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All-Time First Round Picks

1975 ABA First Round
  Team Name  
IND Dan Roundfield Central Michigan
KEN Jim Baker Hawaii
MMS Lonnie Shelton Oregon State
NYN John Lucas Maryland
SAS Mark Olberding Minnesota
SDS Kevin Grevey Kentucky
STL Gus Williams Southern California
UTS Steve Green Indiana
VIR David Thompson North Carolina State
VIR Melvin Bennett Pittsburgh
1974 ABA First Round
  Team Name  
CAR John Lucas Maryland
CAR Pete Maravich Atlanta (ABA Draft of NBA Players)
DEN James Williams Austin Peay
DEN Nate Thurmond Golden State (ABA Draft of NBA Players)
IND Billy Knight Pittsburgh
IND Clifford Ray Chicago (ABA Draft of NBA Players)
KEN Jim Price Los Angeles (ABA Draft of NBA Players)
MMT Scott Wedman Colorado
MMT Rick Roberson Portland (ABA Draft of NBA Players)
NYN Brian Winters South Carolina
NYN Phil Chenier Capitol (ABA Draft of NBA Players)
SAS Tom Boerwinkle Chicago (ABA Draft of NBA Players)
SDQ Major Jones Albany State (GA)
SDQ Cliff Pondexter Long Beach State
SDQ Cazzie Russell Golden State (ABA Draft of NBA Players)
UTS Joe Meriweather Southern Illinois
UTS Bob Christian Phoenix (ABA Draft of NBA Players)
VIR Tom McMillen Maryland
VIR Jan van Breda Kloff Vanderbilt
VIR Bob Kauffman Buffalo (ABA Draft of NBA Players)
1973 ABA First Round
  Team Name  
CAR Mel Davis St. John's (Supplementary Draft)
CAR Cal Tatum Southern Colorado State (Senior Draft)
CAR Maurice Lucas Marquette (Undergraduate Draft)
DEN Mike Bantom St. Joseph's (PA) (Special Circumstance Draft)
DEN Ed Ratleff Long Beach State (Supplementary Draft)
DEN Lamont King Long Beach State (Senior Draft)
DEN Marvin Barnes Providence (Undergraduate Draft)
IND Mike Green Louisiana Tech (Special Circumstance Draft)
IND Steve Downing Indiana (Supplementary Draft)
IND Len Elmore Maryland (Undergraduate Draft)
KEN Ernie DeGregorio Providence (Special Circumstance Draft)
KEN Louis Nelson Washington (Supplementary Draft)
KEN Steve Rowell Rhode Island (Senior Draft)
KEN Don Smith Dayton (Undergraduate Draft)
MMT Larry Kenon Memphis State (Special Circumstance Draft)
MMT Larry Finch Memphis State (Supplementary Draft)
MMT Wardell Jeffries Oklahoma Baptist (Senior Draft)
MMT David Thompson North Carolina State (Undergraduate Draft)
NYN Jim Brewer Minnesota (Special Circumstance Draft)
NYN Doug Collins Illinois State (Supplementary Draft)
NYN Henry Williams Jacksonville (Undergraduate Draft)
SAS Kevin Kunnert Iowa (Special Circumstance Draft)
SAS Mike DAntoni Marshall (Supplementary Draft)
SAS Craig Littlepage Pennsylvania (Senior Draft)
SAS Dwight Jones Houston (Undergraduate Draft)
SDQ David Vaughn Oral Roberts (Special Circumstance Draft)
SDQ Dwight Lamar Southwest Louisiana (Supplementary Draft)
SDQ Larry Moore Texas (Senior Draft)
SDQ Bill Walton UCLA (Undergraduate Draft)
UTS Robert Parish Centenary (Special Circumstance Draft)
UTS Jim Baker Nevada (Special Circumstance Draft)
UTS Ronnie Robinson Memphis State (Supplementary Draft)
UTS Dennis Johnson Ferris State (Senior Draft)
UTS Bruce Seals Xavier (LA) (Undergraduate Draft)
VIR George Gervin Eastern Michigan (Special Circumstance Draft)
VIR Allan Bristow VPI (Supplementary Draft)
VIR Willie Calvert Abilene Christian (Senior Draft)
VIR Phil Smith San Francisco (Undergraduate Draft)
1972 ABA First Round
  Team Name  
CAR Mike Lewis Pittsburgh (Dispersal Draft)
CAR Mack Calvin Floridians (Dispersal Draft)
DEN Warren Jabali Floridians (Dispersal Draft)
DEN Willie Long Floridians (Dispersal Draft)
DLC John Brisker Pittsburgh (Dispersal Draft)
DLC Harley Swift Pittsburgh (Dispersal Draft)
IND Dwight Davis (Houston) Floridians (Dispersal Draft)
KEN Walt Szczerbiak Pittsburgh (Dispersal Draft)
MMP George Thompson Pittsburgh (Dispersal Draft)
MMP Ron Franz Floridians (Dispersal Draft)
NYN Chuck Terry (Long Beach State) Pittsburgh (Dispersal Draft)
UTS Larry Jones Floridians (Dispersal Draft)
VIR Swen Nater (UCLA redshirt) Floridians (Dispersal Draft)

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