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NBA/ABA Players who attended University of Washington

More Colleges

***Please Read***
Players who attended a college but then transferred may not show up for that college. In most cases the college last attended will be used. Some colleges have changed their name over the years. Different names for the same college may be listed separately.

Conroy, Will 2006-2009 
Dickau, Dan 2002-2007 
Dudley, Charles 1972-1978 
Edwards, James 1977-1995 
Gilmur, Chuck 1946-1950 
Gudmundsson, Petur 1981-1988 
Hansen, Lars 1978-1978 
Hawes, Steve 1974-1983 
Houbregs, Bob 1953-1957 HOF
Irvine, George 1970-1975 
Jones, Bobby 2006-2007 
Macculloch, Todd 1999-2002 
Manning, Rich 1995-1996 
Nelson, Louie 1973-1977 
Nichols, Jack 1948-1957 
Pope, Mark 1997- 
Recasner, Eldridge 1994-2001 
Robinson, Nate 2005-2010 
Romar, Lorenzo 1980-1984 
Roy, Brandon 2006-2010 
Schrempf, Detlef 1985-2000 
Welp, Chris 1987-1989 
Zevenbergen, Phil 1987-1987 

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