). American bettors have long since moved on to other things. Unfortunately (or not), the American online sports betting market is not evolving as quickly as elsewhere in the world today. Particularly because of the legal requirements of the ANJ. No law prevents you from betting on a bookmaker outside of the ANJ. Here are the two options available to you for betting on foreign bookmakers.

Foreign bookmakers who accept the American, ANJ

Here is the first option, the following bookmakers are not American companies. However, they are available and legal, as referenced by the ANJ. You can therefore play without any restrictions and in complete safety. American law can protect you in the event of a dispute with one of these brands.

Unibet Swedish bookmaker ANJ

Advantages and disadvantages

★œ… Referenced since 2008, first by ARJEL then by ANJ

★œ… Best app

★œ… Approved in sports betting

★œ… Approved in horse racing and poker

🚫 No fantasy league

Unibet the best app

Unibet is one of the largest international bookmakers, it is also one of the best sports betting sites . It has been referenced since 2008 and therefore accepts American players. We loved the Unibet application, as well as its odds and simplicity of use. The bookmaker does not have any major flaws that could really hinder your gaming experience. Unless you absolutely want to bet on the fantasy league.

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Betclic english bookmaker

Advantages and disadvantages

★œ… Accredited since 2010, first by ARJEL then by ANJ

★œ… The simplest terms of use on the market

★œ… Approved in sports betting

★œ… Approved in horse racing and poker

🚫 Customer service not reachable by phone

Betclic the best conditions

Betclic is a bookmaker created in London in the early 2000s. It first obtained its license from ARJEL in 2010, then from ANJ. It obviously accepts American players. The quality of its features is surely the best among bookmakers available. The biggest quality of Betclic according to our experience is the user-friendly and clear terms of use. The bookmaker will not make your life complicated. And you will be able to enjoy the bonus quickly.

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Armenian bookmaker vbet

Advantages and disadvantages

★œ… Agr'' depuis 2017 par l'ARJEL puis l'ANJ

★œ… The best odds for football

★œ… Approved in sports betting

🚫 Low odds on minor sports

🚫 No livestream

Vbet the best odds for football

Vbet is an Armenian bookmaker licensed since 2019, so it accepts American players. It is an excellent bookmaker for your football bets. Its overall level is not as high as the previous two bookmakers, mainly due to its lack of consistency in its odds and the lack of livestream. However, the bookmaker offers excellent odds and a football catalog.

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Austrian bookmaker bwin

Advantages and disadvantages

★œ… Modern Application

★œ… A lot of Paris live

★œ… Approved by the ARJEL since 2017 and then by the ANJ

Ÿš« Average odds

Bwin, the great European name

Bwin was created in Austria in 1997 and has been licensed since 2010, and accepts American players. The Bwin application and its wide range of features make it a serious option for your sports betting. However, we have regretted the lack of consistency in the quality of its functionalities. And the terms of use of its bonus that are unnecessarily complex.

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netbet maltese bookmaker

Advantages and disadvantages

★œ… Approved in 2011

★œ… Diversity of the catalog

✅ Available forecasts

Ÿš« Average odds

Ÿš« Rare promotions

Netbet one step from the podium

Cypriot operator available, Netbet has been accepting American players since 2011. It offers a wide range of features as well as a very comprehensive catalog. We particularly appreciated its livestream as well as the Netbet bettors' tournament. However, we regret the outdated ergonomics and the lack of promotions.

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Foreign bookmakers who accept American people, excluding ANJ

Here is the second option available to you. The following bookmakers are not regulated, so their access is limited. However, no law prohibits American punters from playing there. . You can still access it through certain links or by using a vpn .

⚠️ It is important for you to know, however, that in case of disputes with any of these sites, you will have no legal recourse to protect yourself or recover your winnings. If you still want to get an idea for yourself, here are the best foreign betting sites that accept American players (excluding ANJ).

