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St. Louis Bombers (1946-1949) Draft History

Rnd Name College/HS/Country Note
1T Ed Macauley St. Louis Territorial Choice
2 John Orr Beloit
5 Glenn Dodd NE Missouri
7 John Pritchard Drake
Marv Schatzman St. Louis
Preston Ward Southwest Missouri
Jack Davidson Stanford
Bob Retherford Nebraska
Joe Crandall Oregon State
Eddie Van NW Oklahoma
Rnd Name College/HS/Country Note
Jack Burmaster Illinois
Gordon Flick Drake
Robert Gale Cornell
John Hoppin Dickinson
Dan London Washington U. (MO)
D Miller St. Louis
Easy Parham Texas Wesleyan
DC Wilcutt St. Louis
Rnd Name College/HS/Country Note
Jack Underman Ohio State
Herb Wilkinson Iowa
Jack Knopf Louisville
N Bob Kurland Oklahoma A&M Negotiation List
N Paul Napolitano San Francisco Negotiation List
N Jim Pollard Stanford Negotiation List
N Bill Strannigan Colorado/Wyoming Negotiation List

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