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  • Betclic or PMU, which is the best sports betting site?
Betclic ou pmu

Betclic or PMU, which is the best sports betting site?

April 28, 2024

You have already heard these names many times when people talk about sports betting. It's normal, both bookmakers are among the most well-known brands. Which of the 2 should you choose? Our sports betting sites experts are unanimous in their answer.

  1. 100$ Free Bet (Winner or Loser)

  2. 100$ Refunded bet


Our team loves to highlight the best American sports betting sites . The outcome of this match is however quite unbalanced as Betclic dominates all the debates. PMU does not focus enough on sports betting to hope to beat the number 1 (or 2) of our market.

  • Betclic comes with a one-of-a-kind bonus. It is for this reason that it has been the best free bet on the market for a few years. The amount of the offer varies between $100 and $120 maximum. No revolution, you tell me. It is the conditions of the bookmaker that impress. The lose or win free bet allows you to benefit from a classic free bet if you lose your first bet. If, on the other hand, you win, you receive the net profits of your victory and the free bet. On the side of occasional promotions, the bookmaker regularly offers freebet and original contests to its customers.
  • PMU offers a very advantageous formula for new customers. Unlike many bookmakers, the American betting site offers a cash back bet and not a free bet. It's a more generous bonus because it's less restrictive for users. Only Winamax and PMU currently have this bonus. If you bet and lose your first bet, it will be refunded in cash to your player account. You can therefore replay it without any particular conditions. On the other hand, PMU is not known for its occasional promotions.
Odds: Betclic
  • Betclic has the best odds in the market. Whether it's football or other sports, the bookmaker very often manages to win the bet for the best offer. Its main competitors are Winamax and Unibet. Betclic and PMU are once again not playing in the same course.
  • PMU is clearly not a reference in this sector. If he manages from time to time to be competitive in rugby or tennis, the bookmaker is still behind many other competitors. It is for this reason in particular that it is not in our top 10 of the best bookmakers
Features: Betclic
  • Betclic performs well in terms of live betting. Notably thanks to the intuitive nature of its application and its website. The Bordeaux-based operator is also recognized for its streaming platform and the almost systematic distribution of its cash out options. An offer that offers a multitude of options for many matches.
  • PMU is a bookmaker with some interesting features. Live betting, cash out and boosted handsets, the American betting site presents an honorable offer in this sector. You will even have access to some streaming on the PMU.com platform. An astonishing range for a not very modern bookmaker.
Navigation and Catalog: Betclic
  • Betclic is here above its competitor. A modern site and a more complete catalog allow him to get ahead for the final result of this match. To assess this step, we asked our testers to find some specific bets. We then timed the sail to the lens. It is clear that the graphic benchmarks and the technical qualities of Betclic is above the market.
  • PMU is not a bad bookmaker but it is nothing special. The catalog offers the main sports and major posters but remains quite limited for specific disciplines. Navigation is fluid on the application. She is a little more laborious on the site which is not really a dream. We can think that a redesign of the site is necessary.
  • Betclic 4.6 ★ï on the Appstore. We agree with the users. The Betclic application is a success since it has the second best rating of all applications. Intuitive, dynamic and equipped with the latest technologies available, the Betclic application is a very pleasant toy to use. Many of us use it every day and are not disappointed, quite the contrary.
  • PMU 4.0 ★ï on the Appstore. The application is of a better level than the website but still remains quite far from modern standards. Like the bookmaker's strategy, the interface is a bit vintage and the functionalities are conspicuous by their absence. If the navigation is relatively simple, the user experience is nothing exceptional.

Betclic, Winner of the match

Betclic PMU, a gap category

Betclic is the winner of this match without suspense. The overall user experience is much better than that of PMU. Apart from the registration bonus, all our factors are in favor of Betclic. There is no doubt to have at the moment. The difference in odds and the quality of the application are too much in favor of the English origin operator.

