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  • Sports betting application $100 offered
Application paris sportif 100$ offert

Sports betting application $100 offered

July 8, 2023

Do you like to bet on an app? Do you like free bets? You are in the right place! We have tested and ranked the apps that offer $100 to new bettors.

Sports betting apps $100 free

Applications with $100 bonus and more

Winamax, betting app $100 offered

Until $100

  • Winamax app

The Winamax application is one of the most comprehensive in terms of its features, promotions, and the level of its odds, which are the best on the market. The Winamax application is also very intuitive and easy to use. It is a shame that the design and icons are a bit garish (in our humble opinion).

★œ… IPhone & iPad
★œ… Android
★œ… Face ID available

  • Winamax bonus $100 offered

We love the Winamax welcome bonus! It is a welcome bonus first deposit . In plain language, once you have made your first deposit, the bookmaker automatically transfers the same amount to your account, in free bets. Up to $100. No need to lose your first bet. Just open an account and deposit. In order to withdraw your winnings, your account needs to be validated, so please send your documents quickly.

Betclic, betting application $100 offered

Welcome bonus 2023

  • Betclic app

The Betclic application is among our favorites in the American market. Intuitive, pleasant and complete. The Betclic application is clearly among the best on the market. The level of its odds is not yet at the level of Winamax but it remains very high.

★œ… IPhone & IPad
★œ… Android
★œ… Face ID available

  • Betclic bonus 100$ offered

The Betclic bonus is the simplest on the market. It may not be the most enticing, but we appreciate its simplicity of use. It is extremely easy, place your first bet, if it loses, Betclic will refund it as a free bet as soon as your bet is declared lost. Up to $100.

Unibet, betting app $150 free

2022 app

  • Unibet app

The Unibet app has been our preferred choice for mobile sports betting for several years. It is intuitive and pleasant both in terms of design and usability. It is therefore perfect for beginners.

★œ… IPhone & iPad
✅ Android
★œ… Face ID available

  • Unibet bonuses

The welcome bonus is not only over $100, but it is also very easy to use . No unnecessary or complicated conditions. No, it's a refund in free bet within a certain limit if your first bet is a loser.

Pokerstars Sports betting app $100 free

Until $100

  • Pokerstars Sports app

The navigation on Pokerstars Sports, whether on the website or the application, is not yet at the level of the rest of the market. The application is intuitive and nothing will prevent you from betting regardless of your level, but it simply does not measure up to Unibet or Betclic. Its design is not particularly pleasant and it lacks certain functionalities such as TouchId.

★œ… IPhone & IPad
★œ… Android

  • Pokerstars Sports $100 offered

The Pokerstars Sports welcome bonus is classic but extremely effective. The bookmaker offers a refund in free bets if you lose your first bet. However, the rest of its terms and conditions could be simpler, so make sure to read them carefully.

The different sports betting app bonuses $100 offered

Today, all bookmakers available offer some sort of welcome bonus. You can benefit from it on the websites as well as on each of their applications. All you need to do is register and follow each one's conditions.

$100 first deposit welcome bonus offered

The "first deposit" welcome offer is becoming rare. It is one of the most appreciated offers by bettors. As the name suggests, it is a welcome bonus corresponding to the amount of your first deposit. You need to read the terms and conditions before starting your bets on a new bookmaker. Even though, in most cases, these types of bonuses have similar conditions. All you need to do is make your first deposit, and the bookmaker will match the same amount (most of the time in free bets). It is possible that the betting site will only give you the bonus once your account is validated. Today, only Winamax propose this type of bonus.

First Losing Bet Bonus $100 offered

This is the most common type of welcome bonus on sports betting sites. It is a sort of insurance if your first bet is a loser. The bookmaker will refund your first bet if it is lost. The refund is usually in the form of a free bet. As always, you will need to carefully read the terms and conditions of use.allbookmakers on which you bet. These can vary from one site to another. However, in many cases the bookmaker will credit your free bets once your bet is declared a loser, or once your account is validated. Alternatively, they may split the amount in two (50% once your bet is lost, then the remainder once your account is validated).

This type of bonus is currently the most popular. You can find it on Betclic ou Unibet .

We wrote a page about everything welcome bonuses offered by sports betting sites. There are other welcome bonuses, but these two are the most common in the sports betting market. And they are the only ones available on betting apps with $100 offered.

How to benefit from a bonus from a sports betting app?


Choose the betting site that suits you

The hardest part is choosing the betting site that really suits you. For this you can take a look at our ranking of worst and best sports betting sites . Or look at the following criteria: the terms of use, the welcome bonus, the level of odds and the features and promotions available.


Sign up

Once you have chosen the betting site you wish to bet on, you can create your account. We advise you to register on the PC version of a bookmaker for more visibility. And send your documents immediately. This will allow you to save time and benefit from your bonus more quickly.


Download the app

Once your account is created, you are ready to download the app. You now need to connect to your mobile's download platform, search for and download the application of your choice. You are ready to bet!


Take advantage of the welcome bonus

All you have to do is take advantage of the welcome bonus and other features of the application!

Sports betting application FAQ 100$ offered

What betting apps with $100 free?

There are four sports betting apps offering $100 bonus, or a little more. These are Winamax, Betclic, Unibet and Pokerstars Sports. You can get these $100 thanks to the welcome bonus of each app.

How to get the $100 bonus from a betting app?

To get a welcome bonus from a sports betting app, you need to create your account, download the application, and once you have read and understood the terms and conditions, you can enjoy your welcome bonus.

Are the $100 bonuses offered by betting apps legal?

Yes, welcome bonuses from sports betting sites are legal and are actually available at most bookmakers. The bonuses are authorized and regulated by the ANJ, so you can take advantage of them with confidence.

What types of bonuses are available on betting apps?

There are several types of welcome bonuses, however, there are two that are the most common :

The welcome bonuses for the first deposit, the bookmaker doubles the amount of your first deposit.

Welcome bonus for first lost bet, the betting site will refund your first bet here if it is lost.

Which sports betting app is the best?

According to us, the Paris application Unibet is the best you can find. It is the most intuitive and user-friendly. But also the most complete in terms of functionality and promotions.

What is a free bet or freebet?

One free bet , also known as a free bet, is a wager that you can place without depositing any more money. Its operation varies from one betting site to another but generally, a bookmaker gives you the opportunity to win free bets during the welcome bonus and other promotions. They are then credited to your customer account and you can use them to play like any other bet.

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