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Betclic or Winamax, Which is the best betting site?

January 25, 2023

40% of American players bet with these two bookmakers. It is also the sites that we use the most within our team, along with Unibet. Here is the match between two of the best legal betting sites. Our team gives a slight advantage to Betclic.

Betclic or Winamax, champions of generosity.

We are talking here about a Champions match. Neither of these two bookmakers is a bad choice. If they collect twice 20% (so 40% 😊) of American bettors, you can imagine they are not bad. However, there are a few small differences between the two bookmakers.

This test was carried out by 5 people

  • 2 sports betting experts
  • 1 sports journalist
  • 1 web expert
  • 1 former professional footballer

We asked all these people to test both platforms for 2 months. All the testers have been gamblers for over 5 years and have tested more than fifteen sites. An assessment sheet composed of 5 rating factors allowed the testers to build their analysis. Each criterion received a score at the end of this evaluation.

The 5 scoring criteria for the Betclic vs Winamax match

  1. The sign-up bonus and occasional promotions
  2. odds
  3. Features and services
  4. Navigation and catalog
  5. The app

Betclic or Winamax

  1. 100 $ refunded in free bet

  2. 100 $ refunded in cash

The match: Betclic or Winamax ★¡ï

These past two years, 3 bookmakers have been competing for the title of best sports betting site . This is Unibet , Betclic and Winamax. Together, they account for 65% of the players. To be honest with you, it is very complicated to say which is the best site because this notion depends more on the player you are than on the site itself. With these three, you have nothing to worry about. Only details separate them. Hence the importance of asking yourself the right questions about your intentions. After the test result, we give you some keys to analyze your needs.

Bonuses and promotions: Betclic
  • Betclic comes with a one-of-a-kind bonus. It is for this reason that it has been the best free bet on the market for a few years. The amount of the offer varies between $100 and $120 maximum. No revolution, you tell me. It is the conditions of the bookmaker that impress. The lose or win free bet allows you to benefit from a classic free bet if you lose your first bet. If, on the other hand, you win, you receive the net profits of your victory and the free bet. On the side of occasional promotions, the bookmaker regularly offers freebet and original contests to its customers.
  • Winamax also offers a good sign-up bonus. Surely the second best offer on the market. Again, nothing too impressive in terms of the amount with $100. You have to look at the conditions to see that Winamax is one of the only bookmakers on the market to offer a refunded bet. Your bonus is therefore normally credited to your account if you lose your first bet. Most bookmakers refund the bonus as a free bet. Like Betclic, Winamax is generous with one-time promotions offered to its customers.
The odds: equality
  • Betclic And Winamax are often the sports betting sites with the best odds. Whether for small matches or major events, the two bookmakers are always at the forefront of football. For other sports such as tennis, basketball or even rugby, Betclic often comes with the most generous odds. However, depending on the sports and the meetings, this observation may vary. These two operators cover about 70% of the most interesting odds on football and 50% on other sports. If they don't have the best odds, they always come close. Even Unibet or Zebet mostly have to bow to the two operators in our test. If you want to be sure, go and visit odds comparators. There are very good ones.
Features: Winamax
  • Winamax and Betclic are quite close in this sector but we wanted to give the online poker giant an advantage for its ability to offer a very good streaming platform and cash out everywhere. On the other hand, live betting odds are often above market. A positive point in addition for the followers of these modes of bets.
  • Betclic is also successful in terms of live betting. Notably thanks to the intuitive nature of its application and its website. The Bordeaux-based operator is also recognized for its streaming platform and the almost systematic distribution of its cash out options.
Navigation and catalog: Betclic
  • Betclic is here above its competitor. A modern site and a more complete catalog allow him to get ahead for the final result of this match. To assess this step, we asked our testers to find some specific bets. We then timed the sail to the lens. It is clear that the graphic benchmarks and the technical qualities of Betclic is above that of Winamax.
  • Winamax has few weak points but this one is one of them. If the catalog is in the average of legal betting sites, the site is downright behind. Even the little ones don't have such "vintage" sites. Inevitably the quality of navigation and the experience of users is affected. The site is simply up to date. If he bet mainly on his application, Winamax should still think about a facelift of his site.
The app: Betclic
  • Betclic 4.6 ★ï on the Appstore. We agree with the users. The Betclic application is a success since it has the second best rating of all applications. Intuitive, dynamic and equipped with the latest technologies available, the Betclic application is a very pleasant toy to use. Many of us use it every day and are not disappointed, quite the contrary.
  • Winamax 4.5 ★ï on the Appstore. A very good note because the Winamax application is of a much better standard than its website. Users who have this tool in his content. We can safely say that it is in the Top 5 of the best apps but not on the podium. Parions Sport, for example, has a more modern and high-performance version. If you choose Winamax, it is to bet on its application. Otherwise choose another bookmaker.