Betclic and PMU bonuses

The conditions of the PMU bonus

Offer valid from 01/04/2024 to 31/12/2024 inclusive with the promotional code SPORT, valid only once per person and not combinable with other welcome offers for horse racing and poker offered on pmu.fr.

Your first sports bet placed on PMU.fr, the official result of which must be known within 15 days following the date of creation of your account, if it is a losing bet, is credited again, up to $100. In the event that multiple bets are validated at the same time in the same first "basket", and if multiple bets are losing bets within the basket, we credit back the highest stake, up to $100. When the conditions are met, 25% of the amount is credited back in cash to your PMU.com account within a period of up to 10 working days, the remaining 75% is credited back in cash within a period of up to 10 working days, subject to confirmation of the account within 30 days following its creation.

See PMU.com Account General Terms and Conditions

The conditions of the Betclic Bonus

The Sports Welcome Bonus is a welcome offer "First Bet" placed on the Sports Universe. It is available to registered individuals who have not yet opened an Account on the Site and to individuals who have registered but have not yet made a deposit to their Account or placed a cash bet (excluding bets placed with Freebets).

Any user who has previously held an Account and made a deposit will not be eligible for a Welcome Sports Bonus.

The Welcome Bonus is attributable to Players making their first sports bet on the Site. The Welcome Bonus is applicable to all Bets, regardless of the outcome of the Bet (winning or losing), excluding bets placed with Freebets, System Bets, Bets that have been Cashout and Cancelled Bets (in which case the welcome bonus will be carried forward to the next bet placed that meets the conditions).

The amount of the bet will be automatically credited in Freebets to the Player's Account up to one hundred (100) euros (excluding special offer). The credit will be made automatically once the Bet result is known.

The Referral Bonus

The Sponsorship offer is applicable to a player who previously created an account (hereinafter referred to as the "Sponsor") and who sponsors the registration and account opening of a person who has never opened an account (hereinafter referred to as the "Referral"). The Sponsorship Bonus allows the Sponsor and the Referral to obtain $10 in Free Bet once the required conditions are met.

The Godfather

The Godfather is not allowed to sponsor a family member or a person living at the same address, using the same phone number or sharing the same IP address, the same computer, the same credit card and/or the same online payment account. A Godfather can only offer to sponsor a maximum of ten (10) people per day. In the event that Betclic reasonably suspects that a Godfather has engaged in spamming, conducted large-scale email recruitment campaigns, or any other type of abusive recruitment of new Referrals, no Referral Bonus will be awarded to the Godfather. The Godfather's Account will be suspended during the investigation and may be closed in case of proven abuse.

In order for the Referrer to receive his Bonus, the Referee must:

★ € ¢ Register on the Site by providing the name of their Sponsor;

• Complete the necessary procedures for validating your final Account according to the terms detailed in the T&C (validation of your proof of identity and address);

• To have sent his RIB and it to be validated by Betclic;

★€¢ Make an initial deposit of a minimum of ten (10) euros;

★ € cents; Place at least ten (10) eligible Paris.

In order for the ten (10) Paris to be eligible, they must :

• To be placed on different types of Paris markets in Paris (different Paris on the same match or a single type of Paris on multiple matches)

• Carry on Paris with at least 3 possible outcomes (e.g. 1N2 in football)

★€¢ To have a grade equal to or greater than 2.00

★€¢ Having a total amount of bets greater than $35

Once these conditions are met, the Godfather will receive 10 $ of Free Bets to use in the detailed conditions below.


The registration step of your Account is the only moment when you have the possibility to provide the references of a potential Sponsor. If you have forgotten to provide them during this step, it will be impossible for us to make a post-registration modification and neither your Sponsor nor You will be eligible for the Sponsorship Bonus.

When creating his Account, the FILLEUL is eligible for an exceptional Welcome Sport Bonus applicable up to $110.

