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  • English bookmaker, Vbet on the side, Betclic too.
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English bookmaker, Vbet on the side, Betclic too.

February 22, 2024

The Mecca of sports betting is in our British neighbors. More than an activity, sports betting has become a symbol of English culture. Faced with enormous competition, English bookmakers have decided to cross the Channel to try their luck. This is the case with Vbet and Betclic.

English bookmaker bonuses

  1. 100 $ in free bet

  2. 150 $ in free bet

Vbet, English bookmaker you said?

And in reality, not for Vbet. The company's headquarters is located in Yerevan, Armenia. However, England is the country where the bookmaker has become known and carries out a large part of its activity. Vbet is a brand of the BetConstruct group, specialized in software development for the gaming industry. Based in Armenia, it has more than 3,000 employees worldwide.

Often considered as an English bookmaker, the pink giant is only British in numbers. Its progress is to be closely followed because its offer is extremely qualitative.

Other English bookmakers?

There are obviously other bookmakers actually from England. This is the case with the most well-known site, Betclic. The group was founded in 2005 in London. It has since moved to Bordeaux in 2018. Betclic Everest group aspires to become the European leader in sports betting. If its position as a leader is only contested by Unibet and Winamax. Betclic is considered to have the best registration bonus and the best odds in the hexagon. It is therefore widely acclaimed by comparators as well as bettors.

We invite you to read our article about the international sports betting sites if this subject interests you.

English bookmaker, what difference does it make?

In reality, not much since the National Gambling Authority regulates the market quite strictly. Vbet and Betclic must therefore adapt to the American market while maintaining their identity. It doesn't take long to understand the strategy of English bookmakers. Football, odds, and a good user experience. It's clean and efficient.

Obviously, many bookmakers focus their efforts on football as the sport represents 65 to 70% of bets placed in Europe. However, at Vbet, the marketing strategy is clearly dedicated to football. The bookmaker is also the official partner of AS Monaco, Portsmouth, and Arsenal.

The slogan of Vbet: "Victory at your fingertips"

Betclic preferred to sponsor Ligue 1, proof of its impact on the American market. The operator became the first sports betting site partner of the Ligue 1.

Betclic's slogan: "No Bet No Game"

Vbet, bookmaker of the future

Until $100

The Armenian bookmaker is definitely a new betting site However, it remains extremely qualitative. Many young bookmakers would like to be ranked in our top. 7 of the best websites From Paris after only a few years on the market. With Vbet football fans will be spoiled excessively.

Registration bonus ★

Odds ★

Customer Service ★

Catalog outside of football ★

Betclic, English Bookmaker

Until $100

The Everest Group bookmaker is one of the two sites with the most bettors. Anything but a coincidence, Betclic is surely the most versatile bookmaker . Equipped with the best free bet, very good odds, and modern supports, the operator is highly appreciated by its bettors. Betclic is at the same level as Unibet in terms of quality of offer.

Registration bonus ★

Odds ★

Catalog ★

Betclic TV ★

Average customer service ★

The vbet bookmaker welcome bonus

The signup bonus from bookmaker Vbet is among the most generous. With 150$ displayed at the moment, Vbet is on par with the Parions Sport bonus. This puts it in the Top 5. 150$ in the form of a free bet is a very generous offer. Most bookmakers settle for 100$ with the same conditions.

Steps of registration at Vbet

  1. Open a VBET account and make a first deposit.
  2. Place your 1st real money bet (no free bets) of $1 minimum, on a single or combination bet, live or pre-match.
  3. Your first bet will be refunded as a free bet up to $150 if it loses!

The bonus is credited with 2 parts :

- 50% of the amount of your 1st bet (up to $75) credited within 24 hours after the result of your bet.

- 50% of the amount of your first bet (up to $75) credited within 24 hours after the final verification of your account and after the result of the bet placed with the first free bet.

Example :

If I place a first bet of $150, I will receive $150 in free bets: $75 within 24 hours after the result of my first bet and $75 after the final verification of my account and after the result of the bet placed with the first free bet.

Sports bonuses:

Until $100

Terms: 1x Bonus amount minimum odds: 1.10 Bonuscode: no codes

Where does the term bookmaker come from?

Historically, bookmakers were the individuals who took bets and adjusted the odds during horse races. Now, they are sports betting companies in the broadest sense. Most of them are now online. The TV series Peaky Blinders addresses this history in the first season. Attention, enthusiasts.

Betclic bookmaker welcome bonus

The best bonus, simply. The majority of our team uses Betclic for his bets. This is also my case. With Betclic, you get a free bet of up to $100, whether your bet is a winner or loser. This is the only bookmaker to offer such an offer.

Betclic registration steps

  1. Open a Betclic account and make a first deposit.
  2. Place your 1st real money bet (no free bets) of $1 minimum, on a single or combination bet, live or pre-match.
  3. Your first bet will be refunded as a free bet up to $100 whether it is a winner or a loser.

The bonus is credited in any case :

- If you win, the profits from your first bet are added to your bank and a free bet in the amount of your first bet is made available to you.

- If you lose your first bet, a freebet of the amount of your first bet will be credited to your account.

Example :

If I place a first bet of $100, I will receive $100 in free bets after validating my account. It doesn't matter if I win my first bet or not. No risk.

Sports bonuses:

Until $100

Terms: 0x Bonus amount minimum odds: No minimum Bonuscode: None

The situation of bookmakers


This is the number of billion euros bet during the year 2018. A record year notably thanks to the title of world champion of the American football team.


Of all the bets placed in 2019, 60% were recorded on football. Tennis, basketball, hockey, and rugby follow.


This is the number of active players recorded in the hexagon.


This is the amount in millions of euros of the bets placed during the final of the World Cup on July 15th last year.


This is in millions, the average of bets on Champions League matches in 2020.


This is the share of American bettors under the age of 34. Proof that this activity mainly interests a young audience.


This is the average amount spent by a bettor in euros in the year 2019

Questions about English bookmakers

What is the best English bookmaker?

Betclic has proven over the last 15 years that it is one of the best bookmakers. Its longevity at this level inspires us with great confidence.

Can English bookmakers operate?


Provided that operators are registered with the National Gaming Authority. This is the only condition for legal operation. However, this registration process is very complex for bookmakers. These sites adhere to numerous rules in order to obtain their approval.

Is choosing an English bookmaker legal?

If the site is registered with the ANJ, the bookmaker is legal. Some English bookmakers accept American bettors but we advise against registering on this type of site. In case of any problem, you will have a lot of difficulty claiming money because you will not be legitimate.