The result of the match Betclic VS Winamax

Betclic is therefore the winner of this tight match. The overall user experience is a step above that of Winamax. There is a small gap between the two bookmakers mainly due to the lack of effort from the online poker giant in terms of performance and design. A very "2010" website heavily penalizes the outcome of this encounter. Furthermore, it must be admitted that Betclic and its registration bonus have been the number 1 or 2 in the market for the past 10 years. The advantage is still there.

Sports bonuses:

Until $100

Terms: 0x Bonus amount minimum odds: No minimum Bonuscode: None

Winamax or Betclic, which is the best site for me?!

Yes Betclic win our match but as you read it, the gap is very small. For some players Winamax will be more suitable. It is therefore essential to ask yourself some questions in order to read this article more relevantly and make the right choice.

  • What sports will I bet on?
  • What is my level?
  • What types of bets will I favor?
  • On an application or on desktop?

We could add more questions but you have here the most important ones. We invite you to go read the bookmakers' tests on www.databasebasketball.com if you want more details about these sports betting sites and their competitors. However, the two best operators are on this article. We will only add Unibet to the podium.

www.databasebasketball.com: Complete test of Betclic and Winamax

Around ten people work on the www.databasebasketball.com site. . Web specialists, sports betting experts and sports writers come together to provide you with the most accurate analysis on legal bookmakers.

  • Ergonomics
  • Catalog
  • Features
  • Odds
  • Application
  • Customer service
  • Bonuses

Here are the 7 factors analyzed by our team . These points are the most important for understanding the quality of a bookmaker. You can read our tests or do your own analysis according to these factors.

Note: Beware of dishonest betting site comparators. If you do not see Betclic and Winamax in the Top 5, see the Top 3 of the best betting sites, you may wonder about the seriousness of the operator.

Questions about the Betclic or Winamax match.

What is the best bookmaker between Winamax and Betclic?

Betclic seems to have a slight advantage with a more modern product and the best American registration bonus. However, Winamax odds remain one of the bookmaker's great strengths. If the difference between the two sites is small, you will first need to know the factors that matter to determine which of these two sites is the best operator.

Should we choose Betclic or Winamax for beginners?

There is no right answer. In our opinion, the best sports betting sites are also the most beginner-friendly. Betclic may have a slight advantage thanks to its more flexible signup bonus and slightly more intuitive application.

Who has the best sign-up bonus between Winamax and Betclic?

We have given a small advantage to Betclic because their sign-up bonus is unique. This free bet, whether you win or lose, is a great opportunity for all new players. Betclic credits you with your winnings if your first bet is a winner, as well as a free bet of the same amount as your initial stake. If your bet is a loser, you will only be credited with a free bet.

Is Unibet better than Betclic and Winamax?

To be honest with you, there is no better betting site among these three. They all have different qualities. For Unibet, its application, catalog, and game modes are clearly above the rest. The registration bonus will be in favor of Betclic and the odds in favor of Winamax most often. None of these choices is bad. In any case, you have here the best sites.

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