Week 3 FAAB Results

For the second consecutive week, bidding in my NFBC leagues was fervent, as some viable options presented themselves after a tepid first week of bidding. Unlike last week, I “won” some of my options, though I still came up short on my top priorities once again. Bid results after the jump:

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NFL Mock Draft: Two Rounds, Too Many Decisions

I’m going to be completely embarrassed when many of these picks are wildly off target since I’ve pored over tape, measurables and a wide variety of opinions for roughly 125 players over the last few weeks to produce the shrewdest mock draft I possibly could. Okay, embarrassed is a stretch, but I did really put in my homework, and along the way, I concluded a few things:

1.) This is the deepest defensive class I’ve analyzed in a decade. Easily. There should be a dozen or so future All-Pro selections.

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RotoWire Baseball Championship – 2nd Qualifier

The 2017 baseball season is off to a blazing start for some while it’s limping along if you have had the myriad of players that have been placed on the new vaunted 10-day disabled list.

But for the daily folks who are currently enjoying another installment of the RotoWire/FanDuel Fantasy Baseball Championship, you don’t have to worry about that 10-day disabled list.

The RotoWire/FanDuel Fantasy Baseball Championship tournament will run from April 5 through June 14, giving you six chances to qualify for the final round, which takes place on June 28. If you finish in the top-25 on the overall leader board, you are as good as in. Inquiring minds can learn more by clicking here.

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