The SPONSOR must make his first sports bet on the Site. The Bonus is applicable to all Bets, regardless of the outcome of the Bet (winning or losing), excluding bets placed with Freebets, System Bets, Bets that have been Cash Out, and cancelled Bets (in which case, the welcome bonus will be carried over to the next bet that meets the conditions).

The amount of the bet will be automatically credited in Freebets to the Player's Account up to a maximum of one hundred ten (110) euros. The credit will be automatically made as soon as the result of the Bet is known.


To activate it, you must log in to your Account. The amount corresponding to the Referral Bonus will appear in the balance of your Account. To unlock the Free Bet and the resulting winnings:

Unless otherwise specified, this Referral Bonus must be unlocked within ninety (90) days of its allocation. System Bets do not allow for unlocking the Free Bet Bonus.

In case of non-compliance with these conditions, the Bonus may be canceled and Betclic may withdraw all gains obtained improperly thanks to the Bonus.

Betclic or PMU, two different stories.

The two bookmakers are known in the world of sports betting for different reasons. PMU has been the American reference for horse racing bets for more than 50 years, while Betclic is the largest bookmaker since the arrival of the Web and the opening of the market. Where are they in the current sports betting landscape? That's the question we're going to answer. To learn more about our method, you can consult the last paragraph of this page.

Some information about Betclic

  • Creation: 2005
  • Founder : Nicolas Béraud
  • Headquarters: Bordeaux
  • Place on the American market: Top 3

Some information about PMU

  • Creation: 1930
  • Founder : André Carrus
  • Headquarters: Paris
  • Place on the American market: Top 10
Sports bonuses:

Until $100

Terms: 0x Bonus amount minimum odds: No minimum Bonuscode: None

Betclic PMU comparison, the www.databasebasketball.com method

A dozen people work on the site www.databasebasketball.com. Web specialists, sports betting experts and sports writers come together to provide you with the most precise analyses on legal bookmakers.

  1. Ergonomics
  2. Catalog
  3. Features
  4. Odds
  5. Application
  6. Customer service
  7. Bonuses

Here are the 7 factors analyzed by our team. These points are the most important for understanding the quality of a bookmaker.You can read our tests or make your own analysis according to these factors.

To note: Beware of dishonest betting site comparison sites. If you don't see Betclic and Winamax in the Top 5, or even in the Top 3 of the best betting sites, you may question the operator's credibility.

This test was carried out by 5 people:

  • 2 sports betting experts
  • 1 sports journalist
  • 1 web expert
  • 1 former professional footballer

We asked all these people to test both platforms for 2 months. All the testers have been gamblers for more than 5 years and have tested more than fifteen sites. An evaluation sheet composed of 5 rating factors allowed the testers to build their analysis. Each criteria received a rating after this evaluation.

Questions about Betclic Or Pmu?

What is the best sports betting site?

As you can see in this test. There is no comparison between Betclic and PMU at the moment. Betclic is in the Top 3 of the best American betting sites while PMU is struggling to be in the Top 10. Betclic is the best betting site along with Unibet and Winamax.

Betclic PMU, who has the best sign-up bonus?

This is one of the only points where PMU can compete with Betclic depending on the bonus you're looking for. Betclic offers a double chance to win while PMU offers a risk-free bet. If you look at the problem from a higher point, choose Betclic. You use the bonus only once. Other factors like odds, application, or occasional promotions are much more important in the long term.

Betclic or PMU, which has the best odds?

Betclic has generally the best odds on the market with Winamax. On the contrary, it is one of the weak points of PMU. On some minor sports, the American betting site manages to narrow the gap, but on football, the gap is large between Betclic's odds and those of PMU.

What is the best bookmaker for the Euro?

The best bookmakers for the Euro are accessible by clicking on this link. Our page is updated every day during major events such as the World Cup or the Euro. Betclic will undoubtedly be on the podium of our ranking. In first place? Probably, if the bookmaker improves its welcome offer during the competition.