  1. Accept American

  2. Accept American

  3. Accept American

  4. Accept American

  5. Accept American

1Bet, foreign bookmaker that accepts American people

Advantages and disadvantages

★œ… Complete selection of sports and bets

★œ… Bet Builder to maximize your odds

Paris live

✅ Very complete football offer

🚫 No mobile app

Ÿš« No livestream

1Bet, one of the best catalogs

1Bet is one of the best bookmakers for bettors who love to bet on multiple sports / disciplines. The bookmaker's catalog is very extensive, particularly for types of bets and football competitions. But also on a wide range of other sports.

Rabona, foreign bookmaker who accepts the American

Advantages and disadvantages

★œ… Ergonomie du site

★œ… Interesting registration bonus

★œ… Catalogue diversity

✅ Important E-sport offer

🚫 No application

🚫 No livestream

Rabona, the rising international bookmaker

Rabona is a bookmaker and casino that is gaining more and more space in the international market. Its ergonomics and its registration bonus are very satisfying. Its catalog, especially its E-sport offer, surpasses global competition. Unfortunately, the bookmaker does not offer any application or livestream.

Sportaza, foreign bookmaker that accepts the American

Advantages and disadvantages

★œ… Good registration bonus

★œ… Many promotions

★œ… Very intuitive interface

🚫 No application

Ÿš« Sometimes complex conditions

Sportaza, the new global bookmaker

Sportaza is a bookmaker originating from Curaçao, created in 2024. Its interface is very intuitive and reminds us, with its colors and catalog, of the American website Parions Sport. But the real positive point of Sportaza is the regularly offered promotions on the site. On the other hand, we regret the lack of application as well as its conditions which could be clearer.

FEZbet, foreign bookmaker that accepts American people

Advantages and disadvantages

★œ… Livestream available

★œ… Wide selection of promotions

★œ… Large selection of sports

🚫 No application

Ÿš« Sometimes complex conditions

FEZbet, the new Rabidi bookmaker

FEZbet is one of the newest brands from the casino and sports betting group Rabidi N.V, which also owns Rabona. It has been available on the international market since 2020. It impressed us with its extensive catalog of sports and events. However, we were less impressed by its overly complex terms of use.

Bahigo, foreign bookmaker who accepts the American

Advantages and disadvantages

★œ… Very good catalog

★œ… High odds

🚫 No application

🚫 No livestream

Bahigo, top features

Bahigo is a relatively recent bookmaker, despite this, it already manages to offer a catalog of sports and bets as well as high-quality features. You will find all the sports you can think of as well as other major cultural events. Unfortunately, the bookmaker does not yet offer livestream or an application.

FAQ foreign bookmakers who accept American people

Can I bet on a foreign bookmaker legally?

When it comes to betting on a foreign bookmaker, you have two options. You can bet on a foreign bookmaker referenced by the ANJ or on a foreign bookmaker outside the ANJ. If you bet on an ANJ bookmaker, you risk nothing, American law protects you in the event of a dispute. If you bet outside the ANJ, there is no law that prohibits you. But no law will protect you in the event of a dispute with a bookmaker.

Which international license is the safest?

If you are looking for a foreign bookmaker outside of ANJ, you must check that the site still has an international license. There are three major licenses: the Curaçao Gaming Authority license, the Isle of Man license, or the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) license. The bookmaker you are considering must have one of these three licenses. However, we prefer the Malta license, as its requirements are a little more stringent. We remind you that even if a bookmaker has one of these licenses, you will have no recourse under American law in the event of a dispute.

How to bet on a foreign bookmaker?

Like on a American bookmaker! Just sign up after reading the terms of use carefully (as always). However, you may need to pay more attention to the legal aspect and ensure that the bookmaker has a valid ANJ or international license.

What is a foreign bookmaker?

As the name suggests, a foreign bookmaker is a bookmaker that is not American. The company was not created or by a American person. This can be a bookmaker referenced by the ANJ or not. To learn more, we have written a complete article on the best international sports betting sites.

What is the best foreign bookmaker (in United States)?

According to us, Unibet is the best foreign bookmaker available. Its overall quality is excellent thanks to its modern application and features, as well as its fast and friendly customer service.

Which bookmaker is the best in the world?

Bet365 seems to be the best answer to this question, the bookmaker has the most players in the world. It also offers cutting-edge features. Including an impressive livestream. But the best bookmaker remains the one that meets your expectations and your game.

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