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Barrierebet nouveau site paris sportifs

Barrièrebet: the new sports betting site.

October 7, 2023

Does this name sound familiar to you? It's normal. The historic gambling company has decided to launch its sports betting platform in September 2020. The famous casino group will try to have the same success as an online bookmaker.

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A new legal site

As anticipated for several months, the casino group Barrière has decided to venture into online sports betting on September 16th. It is the provider BetConstrust who was chosen to assist the group in the launch of their new platform. BarrierBet is officially the latest legal betting site on the market. The site can take inspiration from its predecessor Vbet to challenge the biggest bookmakers in the world.

As a reminder the Barrière group is composed of 28 land-based casinos, as well as a gaming club, 18 hotels, and around 140 restaurants and bars. The new site will be accessible from computers, tablets, and mobile devices. It will be accompanied by an application available on IOS and Android. Another important information, Barrière bet has already received its accreditation from the National Authority for Games. The entity is therefore already legal and can operate from its launch.

The president of the Barrière group The enthusiasm for this new strategy:

"The online games market is a new area of ​​development that will enable the group to consolidate its positions and promote its brands, but also to increase our notoriety among our new players and retain our land-based casino customers»

This turn towards the online sports betting is a small event for this company created in 1912 . “Now they are looking to leverage their brand strength and expertise to transition to the internet and we are happy to partner with them as they seek to achieve their ambitions online. We wish Barrier hundreds of years of success and growth in the online world."The director of Betconstruct stated.

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The market for sports betting sites at the start of the year

Despite a fall in income since the start of the health crisis Covid-19 In recent years, sports betting has become a rapidly growing industry. The increase in revenue has been noted at 8.3% for the first semester 2020 . Given the situation, bookmakers consider themselves quite well-off.

American operators are surfing on a regulated market to establish themselves permanently. Proof of their development, the bookmakers are today major sponsors of the first division teams. New sports betting sites Is slowly making a place for themselves in the battle between the heavyweights. With 15 legal operators today, we have surely reached the limit for the market to remain balanced.

Take the example of Vbet

Arrived in 2019, Vbet is already positioning itself as a credible outsider. The new sponsor of AS Monaco aims for a place in the top 3 within 5 years. This podium is currently occupied by Unibet, Winamax and Betclic. With 60% of the market share, these three sites leave only a few crumbs for other operators. Arriving with a competitive site and a clear marketing strategy is now the only way to break through in this highly competitive industry.

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sports betting in figures

To finish

We have gathered the major figures of sports betting. Most of this data is from 2019 . There were only 13 authorized bookmakers practicing at that time.

  • 5.1 billion euros: The total stakes recorded in 2019 by the thirteen operators
  • 2.8 million players
  • 65% of players are under 35
  • 65% of bets are made on football
  • $100: This is the maximum quarterly bet for half of the players
  • $470: This is the average amount spent by a bettor over a year